• Aug 26 2015

    Android Marshmallow: A Developer’s Preview

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    The hot served from the pre-heated oven roasted to a golden brown tinge, molten in the center, and fluffy outside, Yes, I am saying about those delicious marshmallows. Yummy, isn’t it! But, someone in this nerd technological world to take up such delicacies, and give technology the right tweak is definitely Android. The latest version of Android M or Marshmallow made it right at Google I/O 2015. People have been sharing their rave reviews and feedbacks constantly i

  • Aug 21 2015

    Android A to Android M – The Greenbot’s Journey of Desserts

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    Android era officially took a kickstart on September 2008, when the T-Mobile G1 launched in the United States. Android is the operating system of Google that powers more than billions of Smartphones and tablets. And it's Google after all, so how can you keep away their sense of humor. As the Smartphones sweeten up the human life, they thought to add a pinch of sweet condiments by codenaming their versions after desserts, just as Intel names all their CPUs after Rivers

  • Aug 07 2015

    Hadoop – Adding Wings to Your Data Storage

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    The Big Data darling of today is none other than Hadoop. Making business savvy, and fits every need. It is an open source software project that enables distribution of processing large data set across a number of commodity servers. Hadoop is designed in a unique manner to scale the single server to thousands of machines with a high degree of fault tolerance. Rather than relying on high-end hardware, the flexibility of the clusters with software’s ability helps to d