Material Designs: A Developer’s View

Google unveiled Developers Preview for Android on Google I/O, Day 1 and released a new visual language called “Material Design.”Soon the trend is going to roll out in most of the Google platform -Chrome OS and the Web to give a unified look to Google products.

Material Design is the next generation visual language, a system that will influence the design of every Android app going forward. A swift takes off by Google from past design trends and reacting to design trends set by Apple and Microsoft.Material design looks a lot like Microsoft’s Windows 8 design known as Metro. It now has those large squares and rectangles with full-bleed images instead of icons.

Material tiles seem to surface live information from apps that seem more of a feature like Microsoft. As for color schemes, Material echoes more of iOS 8 trends integrating vibrant, almost neon colors into the heart of the OS.
Here is the video that reveals how Material Design works across all devices Google touches, from smartphones to Glass to wearable. Look what Google says,

Design is the art of considered creation. Our goal is to satisfy the diverse spectrum of human needs. As those needs evolve, so too must our designs, practices, and philosophies.We challenged ourselves to create a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. This is Material Design.

Material Design: Cool Features to Note

  1. Material Design is the Metaphor – The unifying theory of a rationalized space and a motion system. This new feature comes grounded with tactile reality, inspired by study of paper and ink.

  2. Intuitive and Natural Surface – Surfaces and edges will provide cues, and the use of familiar tactile attributes speaks to primal parts of brains and helps users quickly understand.

  3. Interactive Dimensions – Light, surface and movement conveys how objects are going to interact. Realistic lights show seam, divide the space and indicates moving parts.

  4. Single Adaptive Design – Unifying Android products under a single design and each reflects a different view of the same underlying system. Well, the view will fit aptly to the size and the interaction of the device. Colors, icons, hierarchy and spatial relationships remain constant.

  5. Bold Contents with Graphics – Use of bold designs, deliberate colors, edge-to-edge imagery, large-scale typography and intentional white space to provide immersion and clarity.

  6. Color, Surface and Icons – User takes actions for that experienced design, and hence Google targeted the inflection points to transform the whole design. This makes core function immediately apparent and provides waypoints for the user.

  7. User-Initiated Changes – Changes in the interface depends on the user’s actions, a motion that cascades by a simple touch.

  8. Shared Stage Choreography – Actions are about to take in a single environment without breaking the continuity of the experience.

  9. Meaningful Motion – Motion/actions used in this design is of lot meaning and serves more to widen the attention and maintain continuity.

Here are some real scoops from the expert web designer’s across the globe and see how they react at the first impression of the Material Design.

Marc Edwards, Director and Lead Designer at Bjango

He shares a toast for the animation used in Material Design. Maybe a small thing but he liked Google’s evolution and the way they use it as a drag-able window title bar on desktops. However, he shares that many will look into the design as flat similar to Windows 8 and iOS 7. Nevertheless, he feels the current design trends as the sane way to support a wide range of display sizes, ratios, and pixel densities. Material, iOS 7, and Windows are superficially similar, yet Android L maybe not adopted as fast as iOS updates according to Marc.

Kristy Tillman, Designer at IDEO

Well, Kristy thinks that Google likes to overshadow iOS and Windows in screen size and provide users with some real structure from the desktop experience to Glass to the watch. Google now strikes the chord of “Experience as brand,” something Apple has always been the best. They try hard to achieve a more open platform. Maybe their visual appearances force Kristy to ditch iOS and try Android.

Tina Chen, Designer at Obvious Corp., former senior UX designer at Google

A clear underlining shared as she clarifies the benefits a designer or a developer can get from this new design aspect. She further feels that this can solve many design problems for developers. Their animation is promising, and she feels that the new version of Roboto is simply awesome. She gives thumbs up to Google’s increasing focus on the design and tools to help developers take their app to new levels of usability.

Irene Au, Operating Partner at Khosla Ventures, former design head at Google

She feels it would help to improve design processes and practices by equipping developers with guidelines, principles, and visual language to do things at the right time.

Sacha Greif, Creator of Folyo, Telescope, and Sidebar

Sacha says though Apple has mastered the art of taking esthetic decisions to questionable extremes, Google takes a more nuanced approach. Google does not stick to strict visual esthetic rather gives more freedom to individual designers yet pushing their app in a consistent direction. Sacha feels the design would add some warmth to digital design and save us from the world where every app looks and behaves the same.

Grace LaRosa, Sr. Experience Designer at R/GA

She is a little contradictory as she feels Material Design is not a huge exodus from Google’s current design language. It is cleaner, focused and minimal as users of today expect to have. What she notes as important is the systematic way of documenting the language, but according to her Google has shown perks in their UI and UX across their app ecosystem. To her, emphasis on motion and nailing micro-interactions is refreshing, besides device flexibility. However, she strongly feels some elements are a direct copy of Windows UI.

Image Credit: TechCrunch

Google I/O 2014 : Everything Important You Need to Know

Google I/O: 2014

Google I/O 2014 kick started sharp at 9 AM PDT, packed with surprises and no shortage of announcements. Some were predictable news, some decidedly not. For those who missed I/O 2014, here is a quick recap on everything that the company announced.Google began the Keynote, the same way it does every year, talking about Android’s growth and the host in undoubtedly – Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President at Google. This year Google came up with a colorful and playful new design style for all of its products, as well as a new version of Android code-named “L.” Android One, the cheap but elegant phone made a debut. Besides, Android making a remarkable presence almost everywhere on smartwatches, in car dashboards, and even on your body with Android Fit, app designed to compete Apple’s HealthKit.

Here are the biggest highlights of Day 1 one at Google I/O-2014

  • Android One: Cheap & Smart

Sundar Pichai makes a great kick start with some impressive stats on Android – 1 billion active users, 20 billion texts and 93 million selfies a day. Well, that is just half the population, so Google ramps up to reach Smartphones to people who are not able to afford yet. Google announced the Android One program, to create Smartphones for the developing market with stock Android and low-cost parts that are readily available. First devices are going to arrive at the Indian market this fall with brands like – Micromax and Karbonn, starting at less than $100.


  • Android L: Trendy & Cool

Much hyped launch, “Android L” features a new cross-platform UI called Material Design that will offer developers to make more precise tools and customized typography, grid and color changes. Look like Google finally ditched their deserted theme. Material design would also allow designers to integrate smooth animations at 60 fps using Polymer & a prototyping tool. Google further adds up a guideline to help developers get a consistent look and feel.

Apart from enhanced Art performance, 64-bit compatibility, and a new Android Extension Pack to support 3D graphics, ‘L’ also comes with serious performance integration such as lockscreen notifications and context-based authentication features. That means if you wear a paired smartwatch while using your phone, you will not need the pin to unlock your phone. Google Showed off Project Volta to help developers identify battery discharge patterns and learn more about battery life.


  • Android Wear: Viva La Innovation

Awesome will be a small adjective, Google’s Android Wear SDK features high-quality functions indeed a call for Viva La Innovation! A touchscreen UI that support – Google Now cards, paired smartphone apps, making notes & calls, setting reminders, alarms, and more. Material Design is also available in this wearable platform. As soon as you install apps from Play Store, you will get a wearable counterpart on your smartwatch too.

Watches on Sale

      • LG G Watch (available in the Play Store)
      • Samsung Gear Live (available in the Play Store)
      • Moto360 (available later this summer)


  • Android Auto: The Smart Drive

Android Auto is a complete voice-enabled feature will allow the developer to create a safe and seamless solution to connect smart devices while on the drive. The Android Auto UI will cast the app shortcuts of location search, navigation and more by connecting a smartphone to the compatible car. Drivers can now send and receive messages using the voice command without prying their eyes and hands off the steering wheel.

Punch adds up with the announcement of Android Auto SDK that supports streaming radio and messaging services. Compatible cars include – Hyundai, Porsche, Acura and more.

android-auto-in google-io2014

  • Android TV: It is No More an ‘Idiot Box’

Android TV come packed with entertainment, live streaming, fluid search experience casting relevant information and related YouTube clips. Users can use remote D-pad or their smartwatch as control. Besides, it will refresh your gaming experience by storing games from Play Store and just like Chromecast; users can cast content from any Android device to their Android TV.


  • Chromecast: Freshened Up

Users no longer require being on the same Wi-Fi to cast content to Chromecast. Simply look for nearby devices, then connect on the cloud and cast. ‘Asking for a pin’ that is a new feature going to come up later this year if Chromecast fails to locate you. You would get more stuff like background photo customization with new Backdrop feature, display weather information or news, or mirror your Android device on TV.


  • Chromebooks: Loaded with Apps

Just as “L” unlock phone using context and location, its same with Chromebooks. Unlock it anytime if you have the phone with you. For a streaming experience, Android will push notification straight to your Chromebooks. Native versions will follow with bunch of new apps such as Vine, Evernote and Flipboard were in action.


  • Android for Work: Work Turns Play

Connecting your work and personal life on an Android device is now easy with Google’s Android for Work program. It would help applications to stay unified. Now you can make MS Office editing in Google Docs or you can use a premium Google Drive at $10 to have unlimited storage.


  • Google Cloud: Updated

Some sheer improvements mark Google Cloud engine and touted many apps such as Snapchat, Secret. Developers can debug a live application running on hundred of servers and set alert to monitor performance with cloud. Now they host many tools such as Cloud Save, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Trace Cloud Debugger and Cloud Dataflow.


  • Google Fit: Rival to Apple’s HealthKit

Google Fit is an open, multi-OS API for fitness apps and devices. It is much like Apple’s HealthKit and syncs users fitness data in one place. Its partners are – Nike, Adidas, Basis, Runtastic, Polar, Withings, HTC, Motorola and more.

  • Google Play: More Fun

Google Play shows off a new feature called Saved Games. It is a section showing screenshots of game progress, leader boards and Quests to manipulate games from any stage. Google further announced about the acquisition of Appurify, a mobile test automation service, to optimize app building and testing.

Every year Google comes with a new gift for their attendees on the Day 1, this year it was the Google Cardboard. To know more on Cardboard look up to Unified Infotech’s Facebook Page.

That was all for Day 1, waiting for more on Day 2.

Less than 12 hours left, gear up for your next session.

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Top 10 Reasons to Use AngularJS in Apps Development

Tough days, when we have to deal with – legacy code that has been around the web for years, and moved from developers without documentation, then we have those complicated interfaces making the codes more complex, next in line is the use of more than one technology in a single app.
Crap…Fact says developer around the web never built things keeping maintenance and support in mind. Now developers are on their mark, and look for ways to fix those dents. We agree, developer’s today feel puzzled – Where Should We Start Or How Can We Restore The Sanity In Those Applications.
Developers who were looking for alternative ways to stack upcoming applications as a state-of-the-art design can use AngularJS to bring sanity to your apps. AngularJS is a relatively new JavaScript framework from Google, designed to make front-end development a duck soup. It comes with plenty of frameworks and plugins.

AngularJs Development

Though adding a new JavaScript framework like AngularJS to your web app needs some careful evaluation. As most of the projects has been using jQuery or jQuery UI and other JavaScript libraries to handle different functions not covered by jQuery or even jQuery plugins. Adding extra lines of code may slow down your JavaScript execution. And you have to invest a huge time initially to discover how to use it, learn best practices so that you can implement it in the apps easily.
We agree. Yes, the initial learning phase may slow down the processing, but how can you ignore the long-term benefits. If you have not tried AngularJS yet, then you are missing out a big vista in app development. JavaScript is the world’s most flexible language, its true… – find it out why with AngularJS.

    1. More Close to MVVM Architecture

AngularJS integrates original MVC software design pattern to build client-side web applications. However, AngularJS does not implement MVC in the traditional sense, but rather something closer to MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel). Let us explain how they behave –

      • Model – This is the data in the application, a plain old JavaScript object (POJO). Users do not need to inherit from framework classes, wrap it in proxy objects, or use special getter/setter methods. This vanilla JavaScript cuts down on the application boilerplate.
      • ViewModel – ViewModel helps to maintain specific views. ViewModel is the $scope object that lives within the AngularJS application. $scope is a simple JavaScript object comes with a simple API designed to detect and broadcast changes. Rather it is the specialized controller important to settle augmenting $scope in the initial state. It does not store states and neither interacts with remote services.
      • View – View is the HTML that exists after AngularJS has parsed and compiled HTML to include markups and bindings.

MVVM is a solid foundation to design applications. $scope shares reference to data, controller defines objects behavior and view handles the layout.

    1. Have a Declarative User Interface

To define app’s user interface AngularJS uses HTML. As for HTML, we know it is a declarative language, intuitive and less convoluted than defining interface in JavaScript. HTML is less likely to break than an interface written in JavaScript. HTML determines execution of apps. Special attributes in the HTML determine which controllers to use for the elements. With HTML, app development simplifies in a sort of WYSIWYG. So stop spending time on program flows and what loads first, simply define what you want, Angular will take care of the rest.

    1. Two-Way Data Binding

Two-way binding is the coolest concept in AngularJS. Not only an eye candy feature, but also has a fascinating real-time concept. Just like desktop application mobile apps user also wish to witness swift changes in the UI. A model that is the single-source-of-truth for apps. Data-binding directives provide a projection of models to the application view, and the projection is seamless, and needs no effort from developers. With Angular two-way binding, the view and model no longer require fresh cycles as they may be prone to bug or simply need a lot of redundant and tough to maintain the render code. Better to say, AngularJS’ two-way data binding handles the synchronization between the DOM and the model, and vice versa.Here is an example that demonstrates how to bind input value to an <h1> element

1| <!doctype html>
2| <html ng-app>
3| <head>
4| <script src=””></script>
5| </head>
6| <body>
7| <div>
8| <label>Name:</label>
9| <input type=”text” ng-model=”yourName” placeholder=”Enter a name here”>
10| <hr>
11| <h1>Hello, {{yourName}}!</h1>
12| </div>
13| </body>
14| </html>

    1. Uses POJO Data Models

Data models in Angular are plain old JavaScript objects (POJO), so you no longer need the getter/setter functions. Add or change properties directly on it and loop over objects and arrays. This makes the code look clean and intuitive. Traditional data models referred as data gatekeepers are responsible for data persistence and server sync. Traditional data models behave like smart data providers since AngularJS data models are plain objects, they behave more like a corkboard. Corkboard is nothing more than a temporary storage, but it works closely with the controller and view.

    1. Customized Directives

Directives can create custom HTML tags that serve as new and custom widgets. The apps just need to assign attributes to elements to activate the functions. Directives achieve this by allowing users to invent their own HTML elements. Well, putting DOM manipulation code into the directives makes it easy for the users to separate them out of MVC app. And leaves MVC to update the view with new data, but how the view will behave is certainly up to directives.Directives come in the form of custom HTML elements.

1| <my-component ng-model=”message”></my-component>
Example: 1| <myticker></myticker>
Custom attributes
1| <div data-myticker></div>
Custom class names
1|<div class=”myticker”></div>

Allowing them to use them as regular HTML elementsDirectives are those standalone reusable elements that are separate from your app. Well, if the HTML 5 boilerplate adopts any particular element, it is similar like removing custom directive, and your app should behave exactly the without changing the app.

    1. Easy Adjustable Filters

Before any data reaches View, filters help to clean the data and involves in something simple such as formatting decimal places, reversing the order of an array, filtering an array based on certain parameter or making changes in pagination. Filters are similar to directives as it works as standalone functions that are separate from your app, but only it bothers about data transformations.

    1. Less Coding

AngularJS requires less coding that is no doubt a great deal for the developers. Where AngularJS ask for less code –

      • Developers do not need to write their own pipeline.
      • As for the view, it is defined using HTML to make it more concise.
      • Data model is simple, as you do not need the getter/setter functions.
      • The data-binding feature allows developers to stop providing data manually into the view.
      • As directives are separate from app code, other teams can write it without any integration issue.
      • Filters allow you to manipulate the data on the view level without changing your controllers.

Less coding, helps developers to keep a track of the functions in a systematic manner.

    1. Built-In Dependency Injection

AngularJS has a built-in dependency injection subsystem useful for developers as it makes application development easier including testing.
Dependency Injection (DI) allows users to ask for dependencies, rather than having to go and look for them or make them at own. Say for example, “Hey I need X’, and the DI is responsible for creating and providing it for you.
If user wants to gain access to core AngularJS services, all they need to add service as a parameter. AngularJS will detect that user’s need that service and will provide it instantly:

1| function EditCtrl($scope, $location, $routeParams) {
2| // Something clever here…
As well as users can also define their own custom services to make those available for injection.
1| angular.
2| module(‘MyServiceModule’, []).
3| factory(‘notify’, [‘$window’, function (win) {
4| return function (msg) {
5| win.alert(msg);
6| };
7| }]);
9| function myController(scope, notifyService) {
10| scope.callNotify = function (msg) {
11| notifyService(msg);
12| };
13| }
15| myController.$inject = [‘$scope’, ‘notify’];

    1. Context-Aware PubSub System

The PubSub is a common tool to decouple communication. However, most of the PubSub on the web are not aware of context. Developer’s at times wants a PubSub message to be readable only by children of a specific node and do not want unrelated MVC components to read messages. PubSub system in Angular helps with that and will broadcast() the message to children controllers, while emit() send messages to parents.
Well, PubSub is not the only way to communicate between controllers. In fact, if you want to tell other controllers to update their views, especially when a property changes, you should rely on data binding. Since, $scopes inherit the properties of their parent scopes. So a property that exists in the parent scope, modifies in the child scope, so other scopes will inherit the same parent and modification and their view updates automatically in AngularJS.

    1. Easy Testing

AngularJS team has made it mandatory that codes written in JavaScript needs to come with a series of tests. They have designed AngularJS keeping testability in mind, so that it makes testing AngularJS applications easier. We know JavaScript is dynamic and interpreted, and not compile. Therefore, developers need to follow a controlled mindset for writing tests.
AngularJS starts from the scratch, and grounds up to be testable. It comes up with end-to-end and unit test runner setup. To see it in action, check out Angular-Seed Project at GitHub.


At our blog, we covered ten features that our developers feel as one of the best. These ten features can help users to get an idea why AngularJS is in trend. AngularJS is not a cup of coffee for all web apps, but for the generic apps, it can serve as a viable framework.
If developers out there want a demonstration, catch up with Official Website of AngularJS to see number of working examples and documentations.

List of Web Design & Development Conferences in June 2014

With WWDC raising a toast for the developers in the mid of the year, developers are looking positively towards the bunch of upcoming conferences.

Developers might not find a better place to highlight their creativity other than a conference. Refreshing lectures from top-class experts and mingling with like-minded people can really breathe in life to developers. There is always a benefit to attend the events as you expose yourself to new source of information and latest technologies.

The first half of 2014 already featured some of the illustrious speakers. However, they are more to events to come up in the next six months. To save developers precious time, Unified has taken the initiative to prepare few lists on Web Design Conferences and Events, making relevant researches.
We will share a list every month to keep the frame short and not to bore our readers with too much of scrolling. For relevant reference, we thank –

Web conferencing Chart for The Month of June 2014

[font_size font_size=”26px” line_height=”26px”]JUNE 2014[/font_size]

[one_quarter last=”yes no”] PePcon 2014: The Print + ePublishing Conference

Insights On: Publishing eBooks, print, iPad, tablets, interactive documents, and more
Schedule: Jun. 15-18, 2014
Venue: Chicago, USA
Future Insights Live
Insights On: Web Design, Mobile Apps, Technical Workshops
Schedule: Jun. 16-20, 2014
Venue: Las Vegas, USA
Drupal in Business
Insights On: Drupal empowering businesses
Schedule: Jun. 17, 2014
Venue: Philadelphia, USA
People Skills for Digital Workers
Insights On: Learn practical skills and techniques from #dareconf organizer Jonathan Kahn
Schedule: Jun. 17, 2014
Venue: London, England
Enterprise Apps World
Insights On: Apps World and Cloud World Forum are the hosts, they will look at the recent implications of mobile in the workplace.
Schedule: Jun. 17-18, 2014
Venue: London, England
SmashingConf New York 2014
Insights On: Hands on practical and useful talks on web and mobile solutions by 18 brilliant speakers
Schedule: Jun. 17-18, 2014
Venue: New York, USA
Internet World
Insights On: Founding event of London Technology Week, a B2B event will define and deliver digital strategy
Schedule: Jun. 17-19, 2014
Venue: London, England
[one_quarter last=”yes no”]
Congility 2014
Insights On: Will talk about content agility, and the ways it can benefit various organizations
Schedule: Jun. 18-20, 2014
Venue: Greater London, England
GOTO Amsterdam 2014
Insights On: Java, Mobile, Cloud, OpenSource, Lean/Agile, Architecture, New Languages & Process communities
Schedule: Jun. 18-20, 2014
Venue: Amsterdam, Netherlands
RuLu 2014
Insights On: Explore Ruby language basking in warmth of the amazing Ruby community
Schedule: Jun. 19-20, 2014
Venue: Lyon, France
UX Scotland 2014
Insights On: UX Cambridge brings yet another practical UX conference
Schedule: Jun. 19-20, 2014
Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland
WebVisions Barcelona
Insights On: Explore futuristic designs, content creation, user experience and business strategy
Schedule: June 19-22, 2014
Venue: Barcelona, Spain
Generate Conference
Insights On: Source of inspiration, education and social center for web designers and developers
Schedule: Jun 20
Venue: New York
HIVE Conference
Insights On: Front-end UI and back-end engineering
Schedule: Jun. 20-21, 2014
Venue: Seattle, USA
[one_quarter last=”yes no”]
Create Code Connect 2014
Insights On: Coding, processes, clients, and life in general establishing a fun way to exchange information
Schedule: Jun. 20-22, 2014
Venue: Chicago, USA
Usability Week San Francisco
Insights On: Speed up your user experience with 6 days of in-depth, full-day courses, proven methods, best practices and practical skills and expert instructors
Schedule: Jun. 21-27, 2014
Venue: San Francisco, USA
Content Strategy & Agile Content
Insights On: Create contents easily with practical techniques shared by #dareconf organizer Jonathan Kahn
Schedule: Jun. 24, 2014
Venue: London, England
O’Reilly Velocity 2014
Insights On: e-commerce, mobile, cloud
Schedule: Jun. 24-26, 2014
Venue: Santa Clara, USA
mLearnCon 2014 Conference & Expo
Insights On: Mobile management strategies, platforms, operating systems, authoring tools and technologies, content design and development
Schedule: Jun. 24-26, 2014
Venue: San Diego, USA
Open Source Bridge
Insights On: Focused on building open source community
Schedule: Jun. 24-27, 2014
Venue: Portland, Oregon
Google I/O 2014
Insights On: Latest web, mobile and social breakthroughs
Schedule: Jun. 25-26, 2014
Venue: San Francisco, USA
[one_quarter last=”yes”]
Uberall 2014
Insights On: Addresses interest of CeEO and Students in the apps industry
Schedule: Jun. 25-26, 2014
Venue: Vienna, Austria
Dutch Mobile Conference 2014
Insights On: Mobile – Know-how, Technology, Best Practices, Networking, Tips & Tricks
Schedule: Jun. 26-28, 2014
Venue: Amsterdam, Netherlands
LXJS: Lisbon JavaScript Conference
Insights On: New World of JavaScript
Schedule: Jun. 27-28, 2014
Venue: Lisbon, Portugal
Insights On: Biggest mobile development industry conference
Schedule: Jun. 28-29, 2014
Venue: Minsk, Belarus
tiConf EU 2014
Insights On: Titanium, Mobile Development, Cloud and JavaScript
Schedule: Jun. 28-29, 2014
Venue: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Paul Ardeleanu’s Introduction to iOS Development
Insights On: iOS Development
Schedule: Jun. 30 — Jul. 1, 2014
Venue: London, England
enterJS 2014
Insights On: Resulting challenges businesses face with JavaScript in a series of talks and workshops
Schedule: Jun. 30-Jul. 2, 2014
Venue: Cologne, Germany
Drop your valuable comments, if we forget to mention any or if any schedule is put under holder or cancelled. We will make sure to do the edits as soon as possible!

Top 10 Popular Must-Have WordPress Plugins in 2014

WordPress is one of the popular go-to publishing platforms launched in 2003, downloaded more than 60 million times and is the trend-setting framework for most websites. What makes everyone from Huffington Post to Mashable to TMZ to NFL to use this blogging service? – Well, the most obvious answer would be “WordPress is easy and flexible to set up.

Anyone can use WordPress and that fire up its popularity. On a gross 409 million views over 14 billion pages every month. Further, users have access to the number of feasible plugins to enhance their WordPress Plugins.

WordPress Plugin– A simple program or set of programs used to complement the core installation of WordPress platform. A plugin mostly focuses on improving user’s experience on WordPress because it can manage certain aspects that WordPress cannot.

With the popularity of content management systems, a rich plugin ecosystem is able to improve a site’s SEO, handle comments, spam, enhance articles, and much more. WordPress plugin are products from the developers who want to optimize the WordPress experience of the users without altering the original WordPress code.

Currently, we have more than 30,000 plugins. Such a wide array choice makes it difficult for the users to choose the right one. Therefore, after testing a number of good and bad plugins, Team Unified has selected the top 10.

All in One SEO Pack

We consider it as one of the WordPress essential, as it happens to be the pillar of your Search Engine Optimization. With this plugin, your page can have an SEO friendly title (shows up at the top of the browser), homepage description (appears beneath the URL when people search for it via Search Engines) and topic related keywords (stay aware of keyword intensity).

Here are some special features apart from their 20 features:

  • 1. Fine-tune page navigation links
  • 2. Advanced Canonical URLs
  • 3. Only plugin that enables SEO Integration for WP e-Commerce sites
  • 4. Nonce Security built-in feature of the All in One SEO Pack


Often a website has to pay a price for spam comments. More the traffic more is the number of spam comments. Akismet is a plugin that allows you to check spam comments and trackbacks. It has more than 21 million users. The plugin checks the comment left on your blog or website and decides whether they are spam or not by running the comment in Akismet service.

Let us look at the special features of Akismet latest version:

  • 1. Get comment status history to view the comments caught and cleared by Akismet
  • 2. Links stay highlighted in the comment body
  • 3. If your web host fails to reach Akismet servers, the plugin will retry after getting the connection

Contact Form 7

A solid contact form is must for business websites. And for that, WordPress users get access to one plugin that is customizable and has 17 million downloads – it is none other than Contact form 7. The plugin is immensely popular due to its flexibility and can help you manage more than one site. Contact Form 7 also supports CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and Ajax-powered submitting to deal with bots and online troubles.

Editorial Calendar

No doubt, WordPress is an excellent content management system, but it is not able to schedule the posts in a sensible manner. To help the author view posts in a calendar view WordPress Editorial Calendar comes to a great use.

Check out some of the updated features of version 3.1.1

  • A. It facilitates users to drag and drop the post within the calendar to reschedule events
  • B. Quick edit post titles, contents, and schedules

Google XML Sitemaps

It is essential for your website to rank in the popular search engines such as Google, Bing or AOL. It is no big deal to many of us, but it is tricky to have search engines index your blog. Thanks to Google XML Sitemaps, it is no longer a big issue. This plugin will crawl your entire website, and have a sitemap to help search engines easily index your site. This plugin supports WordPress generated as well as custom URLs.


If you want to boost your self-hosted WordPress site, then Jetpack is the ultimate plugin. Installing Jetpack will stop you from using too many plugins at your website. Comes with more than a dozen of features, we will share the special ones which sets them unique.

  • 1. Get email subscriptions for your blog posts and comments
  • 2. Notifications in the toolbar help to manage your site activity
  • 3. A comment system supporting social networking platforms
  • 4. Customize your site design with CSS editor without modifying the themes
  • 5. The mobile themes streamline the site for visitors from mobile

JM Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards, launched in 2013 enable you to tweet including media. This is a relatively new plugin and has 58,000 downloads to date. They allow you to include the videos and images from your blog posts in your Tweets to link your content. When people clicks on your tweet, it will display the content title and a short summary, Twitter account and source link.

Podcasting Plugin

Recording audio files of your blog posts is easier these days, with the use of Podcasting Plugin. It will help you to bring your audio files from the desktop to the website. It includes a fantastic player, allowing your visitors to hear right from your page without redirecting them to iTunes or some other program. As it stays in the websites, so it has lower bounce rates as well as great content for your site.


Launching an e-commerce store, then you need to download this plugin. It is flexible, powerful, and smart dashboards with reports.

Check out some of the unique features of this customizable plugin:

  • a. View Sales, Reviews, Stock Level, Statistics
  • b. Customized Online Store Design
  • c. Get access to popular Payment Gateways and Shipping Methods
  • d. Plethora of free and premium extensions

Wordfence Security

Security and the speed of the site is the strong determinant for most of your website/blog. With Wordfence Security, you can put an end to all your preoccupied worries and resolve the security threats with ease. This free plugin offers stellar features to keep your site in shape.

Some popular features of them include:

  • 1. Blocking known attackers in real-time
  • 2. Comes with a firewall
  • 3. Monitors the DNS security option

Everyone likes to get something extra, so we think a plus one WordPress Plugin will make our readers give an extra choice, rather yet another best.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

According to many WP Plugin users, even many of our blog subscribers think Yoast as the top WordPress plugin you should be using, especially for your SEO efforts. Some of the incredible features are already shared by our blog subscribers – let us get some more scoops for you–

  • 1. Advanced XML Sitemaps
  • 2. Automatically Optimizes and Inserts Meta Tag and Link Elements
  • 3. Available in 24 Different Languages
  • 4. Can Improve Previous Plugins
  • 5. Compatible with Multiple Sites
  • 6. Premium Support
  • 7. Page Analysis
  • 8. RSS Optimization
  • 9. Social Media Integration

Plugins make your website simple and effective. Moreover, it adds up an ability to utilize the SEO packages and work directly with social platforms. If you have used anyone of these plugins, Team Unified will like to know your experience. Drop a line or two in our comment box.

20 Fresh Android Apps Reigning Online Billboards

With the beginning of the New Year, developers came up with sparkling new apps. Now its the month of June, and we have a basket of fresh apps with rain-fresh updates.

It is hard to choose the best apps, when you land up at Google Play Store. We took the little pains and tried to gain a out-and-out app knowledge relying on our humble judgments and your feedback. Counting on the reviews and the current ratings shared on Google Play, here are those 20 apps that reigned the online billboards in the past five months.

If you have something to share us or any recommendation drop a line or two in the comment section.


It is about staying in touch with the most important persons in your life; thus you need something more than SMS or plain old voice calls.

  1. Hangout (Free)

After bidding ‘Adieu’ to old Google Talk, its time to bid warm “Welcome” to Google Hangouts. The instant message app, let you send and receive messages, photos and videos even start free video calls. The users with Android version 4.4 can manage their SMSs with this app. And Google+ users can enjoy video conference with twelve people at a time.

  1. Viber (Free)

Not just a free voice & texting app it stands shining in the crowd by adding your computer as a communication device. From the Android, you can seamlessly transfer a voice call to the Viber PC app and keep talking or carry a previous text conversation. Viber’s rising craze make talking and texting cheaper and easier.


Have so many apps stuffed in your small gadget, there’s an obvious need of a core security.

  1. avast! Mobile Security (Free)

Completely free android security app comes with tons of features such as remote wipe, remote-lock, app management, secure Web browsing, a battery manager and an anti-virus engine that received top-priority from independent testing labs.

  1. Lookout Security & Antivirus (Free)

Lookout’s security app has solid malware protection and ingenious ant-theft tools. Lookout also has led the charge against aggressive hardware, and it can fix the solution to the core of Android issues before OS patched get released. This impressive free version let you enjoy some core features to keep your phone safe.


Trying to stay fit and fine, want to count your calories or have access to a speedometer while you jog? There is an app for everything.

  1. WebMD (Free)

This is much more than a simple diagnosis app. You can certainly use it to input the symptoms you experience and find some clue to the causes that is ailing you. It contains a list of the health care professionals and pharmacies in your area. You can also get access to emergency first-aid guides.

  1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal (Free)

Calorie counter works conventionally to help you lose weight. Its smart design and extensive library of foods, quickly logging with calories you take in and what you burn while exercising. It does not generate the entire workout regiment, but makes you aware of your food habits.


Foodies are in search of delicious apps that will make their food hunting easy.

  1. Yelp (Free)

Crowd-sourced reviews are little questioning to food bugs. However, when we saw Yelp, it just mesmerized us with its reviews on bar, restaurants or simply any place where you spend money. Many food destinations have listed their hours of operation, contacts, menus making it easy for the food lovers to find the spot in any location in their area or other neighborhood.

  1. BigOven (Free)

BigOven comes with more than 170,000 recipes in its database. So if you are particular about making a perfect Chicken Salad, then BigOven wont let you down. They have the most helpful built-in tool for picking the best recipes is Leftover Wizard. Here, you need to enter three ingredients you are trying to use in, and BigOven returns with recipes that take on all of them.


Is your Android the best companion when you move on the road? Which app makes your trips exciting?

  1. Google Goggles (Free)

You simply need to use the camera to take a snapshot of paintings in the museum to a placard written in a foreign language and Google Goggles does the searching for you. It can handle QR codes and bar-codes for comparison shopping.

  1. Google Translate (Free)

It is the biggest trouble in a foreign land when you fail to communicate with them. With Google Translate, you can take a bit off the edge, quickly translating texts or spoken words. You can even use the app to do the speaking for you and input text through camera or handwriting.


Wanna’ shop seating back at your couch, find great shopping deals or look for a perfect gift for those special occasion?

  1. Amazon (Free)

Amazon is the internet marketplace where you can buy almost anything at a cheap rate. Two features – bar-code scanner and photo search makes it easy for the buyers to do compare shopping. Users can also buy from Amazon’s streaming video store, but Kindle eBook titles are still unavailable for purchase.

  1. Groupon (Free)

Groupon is not like those typical retailers, it offers deals but there are always some products available for purchase as a part of the current deals. Groupon partners with various business to offer low prices to a number of people for a limited time.


Read good stuffs, keep yourself updated with news or current affairs with the following apps.

  1. Flipboard (Free)

Even at times you might find that the popular new sites do not have appealing apps for the mobile platform, and that is why we have Flipboard. A handy app that lets you flip through articles reformatted into a magazine style with readable texts and images.

  1. Google Newsstand (Free)

Google has recently launched their Newsstand app, and it rolls up the magazine-like reading experience of Google Currents along with easy access to digital magazine subscriptions. You can also discover new stories browsing Read Now or Explore sections.


Change your apps usage according to your usability.

  1. Dropbox (Free)

Dropbox pioneers the idea of personal cloud service, where all the stuff would be available no matter what device you use. Hold on, Dropbox has a special feature – it can act seamlessly to backup the images, automatically uploading every photo on the cloud.

  1. Uninstall Master (Free)

Uninstall master helps to drive out those unnecessary apps from your mobile that you do not want to assemble in your list. Just with a few taps remove them just like you prune your garden. It has a powerful search function and helps you to check the last time you logged-in.

  1. QuickOffice (Free)

Creating and editing documents in Google Drive is easy, unless they happen to be Microsoft Office documents. The QuickOffice serves as the capable bridge between Office and Google Drive. It supports Word and Excel and perhaps the best mobile editor for PowerPoint.


Internet has a lot to offer and the right browsers can make you surf without the clutters.

  1. UC Browser (Free)

Venerable UC Browser have an impressive performance in this few months. Comes with an optimized menu and automatically predicts the URL when you type the keyword in the search bar. It has features like speed mode that helps you browse faster and auto pager that can load multiple pages at once, so it becomes easy to read multi-page’s articles.

  1. Opera Mini Browser (Free)

A clever little browser designed to thrive where network conditions is poor. It does not skimp features and gives you access to the special Opera web apps. It is handy homepage complete with news and social media updates and a surprising array of powerful security settings.


For the movie buffs and music lovers Android Play Store has some cool apps with fresh updates.

  1. MX Player (Free)

This apps supports you to watch movies in a seamless manner. It can support import/export of settings and activity records. It can delete files from the external storage on Android 4.4 KitKat. Easily zooms in and out and the first Android video player that supports the multi-core decoding. It no longer loads video in the .otf fonts and does not crash while playing videos.

  1. µTorrent® – Torrent Downloader (Free)

It is easy to find torrents and download them directly to phone and tablet with the official µTorrent® App. It is fast and powerful, and the recently updated version has a modernized look. You get a choice of preferable download location after downloading with torrent. Even you can choose between deleting torrents only or torrents and files.

Love apps, do you want to have customized apps for your business! Team Unified is there to help with high-tech apps!

10 Top-Notch Ways to Freshen Up Your CSS

Technology needs an upturn or an upgrade, but with that comes a peculiar feeling “anything that can be done has been done.”As soon as a technology loses its shine and popularity, our interest wanes off and the attention shifts towards the next big thing.

Something similar happened with CSS; it was a revolution in its first launch and over the time, it helped designers to create flexible, tight-crafted and have some beautiful web page layouts. With time, various suggestions came up and said that CSS has worn out perhaps the sun has set.

Well, old should not always find its way to scrap… so we thought to breathe in new life to CSS for fellow developers. We prefer to highlight some cutting-edge features that you might not have explored.

Here is a revision, a recap, to open up new CSS opportunities for the designers of today!

1. Used Images Must Match Site’s Color Scheme

Color schemes of conferences along with many speakers, makes it complex to manage the workflow. Manually applying filters does not scale or relies on the access to specific actions such as Photoshop. You might use high resolution such as greyscale PNG and add up tones using CSS filters. This application can match the portraits to the event’s scheme, and you can reuse the images across multiple themes. Just need a CSS rule for each approach.

2. Use Transforms to Animate Polyhedra

CSS polygons, generally created with borders, but we ignore a more powerful tool compared to CSS polygons- the transform property. Applying transforms in the nested elements allows us to create complex polygons with image backgrounds or borders and transparent interiors. Using 3D transforms, we can combine 2D shapes into polyhedra and make the object merge, unfold, explode or recombine like WebGL.

3. Mastering the Use of Calc ()

Calc() is a wonderful application in CSS, useful to tame margins, padding or dimensions. It breathes in new life to designs looking for positioning or sizing backgrounds, inside gradients or transforms, not only brings a change to same old units, but also those new viewports.

4. Sane Use of Box-Sizing

Restore your sanity, with the proper use of box sizing. Without it, you cannot manage an element of defined width after you use padding to increase or decrease its width that makes pixels and percentage tough. With box sizing: border-box, borders and padding is easy to place within a defined width.

5. Take Hyphenation under Your Control

In print, hyphenation is taken for grant, and some designers use property available online, as few are aware of other features that provides a fine control over hyphenation. If designers are not careful, hyphenation ladders come up in different sections and the hyphen’s reign across multiple lines. The general rule of thumb says not to use hyphens more than two in a row. Use of hyphenate-limit-lines and hyphenate-limit-chars can specify the minimum length of the word that will be hyphenated, along with a minimum number of characters before and after the hyphen pause.

6. Look into the Available Writing Modes

Writing modes helps designers to define the direction in which the text should flow. Some of the East Asian scripts written vertically from right to left, so specified with a writing mode – vertical-rl (tb-rl in IE). Vertical text is of no use in European writing. Instead, devs can use it as table headings if the pages have limited horizontal space.

7. Unusual Ways to use Gradients

Background gradients at times can look great if you merge them with definite borders and bullets. With the use of preprocessor, you can mix the reused code, so as not to repeat it manually. Do not go crazy over it, since gradients can be heavy for the processors.

8. Make Use of String Matching on Links

Designers can take the advantage of string-matching to style the social icons. To match the right link with the correct style icon use a string-match on the href attribute of the anchor element. Use *= so the href anchor of the element that contains only a string that users specify.

9. SVG for the Backgrounds

IE 8 and Android 2 WebKit are the only browsers without SVG support, so using SVG for the backgrounds in CSS is feasible, especially along with a PNG fallback solution like Grunticon. CSS can style SVG, and you can have an interesting bleed-through of CSS filters from SVG that you can play with HTML.

10. Use ‘:target’ in Page Elements

CSS is not a programming language originally, but you can do many things on it without referring back to JavaScript. Take the example of ‘:target,’ a pseudo-class applied to elements that are targets of the clicked link. Yes, you can use this to define the state of a page, target a parent containing lot of elements and your links become the means to control look and layout of all children at a single click.

Phew!! We did it. Freshened your thoughts and renewed your view on CSS. Hope, now you can see some new possibilities in web development and design with CSS. We expect that before pushing the CSS to scrapyard you will like to test these techniques.

Unified always have a different way to look at the web designing world, this small initiatives taken by us can surely help developers to have a unique exposure in the market.

5 Travel Apps for iOS and Android Users to Make Trips Thrilling

Summer is here, and US have started to map their vacation plans. Traveling to unfamiliar places is a stressful experience. You might think of a getaway, but need to book reservations or prepare a tour plan.

It is a cliche, but there is an app for everything. With technologies becoming crisper, we are here to help you out with likable travel apps, to let you enjoy your trips without much fuss.

Scroll down to find a selective list of travel apps that could help tourists in any awful situation in a foreign land. This gallery includes apps with stored features such as hotel room reservation or booking flight tickets, planning journey route or navigate in a foreign land without a tour guide. Above all, this list shares apps that gel seamlessly with Android as well as iOS platforms.

FOURSQUARE (Available on Android and iOS, Free)

Digital marketers might differ for our pick of Foursquare over Yelp. We have a suitable reply for their query – Foursquare is proficient to find a thing that appears as the closest tourist spots in an unknown land which Yelp can’t. This may be monuments, museums, parks, coffee shops, dine hubs or curio shops. You will not find lengthy reviews in the app, but the tips that Foursquare members leave makes it easier to navigate. You can use the app to plan your trip, entering the location or browsing different categories.

Trendy in Foursquare – Large database of places helps to find or browse whatever you look for in most corners of the world.

Not So Chic in Foursquare – Misses on information as the tips provided by members are too short for a tourist to speculate.
GOOGLE TRANSLATE (Available on Android and iOS, Free)

When you land up in a foreign destination you have to struggle with the language. Google Translate app allows you to translate over 80 languages and you do not even need to be online to do it.
You can speak or type a language that you desire to translate and the app will say the translated words back to you. Another fresh feature which allows you to take a snap of the text you want to translate, and then use your finger to highlight the text you want to decipher.

Trendy in Google Translate – Users can translate the text offline even in the absence of internet connection.

Not So Chic in Google Translate – Users need to download a large language pack before they go offline, or else the offline translate won’t work.

HIPMUNK (Available on Android and iOS, Free)

This is the easiest to use when we need to book flights or hotels. You can use it to find best hotel deals, browse hotels by cities and search for flights.

One of the fresh approach that the app provides when you hunt for flights. It sorts your search result with a filter called Agony. You will see the route with reduced layovers, followed by longer trips that may be expensive. You can also create fare alerts for a particular search. And the app will send you a notification when best offers are available.

Trendy in Hipmunk – The app comes with a simple design which offers more choice in flight booking.

Not So Chic in Hipmunk – You cannot book your travel from the app directly neither you can set specific price alerts for flights and hotels.

TRIPIT (Available on Android and iOS, Free)

After you book a reservation several emails starts floating around your Inbox with confirmation numbers, flight details, times and other relevant information. TripIt helps to organize all the information into an interactive itinerary that you can pull up anytime during the trip. All you need is forward the confirmation emails from airlines, hotels, car rentals to TripIt, which explains the service as soon you sign up.

The app gets praised or their simple user-interface. It can store tons of information, such as reservation details, even you can save directions to your hotel in your itinerary.

Trendy in TripIt – It creates travel plans if users sends the confirmation emails to the service.

Not So Chic in TripIt – You need to enroll into the paid service of TripIt Pro at $50 per month to get flight alerts and seat upgrades.

Google Translate
TRIVAGO (Available on Android and iOS, Free)

Yet another simple app for the travelers. It helps you to find just the right hotel in the right area. You just need to enter the city you like to stay, choose your suitable dates and then run a search. The app will show a list of the available hotels on a map.

You can easily filter your search result by price, rates and facilities such as Wi-Fi or a pool. For each hotel listed, you will see the price from major booking companies including Expedia, Priceline, and Travelocity.

Trendy in Trivago – Helpful to find a hotel easily exactly in the place where you want to stay

Not So Chic in Trivago – You can neither book a reservation directly from the app, nor you can sort it by the prices or the room type.

So, what do you think can about these apps? Are they cool? Will you pack them in your Smartphone when you go out for a vacation this summer? Share your views and some more apps which you find perfect for your traveling days.

Credit: Image

FIFA 2014–7 Must-Have Apps for the Football Buffs

Did we hear you humming??….
“Show the world we are one (one love, life)
Ole ole ole Ola……”

32 teams!
64 matches!
736 players!
12 host cities!
And one prime location! – ‘Brasil’
FIFA 2014 fever has infected the football buffs across the globe.
Football rage seems to double with each passing day. FIFA has been a part of our life since 1930. Whether you like or not, FIFA craze is hard to ignore, as June 12 kick-off date draws near. Till date we watched FIFA on television, and have to pry our eyes often, thus missing one or two “AWESOME GOALS.” The teams will play 64 matches, so its hard to keep a tab on the highlights and details of every match.
Continue reading FIFA 2014–7 Must-Have Apps for the Football Buffs

iOS 8, Mac OS X – Next-Gen Software Updates from Tech-Giant 'Apple' at WWDC

First week of June 2014 indeed had a kick-start with major software launch from Apple at WWDC on Monday in San Francisco. The tech giants announced next gen software upgrades to their mobile and desktop operating systems, but remained silent on the release of any new hardware at Worldwide Developers Conference.

“iOS 8 and Mac OS X, biggest change to-date of iOS and OS of Apple – upshots of next-generation evolution. “

Jony Ive and the iOS team worked hard to listen to feedback and dig deeper into the features before Ive took control of software at Apple. And here they are with new Apple offspring, iOS 8. With the news of iOS, followed yet another surprise – a redesigned version of Mac OS X with Yosemite update.

iOS 8 & Mac OS X

iOS 8

At present developers can have access to the beta version of iOS 8 but for consumers it wont be available during the fall. Techies have been expecting new features such as Healthbook application, a broken out iTunes Radio app to stand on its own, and maybe a split-screen multitasking on the iPad..let’s see what surprises iOS 8 have?

Features in iOS 8

1. Notifications got interactive – Now users can take social media actions without switching apps. Get quick access to the people you talk simply double-tapping to multitask.

2. New predictive typing – Apple’s QuickType keyboard with predictive entry also have the ability to install third-party keyboards. This time it’s going to predict whom you are talking to, crazy isn’t it? Will get different predictive entry if you text your boss or boyfriend.

3. Integration of Siri and Shazam – Now users can activate Siri without touching the phone. And with the integration of Shazam, it doubled its ability to buy content from iTunes, stream voice recognition and available in 22 new dictation languages.

4. iMessage gets revamped – Apple adds audio and video messages with a single swipe. Simply raise your phone to respond to a message in the notification center with an audio message.

5. HealthKit App, something new – ‘HealthKit’ an app is a centralized place where many health apps can plug-in on the back end to let the users have a single interface to different health data and services.

6. iCloud Photo Library – Users can get access to their photos and videos anytime across any device with iCloud Drive. Editing done to photos will automatically update across all connected devices through cloud. This is Apple’s noble attempt to akin Google Drive and file sharing platform Dropbox.

7. Family Sharing – The new features helps to sync all devices in a single family to share media, calendars, reminders or find friends automatically. Allow devices access content from up to six iTunes accounts that use same credit card.

8. Autologin – Touch ID feature for autologin via user’s fingerprint ( introduced with iOS 7) is now available to non-Apple apps in iOS 8.

9. Tight integration with Mac OS X Yosemite – Lets users receive and place calls from Macs


  • Apple’s new features like HomeKit allow apps to control devices in their home like thermostats and lights.
  • Have a new Swift programming language, which Apple claims to be more efficient than Objective-C language.
  • OS system upgrades that include Metal, a new 3D-graphics technology designed to exploit the A7 chip.

RELEASE DATE – Launched their beta version on Monday with Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers. As for consumer, they have to wait till September for the release of iPhone 6 with iOS 8.

Mac OS X Yosemite

With a spank-new iOS 8 flooding with features, Apple developers also launched a heavily redesigned the version of Mac OS X with Yosemite update at WWDC on Monday.

Upgrades in Mac OS X

  • The upgrade of last year’s Maverick focuses on the look and the feel of the operating system. Whereas the Yosemite design borrows a lot from the look of iOS 7 starting with a common toolbar, translucent windows, new dock icons and a “dark mode,” updated notification center, enhanced search feature that spans desktop and Internet sources.
  • Another major upgrade is their search function called Spotlight. Simply pressing the space bar, a search bar will pop up in the middle of your desktop, and typing a few letters you can launch apps or open documents.
  • Apple also announced a Dropbox alternative, called iCloud Drive that will allow users to sync contact across all connected devices – Mac, iOS and Windows.
  • Now Apple users can send large files up to 5GB with Mail Drop, which is visible to attachment sent via iCloud syncing the message on the other side.
  • Safari web browser in Yosemite can now stream HTML5 videos with greater efficiency for the site such as Netflix. This will allow a MacBook Air notebook stream Netflix HD video for two hours or more over Wi-Fi than Netflix’s Safari plug-in.


Apple fits new testing service called TestFlight, helping Developers invite users to beta test their app before the release, free of charges.

RELEASE DATE – Mac OS X Yosemite will be released to developers by the end of this week, but the consumer version to be released in the autumn at no extra cost.

Toast to the true next-gen evolution!!!

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