• Jul 29 2016

    Mobile Technology In the Coming Years: A Futuristic Outlook

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    From a basic communication device to using it as a virtual reality device, there are merely any functions left behind by mobile technology. By introducing extended capabilities, it has helped mankind to witness the technological upsurge in a rapid phase, but what lies next? Is there something more in store? Will mobile technology amaze us with new discoveries? Such questions are bound to come in our minds. Throughout this blog, we will share with you the upcoming cha

  • Jul 27 2016

    Can Cloud Migration Lead to Business Transformation? A Brief Overview

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    The usage of storage has moved beyond personal purposes today. It is slowly making an entry in the corporate world and is making a significant contribution to an all round development in the information technology sector. Leveraging the multiple benefits of cloud computing, organizations are moving towards adopting advanced technologies, which is leading them towards a rapid phase of web design and development. Switching to cloud enables an enterprise to deploy appli

  • Jul 20 2016

    What, When And How – A Collective Guide To A Mobile App Startup

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    The mobile application industry is driven today by the need for big data, business intelligence, and analytics, as per a report by Forbes. The more tactical and strategic the app will be, the more will be its demand in the market. With rapid advancements made every day, it is quite evident that there will be more demand for such apps in the time to come. In order to live up to the growing demands of mobile application around the world, there is no wonder about the fac

  • Jul 11 2016

    How Native Cloud Improves Your App Architecture

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    The term ‘communication heavy internet services’ might sound alien to you, but not too big IT giants like Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft. In fact, the term can be termed as a source of revenue generation for them. The gradual shift from display-based information through programs to browser-based information has a huge role to play in the age of digital transformation. As we are blazing forward in this age software based technologies, data is becoming outdated and is