• Aug 25 2014

    3 Things Web Design and Development Teams Can Learn from ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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    If you are lately active on the social media channels, particularly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you might have noticed the flood of video posts on your timeline where people is seen dumping buckets of ice and water on their heads. For a moment you might have thought; it is yet another social media campaign to beat the heat of scorching summers.Well, it is not something about the global warming. These viral posts are of the recent “Ice Bucket Challenge” tak

  • Aug 14 2014

    Apple’s New Programming Language-Swift ‘A Trendsetter’

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    At WWDC, Apple surprised developers announcing their new programming language Swift to develop apps across Apple’s platforms. To date it was Objective-C, the subsequent language used by NeXT (company founded by Steve Jobs) and then by Apple. However, in 2014 Objective-C finally had to face someone to supersede it with modern and safer features. How powerful is the new language? What changes can it introduce in the global community of Apple product developers?

  • Aug 08 2014

    #AmazonCart Services is now available at Amazon India

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    In the month of May, Amazon introduced a new feature that allows Twitter users to add items to their AmazonCart simply including a hashtag within a tweet. After users connects their Twitter account to Amazon, they can easily extend their shopping experience by tweeting a reply to Amazon product links visible on Twitter including hashtag #AmazonCart or #AmazonBasket in UK. #AmazonCart Comes to India After UK and US, #AmazonCart came to India this July. Buyers in I

  • Aug 01 2014

    Node.Js Development Tips for Newbie and Expert Developers

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    Node.Js is the hottest trend in the tech realm, giving developers a choice of 35,000 modules to browse. Users say Node is too easy to develop a working application, which can balance without trouble. The fan base of Node.Js has started to spread their rhetoric like religion. Let us check out what makes it distinctive. What is Node.js? Wikipedia says, “Node.js is a packaged compilation of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, the libuv platform abstraction layer, and a