• May 31 2016

    How Laravel Eases The Process of Web Development

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    Infinite opportunities have grown when it comes to web development. The doors of technology have opened the gates of development. With several options for customizations, Laravel has clearly emerged as one of the winners when it comes to developing a website. Most of the entrepreneurs today, prefer Laravel when it comes to selecting the best open source PHP web framework. It gives a boost when it comes to developing applications using the model view controller archite

  • May 27 2016

    6 UI/UX Design Tips For IOS App Development

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    Apple has always taken the concept of design to another level higher, each time it has come out either with an upgraded operating system or a new device. Creating unique user experiences by offering them appealing designs has always been one of the key goals of this American multinational technology company. It’s the high quality design of the product that makes Apple a favourite gadget among people. Companies that have been involved in iOS app development have to

  • May 24 2016

    6 Updates That Make Magento 2 A Great Tool For E-Commerce Web Development

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    Magento has always been on the forefront when it comes to providing an innovative platform for setting up the infrastructure for an e-commerce website. It is a tool, which empowers merchants to capitalize the power of the digital platform and leverage shopping with the power of the internet. With more than, 50$ billion transactions taking every year, all most all the well-known business of the world rely on Magento. Over the years, owing to it’s immense popularity

  • May 18 2016

    How SaaS Can Be a Great Web Application Tool For Your Business?

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    What is one of the most common things between Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, SAP and Cisco? It’s SaaS. The growing rate of Software as a Service (SaaS) is slowly overtaking the traditional software packages and as per a report published by IDC (International Data Corporation), it is expected that by the year 2020, software as a service is going to overtake packaged software by 25%. This huge shift in web application can be attributed to the rapid emergence of the cloud c