10 Landing Page Design Myths That Work

Your “Landing Page” Needs More Sanity, Integrity And Beauty…

As conversion matters for all business, so the internet publishers puts stress on the development of the landing page design. Landing page of today shaves off the bad taste and kills the desert of confusion. Now the designers need to shift their goal from ethical and neighborly persuasion and take preferred actions.


Popular myths of Landing Page that increases customer engagement and CTR.Let us go through them at a glance…

Must Serve One Goal

Landing pages must have one goal not two neither zero, but only one. If your landing page serves zero goals, then it is a branding page, and it would bear no fruits. However, if the landing page has more than one goal, then you might be confusing the visitor, and they can leave the page anytime in disgust and anger. Your copy shall not come out with more than one goal as that one simple goal can make your visitor stop lamenting and make your copywriter less mad.

Must Not Assign the Name of the Authority in Vain

Do not opt for the false endorsements rather you must keep your promises and provide a landing page with a relevant headline, subheads, graphics, offers, and delivery. Make your days on Internet fruitful with the correct implementation of the landing page thus preserves your reputation.

Must Not Convey a False Image

You should not litter the landing page with unnecessary images, but the ones that are relevant. Let the image stay in context to the landing page and must perceive deep relevancy. Neither should you litter false images on your landing page as it might divert visitor from the right goal. Nor you should disclose the affiliations or else FTC might get a plague.

Pay Attention to Those White Spaces

White spaces help to make your landing page easy to scan and easy to read. Visitors may not read with a serious tone or skim, skip and scan. It is better to break up the text, include all things in the subheads, and make bullets, as well as simple sentences to support your text.

Pay Attention to Your Host, Bandwidth and Client

You must pay strict attention to the bandwidth, web host and your clients. Make sure that the load time does not exceed, as you must not let your visitor’s patience exceed. We know the visitor is busy and impatient and does not have enough time to waste or wait to see your website load for minutes. However, if your page loads quickly the visitor would stay back and the bounce rate is going to witness a considerable drop.

Must Not Kill Your Visitor’s Interest

Visitors might not like a boring copy, so try to make the content flow like a river until it meet the sea of domain knowledge. Visitors must flow with the content current and persuade to the port where your goal meets. You must not put an end to the visitor’s claims. When you claim, then you must have proofs and trust, testimonials and demonstrations to support and prove that your business is beyond faith and suspicion. You should not kill the integrity with suspicious associate and neither your reputation through excessive returns and issues.

Must Not Adulterate the Premise

You should not adulterate the idea to offer by dabbling external irrelevancy. Try to remain faithful to the visitor and goal that you want to pose and make sure it serves the purpose until the end.

Must Not Steal

You should not try to steal visitor’s attention, time, coin and bandwidth rather you must inform, educate, and persuade after receiving consent and permission. You should also deliver value in all products/ services and should not engage in spam activities or tamper the appearance. Should not give information in all things and burden visitors with doubt and fear.

Must Not be a False Witness

Speak the truth about the product/ service, the offer you pose, the guarantee and the competitor. You should not bear witness in any event as your web presence and integrity is precious. And, if you cannot stick to this preface it is better to leave the Internet.

Pay No Attention to Your Desires

It is kinda “nirvana” from the visitor’s cash, credit card, email address, phone number anything that belongs to the customer. You must try to provide value in fair exchange and eschew deceitful schemes and frauds.

Make Customers Feel @ Home

Ensure that every time when a visitor comes to your landing page, they jump to action. So on your part – Serve them gladly and give them a boost to engage at their own will with the use of your focused landing page.

Hands on with Much-Hyped iWatch

Much-hyped Apple Watch also unveiled itself at Flint Center, Cupertino, CA. According to the rumors wearable was named iWatch, but Apple opted to use their symbol () followed by “Watch” for the device’s name as –  Watch

A fashionable watch but not an analog nor digital rather it runs with Apple Intelligence. It is available in two sizes of 38mm and 42mm with six different casing material and six interchangeable bands. It comes in three latest edition – Simple, Sport and Edition and would be available in the marketing by 2015, and the price will resume @$349.

iWatch designed to pair with an iPhone to function. Apple says it is not a standalone device because it depends on iPhone for many features such as sending or receiving notifications. It can sync with Apple’s new Continuity features and help users shift task from one user to another.



Let us take a quick look at the features of this sensational watch from Apple-

  • 1. iWatch may be ion-strengthened or would sport a sapphire display
  • 2. Includes an HD Retina display, sapphire-covered sensors built into the zirconia backing
  • 3. In-built NFC chip to work seamlessly with the Apple Pay mobile payment system
  • 4. Created the interface keeping end-user customization in mind
  • 5. Apps on the design organize themselves into a unique cluster for quick access
  • 6. Apple Watch would take advantage of the “Digital Crown” located on the right side that will help users to zoom, scroll, and select elements. The Digital Crown also serves as a Home button
  • 7. And second physical button below Digital Crown allows to communicate with friends easily or send quick messages, animated emoji, heart beat or drawings
  • 8. With new pressure-sensing technology, Apple Watch can distinguish between a tap and a press, thus allow specific controls and relays notification in a subtle manner
  • 9. In-built sensors allow iWatch to measure metrics such as steps taken calories burnt and pulse rate.

The above features would satiate iOS app developers as it supports intricate functions to make fascinating apps that would be seamless and productive for this all-new Apple product.

Look & Feel

()Watch, is a simple device, round on the corners with a rectangular body comes in two separate sizes (38 and 42mm) and has an array of interchangeable bands. To please different tastes Apple designed the watches with custom alloys of stainless steel and aluminum in two finishes and two formulations.

Six Intelligently Designed Bodies for Apple Watch
  • 1. Stainless Steel
  • 2. Space Black Stainless Steel
  • 3. Silver Aluminum
  • 4. Space Gray Aluminum
  • 5. 18-karat gold
  • 6. 18-karat rose gold.


Apart from the designer bodies, Apple Watch also offers six customized band options.
  • a. Link Bracelet – resembles traditional watch bands
  • b. Sports Band – made of lightweight fluoroelastomer
  • c. Leather Loop – made of handcrafted leather
  • d. Modern Buckle – use of Granada leather and a magnetic buckle
  • e. Classic Buckle – made from Dutch leather and traditional buckle
  • f. Milanese Loop – made from metal mesh band

Now Apple will be only selling watch in their standard configurations or might sell the casing if users express interest. Whether they will sell the bands separately, it is yet unknown.

Apple Watch-Regular

Available in two colors precisely Silver and Space Black paired with stainless steel casing. A durable watch, scratch resistant, combined with six available bands. You can get a Link Bracelet in stainless steel and space black stainless steel while the Modern Buckle will be available in brown, soft pink, and midnight blue. Watches made by cold forging process to make the watch more resistant to nicks and corrosion.


Apple Watch-Sport

Apple Sport collection is for the fitness enthusiasts. It does not have the cool sapphire display rather lightweight alumina-silicate Ion-X glass to resist scratches. It combines with lightweight anodized aluminum casing in silver or space gray. It comes with fluoroelastomer durable and stronger than rubber bands and comes in vibrant colors such as white, blue, green, pink, and black.

Apple Watch – Edition

The luxury watches features casing made of 18-karat yellow or rose gold. Apple has used their metallurgists to design the Gold Edition watches and it is twice as hard as standard gold to make it scratch resistant. Edition collection marks the use of a polished sapphire crystal display paired with Sport Band, Modern Buckle, and Classic Buckle.


Hands on with iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus

September 9, 2014 Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the center-stage of Flint Center in Cupertino, CA. It is the same stage where Steve launched the first Mac 30 years earlier and once again, Apple comes here to launch their new iPhones and their much-hyped Smart-Wearable.
On Tuesday, Apple introduced iPhone6, iPhone6 plus, long-awaited Apple Watch and a mobile payment system as a part of their marketing blitz. Apple Marketing Chief Philip Schiller kept people waiting until 1PM EST at Flint Center and finally unveiled 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus followed by Apple Watch.


iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus

Finally, from the air or rumors came out the super-slim and the first Apple phablet iPhone6 with a larger-than-4.5-inch screen & 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. And the pricing starts at $199 for iPhone6, while iPhone 6 Plus pricing starts at $299.


At present, the two iPhones will launch in eight countries on September 19. Preorders begin on September 12 in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, and Singapore.

CountryPrice with VersionsAvailable Carriers
US16GB version @ $199 | 64GB for $299 | 128GB for $399AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and US Cellular
UK£539 for the 16GB model; £619 for the 64GB model; £699 for the 128GB versionsO2, Vodafone, EE, Three, GiffGaff, Virgin, and TalkMobile
AustraliaAU$869 for 16GB model; AU$999 for 64GB; AU$1,129 for 128GB versionsTelstra, Optus, Vodafone

iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus is not only going to satisfy the current iPhone users needs, but would be a great hub for the iPhone application developers to savor the stepped improvements in the new models.



iPhone 5S, iPhone4 are dwarf to these latest models (iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus) that measures 4.7 and 5.5 inches and the thinnest to date measuring 6.9 and 7.1mm. It has a thinner display made of slightly curved glasses that seamlessly merge with the body to highlight their Retina HD display. Both the phones include antenna bands on the back with rear lens, has pill shaped volume buttons like iPad Air and shifted to the right side of the device. Wafer-like metal design and curved lines makes it look more like the iPod Touch models. (The Verge said, “iPhone 6 feels like a “hybrid of the iPhone and iPod touch”)
The new iPhones are available in Gold, Silver, and Space Gray, and their capacities range from 16, 64, and 128 GB.

Retina HD Display

Rumors suggested about the use of a Sapphire display, but turned invalid instead they used “ion-strengthened” glass with improved polarizer, photo aligned IPS liquid crystal display, and a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating for better viewing experience. (Engadget marks saying that despite resolution difference between the iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus their displays looked identical.)

  • 1.iPhone6 has “2x” resolution of 1334 x 740 (326 ppi)
  • 2.iPhone 6 Plus has “3x” resolution of 1920 x 1080 (401 ppi)
  • 3.Both the iPhones offer higher contrast, better brightness and improved white balance
  • 4.Display Zoom and landscape View to get a close view of the apps available only in iPhone6 Plus



ApplicationiPhone6iPhone6 Plus
AudioUp to 50 hrsUp to 80 hrs
HD VideoUp to 11 hrsUp to 14 hrs
LTE BrowsingUp to 10 hrsUp to 12 hrs
StandbyUp to 10 daysUp to 16 days
Wi-Fi BrowsingUp to 11 hrsUp to 12 hrs
3G BrowsingUp to 10 hrsUp to 12 hrs
3G TalkUp to 14 hrsUp to 24 hrs

A8 Chip and M8 Motion Co-Processor

Both the iPhones comes with a 64-bit A8 processor built on an advanced 20-nanometer process. The chip is smaller than A7 in iPhone 5s and affords 25% faster CPU performance. A8 taking full advantage of Metal allows developers to create console-type games supporting detailed graphics and visual effects. Besides their new M8 motion co-processor that is new to iPhone6 help measure data from an accelerometer, compass, and a gyroscope.


iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus sport an 8-megapixel f/2.2 rear camera with improved picture quality. As Apple moves one-step ahead with their every generation of iPhones, the latest release too has some exciting features –

  • 1. Apple puts on a new feature “Focus Pixel” designed to speed up auto-focusing while improved auto image stabilization compensates motion blur and hand shakiness
  • 2. Improved control over exposure and face detection abilities
  • 3. Improved Panorama feature that supports high-resolution photos of up to 43 megapixels
  • 4. Now you can capture 1080p HD video at 60fps
  • 5. Introduced 240fps slo-mo mode, and time-lapse video
  • 6. Improved front-facing FaceTime HD cameras with a sensor and f/2.2 aperture to help capturing low-light photos



They offer faster LTE with support for LTE Advanced networks that supports a speed of around 150 Mbps, besides 20 LTE bands for better connectivity when traveling. Moreover, these two iPhones are the first of Apple’s iOS device to offer 802.11ac Wi-Fi support establishing 3 times faster speed The devices also support Voice over LTE (VoLTE) to make higher-quality phone calls over LTE. VoLTE would work with users like Verizon and carriers such as T-Mobile who have pledged support.

Apple Pay and NFC

NFC, or near-field communication one of the short-range communications protocol to the phone and build an entire mobile payment system around it. Apple Pay works with a Passbook app on your phone helping you to buy items/services with a single touch on your iPhone. This feature will not allow the merchant to see your credit card details and saves time with the use of camera to add new credit card details to Passbook. Apple Pay backed by six major banks starting with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. You can use the service of more than 220,000 merchants Macy’s, McDonald’s, Walgreens and Duane Reed drug stores and Whole Foods. As soon as Apple releases API developers will stream on-board.

Extra Features

Like iPhone5s, Apple continues to offer Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint-based security system, but with iOS8, it becomes even more powerful. Touch ID is an integral part of Apple’s new Apple Pay mobile payments, designed to allow users pay for purchases done in retail stores with their fingerprints.

Image Courtesy: Apple Inc., MacRumors

iPhone 6 and iWatch: One-Last Rumor Round-Up

The big day is almost here, 8 hours left before the Grand launch of Apple iPhone 6 and iWatch at 10 A.M. (PDT). Prior to Tuesday’s event, we wanted to do the one last rumor roundup of plausible Apple devices that make its way on September 9. It was one of the big weeks of the year in the tech industry, with Apple fanatics holding high expectation with the grand release. Moreover, this year the company is going to announce even more iThings than they ever did.

Apple Inc always keeps their mouth shut ahead of the product announcements, so air of rumor builds up months ahead of the event. It was the same this year, so we thought to list the loudest whispers, just for you –

Watch the Event Streamed Live

No, this is not a rumor! But definitely, it is going to make and break all the high anticipations that build up in this few months. The event would start streaming at 1 PM Eastern on September 9, as Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the center-stage of Flint Center in Cupertino, CA. (30 years before Steve Jobs released Mac at this same place) People can watch the event streamed live, directly broadcasted from Apple’s Official Site: www.apple.com/live.

iPhone 6

Two Models

Well, Apple is going to launch a pair of iPhone’s, a 4.7-inch version and a 5.5-inch version. For users with small hands, developers say to have one-handed mode that rejiggers interface to help users get everything in reach, you can find a similar feature in the larger phones of Samsung.
Whereas, 5.5 inch is going to facilitate users with expanded display, which can be of great help to apps enlisting themselves in an iPad fashion with the use of iOS8 dual-pane feature.
Rumors about Launch: 4.7-inch version might release first, prior to 5.5-inch version that would come later in this year. As for recent launches, iPhone would be typically available for a couple of weeks that means 4.7 inch would roll for some time in September.


The new iPhone is going to sport curvier designs than their previous models, would have tap-to-pay features, 128 gigabytes of storage (current models have 64 gigabytes of storage) and a built-in barometer that ties with the health and location apps.

Sapphire Glass Display

There have been rumblings about sapphire crystal display in iPhone 6. A hard material of sapphire often used for watch faces is durable and resistant to scratches. Back in January, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed about the use of Sapphire Glass display, but Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the screens are not yet ready for large displays. He thinks it might line up in the much-anticipated iWatch. (Ming, just few more hours left to see the real, so let us wait)

iWatch (Original Product Name not Yet Leaked by Apple)

Apple will also pull out from their bag long anticipated Smartwatch, the first wearable device from Apple. However, rumors tell that it would not be available for purchase until next year. Apple is famous for making products available in weeks after unveiling, but with this new release, they have adopted a different strategic approach. iPhone had a curtain raiser six months earlier and iPad came out two months earlier giving time to develop apps. And for iWatch the strategy remains the same.

Image Courtesy: Todd Hamilton

Exclusive Features (Apparently Guessed)


  • 1. Curved or round curve or rectangular screen
  • 2. Made of scratch resistant material sapphire crystal
  • 3. Tap-to-pay functionality
  • 4. Storage of eight gigabytes
  • 5. Health-tracking sensors
  • 6. Available in two screen sizes

Apple shared no word about the pricing of iWatch; however, the market guesses an apparent price of $400.

This was the small briefing of the rumors on air since last few months, now it is time to stay calm and wait for the Grand Curtain Raiser of iPhone6 and iWatch (or whatever it may be called)

10 Contact Page Design That Add Perks To User Experience

“Great user experience, instant communication and easy conversion that’s what your Contact Page must satiate.”

Contact Pages serve as a gateway to establish contact with your customers. If the page is less informative and does not invite your potential client to spark an opportunity, then you fall apart.A website makes your target audience feel interested in the services you offer. Whether it is a product or service, 9 out of 10 times customers are going to communicate or revisit your website. Thus, most of the industry honchos look for an informative Contact Page design.

For some of the users, this is the last page on the site map where website owners just throw some vital information. Designers can leave it up to the users on how they want to contact business and on what matter. This is the last attempt to drive the potential customers to your business. Some basic websites just throw numbers and emails, but in most cases, this is the page that customer sees before they make a decision on whether or not to “Award the Project.”

Make sure that your contact page delivers result in the best possible way. As we know Contact Page is tricky to handle so, we have gathered a collection of 10 websites that have great contact pages and forms. Get a creative boost now!




A travel and holiday trip website that helps to grow the experience of the travelers

What Does Their Contact page Say

It is important to ensure that your brand stays consistent throughout the website. It is not so easy to convince visitors and make them pay attention to your contact page, but Combadi needs applause as they did a good job to make the page consistent. You can also see the details they have used to create the contact form.




Kin Software helps to streamline HR services for a company

What Does Their Contact page Say

Here you will find a hero shot of the contact page probably not borrowed from the Stock Photography. It might be the original employee of Kin. It helps users to know the people behind the company, and above all the page has a clean design and responsive call to action button.


Contact | Web Design, Website Design Agency | Andover, Hampshire, UK


A website design company

What Does Their Contact page Say

For a website design company, it is essential to have creative contact page and they must know how to utilize it. Fhoke has done that using not just one form but two. They understand that some people may drop an introduction, and others might like to jumpstart with a project. This is a great way to understand the audience and cater result to them.

Built by Buffalo



An exceptional design and development company

What Does Their Contact page Say

Check out their page, it is absolutely clean and simple. They display a number of ways by which someone can easily get in touch with your business. The page comes with many choices, but they do not appear harsh. The iconography they have used is soft and light, and this is the way to go because if the colors were dark, then it would not have worked so well.


Contact • Café Evoke // Coffee, Wine, Beer, Eats, and Catering in Edmond & Oklahoma City


A great place to sip coffee, wine and beer in Oklahoma City

What Does Their Contact page Say

Have a great design. If we look at the design, we will see that there are many functions embedded in their contact page. It attracts the customers and engages them in each piece of information presented.


online department


They create UX for mobile, apps and websites.

What Does Their Contact page Say

Their contact page narrates a story because the scrolling implemented helps you to get a feel as if you are using a flipbook, where each of the scrolls has a different story to tell. Here you can find that the pages divided into three sections and give the visitor the information about two offices.




Building a landing page for various businesses

What Does Their Contact page Say

In this page, you can find a customer care section that have images of people who are ready to help you. Even you can give them a call directly. This is a reflection of the human side of the company and all about setting a great experience.




An Italian company works as a contemporary lighting and interior decoration industry

What Does Their Contact page Say

This page is bold in their outlook and comes with some contact information. However, the typography used is heavy, but they do not seem to overwhelm. The website is made to feel elegant and with minimal use of the font against a dark background.

Brown’s Court Bakery

Contact | Brown's Court Bakery


A bakery website

What Does Their Contact page Say

If you look at this page, you will find that it is consistent and concise, just the way they should be. You can feel the vintage throughout besides the information available.

Cobble Hill

Contact | Cobble Hill – A Creative Agency and Design Studio in Charleston, SC


Web Design and Development industry in Charleston

What Does Their Contact page Say

You can find that everything on this contact page fits align with the design direction. You got access to a large map and illustrated with a contact and icon that is hand drawn.

Drawing the Lines for Contact Page Creativity

Whether you think to add links to social sites or use contact forms, the best idea is to reinforce positivity or negativity in the thought process of your audience. Make sure that the process is thorough and find out what your target audience is looking for in the market.

“What does a great contact page have?” – A great contact page must allow you to communicate with your potentials and help you seal the deal before an email drops.