• Sep 25 2015

    Rucksack – The New CSS Development Tool

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    CSS development tool one of the recent humdrum and not just a fun, as it used to be. If that has been what you have found in the last little while, then it is a good idea to turn something new and fresh such as Rucksack. A neat and compact package full of goodies makes CSS development easy. It is both modular and quick as lightning. Rucksack built of PostCSS and come out with many full-fledged features. Designers and developers want to start using tools right out of

  • Sep 18 2015

    Mobile App Development – 3 Hot Tips to Build Millennial-Friendly Apps

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    Hustle bustle on the Whatsapp, playing the Subway Surfers or sending a recent Snap by the Brooklyn Bridge with your new girlfriend on the SnapChat. Millennial mobile are power packed with features and apps, which are real time productive and let them connect the world on the go. This was the fun part, but they also love to do their banking, to submit their education loan, keep a track of their expenses all via full-featured online apps. They are the netizens and not j

  • Sep 11 2015

    Ruby on Rails for Your Website – Good or Bad? – Listen from Team Unified

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    The Ruby on Rails adventure in Unified Infotech broke a few months back. Well, to be precise it took off a year ago. We had the sales team ready and a great business model, but we were missing the developers. Therefore, to launch the technology side of things we started our interview session and collected some of the best Ruby developers in the market. However, what actually is Ruby on Rails? And why our website development company is venturing for the same like othe

  • Sep 03 2015

    Google Has a Brand New Logo

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    Google launched their brand new logo on 1st September 2015, a colorful logo with a custom typeface to complement it, they call it Product Sans. Just month after the restructuring of the company, Google updated their image also. Though, Google Logo is still a wordmark, but now they are using the geometric sans-serif typeface to make it look more modern and playful. The designers were thinking to evolve something fresh, so it has put a lot more than the sleek design. I