E-Commerce Web Development: Your Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Payment Gateway

“Don’t optimize for conversions, optimize for revenue,” this quote by Neil Patel perfectly sums up the purpose of all e-commerce websites around the world, which is to generate revenue at the end of the day. In any e-commerce website, check out is one of the most important features. It is the sole factor in e-commerce web development that decides whether a customer is going to visit a website, next time or not. Repeat customers are important criteria that decide the fate of an e-commerce website.

So, while comes to selecting the right payment gateway, multiple factors such as smooth check out process, the mobile responsiveness of the payment site and much more are to be seen. Every purchaser wants his or her payment to be the most secure and hence looks for trustworthy websites, which would give them the ultimate shopping experience.

Once you go through this blog, you will easily be able to know about the various e-commerce payment gateways

Paypal: Payment gateway such as this is the ultimate solution for handling payment process if your online business venture has been set up for the first time. Till date, it has been the favorite option for most of the entrepreneurs. It is reliable and has been trusted by millions of customers around the world

Why should you use Paypal ?

No merchant account is required

No hassles for SSL certification

Take advantage of PAYG model from Paypal especially for start-ups

Multiple card payments accepted

Works with WordPress based e-commerce websites

Zero monthly charges

Stripe: It’s new in the world of e-commerce payment and is slowly establishing them as one of the leading e-payment gateways. Starting from an e-commerce website to a mobile app, it’s strong and user-friendly features will help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Why should you use Stripe?

No PCI compliance required for recurring card payments

Customized for startups and small businesses

Zero monthly fees

Flat rate of 2.9% – 5% on all transactions

Merchant account is not mandatory

Authorize.Net: This easy to integrate platform allows you to make customized payment forms, which are available on their servers. Though this platform comes with a certain price tag but they are powerful as well. Cost of the business houses that uses WordPress as their content management platform makes use of Authorize.Net

Why should you use Authorize.Net?

Compliant with PCI DSS

Options for multiple payments starting from customer information management to recurring payments

Easy integration with any kind of e-commerce software

Availability of QuickBooks for better integration

Fees within your budget

Unique settings for all kinds of e-commerce stores

Intuit: It might have been one of the oldest payment gateways, but it is the most professional one. It offers merchants a complete package in terms of providing the best e-commerce web development solutions. Though it’s best to use it in the US, however, it can be used in other countries as well.

Why should you use Intuit?

4% is charged on each transaction while swiped

Advanced integration process with e-commerce platform

Monthly fees not required

Easy process to get a merchant account

It serves as the best option for combining it with software like QuickBooks

WorldPay: As far as safe and secure transactions in e-commerce web development is concerned, WorldPay is the most convenient and trusted platform. With their competitive rates and a host of services, they are one of the big players while it comes to secure e-commerce platforms.

Why should you use WorldPay?

Less time in getting merchant accounts for your business

Presence of multi-channel helps to expand the network of your business easily

eInvoicing service available for those who want to use invoice in their business

Integration with Paypal for faster payments

Fees reduction with large sales

Few Ways To Improve Your Checkout Process

If you are experiencing a frequent bounce rates from the checkout process page of your e-commerce website, then here are few ways on how to improve it and make the process of transaction faster and easier.

A Mobile Responsive Check Out

Complicated navigation, small product images and difficult check out process are the primary points that make it too difficult for a prospective customer to complete the transaction process while shopping online. In addition to this, the display processes of a website are the contributing factors that make it difficult to complete the checkout process. So, as an online entrepreneur, it is important to make the checkout process mobile responsive.

Use Multiple Payment Options

In e-commerce web development, payment is considered as one of the primary factors upon which the popularity of a website depends on. Paypal is a must to have payment options as this is one of the most popular payment gateways for your website. In addition to this, you can also do a research and get a fair idea about the other ways of payment modes, which is convenient for your customers.

More Security Features Everywhere

It has been researched and found out that one of the primary reasons for customers to abandon the shopping cart is due to their distrust as far as the safety and security of the website are concerned. May be that’s the reason why Bitcoin is becoming an emerging concept in the field of e-commerce web development.

Stop Asking More Information

The endless number of personal information that the user has to fill in not only irritates him, but also forces him to easily shift to a competitor’s website. This is a great loss for an e-commerce web development site whose operations have just started. So, it is better to ask the user for minimum information. This will ensure a smooth and a memorable shopping experience for the buyer.

To offer customers a comprehensive and an immersive experience, e-commerce websites are introducing new features, bringing updated products along with other innovative solutions. Payment gateways are one of the major characteristics on which online entrepreneurs are focusing as this is the most deciding factors for retaining customers on a long-term basis.

Turn your shopping carts into sales generating machine with our sophisticated e-commerce web development services. All you have to do is just send us an email at sales@unifiedinfotech.net and we will get back to you.

iPhone App Development: Latest Trends That Will Add To A Developer’s Knowledge

A report published by Statista suggests that till June 2016 about 130 billion iOS apps have been downloaded from the Apple store. The engagement level of an iOS app is such that it becomes a rage every time an app hits the iTunes store, it witnesses uncountable downloads. Games like Clash of the Clans and Temple Run were a rage the moment they were released. For developers or any other associated with iPhone app development, it is imperative for them to accustom themselves with the latest update in the app industry and the ongoing trends.

A unique app always aids to the revenue of any organization as this is the engaging factor that drives in users and develops the urge to them to download an app. Well, the app scenario is not the same as it was a few years ago. With the change in the taste and preferences of the people, the developers also have to adopt themselves in implementing the latest technologies and understand which are the things that generate an interest among users to download an app.

Well, it is important to remember here that with the continuous need for an iOS app, the demand for the developers is also increasing day by day and will continue to rise even in the near future.

This blog is intended to make the developer’s aware about the ongoing trends that are currently prevailing in the industry. Keeping up with these trends will definitely help you to stay ahead in the field of iPhone app development.

Trend 1: Swift Coding Is On The Rise

Until recently, it was Objective – C which was the primary language used by iOS developers, but now the trend is slowly going to change now. The focus has now shifted to Swift. With improved frameworks and developed methodologies, this new language provides developers with a new set of X code tools to help them write more reliable codes. Apple has released even the second version of Swift that comes with more development friendly characteristics. It is not only good for iPhone app development but is of great help for developing other iOS products such as tvOS or WatchOS.

Trend 2: An Alternative To iBeacon Is Necessary

Any company that is involved in mobile app development is concerned about tracking the location of their user’s app. It helps them to bring more personalization in their apps, but iBeacon doesn’t prove to be much helpful as it juices out the battery too fast. This causes irritation among the users. Hence, developers are now looking another alternative to iBeacon which can help a company to track the location of his or her app easily. Another problem is that Beacon batteries don’t last longer, they tend to get exhausted very soon. So, there’s a need for a better solution to it.

Trend 3: More Security For M-Commerce

The need to develop more security in an M-Commerce platform is a dire necessity today as most of the people use their Smartphones as the only means to conduct all their online activities. The developer should be able to embed high-end security features in an iOS app in order to ensure that there is no security breach. According to a report by Gartner, it was revealed that 75% of all the mobile apps failed to meet the basic security needs. Apple has henceforth set new standards of security. Developers, therefore, need to understand the need for maintaining the maximum security and implement this while making an app.

Trend 4: Integrating with Cloud

In order to access apps in the future, it is necessary to integrate it with Cloud. One of the primary benefits of synchronizing the app development process with Cloud is that it can easily reduce the app size. Currently, there are two kinds of iCloud storage facilities – Key-value storage and iCloud storage document. Key-value storage is mainly used in order to discrete values like settings, simple app state, and preferences. On the other hand, an iCloud storage document is mainly used as a file-based information like complex app state, drawings, and documents. With the help of Cloud Kit storage, one can easily manage the structured data in the cloud and also share them at the same time.

Trend 5: Wearables With IOT

The world is moving ahead towards a more advanced era where the internet will be connected with the durables of our house, thus making Internet of Things a popular thing in the universe. In the near future, developers can expect that Smartphones and tablets to be synced with the extension of an iWatch may be. Developers need to know on how to implement the extensions of the watch and other objects in IOT. It will play a crucial role in iPhone app development.

Trend 6: Free Apps Will Rule 

In the coming years, most of the apps are going to be free. Though this is not something which is unusual, but on the other hand, the developers have to be quite aware of the latest marketing trends and must be able to advertise their mobile app well in order to convince the users to use the app. This will include apps for both games and e-commerce as well.


A plenty of devices and operating system of Apple awaits, be it iOS 10, iPhone 7 or any other devices. With the release of the subsequent versions, the need to know the latest technologies will arise and hence the developers will have to consistently update themselves in order to stay ahead of the competition prevailing in the iPhone app development market.

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Rapid Web App Development: Build Dynamic Websites With Laravel

Gone are the days when developing a web application meant spending endless hours behind writing complicated codes. The new age coding is full of fun and is more expressive. It is something that is creating more interest among the web developers. Programming has been through several changes since it’s beginning, when it was merely used as a C language in web app development. The presence of technology today acts as a catalyst in implementing a complex idea into simplified solution with powerful web application.

Everyone is obsessed to be at the front end when it comes to leading the race amongst so many website design and development companies that are slowly coming up across everywhere. As far as the PHP frameworks are concerned, Laravel is the first preference of the developers and it equips them with a strong weapon to develop large-scale web applications with an extensive use of powerful coding.

Empowering Web Apps To The Core

The best programming results come when there is a strong framework and Laravel acts as a catalyst in infusing more power in a web application. The web app development speed of the frame work along with improved scalability and the presence of multiple powerful tool makes it the best programming tool that a developer has ever used. It can be termed as ‘a power booster tool’ in developing all the web applications.

This is how it’s done…

Simplifying Template Engine: Laravel comes loaded with built in lightweight templates. These help the developers to make beautiful layouts that come with dynamic content seeding. The use of JS and CSS codes in the widgets makes this framework equipped with solid structures. Hence, if you want to make a web application with simple layout and multiple section, then Laravel is the most appropriate framework for you to use in web app development.

Easy Project Handling With Artisan: Artisan is a command line tolls that comes with Artisan and is very effective in working with any kind of project environment. The benefit of such tool is that it performs the major programming tasks that most of the developers tend to avoid. Other unique benefits of Laravel include creating a skeleton code, managing the structure of database and creating their migration to another place. Not only this, a developer can also send MVC files with the help of command line. This can in turn help to manage the assets along with their configurations. Last but not the least, Laravel enables developers to perform unit tests.

Faster Object Relational Mapping: Instead of undergoing the hassle of writing SQL codes, Laravel allows the developer to issue database queries with the help of PHP syntax. This is done with the help of ORM or Object Relational Mapping, which consists of a PHP ActiveRecord Implementation. The presence of Object Oriented libraries are one of the unique things in Laravel. You will not find it any other kind of PHP frameworks. The pre authentication library is easy to implement and includes the most sophisticated features such as Cross-site Request Forgery Protection, encryption, Bcrypt hashing, password reset and the facility of checking active users.

Latest Modular With Great MVC support: Do you know that Laravel is built on 20 libraries which is sub divided into many modules? Yes, this another great feature of the framework. It is due to the presence of these modern PHP elements that makes this framework to make robust web applications, which are responsive and handy. The MVC architecture provides yet another strong support. It improves the performance of the web app thereby allowing better documentation.

Better Migration For Databases: Whenever you are using Laravel, you do not have to recreate the database structure of the application again and again. This amazing framework allows you to expand the database structure without the risk of losing the  web app development data. Apart from helping the developers to change the structure of the database, it also helps them to make use of PHP code instead of writing SQL code. ‘Laravel Schema Builder’ is an important feature that enables developers to make database tables and enter columns with indices easily.

Facilitating Unit Testing: Now, Unit Testing is the reason why developers love to use Laravel. It conducts thousands of tests in order to ensure that any modifications or changes done by developers do not disturb the structure of the web application. Moreover, you can also take the help of this framework to write your own codes for unit testing.

Rapid Prototyping With Laravel

Laravel can be an excellent tool that can team up with any kind of framework and result in rapid prototyping. Well, BootStrap makes it possible in just three simple steps.

Here we go

Step 1: Make Wireframes 

Before prototyping it is important to sketch a wireframe in order to get a rough idea of how the application is going to look like finally. Making wireframe or project mockups will help you to will not only ensure that you have a great web application plan, in fact it can also save a considerable amount of money, thus resulting in cost benefit analysis.

Step 2: Start Using Bootstrap

Install Bootstrap in your system. Doing this will help you to prepare a responsive layout, maintain consistency and design the web application in an easier manner. Bootstrap also consists of many JavaScript components such as Modal windows, tabs, toolpits, carousel and collapsible elements. In order to install Bootstrap in your project, install the bower and the npm file of bootstrap first. It would be better if you can use BootstrapCDN

Step 3: Choose Theme And Start Coding

This is the last and final step. Here, you can choose a theme and use the existing code in order to prototype.

In order to give you a clear overview on how Laravel facilitates in rapid prototyping, we present you a video.

Wrap up!

As far as enterprise application development is concerned, Laravel has a bright future ahead. It’s simplicity and easy to use features make it the most popular framework among the developers. Whether it is about managing the work interface workflow or the need to make responsive web design, Laravel can easily accommodate itself in any kind of environment used in web app development.

We provide end-to-end web app development services catering to all kinds of industries starting from hospitality to real estate and healthcare. If you are interested in developing a web application powered by Laravel, then send us an email to sales@unifiedinfotech.net and we assure you of making a robust web app.

How Cordova Simplifies The Process of Mobile App Development

For mobile developers who are looking to extend the functionality of an application in more than one platform without changing the tool set and language of the platform, Apache Cordova comes as an instant solution to them. With the growing demand of mobile application around the world and the rapid advancement of mobile app development (where mobile app downloads are expected to reach 268.69 billion by 2017 as per this Statista report) the demand for innovative mobile apps are fuelling the rise of advance mobile technology frameworks.

As the mobile app development industry is growing by leaps and bounds today, there are some robust technologies which are making it possible to develop scalable applications. One of them is Apache Cordova. Throughout this blog, we are going to analyze how can this mobile framework contribute towards making the app development process more advance.

A Brief Outlook of Cordova

The emergence of Cordova is due to the need of such an open source mobile development framework that would work even while developing a cross platform development app. It removes the hassles of relying on APIs of iOS, Windows or an Android; instead, it helps mobile app developers to make an app using HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Which Development Paths To Follow?

Even before you start developing an app in any OS, it is important to know which development paths are you going to use. Well, there are two main workflows which you can follow – Cross platform Workflow (CLI) and Platform Centered Workflow.

Cross Platform Workflow, as the name suggests can be used to run an application in various operating systems. It is mainly centered around Cordova. Web assets with similar sets are copied and transferred into subdirectories in separate mobile platforms. The developer can also use a different set of plugins on a common interface.

On the other hand, platform centered workflow, can be used if you want to combine the custom native components along with the Cordova components. Here, lower level shell scripts are used for each platforms. Plugins are available for each one of them.

To give you an idea of the Cordova architecture for developing a mobile app or web app, we are presenting you with an exclusive graphic.

Image source: https://cordova.apache.org/
image source: https://cordova.apache.org

Simplifying The Mobile App Development Process

Cordova eases the process of mobile app development by offering an array of benefits. Take a look at them.

Implementing  Modern Web Technologies: In the beginning of this blog, you might have come to know about the use of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Well, it might be difficult for a developer to adopt to Cordova, he or she can at the same time learn modern technologies like AngularJS and JQuery as they are used often in Cordova.

Saves Coding Time: In Cordova, one can write the same code in various platforms. One doesn’t have to face the problem of porting as no changes are required to be made. As a result, the development time can be reduced to a large extent.

UI Problems Solved: Browsing a website in a Smartphone might be at times cumbersome as the user has to scroll through a web page thus making it a difficult process. Cordova comes loaded with multiple libraries that makes user interface an interactive and engaging experience for the users.

Advanced Plugins: In order to make a native app, you require multiple plug in, but in Cordova a number of plugins are already included. As a result, the developer is empowered with accessing special features such as determining the current location, accessing the file paths and many more. Another benefit of Cordova is that it has a number of community plugins, which makes it easier for the developers to manage any issue within the app with complete ease.

Things to Consider to Make a Cordova based iOS or Android App

Today, iOS and Android are the two most popular mobile operating systems that exists around the world. Keeping Cordova at the backend and using it as a framework offers some exceptional benefits to both these operating systems, but at the same time it is important to keep in mind some important things.

Let’s take a look…

Use Plugins Intelligently: Since Cordova comes with considerably less number of APIs, it is important that to add some plugins. You can search them in the Cordova Plugin Registry; they provide an easy access to the geo location, Camera and Battery, that are supported across multiple platforms.

Decide About The Versions: Are you going to use Cordova in the recently released iOS 9 or Android Nouget? all the third party plugins are pretty advanced in Cordova, hence it is important to check that whether the operating system which you are using support such plugins or not. You can even add various platform versions in order to simplify the CSS selectors.

Form Factors To Consider: As far as the forms are concerned, keep in mind about responsiveness as the whole world today accesses a website either through a tablet or a Smartphone. Moreover, the designers as well as the testers should be aware about the methodologies to be applied for developing apps both for iOS and Android.

Offline Support Is Important: While making a Cordova based iOS or Android application you must keep in mind about how a particular app is going to work that doesn’t need any internet connection. For instance: a calculator. In that case you can make use of the Cordova Network connection in order handle the connection issue properly.

Testing Matters: It is a known fact that emulators or simulators fasten the process of testing a mobile application, but one cannot ignore the usability of real time testing. A real device might be more effective in handling bugs or issues as compared to the manual devices, which are already available. Debugging Corodova based application can at times be difficult but if you are accustomed with Safari and Chrome, then nothing beats that.


Cordova not only simplifies the app development process, but it saves the development time to a considerable extent. We recommend to the developers that they use an existing framework while making an application. Doing this will not only structure the application but will also add a number of components that will give the mobile application a more native look.

If you want to develop a robust Cordova based iOS or Android app, then write us a mail at sales@unifiedinfotech.net with your requirements.

PHP AND IoT: The Gateway To Successful Web App Development Services

You are tired and comfortably sitting on your couch at your home. You want to have a steamed coffee but there is nobody in the house to make you one. You don’t feel the urge to get up and make a coffee all by yourself. Instead, what you do is switch on the internet and your coffee is ready to be served.

Imagine the above situation coming true!

Three years from now, you are going to experience something similar. Amazed! Yes, this is what Internet of Technology (IoT) is going to do. According to a study done by CISCO, by 2020, more than 50 billion devices are going to be connected with IoT. Business houses are making rapid advances in the technology landscape with such technologies, thus making the workplace adapt to the regulatory requirements and increasing the employee efficiency.

Many household gadgets are constantly being upgraded in order to make them compatible with IoT. Once motion sensors, Wi-Fi adapters, and cameras are embedded in them, they will be completely ready to work.

The Future Is Here

You have already come across the possibilities that IoT can achieve. Now we’ll present some more futuristic things which you can do with

Self-parking of vehicles.

Get notification warnings for your phones or any kinds of wearable devices when there are any potential threats to your device.

Automatic progression of fitness levels, tracking health progress and making reports.

The option of ordering groceries and other household items.

While IoT is making news everywhere for its advance future, it’s partnership with web development can result in the creation of something spectacularly different.

PHP And IoT: A Pathbreaking Discovery

Before we move ahead, let us know about PHP and about its working in detail.

PHP is a server-side scripting language used to make dynamic and interactive web pages. It accumulates all the images used in a website and gives the user an immersive experience. The language works smoothly and is best suited for server-side website development services. While executing the code, PHP runtime plays an important role.

While you might be thinking that IoT limits its usage only within devices, but you have not yet discovered the larger picture. In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to unfold the next big discovery which you can witness with the help of PHP and IoT.

A PHP App Using IoT Device

There’s some good news for PHP developers who are interested in developing IoT applications. Do you know that you can make a PHP app by using an IoT device? We’ll be discussing here in brief detail about the various processes that are involved in making such an app.

Things You Need

You need the following things in order to make a PHP app with an IoT app. Take a look at the list below:

Knowledge of PHP.

A local environment for developing PHP with Apache.

Android Studio.

Blue Mix and Google Account.

IDE or text editor.

A Step-By-Step Explanation

To make things easier, we will take you through a step-by-step process.

Step 1: Connect Bluemix with IoT. The easiest way to do this is to create a Bluemix application first and then bind it with the IoT foundation. Once you have done it, login to your Bluemix account, click on ‘Create App’ and then select ‘ web,’ select the Internet of Things Foundation Starter boilerplate and click ‘Create’ in the ‘Create an App’ area.

Step 2: Here, you need to establish a connection between your devices and IoT. Go to the application page and select ‘Internet of Things Foundation Service.’ Doing this isolates your device and its data in a completely separate account. Now, select the ‘Launch Dashboard’ and go follow the steps from ‘creating a device’ to ‘adding a device.’

Step 3: Now install the IoT starter in an android application. In order to this, open Android Studio. Go to ‘Quick Start,’ then select ‘Checkout project from version control’ and choose ‘Git.’ Go to the clone repository dialog now and click on ‘Clone.’ Copy the .apk file from your device and install it with the help of a file manager.

Step 4: This step involves transferring data from Android Starter to IoT. To do this, activate the app which you have installed. There will be a welcome screen, enter the name of the organization with the device identifier and the authentication token. Now, select the ‘Activate sensor’ button. You will start receiving messages different channels of the radio.

Step 5: You need to create an API key for having access to the application in this step. At this stage, you have already got a stream of data which is available in your IoT device. Before that, you need to verify that your application has proper access to IoT. Next, you need to activate the API by the following process:

Activate the IoT Foundation dashboard. Select Access and go to API Keys

Generate an API key

Once you have done this, take the authentication token that has been generated in order to use the values in the following steps.

Step 6: Now, you need to consume the data from IoT with the help of a PHP application. At this stage, the device, as well as the application, can access data from IoT with the help of a messaging protocol called ‘Message Queue Telemetry Transport’ (MQTT). With the help of accelerometer data, you can publish it to the IoT foundation.

Just as in a device, data is published to specific topics, in the same way even an application can consume all the data in the topics. Remember, there are two kinds of topics – cli-app.php and web-app.php. While the first one is useful in running the script at the command line or at the server control; on the other hand, the second one is useful in accessing a script through a web browser.

Wrap Up

The transformation from the analog to the digital world has been characterized by many transformations. It has pushed the world to an advanced place. The successful merger of PHP and IoT will help the 21st-century man to live in a better place.

Pokémon Go – Lessons To Learn By A Mobile App Development Company

You probably know whom to blame if you have been glued to your mobile phone since the last one month. The addiction has reached to such a level that it has superseded Facebook as far as user engagement is concerned. Within a month of this augmented reality game, Pokémon is really riding high with more than 26 million daily users.

Let the stats speak for you.


Image source: SimilarWeb

The intensity of the game is such that previously even games like Temple Run, Candy Crash Saga have not witnessed such global acceptance at such a humongous level. Now looking at it from a business point of view and that too using it as a learning tool by a mobile app development company is something that will help business owners, marketing heads and each one in an organization to make further developments or bring any changes in the way they operate.

So, is it the social part or the fun factor attached with this game that makes it such a huge hit among the masses? Well, all mobile retailers around the world are giving a ball of time with this game and we being an app development company will let you know the different lessons that we can learn from Pokémon Go.

Go The Pokémon Way

Lesson 1: Make Mobile Ready Experiences 

Instead of merely developing an app for enhancing the user experience in desktop or mobile web browsing, one should focus more on developing native apps for making their services available to the end level customer. Here, it is important to study the choices and the preferences of the target audience. Secondly, the uses of native apps enable any web page to open faster, which is a catalyst in increasing the engagement of the customer. Hence, higher conversions lead to increasing revenue.

Lesson 2: Synchronizing Online With Offline

Just as Pokemon Go merges a native app with a mobile device thus connecting the offline with online, in the same way, retailers can promote their product as a brand that can be enjoyed by the customer both at the retail store and in an ecommerce website as well. Merging the world of online and offline has resulted in more engagement. Thus, the concept of multi-channel and omni-channel is made use in just the perfect way. Once, you find a Pokemon, you enter in the virtual world. In the same way, to give a similar delightful experience to the users, retailers can optimize their channels.

Lesson 3: Innovation For More Engagement

If you have been a Pokemon fan, then you must have known about its previous forms starting with a comic character to a movie and then to a toy. By innovating itself into an augmented reality app, it has utilized innovation to increase the user interaction. If the same principle is applied even in case of a mobile app development company. To make your mobile business a hit, you can also combine technology and be in the front line of companies, which is famous for innovation. Geo fencing can be one of the innovative measures that can be adopted.

Lesson 4: Branding Can Sell Everything

Even if you have made one of the finest apps, then you won’t be able to make it popular, until and unless you are branding your product. Think about Pokemon, it has been in the market for more than 20 years, and still continues to rule, the reason? Good branding! So, this can be another takeaway for businesses that branding should form a major part in planning the marketing strategy.

Lesson 5: Going Social Is The Weapon

A business will not come in the public glare unless somebody knows and talks about it. No marketing tool is better than social media. Starting from Facebook to Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, the Pokémon madness has spread everywhere. This is the reason why you, the whole world and me are talking about this.

Factors That Make Pokemon Such A Hit

Engaging To The Core

If you have played the game, then you will know that there are no end to collecting the Pokemons. It is endless. In other games, you will find a pro version or certain levels that ask you to complete in order to reach to the final level. No such things are present in this game. As a result, the users find it more interesting that ultimately increases the engagement level.

Retaining Is the Key

In order to create a strong retention in the mind of the users, Pokémon Go has a unique capture session. You will notice that each angle of Pokémon is different in different angles. The interesting thing to note here is that there is user-generated content behind each session. Moreover, the mastery curve is smooth enough to help you build an array of Pokémon, which will help you to advance in the game further.

Viral Makes It More Popular

You can go on inviting as much friends as you want in this augmented reality game. It allows you to read stories on the internet and know about the player’s experiences. There never has been a game such as this that has spread virally around the whole world. Since, it is related to an existing social graph, this is the reason why people have started liking it so much. Niantic, the maker of the game has more plans already to make the game more interactive in the real world.

The Monetization Factor

When it comes to monetization, there is no doubt in the fact that it is topping the lists of downloads in the app store. It is merely not an unending game, but also gives an opportunity to the player to earn money. By purchasing the license, one can increase the rate of capturing sessions. The players do not have to wait, instead they keep throwing at each other and at the same time enjoy a delightful experience.

Wrap Up!

These lessons are precious for an organization that deals in mobile app development. Once you imply them, you will certainly witness an increase in the customer acquisition and retention. The key to successfully making your product popular among your customers is to market it well like Pokémon Go.