Alibaba Wants a Bite from the Ecommerce Pie of India

Alibaba’s founder and the richest man of China, Jack Ma has given the clearest indication that he is all set for a big play in India’s online retail industry. He has employed a high-level team to boost engagement with India and promised to invest more here, likely making the country one of the fiercest battlegrounds for global consumer companies.

Recently he told TOI “We have a team here, and we are getting in more people,” when they asked about Jack’s acquisition plans in India. Ma recently addressed a low-profile event organized by industry chamber FICCI said: “Of course, we will invest.” This he said after he was asked if his company would pump money here to bring an upsurge in India’s online e-commerce business. This is a clear signal of diversification of his business to the giant market of Asia.

He is more likely invest in India and work with the upcoming as well as established entrepreneurs, technologists to improve the relationship between two nations and improve the life of human beings.

The Chinese businessman who started Alibaba in the year 1999 quitted teaching and raised a record of $25 billion. The company is upbeat on India as the country’s second largest sourcing center after China, a statement that took many to surprise. He says that India is a great nation with so many young people and as Internet changed him and China, it will change India too. This he addressed while he was at a business conference involving his home province Zhejiang in Eastern China.

Flipkart run by IIT-Delhi graduates Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal is the e-commerce giant in India but dwarf to Alibaba as Flipkart is more of a local business. Even Amazon is also scaling up their operations to tap revenue from largest consumer market called India. It might be a pre-planned step to give a tough compete to Alibaba, but is it possible for US-based Amazon to stay on track if Alibaba enters the market.

Look at this market cap, which might take toll on surprises and make you think high on the stuff and Alibaba’s existence in the future of Indian e-commerce:

  • Flipkart – $7 billion
  • Amazon – $155 billion
  • Alibaba – $282 billion

Ma further continues saying that spices, chocolates, and tea were the top three products that come from India and acknowledged that the market received less attention in the past. However, he confirms saying that Indians are the second-highest user of Alibaba after China. He continues saying that Alibaba is improving their technology to change them into a platform that will facilitate small businesses of India.

Avinash Raghava co-founder at technology think tank iSpirit says, “They (Alibaba) will disrupt the market. Look what Amazon did. That is what exactly Alibaba will do. Lot of noises and immensely deep pockets.”

However, with the rise in Indian e-commerce over the past few months made Nomura estimate that Indian e-commerce market will turn worth $43 billion by 2019 and online retail will account over $23 billion. Ma further told the leading newspapers that he is going to meet some businessmen and will be back to India soon. Kunal Bahl, the founder of Snapdeal is expected to be one of the entrepreneurs in Ma’s list since Japan’s Softbank is the investor for both Alibaba and Snapdeal.

India does not allow foreign investors in online retail, but Alibaba’s model of not owning inventories, but simply providing a marketplace means it will face no policy roadblocks in India. He is a gung-ho about India and wants to invest heavily in India e-commerce, bake the pie and have a big bite of it.

The expansion of Alibaba to India is warmly welcomed by NASSCOM, as R Chandrasekhar, the President of Software and Services grouping confirms it as good news for domestic businesses. “A company that brought e-commerce to doorsteps of Chinese consumers holds many lessons for India e-commerce ventures, which are relatively new to the game and have a long way to go.”

Now it is a matter of time to wait and watch how the Chinese e-giant is going to bring changes to Indian e-commerce scenario and work together to improve the culture in the run.

Medical Website Design: Boosting Online Presence for Medical Practitioners

A strong web presence of your business always counts. A company with a website expected to grow by 40 percent faster than companies that do not have a website. Medical websites portray a number of unique requirements that helps you to attract new patients, educate them and provide a strong communication vehicle.

First impression always counts and on the web it is the layout, design and functionality your medical website that is going to make or break the impression on its viewers. Two FAQs that often our client poses us when they seek for medical website design services are –

  • What makes a good medical website design?
  • How will you make my website more appealing?

What we have to say them? – The biggest factor for a viewer to leave a website in a fraction of seconds is their visual appeal. Yes, a confused and messed up site will distract and deviate your viewer’s path. What your viewer wants is a website that allows patients from different countries and cities to access relevant medical information. What do you mean by relevant information? Let us take you on a short tour of medical websites and their advantages:

    • Most important feature of a website is that it is going to provide information to patients for 24 hours a day.

Consider a medical professional directory that makes phone number, address, office hours and content available to patients 24 hours a day. This can be helpful for patients experiencing medical emergencies.

  • Websites is a source of easy access to patients to request appointment to doctors.

Websites that includes buttons such as appointment button makes it easy for patients to make appointments even if the clinic is not open. UIPL provides secure online appointment forms to all medical practices to improve ease of use and patient security on a medical website.

  • Websites helps to increase the efficiency within your clinic.

As you have a website you do not have to bother about the practice and online appointment forms, thus reducing the time your staff invests on the phones answering those frequently asked questions. You staffs get more time to focus on patients and improve your practice.

  • Websites gives you the ability to provide accurate, important information to current and potential clients.

Your website turns into a knowledge base for the patient increases credibility.

  • Customer experience matters a lot and a website keeps on boosting that.

Patients have faced those long queues to fill up the patient’s form for appointment or other schedule fixing. Websites allows your patients to download the forms and fill them out reflect about your responsive nature thus customer experience gets a boost.

Role of UIPL as the Best Medical Website Design Company – Let us share some knowledge and concept of medical website design services that takes place in our company. A brief idea that will help you to know what do we leverage to keep your websites stay ahead of the competition.
Some of our unique medical website design solutions include:

    • We make sure that your medical website design looks professional and is visually pleasing.

We stress on the use of neat layouts and uniform navigation and keep text in colors and sizes that are easy to read and with the use of web-friendly fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri)

  • We make sure that your medical website design is compatible with latest statistics on the computer screen resolutions.

The average size of the computer screen is 1200 pixels, so we conform to the standards to improve your image presence on web.

  • Websites active on all browsers is the most important aspect.

We make your website compatible for all major browsers in various versions: (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari)

  • Optimizing all the pages.

We optimize almost everything titles and headings, use bullet points and shorter sentences when possible and include relevant keywords as well.

  • Emphasizing, “Contact us page” by placing the phone number in the header of all pages website.

We stress on the implementation of a clear ‘Contact Us’ section that is accessible from any page. Our developers install a clear call to action for Appointment Requests.

  • Always share obvious and relevant information.

It is important to include the office hours, information on after hours contact, and insurance information on a medical website. We ask for it from our clients to make the websites more extended.

  • Help installing online appointment request forms on all pages of the website.

This feature ensures our clients to tap those leads that visit the site during off hours, at nights and on weekends. If the clinic is closed, they cannot call, but if there is a form to complete, they will obviously use it.

  • Allowing medical websites to have online bill pay opportunities.

People pay everything online, then why not their medical bills. People feel inclined to make payments if there is a convenient way to do it.

  • Security is an important aspect on which we share our due attention.

Our developer ensures that any communication with the medical practice through the website such as interactive forms, online bill pay, and appointment requests stays secure. The use of 256-bit encryption and use of “https” in the domain are the primary features on which developers focus.

  • Restrain from the use of flash applications.

As we know that flash products not supported by many devices such as iPhone and iPad. Most words and images include within them do not show up on the engine search.

Making Your Medical Website Responsive
Responsive website design is an inevitable design service that helps business to reach out to audience accessing your website from different devices. As per the latest statistics, 1/3 of internet traffic is now on a mobile device. It is important to offer those visitors a version of your site that works all their devices. Be sure to use codes that detect a visitor when he or she comes to your website from a phone or tablet and automatically directs them to that version.

Build a Medical Website with Unified Infotech!

UIPL provides clients with semi-custom and custom medical website designs. Apart from that, we create quality design for medical practitioners or make medical directories or websites for clinics with secure online appointment forms and keyword-friendly medical contents. To Make a Website Call: +913340602205 or Mail Us: for further information.

Infographic: Social Media Guide for the Web Design and Development Company

Social media platforms are just like cocktail parties, and people from different business are simply the guests who will raise a toast and have a fine sip. With the entry of unique social networks in the market, it is becoming difficult to stay focused or even gain a significant benefit by being a member of the popular social networks.

Social media have engrained deeply in the life of people, and often it becomes difficult to communicate without it. It broke all the barriers to communication and allows businesses talk to customers, and potential prospects and the customers in a way you never did before. We have made that clear, but you have to understand what the importance of social media is.

An average user roughly spends 5 hours per day on social media directly or indirectly. Few years back, there was not much data available, but we imagine that this figure has grown explicitly after the spontaneous rise of social media such as Vine, Instagram, and Pinterest – are some popular visual social platforms that are true suckers of your precious time and energy.

As a web design and development company, we have a broad spectrum of the specific niche of the social networks available to us. Well, this part of the web has their own set of system or platform to work, but we would like to stress on the most used and big six social networks in popular with designers and developers when it comes to building business or gain influential clients –

Before we make you walk on the En Route to Social Media, we thought to help our readers dig deeper into the real benefits of social media. Thus, help people determine whether the designing and development companies should really bother about the growing of their social communities or not.

Social media do not end with likes or shares on Facebook or tweeting/re-tweeting on Twitter…in fact these two platforms are a tiny part of the big chunk within Social Media. Social media benefits are many and you cannot ignore them – it may be almost free (you need a steady broadband connection to enjoy the access free). It may help to align your brand and get some like-minded people to bounce off your ideas. Then, it is the best way to set a buzz about your business and thus reap more sales. However, before you blindly wing your way in the social media sphere let us help to explore the social media benefits for a Website Design And Development Company with a visual storyboard.

Have a look at our latest Infographic –


Looking into the Basics of Local SEO

We have been working with various clients since 7 years to offer them competent digital marketing services. Thus in this phase we have witnessed many changes in the search world. With the progress of the local business, Local SEO has grown significantly over the last few years. As per Google, 20% of the desktop searches have a local intent, however if you look at the mobile devices it jumps to a whopping 50%. The rise of Smartphone usage and better connectivity has become a mainstream element and leads to explosive growth what we call as the Local Search.

Local Search – What Is It?

We look upon Local Search as the online version of anything that you would look up in the phone book. It focuses on providing result that is relevant to a searcher based on their current location. It is about someone looking for a business, product or service within a specific area like “Donuts Lower Manhattan.” Google will provide you with the nearest store locations.
The purchase intent behind the local search makes it important to local business/ local searchers look for a seller, instead of the other way round –

  • 1.As per comScore, 60% of mobile local searcher purchase from the business that they found online
  • 2.As per comScore/Neustar Localeze, 78% of mobile-local searchers prefers an offline purchase
  • 3.As per Mobile Marketer, 70% mobile-local searchers call, visit, or make in-store purchases within one hour

Well, local search influences the ranking factors in a number of ways. However, what you must consider to steer your business in the right direction? Here are some key components that you must look into –

On-Page Optimization
On-page optimization is the building blocks of local SEO. However, in local SEO we consider the location also as a keyword. It kind of goes like this – product/service keyword plus the city and state should be there in the title, h1 tag, description, URL and page content. According to some SEO experts, adding schema markup can also helps to boost your rankings.

Three important signposts to follow during on-page optimization –

  • 1.Have the local keywords in the SEO title.
  • 2.Have address and phone number on every page.
  • 3.Contact us must have details of all the locations.

Let us site some best examples to create one page per product or service.

Plumbing Installation

URL: plumbing_installation.html
Title Tag: Plumbing Installation — Residential Plumbing Installation | Manhattan NY

Pipe Repairs

URL: pipe_repairs.html
Title Tag: Pipe — Residential Pipe Repair | Manhattan NY

Sewer Cleaning

URL: sewer_cleaning.html
Title Tag: Gutter Cleaning — Residential Sewer Cleaning | Manhattan NY

Google My Business

Find a loyal customer base with Google My Business, which allows your business to receive customer reviews and ratings, use the +1 button to endorse your content, and re-share your Google+ posts across the web. Google My Business helps to connect the users directly, whether you look for them on Search, Maps or Google+. Customer gets the right information timely, whether it is the driving direction to your business, hours of operation or phone number to click and call. You have more to optimize for local than organic ranking. You must also look into the Local SERP listing as well.

Local SERP listing

You will only find companies with a local presence to appear in this section. That is why your business needs to have a properly optimized Google Local Profile to rank higher. With Google repeatedly changing and re-branding their local listings so many times that even the experts feel confused.

Local Google listing

Google+ Local Listing helps to build a profile page for every business and organization in the world. Business can easily claim the listing to gain access or create a new one. As soon as you claim it, you can keep on updating it with information such as hours of operation, business categories, and even a cover photo. Google is in the process to merge all original Places pages into the Google+ platform. This will add a social layer that the original local pages do not have, giving the business ability to post updates and interact with people in Facebook-like manner.

When you create Google+ Local Page, make sure you do the following:

  • a.Optimize information copy business by referencing keywords
  • b.Try to reference your keywords in the title
  • c.Do make sure that you associate the listing in the right category
  • d.Add rich media to provide a more enticing proposition to potential customers
  • e.Add your address in a consistent format
  • f.Encourage the customer to leave reviews on your business page
  • g.Create listing for the physical locations

Local Search Directories

More than 68% Google leads the pack in overall search market share, but not so much with the local search. Local search space exists in a fragmented form and has a rife with competition from local directories and Internet Yellow Pages. Roughly, half of the mobile searches occur on apps. Google Maps is the most popular in comparison to Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and Apple Maps and have half of the market share. Therefore, it is important to be listed on these sites through citations.

A citation is nothing but mention of your business name, address, phone number on another website even if there is no link. This could be the business listing on Yelp, or Better Business Bureau. Citations are equivalent to SEO and search directories prefer to pay attention to lists on such authoritative directories. Besides the major online directories, you must look for opportunities on both locally relevant and industry-relevant domains.

Mobile Websites

Mobile website does not contribute to rank higher in the search results, but website that is not mobile friendly or configured in the incorrect manner is not going to show good ranks in the search results. As per Search Engine Roundtable – “Google does demote non-mobile friendly Smartphone sites from ranking so well on mobile. And if you mess up with the techniques, they can hurt.” However, if your non-mobile site does not appear in the mobile search 61% of the potential users will abandon it.

When it comes to mobile website designs, you can make choice between responsive design and parallel mobile. Responsive Designs automatically responds to the screen size of the device and Parallel Mobile involves creating a duplicate mobile website. From an SEO perspective, it makes no difference which method you use, but it does make a difference from the development perspective. For companies implementing a responsive design means building a brand new site, but parallel mobile is less disruptive but chances exists as Google may regard a parallel mobile site as duplicate content, so you need to enter HTML code in each pages.

Review Signals

Consumer greatly depends on the reviews before making a purchase, irrespective of buying a product or service and Google take this into their algorithms. The attributes generally assessed based on quantity, velocity, diversity, and freshness.

  • Quantity

Local SEO experts are of the opinion that Google+ Local page have a positive influence than other review sites. Indeed depends on the number of reviews on a business’s Google+ Local to rank higher.

  • Velocity

Another micro-factor that Google consider is how fast you get reviews. If the number of reviews posted every month jumps from 2 to 20 Google will question their legitimacy as natural reviews occurs slowly.

  • Diversity

Reviews that sound similar in tone and content also raise suspicion and have those 5-star ratings as naturally occurring reviews have diverse feedback and contents.

  • Freshness

Online reputation management is an ongoing process and to remember the main signpost tells that recent reviews weigh heavier than older reviews. However, getting customer to write reviews is tough and you should not solicit reviews in the following manner –

  • 1.Do not offer incentives in exchange to reviews
  • 2.Do not post fake reviews
  • 3.Do not post reviews from the same IP address as Google consider it as red flag
  • 4.Do not swap positive reviews with other business owners
  • 5.Do not attempt to discourage bad reviews

Social Signals

Social signals have a significant impact on how well a web page can response. Social signal often goes beyond having a Facebook page. It involves activities and interactions such as –

  • a.Number of Facebook fans, likes, shares and comments
  • b.Number of Twitter followers, tweets that mention your brand name or include a link to your website
  • c.Number of people that have you in their Google+ circle

There is a correlation between social shares and the search engine rankings and the more time the content get likes or shares or re-tweet and post more valuable it becomes.

Social Media Presence of Small Business

Let us take a quick look on the social media presence of the small businesses, who tends to put more time and money, but buckles under the added workload.

  • a.Nearly 1/2 spend over 6 hours a week on a social media
  • b.1/4 spend 6 – 10 hours
  • c.1/3 wants to spend less time

Sharing good contents is the key to unlock social media benefits, but small businesses tend to ignore it.

Off-Page Optimization & Blogging

It is not always necessary that the traditional search engine optimization is going to work the local SEO. It tends to show a big shift and close the gap between social media, content marketing and SEO faster. Creation of unique content shared on social media is another means to attract backlinks. Google loves fresh content better to say they love to have unique, useful and informative content. Adding useful content on a regular basis would turn into a great marketing investment for future days.

Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Taking the right Local SEO steps improves your rankings, similarly a single wrong step can lower your rankings. Here are some red flags that you must consider beforehand –

  • 1.Using a toll free 800 number will make you miss the value and trust of using a number with a local area code. It is better to use local numbers on your site.
  • 2.Stop using those virtual addresses as it lowers your customer trust
  • 3.Make sure that you fill all your information on the Google+ profile to create a well-indexed social profile
  • 4.Make sure the keywords you choose are terms people use
  • 5.Your site should load quickly and provide a good user experience
  • 6.Stuffing the location and keyword can actually lower your rankings so resist the temptation
  • 7.Include social sharing buttons on your site to make it easily shared

Local SEO is a Bit Difficult, but Easy

Local SEO is both hard and easy than national SEO. It is easy since it helps to get good local ranking yet competitive than ranking nationally. There are more areas to focus and obtain local listings and citations that are not necessary for national non-location based campaigns. With growing use of Smartphones, local SEO will become a more important, thus the Search Engine Optimization Services need to grow their skill-sets. Now you are ready to take charge of the local SEO campaign and start reaching for more clients every day. Make sure that your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) data is consistent and you focus on the quality links.

Node.JS Development: Rapid-Growing Technology

It has been a little more than two years that we have seen a rapid growth in the use of Node.JS Development. Use of the Node.JS proficiency by the mainstream business such as Wal-Mart and PayPal, Node have started to gather big bets, even publishing giants like The Mail Online and movie biggies like Netflix has rolled over for Node.JS.

What made Node.JS Development Services help businesses and enterprises join the mad race of developing innovative apps?

Well, when we talk of Node.JS we know businesses love to use this newbie technology to make more application that is vehement. Other than businesses that count on it for –

  • Swift Innovation and Delivery

The increase of rave competition in the niche target market, to double the speed of delivery and the ability to iterate innovatively are the key characters of a market leader. In this competitive scenario, it is essential to react to the end users and integrate their feedback while offering or delivering updates.

  • Keep Developers Happy

It is hard to find the talents and even if you find them, it is hard to hire. Good developers are always in the process to learn new things and use new technologies. The ability to keep developers happy means, you need better software and apps delivered with more passion by people to have fun.

Read On: Node.Js Development Tips for Newbie and Expert Developers

  • Attractive Technology to Retain Talent

It is tough to do anything in Java, but it is also true on the other face that developers around the world loves to use new and interesting technologies which will allow ideas to get quick and easy expressions. Thus, if you need people to work on Node.JS, you are surely going to get the top talents who would love to embrace such new technologies and curve out a new path of development every step.

  • High-Performance Output

After implementing Node.JS, PayPal reports, “they have doubled the request per second and have reduced the response time by 35% or by 200 milliseconds.” Even if you look at the scenario in Wal-Mart, it had a bumper launch of Node.JS in their lab in 2013 and they have started to pull all their Mobile Traffic on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. This year we are going to see a rave rise in the mobile traffic and controlled access with the use of Node.JS.

In 2013, Wal-Mart Labs live tweeted against #nodebf tag showing the performance of the Node.js application. On Black Friday, the Wal-Mart servers did not go over 1% CPU utilization and Wal-Mart team deployed 200,000,000 users online. Similarly, Groupon re-implemented their system in Node.js and as a result their load time reduced by 50%. When we delve in the story of LinkedIn, we will see a huge performance boost as they make shift from Node.JS to Rails for their mobile traffic, drastically reducing number of servers from 30 to 3 and making the new systems run 20 times faster.

  • Easy to Maintain Technology

New services that implements Node.JS Development feel it easy to use, it is due to the conventions that have grown around it. Coding application using Node.JS means that the application is containing small modules piped together. Over the time the use of monolithic applications have fade away and as traditional application creaks under the pressure by the requirement they were not designed for is resulting in the demand of newbie technologies. Node.JS is a small group of application developed instead of one large application allowing new changes to be added without requiring changes deep inside the entire code-base.

  • Fastening to High-Productivity

Node.JS programs developed by the use of JavaScript also indicates the silos that existed between frontend developers and backend developers are now broken. It results in significant efficiencies in the development process. With the use of Node.JS, it has become possible to merge web and backend teams into one unit, which makes things efficient. With Node.JS, you get a door where stack developers improves life by reducing inter-silo dependencies. Node.js also comes with a great package management system called NPM that kills the possibility of experiencing dependency hell. You can also take the advantage of large number of modules available via Node.js’s package manager (over 60,000 and growing).

  • Growth of Enterprise Solutions with Node.JS

In the NodeDay (, Eran Hammer announced that Wal-Mart are planning to use Node.js across all e-commerce by the end of 2014 and as for PayPal Node.js will be rolling across everywhere within 2 years.

However, Google is not yet public about their use of Node.JS, but there is evidence. A simple search on LinkedIn shows that almost 200 people who works in Google have Node.js on their profile. Next in an article that came out in the VentureBeat: “Googlers are definitely working on Node.JS projects – perhaps even something big that will be released to the public in the near future. They’re just not ready to talk publicly about what that might be.”

As for the Yahoo, they are long way down the line compared to the new entrants such as Netflix who shows rapid growth happening in this area at present.

Node.JS Application Area

  1. 1.Different Internet-Related Services
  2. 2.E-Commerce
  3. 3.Enterprise Web Services
  4. 4.Media
  5. 5.Payment Processing
  6. 6.Real-time Services
  7. 7.Social Media

Snapshot of the Node.JS Advantages Discussed Above:


  • 1.Reduce the page load time by 50%
  • 2.Reduce the number of servers to serve your customers
  • 3.Just need half of the developers to develop a full-functional app
  • 4.Hire the top-talent of the industry who have thirst for learning new technologies
  • 5.Bring smile on customers face
  • 6.Keep developers happy and retain them longer

At Unified Infotech, we have been developing functional apps using Node.JS and after speculating the number of benefits, we have been seeing that more of the enterprises show their mad craze to win away Node.JS. They are serious and we too.

If you like to join the race of innovative business solutions or like to know how we can develop a Node.JS powered app for you can talk to @Unified_Infotec