• Sep 24 2014

    10 Landing Page Design Myths That Work

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    Your “Landing Page” Needs More Sanity, Integrity And Beauty… As conversion matters for all business, so the internet publishers puts stress on the development of the landing page design. Landing page of today shaves off the bad taste and kills the desert of confusion. Now the designers need to shift their goal from ethical and neighborly persuasion and take preferred actions. Popular myths of Landing Page that increases customer engagement and CTR.Let us go

  • Sep 17 2014

    Hands on with Much-Hyped iWatch

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    Much-hyped Apple Watch also unveiled itself at Flint Center, Cupertino, CA. According to the rumors wearable was named iWatch, but Apple opted to use their symbol () followed by "Watch" for the device's name as -  Watch A fashionable watch but not an analog nor digital rather it runs with Apple Intelligence. It is available in two sizes of 38mm and 42mm with six different casing material and six interchangeable bands. It comes in three latest edition – Si

  • Sep 12 2014

    Hands on with iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus

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    September 9, 2014 Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the center-stage of Flint Center in Cupertino, CA. It is the same stage where Steve launched the first Mac 30 years earlier and once again, Apple comes here to launch their new iPhones and their much-hyped Smart-Wearable. On Tuesday, Apple introduced iPhone6, iPhone6 plus, long-awaited Apple Watch and a mobile payment system as a part of their marketing blitz. Apple Marketing Chief Philip Schiller kept people waiting until 1

  • Sep 09 2014

    iPhone 6 and iWatch: One-Last Rumor Round-Up

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    The big day is almost here, 8 hours left before the Grand launch of Apple iPhone 6 and iWatch at 10 A.M. (PDT). Prior to Tuesday’s event, we wanted to do the one last rumor roundup of plausible Apple devices that make its way on September 9. It was one of the big weeks of the year in the tech industry, with Apple fanatics holding high expectation with the grand release. Moreover, this year the company is going to announce even more iThings than they ever did. App