• Jun 29 2016

    AngularJS2, NetBeans & Typescript – A Fantastic Combination

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    The release of the second version of AngularJS has brought along with it some interesting features that give a boost to the web development process. The introduction of Controllers and Directives, the change detection algorithm and a smooth server side rendering has put this framework on the winner’s side when it comes to providing scalable solutions for any business. Well, one interesting thing about AngularJS2 is that when it is combined with Typescript (the pla

  • Jun 24 2016

    Python – One Of The Best Technology For Your Data Driven Business Solutions

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    The great wave of digital transformation is on the brink of transforming businesses today. Digitalization of business is followed with 3Vs – Variety, Velocity and Volume. A business that is mostly driven by data needs to transform itself to a capable digital leader who can optimize costs and increase productivity. In order to move on the wheels of the business, technology no doubt is the greatest weapon available to the businessman today and in order to grow in this

  • Jun 21 2016

    AngularJS Development or Ember.js – Which Framework To Go For? Here’s Our Guide

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    Planning for a major web application release in the near future? Deciding the web frameworks is one of the important characteristics. The presence of numerous other frameworks in the market along with strong libraries is also a factor that is to be kept in mind. Well, if you are thinking about the long-term benefits, then there is no doubt that frameworks like Ember and Angular prove to be the most fruitful ones, but when it comes to taking a business decision, then i

  • Jun 17 2016

    Web Development Technologies That Ensure Positive Results for Your Business

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    The collaboration of technology and business is something, which cannot be overlooked. Both of them have delivered results that have helped brands to grow larger and establish themselves as a premier marketing organization. There has been a huge shift in the digital world with the ongoing transformation that is taking place. Marketers these days are allocating a considerable portion of their budget behind web development. According to a research done by Gartner in 201