5 Ecommerce Website Testing Ideas for This Holiday

Back in the day fixing bugs in an e-commerce website was not so easy, as it remained overstuffed with much code. However, with time everything has changed so as fixing bugs on your website. You now have a number of tests to remove the technical hurdles anytime.

Now running the A/B testing is similar to copying and pasting a script into the website templates. When it comes to e-commerce website testing is equally easy, but you have to consider the priority of the test you like to have on your website. The conversion optimization plan should address all touch points and key customer aspects throughout your sites journey.

As ecommerce website must appear prompt for the holidays, so we have considered five areas for ecommerce website testing and made them synchronize perfectly –

Home Page

The home page of any website is the rich source of testing opportunities. If you can dodge the political hurdles or have top-management to support, then create a sensational page or else stick to a less sensitive page.

Take the example of a hospitality management company Outrigger, who wants to test their page to identify the focus points to resolve the issues and bring traffic. You can consider a reservation booking widget as a key to the puzzle, but we need to test the right placement for it in the site. As a correct placement can have a large effect on the revenue fetched by the website. Showing the property location is much important that the booking widget placement. A traveler will prefer to get into the property details at the beginning before booking.

Home Page

Product Detail Pages

If you get some visitors to click on a specific product page and express some interest, then you win some big and potential sales. Making the most out of each visit is crucial. However, a typical product page consists of a lot of information such as – Product Image, Product Description, Details, and Specifications that drives customer’s decision.

There is a lot to digest, and it is tough for the decision makers to analyze what they must consider, as the approach differs from website to website. Therefore, we prefer to make analysis of the product detail page and identify the key problem areas. For examples in a product page, you must move the things like size, material used, and framing just below the image. This approach reduces the complexity of the purchase decision. Product details and the descriptions must move top right keeping the user’s choice below. For determining the product page analysis, you must perform A/B split testing and make sure to test site-wide, so the visitor gains consistent experience.

Product Details Page

Category Pages

Category page gives you prime testing opportunities. These are the pages that show the breadth and range of your products organized into similar groups, helping visitors to find their desired products. Category pages do carry much information that helps to explore a product in detail.

In order to strike the right chord and balance on category pages, you must opt for a number of conversion optimization tests. In a test, it shows the variation presented in the categories of a grid pattern, a typical variation for most of the ecommerce website design. The second variation that testers tap is a stacked list view – which one do you think will win. It is none other than list view as it help people scan and compares the price in each category. Well, in some cases stack list may not work at par with tile view, so depend on the testing services to offer your e-commerce website the best approach.

Calls to Action

Most of the online shopping sites come with a call-to-action button that repeats throughout the website. It is popularly called persistent call-to-action button. The exposure these elements receive makes it an important touch point to boost conversion. The call-to-action button in your site must reflect a sense of urgency merged with easy flowing headline text and contents.

Call to Action


E-commerce sites and forms are the two inevitable things, as without the form you cannot generate leads nor retain the checkout path. They serve as the conversion point. Most often the forms meant for the developers to design and not enough time are spent on testing the flow of these crucial elements.


As per the testing testers, optimizing forms through careful testing can have a huge impact on the conversion rates. Check out the registration flow to have more opportunity of improvement that the client expects. Developers must be a little careful while designing the login forms. Just not a simple form using the best testing practices you can improve your checkout process.

So are you ready to make your e-commerce shopping site near to perfect fixing the bugs to spur the holiday mood?

Halloween Website Design Trends – What’s In and What’s Out?

Holidays are drawing near, and with Halloween, the US is going to wrap itself in the festive fever. From September to November, the US and Canada celebrate Halloween thoroughly. Just turn around to look at the spooky decoration during the peak hours with corn mazes, haunted houses, parties, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pies, all tends to gear up the festive mood.
Apart from the brick and mortar stores, we see the similar festive fervor across the web. Halloween websites are very popular these days. Especially, you can view the fervor more across ecommerce websites.
And when it comes to designing a Halloween web page you must add a lot of fun and activities to personalize your brand. You need to design your website with a little spooky and scary idea to give your visitors a shock, or add activities to take up your best turn this festive season.

Bang with a BOOOOOOO….

Elaborate and pompous decorations bring a colorful and gleeful image about Halloween, so your website must cheer up with fresh and innovative appeal. You must utilize the opportunity to keep your sales pipeline filled and made business out of every opportunity. Halloween website design is not all about the change of the entire web design concept, but it is the addition of a few short-term designs to get into the mood of Halloween.
Design expertise on which we took a good hand this festive season for some of our client has some eminent features. It carries high value to add forward this season. Recently, we followed up on web 2.0 blog with an infographic sharing insight on- 7 Tips to Stop Scaring Customer with Weird Website Design and as for now we thought to help readers recognize the extent of use of Halloween goodies on their websites and the order to follow.

  • Spooky Pumpkins
    Halloween Pumpkin is the most common design and every one in five designers are trying is trying to make it spooky as it can be. Jack-o-Lantern gives a lot of senses and must occupy the banner ads of your stores.
  • Witches Hat
    Use of Halloween symbols such as Witches Hat is not going to change the design concept, but a decoration element which you can use in the navigation bar or drop-down menu or might use to replace the letter “A” is you design. (If you have any)
  • Cold Skulls
    Use of skull in website is a bit spookier and can shock your visitor more than any other element if you can use it in the right way. You can use it replace letters or use it in the page illustrations. The use of blood shedding from the skull could be a good idea if the designer knows where and how to use it.
  • Spiders-n-Webs
    Keeping the website same, yet introducing a festive glee with Halloween elements like cobweb and spiders can be interesting. You can use it conveniently in any size making it sit on a large or hollow letter giving a distinctive look to your site.

Apart from the above elements, you can use broomsticks, spooky trees, bats, and body parts. However, in a context to the use of Halloween elements in your website make sure you follow the norms to keep its website color, imagery and typography on track.
halloween website design
COLOR– To set the Halloween mood designers prefer to use the color orange, but they have to make sure that the use it in a way to match the clients corporate colors as well and keep the flow in line.

IMAGERY– A picture can tell a thousand words, and when it comes to website design, it says more than thousands. Picking the right image, this Halloween would help to explain the messages, products and emotion you want to convey through your brand.

TYPOGRAPHY– Make sure the fonts use on your website should be in a way you stylize them, but also works with the design. Check out some cool fonts that we prefer to use this festive season.

As an Web Design Service provider in India, we put best of our efforts to carve effective Ecommerce website design that match up the festive spirits and helps our client gain maximum conversions. Our e-commerce designs are perfectly custom built directed to your specific needs. We create an impression, and our design leaves an online presence makes sure that you website maintain stability yet uniqueness to drive more customers this peak season.

Is Indian e-Commerce Ready for Big Flash Sales This Festive Season ?

Host of pop-ups & banner ads splashes right in front of you during dedicated hours of browsing with tempting sales message like above. And on your part, you cannot resist clicking, rather do a little window-shopping or add items to your online shopping carts (if you have accounts).

With cash flow from recent fund-raising efforts made Indian e-commerce companies lineup with big flash sale, discounts, exclusive merchandise, and cash-back schemes for this festive season. Indian market viewed it as an opportunity to sell more and gain more market share and forces a tough time for the brick and mortar stores for upcoming Diwali & Christmas.

Today, Indian e-commerce industry is no more nascent rather it has grown up to a $3-billion e-commerce industry, ready to cash the opportunity and make a dent in offline sales channel. Festive season that began in September at India with Onam, Dussehra & Diwali will be ending in January with harvest festivals in Southern States. This season is going to capture a large, high, valuable and captivating sales slope gradient.

Online shops are growing as a favorable option in the Smartphone era as it allows shopping decently from crowd of brands, no need to shop physically and glue to exclusive offers sitting back at home. Shopaholics of today has convinced the online retailers since the beginning of the year 2014 that this Festive Season would be the best ever, making them expect to double sales with clothes, accessories, home appliances, electronics, etc.

The Cart Race Has Begun…

Yes, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Jabong, Fab Furnish, Myntra, Yebhi, YepMe are ‘on their mark” and the gun has blown and they are working hard to touch the finishing line by the end of January. The crackers of Diwali has started to blow and the first lap is no doubt won by Flipkart with their “Big Billion day” Sale on Monday 6th October that has hit $100 million GMV (gross merchandise value) in 10 hours.

Snapdeal and Amazon were not behind as both launched their sales campaign on Monday following Flipkart’s Festive Offer. The former mocked Flipkart Ad on Monday with their banner tagline: “For others it’s a big day. For us, today is no different.” And Amazon has been running a sale from 4-6 October, calling it the Mission to Mars weekend and unleashed another sale called “Diwali Dhamaka Week” to keep up the race. Smartphones and footwear have shown the highest in demand this festive season, followed by laptops, tablets and home appliances & electronics.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores has started to feel threats and scared at seeing customers take bathe in the festive fever of online retail shops. They are increasing discounts and promotional schemes this festive season at the cost of a significant hit to their margins.

Flipkart and its rival Snapdeal put up all ideas to woo customers in a time when it is crucial to justify the actual winner of the Cart Race rather witness soaring values. As for Amazon that made a new entry is matching every step to win hearts of Indian shoppers.


Online Retail Takes the Lead

Earlier this year after many intervention in the Indian e-commerce market it was seen that in the $490-billion India retailing business, online shopping account for less than 10% or about $35-40 billion of the pie at present. As per the consultancy firm Technopark, in a decade both online and offline — will be a little over $200 billion and both formats will continue to try equally hard to get a larger share of the buyer’s wallet.Technopark, in a decade both online and offline — will be a little over $200 billion and both formats will continue to try equally hard to get a larger share of the buyer’s wallet.

The daily likes of online shops such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Jabong, and their polished algorithms sharpen their know-how on shoppers buying conscience and as for the brick and mortars such as Future Retail, Croma and Shoppers Stop, they tend to be Omni-channel — selling both on and offline to improve shopping experience.

According to Technopark, Indian retail e-commerce sums up to USD 2.3 billion, a nascent stage accounting for only about 0.4% of the entire retail industry, but estimated to reach USD 19 billion by 2019. With the upcoming festive season, the online retail shops are going to take a giant leap.

What the Industry Says….

Biyani of Future Group believes any product, which is easily identified with a model number, will be sold more online than offline. Like Google Moto phones, that sold out online by Flipkart and not in any retail outlet.

According to Sachin Bansal, co-founder and CEO, Flipkart, “E-commerce solves the problem of access by making millions of products available to shoppers with a few clicks.” Bansal adds further saying: “Those who prefer to touch and feel products, and that is still a majority of shoppers, will go to the shops.”

Now the most important question comes – after a sales glitch faced by Flipkart due to the poor website usability of the Big Billion Day campaign, has India really made the e-Commerce move??

For past few months, the retail giants have been asking it and Flipkart’s soaring success raised a little hope, but failure in maintaining the website, poor customer service, shortage of stocks, and network problems showed flaws in the big e-commerce move. It shows we are not yet ready for the e-commerce boom like other countries. Then, why a foreign investor would come to us?

Another example of constricted sales habit depicted by Amazon, which decided to limit delivery for Orders above INR 5,000 in Uttar Pradesh due to rumors of fake orders that abused the Cash on Delivery (COD) facility, and pushed Amazon to take this stand. This is seriously a constraint in the path of rising e-commerce economy.

Considering the Experts Opinion …

Economists predict that this is the “year of the retailers”. The e-commerce websites are going to perform better, compared to last year. With the presence of optimistic e-commerce marketing overview and consecutive sub 5 percent growth in last three years, country seems to scale new heights with GDP of 5.7 percent in the first quarter. Further with the launch of ‘Make in India’ campaign Indian manufacturing sector tends to attract more of foreign investors, which is likely going to favor the growth of the Indian e-commerce market. (At present, foreign investment is only permitted in the wholesale market and not in retail e-commerce)

Experts believe that we made the big e-commerce move and have the zeal to serve the best, but we need to consider the higher Internet penetration, rise in the number of Smartphone devices and users, and computer literacy. (Some eminent factors that could make or break e-commerce sales funnel) E-commerce is big supply chain and in a country of population 1.25 billion, potential growth of such industry is high if you can analyze the buying trends and behaviors of the shoppers.

To be successful, the online shopping carts must strengthen and exhibit three pillars of success:

  • 1.Powerful Product/Service Proposition – e-Commerce websites must offer unique products and services that stand out.
  • 2.Potent Supply Chain – Must enable a robust supply chain, ensuring the shortest time between purchase and delivery.
  • 3.Phenomenal Customer Service – Not just a good customer service, but try to stay obsessed with it.

So if you join the move, then you need to fix those bugs or revamp your sluggish website to grab the festive market.

Over to Team Unified – How Our Web Development Team Gives ‘the Most’ & ‘the Best’ Technical Support

This section is a new in our blog where our Team Unified is going to switch on their MIC contextually to tell how they get the most on web development, design, issues, bug fixing, innovation and lots more. We are going to narrate our journey behind the company. So it’s time to help you explore. Today, we have selected to speak on technical support assistance, which we provide clients independent of the business size and web development requisites.

Straight from Unified’s Desk

We know a constant panic, or a fear crawls down when customers have to call a technical support team. The website is down, the blog might be facing any disorder, or the blog disappeared without any reason. Hence, the business needs a support to help them accordingly. As a web design and development company, we play a large role to provide our clients with effective technical support and guidance. Our DevOps engineers are ready to help clients with anything from server issues to bug fixing, but we never give a try to those, which we do not know.

Here’s, an Interview with our Support and R&D Expert S.N.Ghosh on Technical Support Assistance and a brief on Unified’s Role…

Q1: What type of Technical Support UIPL provides?

[S.N.Ghosh:] Hello, I’m SNG, DevOps engineer at UIPL, and I’m here to talk about how to get the most and the best from technical support teams of Unified. At UIPL, DevOps is a type of support, with a small difference that we deal with both web development and operations, counterbalancing each other. If your site is down, we will deal with that. If the server is facing issue, we also have particular assistance for you and if you need small fixes on your site we can go in and develop quickly. Yes, we do that too.

Q2: What clients need to do?

[S.N.Ghosh:] It is simple; you just need to drop a notification about your issue. It might sound silly to you, but if you do not convey us the details of your issue, how are we going to fix it.

Q3: How we keep up the best work?

[S.N.Ghosh:] We trigger tickets from our system based on that, we take calls or email our clients on the issue. Make sure that you establish a contact with us in the correct way. As soon as you contact the support, you have to furnish most of the details. This might include –

  • A.Screenshots of issue
  • B.Exact error text that is visible to you
  • C.Video of the issue
  • D.Steps on how to reproduce the issue or how you see the issue exactly
  • E.Browser on which the issue took place
  • F.When the issue occurred
  • G.What page of the site the issue occurred
  • H.More the details you can provide, better it is.

If you include too much of the stuff that is OKAY. If you do not include most we are going to call you and collect more details.

Q4: Are we particular about the terminology?

[S.N.Ghosh:] Yes. When you contact us, you do have to take care of this aspect as we are particular about the terminology used. If you say things that are different from the issue, you are going to get a different response, which might lessen down our speed of execution. Make sure to you use the correct terminology like you must say, “Content of my site is missing rather than my site is gone.” If you say, the site is gone and if we arrive at your page and find it existing, we will fell that the issue has fixed itself. If you see that the content is missing, we can see to that, find out specifically, and fix the issue soon.

Q5: It is important for us to know about the urgency of your issue.

[S.N.Ghosh:] When we discuss the issue, you must tell about its urgency. We want you to mark things as important if they actually are such as if your site is down it can affect your business in a negative way. This needs an immediate support. However, if there is an issue such as a period should actually be a comma it is not urgent and we are not going to see it so quickly. Make sure, when you mark urgency of your item. You must be specific with the importance of the issue and if it is urgent make sure you call us instead of sending an email or any kind of faster means of communication.

Mail us or call us or Skype your needs for quick resolve. Establish contact with our DevOps engineers under the web design and development team for a quick response and easy fix of issues and bug fixing.