Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips to Turn Brands into a ‘Socialite’

Holidays are here…with bells on!

It’s a special time when you feel connected to everyone, family, friends and even foes (LOL). A gala time when you can keep away from a moribund life and enjoy over comparing which is a better watch Home AloneorA Christmas StoryorArthur’s Christmas”.

As holidays are special to everyone, so retailers and brands loves to take a dive in the festive pool to reach the potential customers. Months between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the biggest opportunity for online and offline retailers and incredibly competitive. It is an essential aspect to reach out to your target audience through the right channel.

And thinking of a channel, Social Media grabs all their attention as a powerful tool to deepen relationships exactly when you want customers to remember you most.

Social media is the game changer for any business.
There was a time when people sought gift inspiration from catalogs, and customer inquiries were handled in-store or over the phone. Now more and more customers are turning towards social media. They look at Pinterest for gift ideas, tips on house cleaning, discounts and offers on Facebook, or on Twitter  to have a real-time customer updates.

At present, most people are highly vocal on social media channels. Look at your Facebook Business Page – Do you have customers who like your Facebook Business Page? Do you have customers who often Pins images from your website? Are you connected with clients and prospects on LinkedIn? Then, holidays are surely the best time for your business to tweet, pin, share, and connect a customer right back. If you are slow or lack social media activities, then holidays are going to give you the perfect reason to increase your social media activities.

As social media channels garners more attention from targeted prospects and help to increase sales, it’s time to follow some tips to stir some action and add some WOW factor to your business. Here are some ideas to push your social media activities –

Customers Displaying Sephora Eye-Liner After Self-Use Customers Displaying Sephora Eye-Liner After Self-Use

User Generated Contents to Raise High Holidays Spirits

Business that is able to generate user-generated contents is able to drive deep connections with fans. Most people programmed to ignore ads. Therefore, it is better to display authentic photos of your audience and drive intended messages. This would help to encourage deeper emotional interest from loyal fans. Relate them to real people as audiences find trust in real people using your products or service.
Key to holiday social media marketing success is creating content that resonate your followers. Not much small business is able to manage viral contents. If your posts are on discount updates, new product or service or holiday hours chances are there to that it will definitely grab your customers attention.
When you write a holiday post for social media sharing, let it –

#1. Be brief
#2. Must have active language
#3. Must ask question such as “Is this on your wish list?”
#4. Promote shares with words such as “Share it if you want it!”
#5. Link the post to a page on your website
Look at the Facebook Cover Page of Target Spreading the Holiday Spirit Look at the Facebook Cover Page of Target Spreading the Holiday Spirit
Spread the Holiday Charm with Images

Statistics shows that images increase interaction on every social platform. Therefore, it is important to keep your social accounts updated with holiday images. The pictures must show that your business is in holiday spirits. Find photos to accompany your Facebook and Pinterest posts and even your Twitter and LinkedIn posts, cover images and display pictures. If your business uses Instagram, you will be using pictures continually. Post pictures on holiday moods or your employees or parties in the office premise or you can use the stock photography sites if you cannot take photos yourself.

Quick responses to Foster a Warm Relationship with Customers

Comment, questions, kudos and even complaints must get a timely response. Do not allow the feedback left unanswered on social channels in the holidays. This is true whether it is a holiday or not you must connect your mass almost immediately. The quick response of social media channels helps to create an expectation among customers that the brand is active and improve positive experience of your customers.

social-media-stockingsMore Chimneys, More Presents

Facebook is one of the biggest social channels to promote holiday offers. Around 92 percent of the marketers are planning to organize an extensive campaign for this platform. However, 73 percent of the marketers believe Instagram as the breakout platform to offer holiday contents, promotions and promote their brands.

You must silo your brand to one social channel. Create contents for appropriate channels, target audience, and promote native contents focused on that particular channel. Facebook posts, Instagram, Tweets, and Pins must drive the same idea. However, customize the content to resonate best with channel’s unique community.

Pinterest Gap Board
Open Up Your Inventory on Social Media

If you own a retail store that offers essential oils, French soaps, glassware or linen material or maybe home decors or clothes, then you must leap up to provide unique customer experience.
Use sites such as Facebook or Instagram and Pinterest to give the customer a look behind your shop over the web. Take a look of Pinterest of GAP that shares Christmas collection from their inventory. Share photos of the new holiday inventory, take snap of customers who have purchased them and even use creative pictures to let your customer stay updated during the holiday hours.

Say Thanks to Your Loyal Customers Say Thanks to Your Loyal Customers
Personalized Holiday Greetings for Your Loyal Customers

You might have heard about repeat business and reference business. If you want your old customer’s keeps coming back or bring new customer along with them, then you must consider yourself as the lucky one. This process both repeats and references your business expanding customer base and loyalty.
Therefore, holidays are the chance to keep your customers happy and make them keep coming back. Send holiday special greetings to customers via social media as a way to express appreciation. This can be an unexpected message for them that can affect your sales graph.

How to greet customers –

  • 1.Create Instagram or a Vine video and post it to your Facebook Business Page timeline
  • 2.Send out direct messages on Twitter to customers who follow you
  • 3.Host a Google Hangout with your most loyal customers just to say a “hello”

Deck up the Social Walls

Let your socially shared posts have a viral lift and show your interactive experience. The more observable the campaign is, it becomes easier for your fans to imitate. You must create a social hub with aggregated content from multiple social channels that links your website or microsite to capture audiences online. This will allow your customer to share your posts within their social community. Provide social displays and easy call to actions Geo-targeting accordingly to generate more engagement.
Drive Local Social Media Cheer

Holiday experience in New York is different from Boston or in Dallas. Use the Geo-targeting tools to know where your customer belongs. Create content as per the location, something with which a customer can relate and send messages that resonates personalized brand experience.

Take a ride of the social media channels just like your little elves and put them to work this holiday season. Win your holiday retail battle with these tips and leave your customer filled with joy via SOCIAL MEDIA.

Give your customer a reason to “keep coming back” ….

Image Credit: Project Socialize, Target, Sephora, McDonalds

Searching for Happiness at Work – An Outlook by Team UIPL

Work and enjoyment are the two opposite poles. Moreover, to define them we can chalk down the two popular quotes to define these two separate entities…….First, “Do what you love and you never have to work a day in your life?” (Confucius) and the later,” You are not supposed to enjoy it. That’s why it’s called work.” (Unknown)…..

Whether you agree or disagree let’s move on with the topic.
Happiness at Workplace
If we ask you if happiness is important in the workplace – What you may reply?  Well, it is up to but for the people working at Unified Infotech Pvt. Ltd happiness in the workplace is a type of contentment of the position you hold in your career ladder. Searching for happiness at work is essential to keep you glued to the job for a long term.

Is happiness important for job hoppers? Job hoppers, for them we wish there hopping do not end. However, to their astonishment it does end with no place left to hop neither any energy to hop, simply retire. (Though, most of us cannot afford to retire for different circumstances.)

Read More:
Are You a Serial Job Hopper?

While other work towards retirement, the Team UIPL work towards finding solace and happiness in the workplace. Here is a simple guide that helps us to wear that broad smile at our workplace. Let us be the messenger and share our wisdom to help you realize the happiness within workplace.

Happiness is Important

“I left my previous job because I wasn’t happy’, then make sure you find happiness in the next job. May people list remuneration, benefits, perks, status and career goals as the factor in deciding which job to apply. When people look for a job they search for happiness, as it is a prime factor, but in the midst of their job hunting is severely overlooked. (Team UIPL members were also guilty of it once.)

Keep “happiness” in the top of your list of priorities, not only for your future employers but also for yourself. It is not something silly, it essential to look for a job that is productive and rewarding. The workplace can be a competitive environment, filled with goals as long as you know what you want to achieve to make yourself happy.

Work with People You Want to

Some people are able to light up the space simply with their presence in the workplace. They make people optimistic and every word that comes out of their mouth fills us with confidence, it is good to know a person backing you up in case something bad happens. This is a person, whose door is always open, and you can bring up anything for discussion such as if you require a resolution, you can find it in the person.

Some call them ‘mentors’ in fact they can be anyone, your manager, team leader, and sometimes, if you are ever so lucky, it may be your BOSS. If you have transfixed goals, respect will act as a magnet. So it is good to work with people respected or admired by many, including yourself, perhaps this will let you find the utopia that help you spend 9-to-5 in the workplace.

Working with People Who Have Our Back

It is hard to take instructions from people who are weaker than you when it comes to a voice of authority. It is important to work with someone who will know your back. Simply making categories of people such as ‘friends’ and expecting them to watch out for you is not enough. You should be able to depend on the team members and even your team leader. Team UIPL closely believes in this.

This kind of safety-net works as a great stress buster and contributes greatly towards your well-being in the office. The trick is to find people in the environment you dwell. What you may need is to take time and spread some goodwill to pay attention. Well, we do not disagree that workplaces come with hellholes and if you are into one, it is probably the best to relocate happiness in some other workplace.It is better to QUIT and find a job that makes you have your SMILE back.

Workplaces Where Emotions Never Deemed as Weakness

Just ask anyone – “Are you passionate about your work?”

You cannot talk about being passionate in the workplace if you want everyone to stay professional and ignore his or her emotions all the time. Denting your anger, suppressing the frustration and opting for a state of professionalism will only leave you tense and uptight and will affect your health to some extent.

We are humans and do emote, whether we like it or not. However, instead of hiding emotions, we must try to control it. It is better to steer your emotions as control is something more rigorous. We must channel it to something positive rather than suppressing it and you might feel surprised where you end up.

Strong Attraction of Comparing Lives

The most common form of human trait is to compare lives with others. Maybe for this trait the online retail stores are making some good fortunes. Comparing where you are now with a former classmate or current friend, though knowing that about every circumstances, you are comparing apples and oranges, sometime it may be apples and basketballs (People who do not even belong to same category yet feel like comparing).

Some companies pay high remuneration and expect you to give up a lot of your personal time to stay in employment, others might pay less but do not get you in trouble with your spouse or partner by calling you up during your family holidays. Even you can come across typical companies who help to sort out your problems so that you can deal with the problems in the company (but they are rare). There are also traditional types of offices that do not allow you to mix the business with home affairs.

Whatever maybe the policy, remember you stay employed by someone to achieve their goals, not vice versa. Do not add stress deeming yourself less worthy when you get into a comparison with someone. If you really want to compare it is better your compare to yourself. Compare the current “you” with “5 years down the road” and find out what you need to improve or what you hope to achieve 5 years from now?

It better to underline a saying in this context, “A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.” Muhammad Ali

Happy Employee
Leave Job for Something Great

This is the greatest lesson that we would love to impart to the world out there, you must resign from a job as you have found something good in some other job, but rather you found something great in it. This is going to make your nerves steeled and determined to settle for nothing less than great.

Whether you succeed or not is a great mystery, since life is full of adventures.

The Final Words

If these tips or wellness points sound the “easier said than done’, then sorry we beg to differ. You might notice in many productive and job-seeking articles or career-based blogs, advice columns or motivational stuffs we are hardly encouraged to associate with happiness.

Well,“rewarding” or “conducive’ or some other buzzwords are not going to make up the infrastructure of happiness. It is high time that you must closely think what resorts to happiness at your workplace. We at UIPL have resorted about what make us HAPPY and live as a family bonded closely at the workplace.

GUYS its now you TURN!