Your Ultimate Guide to iCloud

Apple has always set the bar high when it comes to providing its users with gadgets, be it mobile phones or tablets. Innovation always goes hand-in-hand by facilitating its users with superior quality services. When it comes to storage, there is no doubt that there is abundant space that the company offers in each of its gadgets. Be it the latest iPad Pro or the iPhone 6S, the unmatched capabilities of these devices is beyond comparison with any other mobile phone manufacturer.

The vast amount of storage space is one of the features that makes the devices of Apple very popular among everybody around the world. To make its users more flexible when it comes to storing data in their devices and taking a back up, the mobile giant has recently introduced the facility of iCloud.

What is iCloud?

A wireless system where all Apple users can sync their files and keep it safely. You do not need to transfer the pictures, videos or any important documents kept in your Apple gadget anymore, instead you can store them all in iCloud. Well, there are a number of other functions that you can perform with the help of iCloud, such as :

  1. Reunite with old iTunes
  2. Synchronise the data of your phone
  3. Find your iPhone
  4. Get a wireless backup of your phone

Hence, it is an easy way to sync all the data of your gadgets online. Something amazing that iOS app development has to offer to the Apple users. Moreover, you can also keep a back up of your iPad or iPhone. All the data will be stored in a remote server, which can be accessible from anywhere.

How to set up iCloud?

Well, it is very easy to set up iCloud in any of your Apple gadgets. Just follow the four simple steps below:

Step -1: Go to ‘Settings’ section either in your iPad or iPhone

Step -2: Select iCloud

Step –3: Type your email id and password in iCloud and select ‘Next’ button in the upper corner.

Step – 4: Turn the services which you want to activate either with your iPhone or iPad

Benefits of iCloud

In the beginning of this article, we gave you a glimpse of the various benefits, which you can avail once you have an iCloud account. Now, we will give you a macro view about its various benefits.

  1.  Earlier, it was really difficult to keep all the iTunes music as well as TV series in your Apple gadgets, as space always posed as a problem but now with the arrival of iCloud, you can easily download music from iTunes or TV shows and at the same time can also store them.
  2.  Whenever you choose iCloud, you get a free email id. This helps to synchronize your email, calendar and contacts very easily. It does not matter whether you have an existing email id or not. With iCloud you can keep all your data safe and secure.
  3.  Streaming photos now becomes easier. How? Now, you do not have to transfer the photos which you have taken through your DSLR to your Mac anymore as all the photos gets streamed in your iCloud and you can view them anytime you like.
  4.  You can connect with your friends easily. Not only this, there are a number of options that are available such as sharing your location with your friend, searching for someone in an unknown destination and many more.
  5.  For book lovers, here’s the good news. Now, you can bookmark the last read page of your book. With the help of iBook, you can track the progress of your book; something similar to that of Kindle.


Over the last few months, many phishing emails have flooded the inbox of thousands of Apple users asking them to disclose their iCloud login. It is better to be aware of such mails and not to fall under the trap of a third party who can have access to all your personal information stored in iCloud with the help of Cryptolocker, a type of software that unlocks your accounts and encrypts all the files.

Well, in order to prevent yourself from falling under any such trap it is advisable that you do not click on the links of any mail that was send to you from Apple.

WWDC 2016 Conference And Many More …

There are lots of hopes and expectations from WWDIC, 2016 (Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference) which is to be held from June 13-17. The conference is mainly targeted at developers and all the iPhone users. This conference is going to throw light on increasing the awareness in strengthening the iCloud security.

Apart from that, there are a number of things, which we can expect from the conference. Let us have a look on all of them.

A New Macbook Pro

We haven’t seen any new version of MacBook coming up since 2012. The Conference might announce the arrival of the latest version of Macbook. It is rumored that the new one could include some additional features such as USB-C ports and Thunderbolt 3 ports.

An All New Apple Pay

Apple Pay is expected to undergo some new modifications. One can now gather more loyalty points now and get help for withdrawing money from the ATM.

Apple TV In A New Avtar

If the rumours are to be believed, then Apple TV is working on a streaming service in order to take over Netflix. It could also open up more gaming options to developers as far as improvements are concerned. As of now, in order to play the Apple games one needs to have a Siri remote, but a more improved version of the Apple TV could just be the simple use of control pads.

iCloud will prove to be beneficial for the coming tech-savvy generation that lives and breathes social media and technology. With so many pictures clicked in one single day and so many documents to take care of, nothing could be a better option other than iCloud for Apple users.

For any interesting update on iCloud keep coming here. We are as excited as you are about technology and always keep an eagle’s eye over any development taking place.

Common Misconceptions about E-Commerce Website Development

In this growing era of digitization, it is imperative to have a website for any business venture whether it is online or is a traditional brick and mortar store. According to a report, the global e-commerce sales is going to rise to $1.5 trillion by 2018. Though creating a website comes as a more feasible option for entrepreneurs, but unfortunately, most of the entrepreneurs fall prey to the trap of the intense business competition that is prevailing in the online market.

This happens due to some misconceptions, which they have in their mind and the lack of industry insights about e-commerce web development. Team Unified has got it’s hand on to some of the most common misconceptions that are surrounding e-commerce and what’s the stark reality behind them.

  1. Measuring Business With Revenue

Stark Reality: You need a strong financial backup that will not only manage your business finances, but will help you to pay off your employees, but also maintain the break-even point at the end of the financial year. Keep in mind that a lot of other important things matter in e-commerce websites such as click-through rates (CTRs), bounce rate and conversion rate. A strong eye over them will help you determine the amount of cash flows in business and will give you an idea of where your business stands.

  1. Charging Less Will Bring Customers

Stark Reality: Believe it or not but the consumer psychology of purchasing a low priced product will be there forever. You cannot attract customers to your online store by slashing down prices. What matters to a person when he or she is purchasing online is the popularity of the brand, the quality of customer service, the availability of the product in the retailer’s stock and the inventory management. Hence, before putting the price tag on your product, focus on the quality first and then put the amount.

  1. E-Commerce Platforms Are One And The Same

Stark Reality: Well, that’s completely untrue. The process of selling a musical instrument will be entirely different from an apparel website. The mechanisms on how these websites work are completely different from one another. While creating a website, it is important to understand the kind of product which you want to sell and then make the final move.

  1. Live Site Generates Traffic

Stark Reality: This is the weirdest thought that one can ever have when it comes to e-commerce web development. The reality is that a website cannot generate traffic until and unless it’s product is marketed as a brand. Most of the big e-commerce websites today adopts techniques like PPC advertising, SEO, and SMM in order to drive more traffic to your e-commerce website.

  1. Can Succeed Online Without Prior Business Experience

Stark Reality: Now! That is the reason why most of the entrepreneurs quite as they come face to face with the bitter truth of life – setting an online business is equal to opening a brick and mortar store. It requires complete dedication and even more hard work when you are opening an online business. The reason is the growing competition in the market. A great strategy and an intelligent business plan are the key ingredients for an e-commerce business to survive.

  1. Design Is The Least Factor To Be Considered

Stark Reality: The simple truth behind this is that a customer will stay on your website once he is convinced after getting a feel for the overall look of the website. A lot depends on your website’s appearance on whether visitors will come or not. Hence, it is important to have a layout that is designed exactly according to the needs and expectations of your target audience. For instance: if you are selling luxurious products, then the use of high-quality images are mandatory.

  1. An E-Commerce Website Is Less Expensive To Run

Stark Reality: The primary purpose of creating an e-commerce website is to uplift the overall user-experience as far as shopping is concerned. Though it’s true that you might not be able to shell out money on brochures and newsletter like a traditional brick and mortar store, but a lot of work goes behind it, as well as money. Purchasing a domain name and maintaining the expenses of the man force involves a considerable amount of expenses. Hence, maintaining an e-commerce website definitely costs you.

What Are The Experts Saying….

Neil Patel

In one of his articles , Neil Patel says that the users of an e-commerce are not really concerned about the homepage of your website, what drives them in are your product pages. For instance, one has to take care that the headlines on the homepage and the slider images are in perfect sync with each other. Moreover, he also says that writing the best product description, optimizing the ‘Buy’ button and using high-quality product images are crucial for a website’s development.

Seth Godin

Overnight success in e-commerce business cannot be achieved overnight according to Seth Godin as he says, “It takes about six years of hard work to become an overnight success” and hence it is important to have patience when it comes to achieving good results in e-commerce in the long-term.

A study conducted about the future of e-commerce suggests that the value of the e-commerce industry is going to increase to $6.7 trillion by 2020. However, another shocking revelation that the report makes is that retailers are going to face a tough challenge when it comes to implementing strategies in the B2B section as the prices, in this case, tend to vary in the high and low range.

However, the good news is that with the development of technology, the process of procuring goods through Smartphones and Tablets will become easier.

Over To You

Do you know about any other misconceptions that are still prevailing in the e-commerce industry? Well, your suggestion can be of help to all those entrepreneurs who are planning to start their business in the e-commerce venture.

Let us know about your suggestions in the comment box.