• Jun 29 2015

    Require More Conversions – Plan a Perfect and Sticky Landing Page

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    Landing Page is the first page that a visitor sees. Therefore, it requires a lot of attention. You need to build it in a manner that it stimulates the visitors to take action as you expect. The suitable landing page also enhances the user experiences and enriches the marketing goals that you like to accomplish. If the traffic steers to the wrong landing page, visitors are sure to abandon your website. You will face a tough time to gain conversions. Marketers take a

  • Jun 23 2015

    4 Must-Have Features to Develop Photo Sharing Apps

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    Everybody loves to click a photo. The selfie crazy people, DSLR maniacs, photojunkies, and people who love framing beautiful moments load their mobile with a number of photo apps. Simply clicking a photo is not going to put things in place. People want their friends and family to have a look at the photos clicked at an event they attended. App entrepreneurs have grabbed this opportunity to expand this niche. The app entrepreneurs of today are after numerous event p

  • Jun 17 2015

    Mobile App Development Trends that are About to Set Marks

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    You cannot deny the fact that our entire mobile landscape is heading towards a major change. We do not need developer demand the same. Well, the whole scenario in that case is more visible with some of the mobile app development trends that you will like to incorporate. Here is a list of some popular trends that you will love to embrace. • Cloud Application Going to Show a Rise You will find the cloud-based apps have a long story stored for the future of mobi