Everything You Wanted To Know About Hashtags

So, every time when you log into your social media account, you see the trending topics with a pound, the hashtag sign (#) at the end. You immediately post your selfie with a pout, upload it with hashtag or share news with a hashtag at the end and become the trend. No doubt, a hashtag helps an individual or an organization to increase their reach, but did you ever wonder, how all this works, when or by whom was it used for the first time and how can it help you to go trending?

Online marketing is now entering in a new phase of development and hashtag forms an important part of it. Without hashtag, social media cannot survive. In order to stay ahead in this ever-growing online industry, a well-planned social media strategy is quite vital.

The social media team at UIPL is finally going to unveil the secret behind hashtag and let you know from A to Z about social media hashtags.

The Genesis

The brainchild behind the origin of the hashtag is Chris Messina, a developer who tweeted his proposal to Twitter to use hashtags to cover an important event. Initially, the idea was rejected, but it was in 2007 when it became a rage after journalists began to use hashtags in Twitter to cover the political happenings. The rest is history; today the pound symbol is a rage in social media. From advertising campaigns to social media strategies, hashtag has emerged as the superhero.

How to Choose A Hashtag?

For a social media novice, it’s a challenge when it comes to choosing the right hashtag. We present to you some of the important things, which you need to keep in mind while choosing a hashtag.

  1. Have A Unique Hashtag – Use a hashtag that has never been used before, when you want to reach your targeted audience especially if you want to promote any important event or webinar. On the other hand, if you want to connect with individuals, then make sure that your hashtag is more unique and has never been used before. Using general words for hashtag will barely help you.
  2. Easy to Remember – Choose a hashtag that is very easy to remember, as easy as ABC. Today, there are millions of hashtags that are doing the rounds in social media, so if the name of your hashtag is too complicated, people will hardly remember. To cut it short, hashtags should be easy to pronounce and most importantly, easy to spell.
  3. Take The Help Of Social Media – You have really tried hard, to find a hashtag so why not spread it across the web everywhere. Social media gives you the power to spread your trending hashtag, so use it across all platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  4. Search For The Hashtag Before – Is your hashtag being used anywhere else? That’s really embarrassing then, so it is better to do a research about the existing ones and then proceed.

Whoa! Even You Can Use Your Own Hashtag

Did you know that even you could use your own hashtags? Amazing isn’t it? Use a special hashtag that has never been used before. Inform all your friends and remind them to use it in all tweets related to your topic. Keep it short and simple, so that it becomes a trend and goes viral.

Where Can I Use Hashtags?

Today, a major number of social media platforms use the hashtag, but where will you use them? Given below, is the list of social media platforms where you can use hashtags.

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Google+
  5. Tumblr
  6. Pinterest

Hashtag Tips From The UIPL Social Media Team

  1. While creating the hashtag, always keep in mind that it has to be relevant to your topic or the genre that represents you or your product, else it will be difficult to reach the audience.
  2. Hashtags are similar to spam if you use them too frequently. Always refrain from using the same hashtag over and over again. It looks repetitive and the reader loses interest.
  3. Do not solely depend on the hashtag to promote your post. Use some call-to-action words or whichever language, you prefer the audience would like to read.

How To Use Hashtag To Promote Your Business ?

Most of the well-known brands in the world are on Twitter these days. Even if you want to promote your business by using hashtags on a social media platform, then follow the following methods:

  1. Have a separate business account that will represent your business or brand. Select one employee from your organization and endow on him the responsibility of consolidating all your tweets.
  2. Follow all those trends that are currently trending. When you follow a particular trend, keep in mind that it should be relevant to your brand or business.
  3. Find out what are your competitors using and device your hashtag strategy accordingly.

Hashtag Is Here To Stay

Whether it is through promoted tweets or chats, hashtag helps to increase the visibility of the brand and helps to get more followers. It is one of the ways to get visitors to your website. Research suggests that hashtags are a powerful weapon for brands that are launched for the first time. They help to increase the reach of the product crossing geographical boundaries.

Over To You

If you think that we have missed any important point related to hashtag, then you are welcome to give your suggestion.

Get Cupid Struck This Valentine With These Lovely Dating Apps

“Love goes by hap; Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps”

  • William Shakespeare

This famous line from the comic play, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ by the legendary English poet holds true as it all depends on luck and the clever cupid captures the true love with his or her magnetic charm. The digital era today ruled by technology, is only a tap away from your fingers. Even when it comes to dating, technology has taken a giant leap forward and has made it easier for this digital generation to find love easily.

Tap, Install, Love

Well, dating is as simple as these three words above. This Valentine’s Day, let the apps find that special someone for you. UIPL presents some lovely dating apps that will help you find your true Valentine this February and say those three golden words. The icing on the cake is, these apps are available both for Android and iOS users. These apps are slowly making a mark in the world of android application development and iOS app development.

  1. eHarmony: Because Even Walter Mitty Found His Love

Remember the movie ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,’ where Walter Mithoff takes the help of eHarmony to find his true love? You might not have a similar faith to that of Walter but will definitely enjoy finding your date. The app is free to download and gives you options of compatible matches on the basis of your profile.

Lovely features

  1. Upload your pictures from Facebook
  2. Daily compatible matches for you
  3. Free Online Dating Personality Profile
  4. ‘What If?,’ a feature for more compatible matches

This app is available for Android and iOS

  1. Match.com: Matches Are Made In Apps

A free to download app, Match.com requires you to sign up for a week and then asks for a subscription procedure from you. The ‘Around Me’ feature allows all its members to select their matches according to their choice based on various factors such as imperfections, qualities, and interests.

Lovely features

  1. Send winks to interested members
  2. Update profile and post photos anytime
  3. Search nearest compatible singles
  4. Real time chatting options

This app is available for Android and iOS

  1. OkCupid Dating: Your Cupid Your Love

This app allows you to search your soul mate based on characteristics, which you are really looking for in your cupid. The app has received the highest ratings as it has garnered attention from millions of people from all over the world. The app is free to download and does not charge anything from its users.

Lovely features

  1. View the member who saw your profile
  2. Advance search options, once you join the A-list
  3. Option to see whether your messages were viewed
  4. Store messages in archive

This app is available for Android and iOS

  1. Zoosk: Searching Love Just Got Easier

The reason why Zoosk is the most preferred dating app is its ability to present different kinds of matches based on what you have been searching. It takes dating to a more personalized level by giving a number of other interesting options to its members.

Lovely features

  1. Photo verification option
  2. Real time chatting option with other members
  3. Let SmartPick feature allows users to select partners with similar matching experience
  4. Personalized introductions for more interesting conversations

This app is available for Android and iOS

  1. Tinder: To Get Committed

If you are looking for a really long and committed relationship, then Tinder is the one, which you can install in your mobile. Rated as one of the best apps for dating by Forbes, TIME and New York Magazine, this app till date has been successful in matching 9 billion people all over the world.

Lovely features

  1. Swipe right to like a person and left to pass a person as a recommendation to others
  2. Option of searching your ideal person
  3. Superlike a person even before you know them
  4. Chat with matches inside Tinder

This app is available for Android and iOS

  1. Loovo: To Date Or Not To Date

Loovo gives you the independence of whom to date and whom not to date. Find the nearby people in your locality and choose your dream boy or girl after you know where he or she lives without disclosing your location. Depending upon your partner’s location, you can fix a date for that love at first sight meeting.

Lovely features

  1. A verification feature for safe dating
  2. Availability of radar to find your nearest valentine
  3. Location availability of your dream person
  4. Find new friends and photos

This app is available for Android and iOS

  1. Bumble: For A Romantic Date

Bumble is similar to that of Tinder, where two members connect with each other by swiping right. Unlike the other dating apps, here the girl has to start the conversation first or else the connection disappears forever.

Lovely features

  1. The girl starts the conversation
  2. Connection can be extended to 24 hours
  3. Add as many persons you want to add

This app is available for Android and iOS

With Love, From UIPL

A research done by Pew Research Center on online dating found that 66% of those who date online have gone on a date with their special person through a dating app. Moreover, 23% of those who dated online have agreed that they have met their long-term partners or spouse through a dating app. Though, one cannot guarantee commitment level through a dating app, but these apps certainly make your Valentine’s Day really special.

It’s never too late to start searching for your soul mate. With the apps mentioned above, find the dream girl or guy you have been searching for.

The UIPL family wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.