• Jan 09 2015

    Taking a Close Look at Google Lollipop

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    Multi-tasking is nothing just a critical function that is associated with every mobile. Users always expect to perform frivolously and jump from one task to other. They often get frustrated if they have to wait for content to re-load when moving from one application to another. Keeping mind of the users demands Android introduced their latest version - LOLLIPOP Google Lollipop is the latest version of the Android mobile operating system developed by Google, unveil

  • Jan 05 2015

    Swift Development Services – Apple’s Journey from Objective-C to Swift

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    Back in 2008, Apple announced and released iPhone SDK 2.0. With this event sparked yet another revolution in software development, giving birth to a new breed of developers, called the iOS developers. Many developers among them never used Objective-C prior to that and it was the first challenge Apple blew out to them. Despite the unfamiliar syntax and manual memory management, it was successful enough to populate the App Store with ten thousand apps. Apple kept on im