UIPL Welcomes 2016 With A Basket Full of New Plans


Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,

Whispering ‘it will be happier”

                                                     – Alfred Tennyson

In 2016, UIPL is going to witness a new dawn with the arrival of another year and open a new chapter in website designing and development, similar to the quote mentioned-above by the famous American poet, Alfred Tennyson.

2015 was a wonderful year for us and in order to make it more productive and continue to be on the growth trajectory in the coming year, we have chalked out some plans, which will be our sketch map towards becoming the best website design and development company. It has been our constant endeavor to empower the imaginations by offering creative and innovative app and website development services. So, we share with you, our vision for 2016 in website designing and development.

a) Sketch App For Creative and Interactive User Interface

We are planning to introduce Sketch while designing the user interface whether it is about designing low fidelity wireframes or designing an icon and high fidelity mockups. This app might help our designers to design the vector elements while working on a variety of interfaces. With some similar features from the Photoshop such as layer styles and text effects, the app won’t pose many problems as far as its usability is concerned, but at the same time is expected to simplify the work.

b) Browser-Based IDEs to replace Desktop IDE

We have plans to introduce browser-based IDEs to simplify the process of writing codes. A browser-based IDE gives coding suggestions as well as the option of syntax highlighting in comparison to a desktop IDE that is only limited to Xcode and Notepad++.With the help of cloud-based browser IDEs, it might become easy for our developers to write code from any computer even without an internet connection. One of the browser-based IDEs is CodePen, which comes loaded with customized pre processors like LESS/SCSS and Jade/Haml.

c) Card Layouts Format For Websites

In order to manage those web pages that are filled with more and more content, we intend to follow the card layout format. It enables the visitors coming to the website to scan the content easily. For instance: You might have noticed that the home page of Google Now is based upon the card layout structure in order to leave space for the Google Now apps. By providing more dynamic grids to a website page, a card layout helps to put more emphasis on the content.

d) Video Tutorials Are An Easy Way To Learn. Isn’t it, so why not do it?

We are planning to upload videos in our website, in order to give a better understanding of the products and services we offer to our clients. To a layman, it might become difficult to understand a technical term used in the app making process. We will post videos related to mobile app development, website designing and development so that it becomes easier for the customer to get a hands-on experience of the way we develop an app.

e) No Need To Learn A New Programming Language, Native JS Mobile Apps Are There

We use Java for Android and Objective – C or Swift for iOS in order to develop the apps, but sometimes a need might arise from the client’s side to make use of a new language while making a mobile app. If this type of situation arises, we can make use of Native JS apps in order to help the developers built a mobile app according to the requirement of clients and without learning a new language. A number of native apps are available in the market these days such as ReactNative or NativeScript.

website design trends

f) UX Design For Better Information Architecture

In order to make the user experience, even more wonderful we want to introduce UX designs and implement it across all platforms of digital interfaces. With the help of UX design, we will improve the information architecture and interactive designs. One of the most important benefits which we will derive by introducing UX design is that we will be able to determine that our products have all those features which our target audience are looking for.

g) A Little Motion with Cinemagraphs For Your Web Pages

Keeping in mind about the latest trends in web page designing, we plan to include cinemagraphs in the web pages as it gives a livelier experience to the visitors. How many times did you come across a website that has a little motion in its images? Well, the trend of using cinemagraphs in a website is on the rise and hence, we will design the web pages keeping in mind about the importance of cinemagraphs.

h) Introduce Server Side JavaScript

Node.js is on the rise as far as the preferences of the developers are concerned. It helps to make a website with the help of one language, both at the front and backend, hence, we want to introduce this server side JavaScript in order to make website designing a fun experience. Most of the industry leaders are opting for server side languages when it comes to implementing the basic design of a website, hence we are ready to cater according to the client’s requirement.

i) No More Multiple Pop-ups

The era of multiple pop-ups when multiple tabs used to open as soon as we used to click a website is over. Neither will we recommend to our clients nor will we implement it in our website. People want clean websites these days, which are clutter free and are free from any unnecessary advertisements, thus building a pop-up free website will be one of the main agendas in our vision.

Our vision in 2016 is to attain the status of being the best website designing company in this era of technological development. We want to be on the growth path and witness success in every venture we undertake in the near future.

UIPL family wishes everyone a Happy 2016. Have a wonderful year ahead.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, it’s Christmas Apps all the way!

Yes, this Christmas there are a thousand reasons to ring those bells as Santa comes knocking your doorbell with wonderful apps for your iPhone and Android that will make your Christmas more special. With the holiday season setting in and the Christmas fever going up, it’s time to decorate your devices with vibrant apps that will make your phone Christmas ready. These apps are unique and at the same time is a wonderful innovation in the field of mobile apps development.

So, without wasting much time, let’s see what apps Santa has in his bags for you.

iPhone Apps To Cheer Up Your Christmas
  1. Appy Christmas

Have a great day with Santa as you speak with him, listen to what you say as he utters the words which you just said in a silly voice. What’s more exciting is that you can stroke his belly, hear him laugh and dance to some of the Christmas songs. Special animations are also included to make the experience more wonderful.

Appy Christmas

Features that will cheer you up

  1. High Definition graphics for iPad and iPad 2
  2. Full-screen retina displays for iPhone 4
  3. Real-time graphics in 3D
  4. Songs from ‘Our Christmas Hits’ Album
  5. Smoother animations

Download the app here.

  1. Christmas !!

If you really want to make your Christmas special, then download this all-in-one app. You can get Christmas wallpapers, songs, games, jokes, wallpaper and what not. The interesting thing is that if you have the app already, then you can download it for free.

Christmas !!

Features that will cheer you up

  1. Wallpapers on winter based themes
  2. A gift list to help you keep track of the gifting ideas
  3. An advent calendar with free gifts
  4. Countdown notification till Christmas Day
  5. Jokes, Christmas songs and games to keep you entertained every time

Download the app here.

  1. GlowTunes Christmas

Decorate your Christmas tree in the most unique and innovative manner. Add glowing lights on the tree along with some interesting music. Once done, turn off all the lights and watch your Christmas tree glow with those dazzling lights along with some peppy music. A number of instruments tunes are available which you can add while decorating the tree.

GlowTunes Christmas

Features that will cheer you up

  1. 8 color lights available to decorate your Christmas tree
  2. Option of adding the snow effect to bring the holiday feel in
  3. Option of modifying the speed of the tune with that of the tempo slider
  4. New instruments to jazz up the tune

Download the app here.

  1. Christmas Tale HD

You can spend a day with Santa Claus and his wife in the North Pole with the Christmas Tale HD app. With more than 1.3 million downloads, this app is a favorite among all the children. The app takes storytelling to an all new level with high-quality graphics and stunning sound effects.

Christmas Tale HD

Features that will cheer you up

  1. A Christmas wish list for Santa
  2. The ‘Read to me’ option reads the Christmas story for you
  3. Option of recording your dialogue in your own voice
  4. Tap on the Snowman and view all his outfits
  5. Fun Christmas activities on every page

Download the app here.

Android Apps that will make your Christmas Merrier
  1. Coupons and Hot Deals – Shopular

If you are looking for some amazing deals on your purchases this Christmas, then Coupons and Hot Deals is the app, which you must download right now. This app contains gift ideas as well as attractive deals that keep you updated about the latest Christmas offer.

Coupons and Hot Deals – Shopular

Features that will make you merry

  1. Simple and easy to use interface
  2. Weekly ads along with Christmas coupons for branded apparels and accessories stores
  3. Coupon codes for your favorite fashion brands
  4. Location technology to help you find the nearest stores

Download the app here.

  1. Christmas Live Wallpaper

As the name suggests, this is a live wallpaper that actually counts the day to Christmas as well as New Year. The dazzling live wallpaper becomes livelier with the animated golden Christmas tree. Not only this, it also includes a fireworks scene to celebrate the grand festival.

Christmas Live Wallpaper

Features that will make you merry

  1. 5 kinds of camera motions in the Christmas Tree Scene
  2. Day and Night snow scene in 3d
  3. Fireworks scene
  4. Option to choose from a variety of camera angles including 3D animation
  5. Dazzling background lightning

Download the app here

  1. Christmas Apex Nova Theme

Decorate each and every part of your phone’s app with the Christmas Apex Nova Theme. Installing this theme will make your phone look as if it is in the celebration mood. App icons are decorated with Christmas based theme borders and interesting lines that make them appear more vibrant and colorful.

Christmas Apex Nova Theme

Features that will make you merry

  1. Christmas theme all over your phone to get you into festive mood
  2. Christmas based wallpapers and icons
  3. More than 5 types of Christmas based theme launchers such as NEXT, SMART, HOLLOW, NOVA, ACTION, AVIATE.

Download the app here

  1. Doodle Jump Christmas Special

As the name suggests, this app is all about making those careful moves by jumping from one cliff to the other by saving your head from the enemies and obstructions. The beautifully designed graphics will keep you and your child busy to this app throughout the day.

Doodle Jump Christmas Special

Features that will make you merry

  1. A Chill breath monster that freezes your point if you are not careful while playing
  2. Stunning graphics to make you feel as if you are in a Snowland
  3. Many challenges to keep you unlocking the stages of the game

Download the app here

These apps are fun, entertaining and at the same time will keep you glued to your android and iPhone. So what are you waiting for? download these apps today and have a memorable Christmas this year. Before downloading these apps, check the amount of memory available in your phone.

UIPL family wishes you a Merry Christmas to you all.

UIPL’S Strategies To Boost Your E-Commerce Sales This Christmas

As the world is gearing up for Christmas and the preparations for the grand celebrations are at its peak, a golden opportunity stands for e-commerce websites and online retailers to earn maximum revenue. The brick and mortar stores come lively in this part of the year as they decorate their stores with ballons and many other decorative items. Carrying the same philosophy forward, even online retail stores are going a step ahead in order to make their website look as if they are in a celebration mood. With less than a week left for the big day, retailers are preparing for the big day with their unique sales strategies. After doing an intensive research, we have come out with some e-commerce sales strategies that will help you earn the maximum revenue during Christmas.

Before we proceed further, we would like you to know that Rjmetrics, a research company found that e-commerce revenue reached the maximum during November and December in non-holiday months, apparels, accessories, and computers are the products that mainly drives holiday sales. Moreover, it also found out that Black Friday generates more revenue in comparison to other shopping days of the year.

1. Strategy I – Give Your Website A Christmas Makeover

Just as you watch the stores decorated with mannequins of Santa Claus, Christmas trees decorated with colorful lights as you walk through the streets, in the same way, give a complete makeover even to your online store. Make use of festive colors such as red, white, green and yellow in order to make your website look more attractive. Make use of buttons and links and make it more interactive. Your homepage is the first thing that appears when a user opens your website. Hence, keep the home page as attractive as possible. Go for Magento based themes and make your store look creative and unique. You can also take the help of a designer who works in an e-commerce web development company to get an idea about website design during Christmas.

2. Strategy II – Announce Free Delivery On All Products

If you really want customers to keep coming back to your website especially during Christmas, then follow the golden rule of announcing free delivery on all your products or if you can also announce a special free delivery offer for purchasing a particular product above a specific price then nothing works better than this. It is ok to sacrifice a bit of margin in order to get the maximum return from the purchases.

3. Strategy III – Make Your Page Keyword Specific

If you want to get your website noticed especially during Christmas, then make sure that the keywords are optimized according to the most searched items during this time. Merely inserting keywords won’t solve the purpose, use the appropriate keywords in headlines related to Christmas. According to a research, 53% people will log on to online shopping website through mobile in 2015, hence also optimize your website so that it is easily accessible even through the mobile phone.

4. Strategy IV – Take Advantage Of Last Minute Shopping

Even if there is only a week left for Christmas, then don’t worry, you can even announce the last minute shopping offer now. All you have to do is ensure that you deliver the product to the customer before Christmas. Remember, the trend of an increase in sales starts from the Thanks Giving Day and it continues for many days. Hence, you can continue with your Christmas Campaign and get plenty of orders from customers.


5. Strategy V – Take the Help of Social Media

Spread awareness about the special Christmas offer through social media whether it is Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Let the word spread among everybody. Blog about Christmas and any other thing related to gifting ideas. For instance: take a topic that says, “What to gift your sweetheart this Christmas?” These topics will spark interest among the readers and they will come to your website. Moreover, solve any queries or problems related to the product and the customers will surely come to your website.

6. Strategy VI – Take the Help of Paid Marketing

During Christmas, people tend to scroll more than a million websites in order to find the best Christmas deals. If your website has the best deal to offer, then don’t limit yourself in terms of marketing. Take the help of paid marketing in order to reach the right kind of target audience Take help of the Google Analytics tool to filter your audience in terms of demographics, age, location and then plan the marketing strategy of your product. You can also take the help of Facebook Page ads in order to get maximum visitors to your website.

7. Strategy VII – Be Clear About Your Product’s Return Policy

Communicate clearly about the return policy of the product along with the payment option. You might want to reconsider these options due to the special holiday season, but at the same time also keep in mind about the consumer’s psyche. There are a number of online stores that offer exchange and extended return policy, therefore, you need to plan out your return policy so that the deal is always more attractive than others.

If you are thinking that the strategies end here, then you are wrong. We have come up with some more creative strategies

a> While offering discounts, don’t reduce the price of the product too much as it can have a negative effect on your brand value.

b> Have post-Christmas Deals in January in order to keep your customers coming to you.

c> All the vouchers you offer must have the option of redeeming so that people keep coming back to your online store.

d> Keep updating your customer about their product’s delivery time. The purpose is to have faith on you.

e> Keep the option of fast delivery in order to assure the customers that the product will be delivered before Christmas.

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There are a number of online stores that have come up today with plenty of attractive offers. The thing that will set you apart from the rest of them is how better you are able to capture your customers mind. All the strategies mentioned above will help you to earn a good revenue this Christmas season and help you stay ahead of all the competitors in the market. So, gear up for one of the most profitable Christmas this year.

5 Website Designing Tips to Make Your Website More SEO Friendly

Making your website visible in the top ten Google search is the best way to promote your business because that’s how leads are generated and your business keeps getting more traffic. After all, the ultimate purpose of any business is to earn revenue. As online marketing is increasingly becoming popular, an SEO friendly website with a good website design is the key for getting a good rank as well as earning a good revenue from your website.

Converting a website into an SEO friendly one does not happen overnight. It requires time because a website with a good Google Rank not only includes inserting the most popularly searched keywords over the net but a proper synchronization between them and a good website design.

An interesting point to note about the most popular websites on the net is that they have an excellent design along with a well-planned keyword strategy. Hence, website design plays a vital role in making your website more SEO friendly. A web designing company in India, whether small or big takes into account the designing aspects that are necessary to make it appear more presentable to the user and then starts developing it.

UIPL has some ultimate website designing tips and techniques that will make your website more SEO friendly.

It’s time to have a look at them.

I. Web Designing Tip 1: Make Your Website A Responsive One


According to a Nielson report, more people browse internet through Smartphones or Tablets rather than sitting in front of a TV. Hence, your website needs to be easily accessed through a mobile phone. This is possible only with the help of a responsive web design. When you have a responsive template, your website can be opened in multiple screen sizes irrespective of it being a static template files or a CMS. The more accessible you will make a website for the visitors, the more they will find it useful.

UIPL’s Tip:

To create a static website, choose WordPress – the best Content Management System.

II. Web Designing Tip 2: Make your Website Rich with Texts


This does not mean that you will stuff your website with content. Search engines always find it easier to crawl through a website that has rich and valuable content. Do not leave your website blank without any product description. Include text on every page related to your products or services. For instance: if you have an image of your product or have uploaded a video, include a 150 words description to let the readers understand about your product as there is no chance of physically inspecting the product online.

UIPL’s Tip:

a) Keep your title limited within 50-60 characters.

b) The meta description should be between 150-160 characters.

c) Place the contact details such as phone numbers, e-mail address or any contact information just below the image so that an interested person can immediately contact.

III. Web Designing Tip 3: Optimize Your Product’s Image


Do you know that optimizing the images of your website increases the possibility of appearing more frequently in the search engine? That’s why it is necessary to optimize the images for your website along with texts that will make your website appear more frequently when searched with the keywords.

UIPL’s Tip:

a) Change the file name or rename it with the keywords related to that product.

b) Have a small caption for all your images.

c) Use HTML codes for the images.

IV. Web Designing Tip – 4: Make The Navigation Structure Text-Based

Making the navigation of a website text-based helps search engines to read the content of your website easily. Although, there are a number of options that are available like JavaScript or Flash, but a text-based navigation structure is one of the easiest ways to get traffic to your website. It uses the anchor text of the links to evaluate the importance of the hyperlinks in the content of your website. Moreover, you can customize the text anytime you want it.


a) Always have a complete linking structure.

b) Have a well-planned hierarchy strategy for your website.

c) Always use shallow deep navigation structure.

V. Web Designing Tip – 5: Use the Redirecting Strategy Intelligently

One of the common mistakes done by web designers is a wrong ‘Redirecting’ strategy. If you are planning to remodel all your content and design the layout of your page in all new format with a new website address, then do not delete the old pages. When you delete all the old pages, you not only remove the data but also lose the traffic, as the redirecting option is no longer available. The existing visitors to your website will view an ‘Error 404’ message if they are unable to access your new website, hence it is mandatory to maintain your old page.


a) Change the URL of your page to ‘301’.

b) Take the help of the ‘Redirection plug in’.

c) You can also create an .htaccess file by using the code redirect 301 /your-page /your-new-page on your web server.


It is true that SEO boosts up the ranking of your website, but at the same time having a well-designed template acts as an icing on the cake. Whenever a person visits a website, he always looks for information that will solve his query and give solutions. With the online industry getting competitive day by day, your website needs to have something unique that will always make it stand out from the plethora of websites that are already in the market. It is thus imperative to have a good combination of keywords and at the same time a great website design in order to make your website stand out from other and generate leads.

The website designing tips mentioned above will help you to regain the lost traffic of your website by making it more SEO friendly. Designers and Developers spend endless hours in making a website. A properly structured SEO plan will certainly help your website to get a good traffic.

What Technologies Work Behind Iphone’s Touch Screen?

All of us are swayed away by iPhone’s technological excellence. Its unique features are its USP. There is none other telecom company in this world, which spends so much amount of money behind developing their apps. Since, the year it launched its first gadget, iPhone’s market is growing bigger day by day. Their success can be owed to the constant research and development that they do in developing a product. One of the features that make iPhone the best among all its counterpart is its touch screen technology.

The new touch screen technologies don’t limit your phone to press the screen at only one place, in fact, they can also detect gestures like pinching and swiping.

Being an iPhone application development company, UIPL is curious to know about the hidden technologies behind the smart iPhone’s touch screen feature and has been successful in knowing it. Now, we want you to know about the technologies used in developing the touch screen in an iPhone.

1. Resistive Touch Technology

What is it?

The technology makes use of one finger in order to determine where the finger has touched on the device. It only detects a gentle press on the screen.

How does it work?

In a resistive technology, two layers are used over an iPhone’s screen. The top layer is a plastic film and the bottom layer is glass. When the film comes in contact with your finger, it connects with the glass first and makes a circuit. On touching the screen, the grid of glass and the film, a high voltage of electricity is created. This voltage is also known as an analog voltage and is converted into digital and is used as an input signal from the user.


a> Cost-effective.

b> One cab creates an input signal with your fingertip or stylus.

2. Projected Capacitance Technology

What is it?

Also known as p-cap or pro-cap, the projected capacitance works on electrical capacitance instead of resistance.

How does it work?

Two layers of conductors are used here. The conductors are made from transparent ITO, they give away charges from each of the layers whenever a finger is pressed against the screen. Though, the charge that is produced is quite tiny, but one doesn’t feel the shock upon touching the screen. Since, every conductor is verified separately, it identifies many touch points.


a> DirectTouch and ThruTouch are two technologies that have been developed in such a way that it can work in any type of gadgets whether it is an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

b> Your fingers are detected if you are wearing gloves.

c> It works even if you have a broken glass.


Touch Technology in iPhone

In the above-mentioned paragraphs, you read about how the touch screen system works using Resistive Touch Technology and Projected Capacitance Technology. Now, we will go through the general process of touch technology in an iPhone.

Step – 1: When you touch the screen, the processor sends electrical impulses.

Step – 2: A built-in software inside the phone analyzes the data after verifying the features of a touch such as a shape, location, and size. Whenever a user moves his or her finger through the iPhone, the processor measures the difference in time between the start and end point of your touch.

Step – 3: With the help of gesture interpretation software, the processor determines which gesture was last made by the user. Not only this, it also determines which applications were opened, the last time you opened the browser.

Step – 4: All the information is processed by the processor. In case, the commands that are sent by the processor does not match with the one’s entered by the user, the iPhone will not accept your touch.

All the four steps mentioned above happens in nanoseconds and it is quite impossible for a user to note these changes as they keep on happening according to the input given by the user.

What is the future now?

Among the two technologies mentioned above, experts say that it is the Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Technology that will rule the market in the near future. Well, there are a number of other technologies that are also coming up. For instance: ‘In-Cell’ is a type of touch screen technology, where the conductive layers are similar to that of Thin Film Transistors. They make use of a single integrated controller, which makes the display component lighter, thinner and at the same time also conserves energy.

In order to make their device more accessible, some manufacturers also add a stylus support. The benefit is that one can have access to high-resolution displays as it can be used as a writing device.

OLEDs are also emerging as an alternate screen technology method. Here, glass is used as an encapsulating layer. As compared to an LCD, an OLED is much better as only one substrate glass is used in comparison to a double substrate glass in an LCD.

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The concept of multi-touch technology has evolved with Apple as the tech giant has carried forward this wonderful innovation of science in all its devices. It has taken user interface to an advanced level. The rapid development in the multi-touch technology is an indication that it has been accepted widely by the world as more and more people are slowly shifting towards selecting the best technology which only iPhone can offer.