• Jul 27 2015

    Usability Engineering – The Success Framework of Mobile Health Apps

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    Mobile health apps developers who make sure that their design blends a better user experience will yield the most success. So what the mobile health app developers of today must consider to ensure success? The solution to the app success is nothing other than usability engineering. Moreover, mobile apps today are showing increased sizes while synchronizing with small, wearable device such as Apple Watch that also use apps and have their set of usability challenges.

  • Jul 21 2015

    Angularjs 2.0 – What’s New?

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    Angular JS development is a JS framework that has been taking businesses to a different level of success. An open source framework has witnessed phenomenal growth in master businesses with a wholesome community support. Earlier it started its journey with humble improvisations but with time, they have matured as a client-side MVW framework. Now it is pretty easier to build complex single-page applications. It is now keeping an equal eye on the application testing a

  • Jul 17 2015

    What Big Things Going to Happen in Ecommerce Industry

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    We globally connect with each other with the help of internet and the apps embedded in it. From Hashtag in Twitter and Instagram set the trend, to a dozen of Likes in Facebook or Pin in Pinterest are the digital mayfly that makes everything responsive at the right moment. Even, the ecommerce industry rely a lot on them for networking their business. It is typically a bad omen for business to stay disconnected to these social barometers. You should keep a track of the