• Jul 31 2014

    A Guide to Mobile App Marketing in 2014 – #Infographic

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    What makes your mobile app different from the stronger one belonging to the same niche? – Design, usability, demand and effectiveness these four have distinct roles to play. Did you know the fact - 90 percent of the people who downloads your app may use it just for six months. The number one constraint in mobile app marketing is retention. Many industry influencers agree with it, so if a business is thinking of mobile app marketing their #1 focus should be keepin

  • Jul 28 2014

    Google Pigeon Update is Out: All-New Algorithmic Update Affecting Major Local Search

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    24th July 2014 Google pushed all-new algorithmic change affecting local search at large. Barry Schwartz, editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, broke the story after Google’s official shared their views to them. Google stayed away from assigning a name to the change, but SEL came up with a name to the update – they called it "Pigeon Update". No, Google’s Pigeon Update is not a simple spam change, something more of a fundamental change reports SEL. Google has no

  • Jul 22 2014

    10 Tips to Make Content Marketing More Engaging and Shareable

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    Content Rule Of Thumb says that - we need to spend 50% on the idea and 50% on how you spread it. Quality alone is not going to give your content the real boost, when it comes to spreading contents you will need a robust social media strategy. Numerous ways are there to make brands more shareable on social platforms. The witty brands have realized the importance of storytelling and felt reader’s hunger for a good story to share. If your brand focuses on providing br

  • Jul 14 2014

    Website Redesign-5 Stuff That Says Your CMS Needs a Revamp

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    You face many serious product-level issues when you ignore publishing, re-configuration, or customization of your CMS. Collectively these issues push your company’s ability as not to use your website as a weapon for the marketplace. That is depressing, isn’t it? Moreover, it tells that your website needs a revamp or rather a redesign. Previously, in our web 2.0 blog we have been discussing testing ideas to determine whether websites need a redesign, and now we wo