30 Clever Logo Design– Can You GUESS What’s Hidden Inside

A Logo Design – what does it say?
Is it just a simple visual representation?
Does it have something hidden in those creative graphics?

Logo design is an ideal representation of the product and is an immense source of inspiration. At present, Logo Design is one of the biggest niches in the digital world. Logos just no make brands have an identity but they are the brand storyteller.

Though Unified is a website design and development company, but we expertise in making brands. We are the digital experts of today and logo design is one such aspect in which our designers take keen interest. We are not obsessed with logo design, but our numbers show that most of you enjoy logos as much as we do.

Today we are going to share some 30 clever logo designs that have dual meanings in the hidden symbols and explain the nature of the business cleverly. Superb work by some talented artists, and at the end of this blog we are sure that you will pleased to share a HATS OFF!!

Check them out.

Here is our first collage that contains six different logos explicitly decorated with different hidden meanings. Let us dig in –


  • SHIFT – It is a different kind of Logo, which cleverly uses the negative spaces. Look how the letter “H” can shift up and down.
  • CIRCUS OF MAGAZINES – A rich and a clever combination of magazines stacked in the shape of a circus tent, nice concept…aha!
  • YOGA AUSTRALIA – Can you find the map of Australia between arched legs of the gymnast? We can….hope you too…
  • ELEFONT – Can you see the elephant blowing its trumpet in the letter ”e”?
  • BIRDLOVE – Indeed this is a true inspiration, the two little birds unite while flying high and forms a cool love sign.
  • KOLNER ZOO – Check out the hidden logo with an elephant’s silhouette defined by a giraffe and rhinoceros. Here, the negative space in the animal’s hind legs cleverly shaped by the twin spires of Cologne Cathedral


  • LE TOUR DE FRANCE – Can you locate the cycle and the bicycler? “R” forms a man riding a cycle and the orange circle and the letter “O” of word “Tour” forms the cycle tires.
  • COFFEE NIGHT – Bubble froths formed a beautiful crescent moon with a big eye, alluding a night over a perfect cup of coffee.
  • CODEFISH – What a fish, made out of codes!!!
  • SPARTAN GOLF CLUB – Who’s that? A Golfer hitting a shot! OR A Spartan wearing a helmet!
  • FLIGHT FINDER – Hey can you see the plane between two F’s!
  • NEW MAN – This is the first commercial ambigram or reversed logos.


  • FREEDOM – The bird aptly breaks free from the shackles of bondage from the letter “M”
  • POTRAIT PHOTOS – And that’s clever way to explain the business – “portraits taken only”
  • LION BIRD – Just stare at the feet of the bird’s feet for a second, a stunningly clear lion’s face will emerge. Face of a lion, in the shape of bird!!
  • BASKIN ROBINS – Do you know how many flavors Baskin Robins offer? Its hidden in the logo, Check the letters “B” and “R”.
  • NEWCASTLE FOOD AND WINE – A fork or a inverted wine glass? But the cuts of forks made of bottle of wines using the negative space. And the fork itself, when you see it upside down, is in the shape of a wine glass.

  • BOUNDARY – Amazing boundary line, you might not have seen it before.


  • AMAZON.COM – A- Z…that symbolizes a boastful target, Amazon carries anything from A to Z…
  • TOBLERONE – Can you locate the bear hidden in the Matterhorn Mountain, where Toblerone originally belongs?
  • PITTSBURGH ZOO & AQUARIUM – Is it a tree? Or a chimp and a lion looking at each other?
  • THE BRONX ZOO – What a beautiful utilization of negative space – here you can find New York’s iconic skyline of tall buildings between the legs of the two giraffes.
  • FORMULA 1 – Ultimate use of the negative space in the number “1,” simply speedy as those roadsters
  • SUN MICROSYSTEM – A simple chip forms the word “SUN” with an amazing ambigram in all directions.


  • FEDEX – The white space between the ‘E’ and the ‘X’ forms an arrow, suggesting a company moving forward and looking ahead in their next delivery. It is subtle, isn’t it?
  • MAGIC COFFEE – What is it actually a coffee cup of a magic hat worn by some Houdini?
  • HORROR FILMS – That is a reel, isn’t it? Or a scared face of the horror movies.
  • BLACK CAT – Can you find those mystery eyes of the cat in the letter “C”?
  • BARCODE – Would love to have a sip from that mug designed with Barcode?
  • SONY VAIO – That’s clever Sony Vaio logo symbolizes the perfect integration of analog and digital technology. “VA” stands for analog wave and “IO” represents binary number 1 and 0.

Huh! What lovely ideas designed into graphics! Isn’t it amazing. We have been collecting such amazing ideas over the years in our digital scrapbook, in the little hope that it might ignite flame of a new design in our designer’s mind. And trust us it does inspire a lot. (THUMBS UP!!!)

We have started our journey to the absolute and greatest logo design to tell a unique brand story for our respective clients.

Perk Up Your Coding Skills in 2015 with Happening PHP Tips

It is 2015, and after a short gap from coding, we are back again. We have assembled our desk to start CODING once more.

The last year was fun, as PHP gained many reputations, but being an insecure language never was one of them. The core team does not withstand all the faults and is rather pouncing on the security matters while updating PHPs latest version. This is because the end users tend to mess up. We have a number of faults within ourselves, we do not update, use outdated packages or packages that have holes in them, we at times also use pre-historic extensions and thus we expose ourselves to a number of threats in a creative manner.

Keeping away a number of glitches let us a start afresh in 2015. As per our PHP developers at UIPL and consulting with them, we have designed the most reliable resource, best practice and PHP tips to avoid those silly mistakes that made PHP developers show the dunk last year.
Let us look into the best practices of PHP development in 2015 to perk up our coding skills –

  1. Use Updated Version Of PHP: While asking our PHP developers on what should be our main PHP tip for our readers the development team marked our team to focus on the use of updated version of PHP for all. People are lazy and speaking of upgrading different application makes them rile up. Most of them ask for legacy support without considering the damage they does to the ecosystem. Even we have seen that the surveys taken on installation percentages of old PHP versions across the web, comparing to the stability list to find how many servers are running PHP and that too in an insecure manner.
    If you are develop something and run anything else without using the latest version of PHP. Or if you clients insists on the use of the old version instead of the latest tech them about the vulnerabilities they are introducing to their project. Even warn them about the horrors that can happen if they do not act before. Updating your PHP is a task that you cannot do later, do it now and do it often.
  2. Avoid the Use of Outdated Hosts: Our developers came across different discussion forum and they feel that developers must refer current PHP versions supported by various hosts. Even they also say that they can find it at phpversions.info or if you would like to contribute and add some missing values on Github. Our developers recommend steering clear the shared hosting in general. According to them today we have a number of cheap VPS providers. When people opt for VPS providers, other than saving you from sharing an environment with everyone else or being susceptible to the instability of a system as introduced by someone. Setting up your own server from scratch is rewarding. Besides, you can see that today barely anyone has the latest version of PHP as the default. Why will you work when you have access to the latest software?
  3. Its Time to Adopt HTTPs: Do you know encryption is the crazy fact that you need to have while working on PHP? Just not, as a means to defend you from the snoop of authorization, but also assure that, the clients and website visitors are protected and they will not leak any personal data. Well, you will not find any workarounds to get HTTPs everywhere, one should not rely on those, and it is the responsibility of the web developers to improve the web at large. HTTPs is not directly related to PHP, but while you start a new PHP project it is generally easy to set up your server to use HTTPs before you start coding that too in the middle of the project. To get out of this is cryptic and a discouraging task.
  4. Make Sure Your PHP Is Secure: You must follow the best practices when it comes to password protection, password generation, encryption, and authentication. You must read the books and must use packages like those suggested while securing PHP site.
  5. You Must Stay on the Right Way: Using the PHP in the right way help to improve the project using PHP codes and you must be responsible for their use. As a plausible resource, you can find both book and digital forms called PTRW that acts as an indispensable resource to make sure that you are fit to handle the challenges of modern app development. Our developers feel that if the coding misses something or if the developers want to contribute with typo corrections or alternative resources and guides, then developers can feel free to do so with the help of Github.
  6. Must Avoid the Bad Packages: Two years ago, Fabien Potencier of Symfony fame announced the creation of a list of vulnerable packages for PHP and within a couple of years; it turned into an open source public domain property. Not it allows developers’ to post their composer.lock file to their API or web interface and even the CLI tool and helps to check the project for vulnerabilities. However, it is still important as a step from the end users.

However, you know we are lazy, quite lazy people.
Well, our developers will like to share one more thing. They feel that the developers must download a security-advisories package that uses this database of known vulnerabilities. Such packages serve as a meta-package that helps to check whether the bad versions are required in your project. It would warn you and prevent the attempt the download of such packages, saving will help not only a checking the steps, but will also delete them gradually.
Developers who are working on PHP development must include such packages in their projects. You must jointly attach the common vector of insecurity. Thus, this will help the developers to move one-step closer and eradicate security holes on a larger scale.