• Feb 11 2015

    30 Clever Logo Design– Can You GUESS What’s Hidden Inside

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    A Logo Design – what does it say? Is it just a simple visual representation? OR Does it have something hidden in those creative graphics? Logo design is an ideal representation of the product and is an immense source of inspiration. At present, Logo Design is one of the biggest niches in the digital world. Logos just no make brands have an identity but they are the brand storyteller. Though Unified is a website design and development company, but we experti

  • Feb 02 2015

    Perk Up Your Coding Skills in 2015 with Happening PHP Tips

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    It is 2015, and after a short gap from coding, we are back again. We have assembled our desk to start CODING once more. The last year was fun, as PHP gained many reputations, but being an insecure language never was one of them. The core team does not withstand all the faults and is rather pouncing on the security matters while updating PHPs latest version. This is because the end users tend to mess up. We have a number of faults within ourselves, we do not update,