• Nov 27 2014

    Alibaba Wants a Bite from the Ecommerce Pie of India

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    Alibaba’s founder and the richest man of China, Jack Ma has given the clearest indication that he is all set for a big play in India’s online retail industry. He has employed a high-level team to boost engagement with India and promised to invest more here, likely making the country one of the fiercest battlegrounds for global consumer companies.Recently he told TOI “We have a team here, and we are getting in more people,” when they asked about Jack’s acquis

  • Nov 26 2014

    Medical Website Design: Boosting Online Presence for Medical Practitioners

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    A strong web presence of your business always counts. A company with a website expected to grow by 40 percent faster than companies that do not have a website. Medical websites portray a number of unique requirements that helps you to attract new patients, educate them and provide a strong communication vehicle. First impression always counts and on the web it is the layout, design and functionality your medical website that is going to make or break the impression o

  • Nov 19 2014

    Infographic: Social Media Guide for the Web Design and Development Company

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    Social media platforms are just like cocktail parties, and people from different business are simply the guests who will raise a toast and have a fine sip. With the entry of unique social networks in the market, it is becoming difficult to stay focused or even gain a significant benefit by being a member of the popular social networks. Social media have engrained deeply in the life of people, and often it becomes difficult to communicate without it. It broke all th

  • Nov 12 2014

    Looking into the Basics of Local SEO

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    We have been working with various clients since 7 years to offer them competent digital marketing services. Thus in this phase we have witnessed many changes in the search world. With the progress of the local business, Local SEO has grown significantly over the last few years. As per Google, 20% of the desktop searches have a local intent, however if you look at the mobile devices it jumps to a whopping 50%. The rise of Smartphone usage and better connectivity has be