• Mar 22 2016

    The Science of Colors and Website Conversions

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    Colors have a beautiful way of uplifting our moods. They lift up our spirits, relaxes the mind, make us feel happy and spiritual at the same time. They bridge the gap between human mind and emotion. The relationship with colors with us is such that we celebrate its love and warmth with the ‘Festival of Colors.’ Well, since the advent of the technological era, the use of colors has graduated. It has made inroads in all the websites. Whether it is in advertising or

  • Mar 14 2016

    Top takeaways from Mobile World Congress 2016

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    From Mark Zuckerberg discussing free basics and encryption to Samsung announcing their new models Galaxy S7 & S7 edge, Mobile World Congress, 2016 was a technological potpourri as the mega event of the mobile industry was witnessed by more than 1,00,000 attendees from 204 countries. The gala event, which was held from 22nd – 25th February, 2016 at Barcelona was addressed by the head honchos from various industries starting from advertising to banking. They spok