Website Development Service: Decoding RESTful APIs with Laravel and PHP

The word ‘RESTful API’ rests on two things – RESTful and APIs. Both of them combine to create an application program interface. Now, a common question, which might arise in the mind, is “Why website development service companies use it?” The answer is that this programming interface uses HTTP to create a hypermedia-based interface for any website. Representational State Transfer, finds its usage in browsers. Websites like Amazon, Google and LinkedIn often take their help as they are the best solutions for managing cloud-based services.

Combining Modern Technology

To make a good RESTful API, one doesn’t need to apply technical expertise to create an advanced model framework. There are technologies that can do the task quite easily. Here, we will take Laravel and PHP and show you how it is possible to create a RESTful API with their help.

Why Laravel and not any other framework?

That’s because it consists of some of the best PHP frameworks. Moreover, it includes components of Symfony, which is one of the most mature frameworks from PHP. The powerful features comprise of Artisan- a command line interface, ORM and a templating engine. As a developer, who deals in website development service, you get a toolkit to make applications in various sizes and shapes. Installing the program is simply done with Composer and PHP dependency manager. Laravel installation consists of documentation with clear instructions. Any developer having a good knowledge of the MVC model and PHP will find the process quite easier.

RESTful API manages itself in three ways – in client server, stateless and cacheable mode. While the client-server deals with the front end, the server, on the other hand, manages the backend and can replace both of them. Stateless restricts client’s data from storing on the server. Opting for the cacheable performance help browsers to improve their performance. They often take the advantage of Cloud Data Management and Openstack swift to deliver the output to the client. RESTful APIs prevents any kind of hypermedia system from executing any kind of emerging properties. This includes simplification, modification, visibility and improving the performance of the web application.

The client-server architecture has numerous internet media types, response codes, and requests. Therefore, a company dealing in website development service using RESTful API use all the HTTP protocol to enable gateway and proxy components from performing any additional things on the network like security enhancement and caching..

Decoding RESTful API

As discussed in the beginning of this blog, Laravel forms an important part in creating an API which is dependable and at the same time fetched best results to develop a real-time web application. For a company offering website development service, it can be an alternate way to give birth to an easy technology for developing complex applications.

How to do it?

Before starting to work with Laravel and RESTful APIs, keep in mind about the most popular API  formats – PHP, JSON, SOAP, XML-RPC, and REST. You need an API key in order to get access to another API. One of the ways to do it is with ‘Open Automation.’ Also known as oAuth.

Laravel provides an infinitely easier way to execute the APIs. A website development service company can directly make use of the framework to make the finest RESTful APIs. One might jump to the conclusion that even without using a particular route, one can respond to a number of queries, which arise while executing the program. It is one of the most resourceful things, which you have in your hand.

Use of Resource Controller

Closure callbacks are one of the ways to reply directly on the routes.php file. While making an application, shifting response logic to controllers are one of the primary things done in order to keep the code organized. We can either define the routes for the action or can also reduce the hassle by using Laravel with the help of Resource controllers. Instead of using the Route.get, one can also use the command to create a NameController.php. As a web app development company, one can also define many routes and name the resource.

Correct Authentication

Often considered as the primary characteristic of API, a developer can implement authentication in a number of ways. Since we are talking here of Laravel, we will take a look at how we can implement it along with the technology after using it with the basic HTTP. Previously, it was the basic authentication process for configuring the web server like Nginx and Apache, but now there is more than one detail used. Remember, when you are using it for the basic HTTP authentication process, keep in mind that you configure it an updated server.

Take Care of Migrations

While executing a RESTful API, two major things are important – The stats table and the polls table. While the polls table stores all the polls, the stats table keeps the stats with themselves. Create a model with a great database Laravel migration. One way to do it is by creating the migration table with the help of artisan migrate. Make a table name and use the questions. Leave the options, by selecting the user. Keep a number of options available as you might require them in some other situations. You can also take the help of database seedings and use it with Laravel.

Routing Helps

There is a RESTful user interface, which uses commands like the post, put and deletes. All the three accepts two kinds of arguments- router name and closure action. Subsequently, one can also define the closure action of the router. Routing closures are often the best way to deal with it. Remember, route closures are just the perfect choice for making web applications on a smaller scale and for making prototypes. If you want to make larger applications, always go for controllers. They ensure organizing the code in a better way.

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Web Design Company In USA: 5 Secrets To UX Design For Maximum User Interaction

A good design intoxicates a visitor. It evokes the senses in any person who has abandoned five or six websites just because it didn’t appeal him the right way. There is a sense of emotion that triggers him the moment he comes across a great design. Any web design company in USA focuses more to establish an emotional connection with the visitor apart from considering the aesthetics of a website. A humanistic design is what matters the most to somebody who is visiting a website.

UX Design = Human Design

According to a report by Adobe, 39% people stop engaging if the images take too long to upload and 38% of them abandon the website if they didn’t find the layout of the website attractive. These figures are reminiscent of the fact that it is the interaction, which matters the most to any visitor. People look for something, which gives special attention to them and at the same time engage them. The same concept is applicable even in the case of UX design. The overall objective is to make them visit a website and keep coming back again and again. Earlier, interacting with a computer was all about codes, but today it is about communicating with a person directly.

As the world is moving towards robot technology, one should not fail to understand that it was a human brain, which discovered the possibility of creating a human-like a thing such as a robot, to perform actions by applying codes. Hence, it is necessary to design keeping in mind about what elicits a response in the human brains. Now, there is more than one way to make a human driven design apart from making appealing designs and using flowery elements such as messaging bots and voice recognition. So, all of these come down to one thing – UX design. In other words, user interaction is the key to getting more customers.

Why would a web design company in USA go for a UX design might sometimes emerge in your mind. Well, it simplifies plenty of websites, which have a complex navigation structure. It acts as a guide to a user to help him find the relevant information in a clear and crisp manner. As a result, the user experiences increases to a considerable extent. It cuts down the period of projects with a longer timeframe. A website with a great UX saves time as well as the cost of the company. Talking from another perspective, a start-up adapts it as a more convenient weapon to create a place in the user’s mind in the competitive market.

Unveiling The Secrets To UX Design

Connecting with the users is one of the fundamental things when it comes to increasing the user experience.  As a leading web design company in USA, we will share with you the secrets that increase user interaction and ultimately lead to more revenue generation.

Secret 1: Make Design Effortless And Conventional

You cannot change the screen size and the devices. What you can change is the way things render and how easily can your design adapt itself to various environments. If you want the right design, then it must be comfortable to use. Always keep in mind that thumb patterns, especially on a mobile device, should be easily accessible. Adjust the contrast accordingly, because there are people accessing the internet through desktop in clear lighting conditions and people accessing them through mobile in various lighting conditions. Motions and movements create a delightful experience for the user as a website design company in USA.

Secret 2: Use Emotional Intelligence

Designing should be such that it should attach the user at an emotional level. It establishes faith and trust among the audience. One of the easiest ways to emotionally attach the user is, by using colors. They stir up various emotions inside the human mind. For instance: red color raises the excitement level, green denotes prosperity, purple conveys luxury. Remember, adding elements won’t stir up emotions at all. It depends upon the kind of message, which goes to the customers. In this way, it will create a brand loyalty among the customers and they will look for your products.

Secret 3: Trigger Mental Alert

A good design is also about understanding the human psychology. People always look for relevant information, something that gives the solutions to their problems. They will always remember anything, which is unique and appealing. Users take less than a second to go through the interface of a website. If the website fails to impress the visitors, then you lose a visitor to another web design company in USA. Whether it is a visual thing or a text based one, just be sure that the tone of communication is conversational. You can take the example of Bose. The website is attractive and creates a mental alert.

Secret 4: Keep Simple Designs

What is one of the most common thing between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? It’s the simplicity in their design that helps them to get the maximum user attention. Another interesting thing to notice about these social media websites are that all of them have grown in complexity over the years. However, the design has remained simple throughout. While choosing the color, keep in mind about the cultural preferences, keep ample space and let the design breathe, for typography starts with sans serif style. You can keep modifying it in future.

Secret 5: Keep Humans In Mind

The last but not the least thing is that not to forget about the humans. During each stage of your project, keep this thing in mind. One way to do it is by starting to create a personality around it. Do a research about the behavior of your target customers in different environments. As a web design company in USA, you must know about the actions that elicit responses among your customers. Once you are aware of their behavior, you can confidently turn the attention of the readers towards your website.

Always keep in mind that a design with a slight human touch is what makes your design tangible. Communication is the key that always drives users in. It is one of the most convenient ways to create an impact on the target audiences. An easy to understand the website is the primary thing to create the maximum followers to your website.

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Mobile App Development in USA: Overcoming Challenges In Automation Testing

The mobile application testing environment in today’s digital world has occupied a pivotal position especially in a situation where iOS, android, and windows have covered the mobile app development in USA. In such as scenario, QA or the role of Quality Analyst is one area where companies are spending maximum money for delivering a robustly tested mobile application to the client. Automation Testing serves as an instant solution to test the functionality of the app. Not only this, it just gives the perfect solution for making complicated mobile applications.

Mobile Automation – Why we need it?

An automation testing is similar to any strategic plan, which a company applies to get better output and the best results. Though it fetches good results, but unfortunately, the challenges pose as a restraint to most of the developers. This is the reason why most of the organizations are now going for open tool sources. Not only this, vendors are even searching for cloud opportunities now in order to find a more suitable way that can eliminate the challenges related to mobile automation. One thing, which companies should keep in mind, is that mobile automation is not something that to take lightly; rather it is one of essential elements, which a developer should take care of.

When it comes to mobile app development in USA, with perfect mobile automation, developers are still myopic about the industry trends and the real benefits it offers. In fact, there are a number of things, which a company must look into. Automaton is not something, which will ultimately amalgamate with business channels and evolve to create a completely new framework. Hence, companies should look for opportunities to mix mobile, web and desktop testing in a singular strategy and make use of the best tools available to them. QA or Quality Analysis is another factor to consider here. Mobile app development teams must look for ways to improve the overall quality of the application.

Another factor, which a company must look into, is that interdependency between the development process and quality assurance. Companies should stop looking into code intrusive tools and instead focus on interdependencies. It plays an important role as it ensures just the flawless mobile application testing. Well, talking about the automation, there are currently some challenges, which a tester has to face during the final stages of testing. As a leading company, which deals with mobile app development in USA, we will share with you on overcoming the most common challenges in automation testing along with their solutions.

Overcoming Challenges In Automation

Now it’s time to bring forth to you some of the most common faced by the developers with a solution.

Challenge 1: Automation Testing

The proofs of concept take more time and don’t close down so easily. As a result, automation doesn’t produce the desired result as compared to manual testing. It takes more time.

Our Solution

Calculate the cost before you start automation. Measure the deviations of estimated and actual efforts. This will help you to identify the gray areas, whether it is due to lack of automation skills or improper selection tools. While estimating the cost of the project, keep various factors in mind such as script preparation effort, defects logging efforts, environmental setup and setting up the application for design.

Challenge 2: Setting Up the Automation Tool

The presence of a plethora of tools makes it very difficult for a developer to decide which the best one to choose is. In addition to this, the presence of multiple architectures complicates things.

Our Solution

Make a specific task during the project in order to evaluate and select the POC. Selection of tool is very important. While choosing the project, do consider various mobile OS such as iOS, android, and hybrid. Don’t take those tools which require a programming interface for modifying scripts. It is necessary to make changes in reporting. A tool that works on both stimulators and devices is the best one to go for.

Challenge 3: Locating UI Elements

Most of the time it is seen that automation tool fails to find the location of the UI elements as the presence of numerous elements finds too many elements with the same identification. The tool cannot find specific elements in a particular page.

Our Solution

As a company that deals in mobile app development in USA avoid using an automation tool, which doesn’t support UI elements. It is an intensive task as the costs involved with it are expensive. If you are developing a hybrid or Android application then use UIAutomator. In case you are developing iOS, them use tools like locators like ObjectSpy and Appium.

Challenge 4: Testing Dependencies

Scripting becomes difficult at times as knowledge of API is primary along with the right programming skills. On the other hand, Dependency Testing requires recording and requires the developers to export to other languages.

Our Solution

Always use API based framework for looping and parameterization. Use looping even if it still doesn’t offer support. This will reduce the length of the script and make a developer easier to understand. One can also change script data without making any necessary changes in the script itself. Another best practice is to use a multi-tier approach, which suits the application.

Challenge 5: Reporting And Integration

If you do not have any planned continuous integration, it will have a negative effect on the project. You will face an issue with the delivery date of the client. To get the integration keep working, it is necessary to fine-tune it. For each project and application, you need a separate pipeline set up.

Our Solution

Plan it before executing the project. Make automated builds, set the duration of the automated test run and create a notification for each one of them. Take advantage of the ICIP (Continuous Integration Platform) which hosts standard tool sets. Always remember that you should never re-insert your USB during an automation run.

To get that perfect mobile application, it is mandatory to make use of automation testing tools in a proper way by companies involved in mobile app development in USA. Various factors such as environment set up, location elements, UI settings, ensure on time delivery of a project which helps a company to earn a great reputation.

As a technology company, which deals with mobile app development in USA, we are proud of our quality analysts and testers who have offered exceptionally high-quality mobile application test results. If you have any projects, which requires robustly tested products, then you can send us an email at

Six Sureshot Ways To Boost Traffic Through Website Redesign in USA

As per Hubspot, the bounce rate of a website increases due to two factors – users are unable to find the right information they look for and the web page was very complicated when it came to using it. The market of website redesign in USA is changing today. A well-designed website rests on a number of factors like research about the customers, rebranding and implementing the research insight in the website for successful implementation.

Website Redesign – The Necessity 

The tradition of using Flash to make an attractive website has long been out of the trend. A dull looking website drives away all the traffic and most importantly fails to connect with the customers. Users always look for more engaging things that bring out the best and let them feel more special. Website redesign in USA has gone a level up by offering its targeted customers a redesigned website with a completely new appearance and a fresh new look. The online world is today replete with a number of websites along with appealing designs. To stand out among them requires a strong USP. If you have that,as a businessman, then it’s good, or else there is one more way out – Website redesign.

A great website redesign constitutes taking care of all aspects present in your website. The primary task here is not only concerned with changing the designing elements, rather it also includes changing the non-designing elements as well. For instance: changing the navigational structure, coding and other technical aspects of a page. Making such changes can bring direct results for your company and ensure guaranteed positive changes in the company’s growth. This is one aspect of a business, which always brings success. So, the next time you go for a redesign, you must know that it is not one but multiple aspects taken together to change a website.

If the question “Should I go for a website redesign?” is still making rounds around your head, then we must say that you will reap the following benefits if you go for one.

Create a mobile friendly website

Give a more professional look

Break the monotonous design from a user’s perspective

Score over the call-to-action words

Live up to the expectations of the customers

Well, by now you must have realized about the necessity of website redesign in today’s world.

Boosting Website Traffic With a Great Redesign

Redesigning your website can really fetch some very good results. If you apply them in the correct way, then it is time to brush up your redesigning skills and start getting the maximum leads for your website.

But how will you do it?

Don’t worry as a company that deals in website redesign in USA, we are here to give you a complete solution on how will you utilize your skills to redesign a website and get the maximum website visitors.

Keep An Eye Over Analytics

Analyze the current behavior of your target customers. Once you have analyzed it, then keep a record of it. This will include the number of visitors in your website, bounce rate, time spent on the website, domain authority, a number of leads and the total sales generated. The best way to do it is by keeping a Google Analytics account.

Overcome Difficulties With Assets

Redesigning a web page comes with a hefty price if you have not taken any backup previously. Your current website consists of many assets. By ‘assets,’ we mean the most shared content, the page with the maximum traffic and the number of inbound links. So, before redesigning a web page, always keep a backup of all your data.

Design For the Target Audience

Believe it or not! If you are not successful in making a website interesting to the users, they will abandon the website immediately. It is, therefore, necessary to speak them in their language. Study closely about their tastes and preferences and know the thing they like the best. You can then accordingly make the website.

Optimize Your Website

You can call this as the golden rule. Yes, optimizing your website can bring all those loose ends together and make it a better one in terms of visibility in the search engine. You can do this by keeping an account of your most researched page, creating a 301 redirecting strategy and know your shortcomings. Remember, that every page requires a keyword to drive more visitors. Take advantage of SEO and optimize your header and footer tags.

Make a Great Content Strategy

A great content on a website is the key towards getting more customers. Fresh content with relevant keywords not only brings more traffic to the website, in fact, it also generates more leads. You can start with a blog with relevant information about the current industry trends or any other updates. Write press releases of your products giving more information about your products and services.

Target Your Audience Well

No marketing is possible without the right knowledge of the customer base. As a businessman, it is mandatory for you to know about the likes and dislikes of your customers. Once you are aware of your preferences, you can easily understand what do they expect from you.

Tracking The Changes After Redesign

Merely implementing the changes doesn’t suffice. You need to measure its effects as well. Factors like bounce rate matter a lot. Website redesign in USA will not be successful until and unless you measure its efficiency.

Benchmark Your Performance: You can evaluate the current performance of the website in three ways – goal conversion rate, bounce rate and page visit per session. You can track the goal conversion rates with Google analytics. At the same time, it also shows the percentage of bounce rate. Pages per session time will help you to determine the average time spent by the user on your website.

Keep A Track On Traffic Quality: Now that you have got a new appearance for your website, it is very important that you keep a constant watch on the traffic movement. Keep a watch to assess whether website redesign has doubled or not as compared with the previous designs. This will give you a fair idea about the impact of adding or deleting a particular element from a website.

Generate A Report: With the help of Google Analytics, you can prepare a report and maintain it throughout the year to compare the performance of your website right after the website redesign in USA. It is a very easy process to keep on evaluating your website’s performance and improve it subsequently. No need to rely on any external sources, these tools will help you to constantly monitor the performance.

Wrap Up

With the change in preferences of customers, there is an increasing need of website redesign in USA today. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to live up to their expectations. One of the ways to do is by redesigning your website if needed. However, it is always recommended that you always take a backup first before going for a redesign.

Are you experiencing a drop in the number of visitors in your website or do you think that your current design is dull? Then we can give your website a new makeover with guaranteed increase in visitors and more leads. Just send us an email at with your requirements and we will get back with you.

Mobile App Development: Engage More With 5 Push Notification Strategies

Instant notification on your mobile phone or in technical terms ‘push notification’ has made the lives of mobile users convenient. The hassle of opening an app to get access to a message or get updates has become obsolete now. Mobile app development in USA has successfully seen a growth in the last few years. Push notification has played a pivotal role in creating an engaging application as it boosts the engagement level by 88% as per a report by Localytics Data Team. Both Google and iOS have adapted this measure as a strategy to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Need For Push Notification

Having a great app is not the only thing, which users expect from a mobile application, rather, it is more about raising their engagement level. In fact the number of downloads is what matters to a businessman who is looking for developing an app. As a company which deals in mobile app development in USA, there are two important situations that an app developer has to overcome – Optimize the flow of the end user and including the key elements for raising the engagement level of the users. Well, the system was first introduced by Google in order to make it convenient for users to get hold of the latest updates in terms of receiving in message.

Reminding users about the latest updates becomes easier with the push notification function. Giving the right notifications at the right time with relevant details is the primary role of a notification. It makes a user aware of any activity, either in the social circles and get updates about an application. What matters in a push notification is the extent to which the app for the users permission while using the app. Research suggests that users who have spent at least three sessions in the app have an average rate of 35% of not opting out of the application. Thus, a push notification strategy for mobile app development in USA serves as a strategy to engage more customers.

Now-a-days, many mobile app development company in USA has realized the importance of including the push notification while developing an app. It helps them to emerge as a brand and to keep the customers engaged in an app. There are some interesting functions of this feature, which raise the engagement level of the mobile users. For instance: you can customize the message for a specific set of your users re-arrange the content for them and deliver it right in their mobile phones. On the other hand, one can witness the surge in a website’s traffic by updating customers about its latest offerings with the right push notification strategy.

Engage More Customers With 5 Push Notification Strategies

Today, things like app store optimization matters a lot to a mobile app development company in USA. Though many companies adapt push notification, but few of them know about the right strategies. We will guide you through the best 5 push notification strategies which will raise the engagement level of the users.

1st Strategy: Nail It With Opt In

The only way to engage the customer is the first impression. There’s never another opportunity to convince the customer other than this. A well-designed strategy therefore is the key towards creating a fantastic push notification for your mobile app. It might not be possible in the first notification, however you can take advantage of the splash screen. What you can do is send an appealing message with a call-to-action word. Don’t force them to try the app, keep the option of ‘no thanks’ as some of them might not like them.

2nd Strategy: Make It More Personal

Messages that contain more personalized messages evoke a customer to open a message four times than the normal rate as per research. Always segment your customers based on their preferences and tastes. Now, design the message exactly the way they like it. You can do this by keeping a close account on the ‘recently viewed items’ or the ‘favorite’ items. With customized messages, users will certainly re-open a message to check your deals or offers. As a company which deals in mobile app development in USA, we take personalized approaches to engage the customer.

3rd Strategy: Offer Till Limited Period

Keep the saying, “Good things come in small packs” in mind. Now, devise your notification strategy accordingly. Keep the most attractive offer of the day limited till a certain period of time. This will rouse curiosity among the customers and they will keep looking for such offers more and more. For instance: you can announce the offer and keep it limited till one day. Don’t forget to become creative and appealing.

4th Strategy: Send Them App Updates

Let the users know about the latest update on your apps. Many users forget to turn on the app notification option, hence, it is important to tap that section of the customers. They should get auto updates about any recent changes made in the application. In this case, creating a customized notification about the app would prove to be fruitful. The only way to engage your existing customers is by designing the best application with great functionalities.

5th Strategy: Make Them Realize What They Missed

Sometimes it might happen that customers have skipped the most important part of the sale. They might have gone on to some other websites. Here, stands the opportunity to make the customers realize about what important things did they miss. Send a personalized push notification message and let them know about the various changes made like a new design and other interesting features.

Mobile app development in USA has undergone a metamorphosis with the recent changes made in the push notification strategy. They are one of the ways to get closest to their target customers. You can use these strategies as a part of your New Year plan for expanding your business network.

Are you planning to develop a mobile application with the least bugs? Or a robustly tested application? then connect with us today for the best mobile application development in USA. Just send us an email at and we will get back to you.

E-Commerce Web Development Design Trends For 2017

The year 2016 was all about Google’s ‘Material Design’ and ‘Responsive Design.’ Now, with only a month left for the New Year to arrive, curiosities are bound to arise on what’s next in store? On the other hand, a report released by Smart Insights suggests that 8.58% of tablet devices account for most of the e-commerce sales. With designing forming a formidable part in the creating an online store, the market of ecommerce web development in USA is rapidly emerging.

E-Commerce And Web Design Correlation

There is a direct co-relation between an e-commerce website and web designing. In the middle of fierce business competition around the world, there is a need for sustainability and for making such a website that performs. It is important to remember that at the end of the day all that matters is the revenue it earns. The reality is that consumers today not only look for information on a website today, rather they look for something else, which would appeal to them visually as well. A dull website with simple design scores high on the index of customers leaving the website, whereas a website with the latest designing trends clicks easily with customers.

The results of an e-commerce website with dull graphics could be detrimental. It can easily bring down the lead generation, reduce the exposure of your website and make a bad impression of the website in the market. So, why settle for an ordinary website when you can easily settle with the best website design solutions? A great web design not only evokes responses among the users rather it helps a business to establish it as a brand. In this digital era, a logo or any prominent designing will help customers to easily identify the brand easily among all the users.

One common question, which might arise in your mind as an entrepreneur or a company, which deals in e-commerce web development in USA, is “How to establish communication with the customers?” Well, for there are three important areas – value of the company, vision of the website and industry specific knowledge. When it comes to effective visual communication, one should share the value of the company in a clear and effective way through persuasive design. An industry specific knowledge, on the other hand, makes possibilities for new sales. Communicating the mission of the company lets the customers understand what keeps your organization moving.

E-Commerce Trends That Will Rule 2017

Trend 1: Mobile Design To Evolve Further

It’s not about adaptive or responsive design. This idea was to make a website easier to access on a mobile screen. Many designers and companies who dealt with e-commerce web development in USA had put CSS files as they had the misconception of the site as its desktop version. In 2017, this is going to change. Websites will start using hamburger menus by occupying the complete width of the screen. The dominance of buttons, icons, and images of large size is going to increase.

Trend 2: Growth Of Material Design

In 2014, the emergence of Material Design had sent ripples across the designing world thus facilitating the process of designing. It has helped many companies to establish their brand identity as well. Many e-commerce stores included a card like layouts, transitions, and responsive animations. In 2017, the same trends are going to continue and Material Design is going to soar. No doubt, websites and e-commerce web development in USA are going to benefit from it.

Watch this video to get more clarity on material design

Trend 3: Lazy Loading Speed With Long Scrolls

Don’t get disheartened by the word, ‘Lazy loading.’ This will prove to be beneficial instead. Normally, when it takes more time to load a page, there always stands a chance to add more products, so that the user is not bored. In 2017, more products will come in one single page. So, instead of loading a completely new page, now a customer can see more products in one single page view.

Trend 4: Left Side Hamburgers

The normal trend of keeping the hamburger menu on the right side is going to change. From 2017, onwards, you will see it on the left side. Wondering why? Well, according to the bootstrap framework, designers had put the navigation bar on the right side by default. From next year, one will see the hamburger menu on the left side. Even the search engine giant, Google has started following the trends.

Trend 5: GIFs, Cinemagraphs, And More

Remember, the moving funny short clips, which had occupied the internet all over? Yes, GIFs are going to make a comeback again in 2017. This time it will come back as cinemagraph. It is a still picture with a small animated portion. In other words, it is a short video clip to make the appearance of an e-commerce website more eye-catchy. They can be present on the home pages as a banner and in the form of a video.

Trend 6: Use Of Bright Colors

In 2017, websites will focus more on the demographics of the audience. On the basis of websites which people of a specific age group access, e-commerce websites will tune the color to match the choice and preferences of the website. The e-commerce web development in USA mainly stresses on improving the overall user experience of the prospective customers so that they ultimately transform into real customers.

Many things await in the coming year. With a metamorphosis-taking place in the information technology and e-commerce web development in USA, the design will become an integral part for marketers who want to increase their online presence.

As a premiere e-commerce web development company in USA, we have developed panache for creating e-commerce websites with compelling designs and attractive layouts. You can connect with us if you want your website to stand out from the crowd. Just send us an email at and we will get back to you.

Web App Development: 5 HTML5 Mistakes Along With Solutions

The principle reason behind creating HTML5 was to synchronize all mobile applications in various platforms. You might get some similarity of this Hyper Text Markup Language with Adobe Flash as both these applications enable you to play both audio and video. The only difference between the two lies in the usage of components such as JavaScript and CSS3. The evolution of the language in web app development in USA started from 2012 when the World Wide Web Consortium started to lay more focus on creating a single standard application.

What Makes HTML5 Special?

With each version of HTML, it is getting better. It is no doubt that even the fifth version is going to surprise the developers. In the latest version, three new features namely audio, canvas and video empower and increase the capability of the language. Powered by these features, HTML5 has increased its capability to play both audio and video. The other notable features are the scalable vector graphics and MathML. They support the mathematical formulas. To make it easier for the end user, six more elements have come in this version; they are an article, section, header, nav, aside and footer. They enrich the semantic contents present in the document.

On the other side, there are many input elements, which are still present. It is a well-known fact that menu and cite option have been a part of HTML. They are still present in the new version with subtle changes. However, there is some syntax which doesn’t exist anymore are the centre, frame, and font. CSS has replaced them with improved capabilities. One good news is that API and DOM are now an important part of HTML5. This is one markup language, which will work on all platforms and is one of most anticipated technologies, which the web app development in USA has been waiting for.

When it comes to applicability, 153 out of 500 Fortune 500 companies use HTML5 as a programming language. Using the language has helped them to reap profits of about $4.2 trillion, which is almost 34.4% of the total revenue earned by the companies in one financial year. When it comes to industry-specific usage of the language, the materials and glass industry lead the league followed by computer software, entertainment and communication industry. Well, one important reason why web app development in USA companies flock to HTML5 is that it can easily process data like data and images.

HTML5 Mistakes Developers Make With Solutions

Regardless of the kind of application, there are some most common mistakes, which an HTML developer might make while executing it. We, as a leading company of web app development in USA are here to make you aware of those flaws along with the solution.

So, take a look at the five most common HTML5 mistakes and how to avoid them easily.

Relying on Local Storage

When the internet came to usage for the first time, one could find small data left by web applications on the computer. For instance: user data, locally shared objects and browser data from Microsoft were something, which was far behind the normal data sharing process. Depending on local storage was an impediment definitely.

Solution: Do not ever store security on a local storage disk. Doing this leaves the possibility of the data to be vulnerable to third party access. At least, it is the best solution instead of using cookies. One can store session storage and local storage values at any time.

Working With Compatible Browsers

The interpretation of HTML5 in various in different browsers. This is something which s similar to JavaScript. It is a painful thing to reduce the time between deviation in various browsers. Connecting more platforms and devices makes the problem more complicated. Some of them even ignore vital elements of HTML5.

Solution: Use web animations and run them in Chrome or Opera. Take advantage of the notification feature to enable the user from creating a web page like email delivery. Plan well, for any browser compatibility to deal with issues, in advance.

High-Performance Expectations

Just because HTML5 finds its usage in many high profile companies, you cannot expect a company that works in web app development in USA to make use of it. The reality is that many development teams are not finding the language too convenient as they expected it to be.

Solution: Do not give up your expectations so early, because many game development companies are implementing HTML5 in the finest manner possible. They are using the language even in their browsers to give even better user experience.

IDEs Makes Better WebPages

Using IDEs for developing a web page because the code is not in use, is another common mistake which developers commit. No web app development in USA using IDE can make better use of a code apart from DreamWeaver. When you write a code in one IDE it Is completely portable to another IDE.

Solution: Use a text editor like Notepad++. Now run the page in hosting or through a server. Avoid IDEs if you are new in the industry of web app development in USA. They just make thing more complex and creates an obstruction in development.

Using Too Much Text Editors

Most of the developers have the habit of using text editors while writing fresh code or modifying the code in case the code doesn’t work out easily. Any developer who is new in the web app development world can make use of it easily. Using many text editors not only creates confusion but also results in wrong coding.

Solution: Write code smoothly along with the correct extension. Notepad comes as a handy tool for writing a code. Syntax highlighting is one of the major benefits for these kinds of editors. Don’t forget to save it with the right extension.


All the mistakes mentioned above are common and is the result of implementing HTML5 directly on the website in various browsers. One must avoid the common problems to deliver the best results efficiently. One should spend more time in understanding the latest features of HTML5 and then implement them according to the project requirements.

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How To Ensure A Complete Bug-Free Mobile App Development

So, if you have been thinking that in your next project you are surely going to impress the client by delivering a bug-free mobile application, then you are wrong probably. It’s a myth that exists in mobile app development in USA. There can never be a single application, which runs without any bugs. Small security problems, bad network connections, handling privacy settings and validating user inputs are some of the common problems, which arises while developing an app. However, with the right strategy, one can easily overcome them to ensure a less bug-free mobile application.

Security Issues In Mobile App Development

Numerous studies related to mobile application bugs reveal that software bugs support 40% of failures, whereas 60% of them are security issues in an app. Hence, improving the security of an app is the primary way to enhance the reliability of a mobile app. To immune an app from getting vulnerable to virus attacks or any kind of security breach, developers use many tools and imply technology to deliver the best mobile app development in USA. Testing plays an important role here. A properly tested app is a guarantee of a robust product. It creates faith and trust in a client, as he gets an assurity of a quality product.

Identifying architectural flaws and other security weak spots are simultaneous tasks in mobile app development. This starts from the beginning stages of testing to avoid the humongous process of retesting while sending the final application to the client. As a developer, the task not only lies in debugging the issues but also ensures that no third party gets access to sensitive user information. To leave no room for errors, sometimes developers use code from other developers. Though this practice is not illegal, but one should always use the code depending upon the app’s requirements. In a nutshell, reading the code carefully before writing it, is necessary from a developer’s end.

Coming to mobile app security, there are three critical problems, which a developer has to solve – making a device risk free, prevent sensitive data leakage and restriction of risk related transactions. A risk-free device may be susceptible to risk at the time when it allows an app to access all the personal details of a user. As a developer, one can set limits to it and allow only some selected apps to do it. Coming to data leakage, businesses may fall prey to sensitive data leakage. Here, an option for cloud storage would act as the ultimate security measure.

Ensuring A Bug-Free Mobile App Development

As discussed in the beginning of this blog that ensuring a completely bug-free mobile app is not possible. However, as a developer, one can take steps that minimum bugs remain from his end. As a leading firm for mobile app development in USA, we’re here to guide you through the mobile app development process that ensures fewer bugs from the developer’s side.

Do Code Reviews – Why?

Reviewing a code from another or a group of developers brings out many fallacies. If you skip something in the middle, another technical person can catch it quickly. Many companies depend on pair programming. Here, two developers write a code simultaneously. The use of code reviews is immensely important in those apps where the role of security related code comes to usage. Hence, advanced coding facilitates in leaving fewer bugs in an app.

Go For Beta Tests – Why?

Releasing the beta version is the most common way of testing the acceptance of your mobile apps by the end user. The benefit is that you can test the application again and again to find more relevant bugs. Users might find issues with different versions of operating systems installed in their systems. Hence, this eases the work of developer for finding bugs. Just make sure that your app has all the functionalities before you give it for the final testing.

Rely On Automated Tests – Why?

Want to test application programming interfaces, user interfaces and application modules? automated tests are the perfect ones to go for. It is not necessary for you to be a good tester to make the best use of automated tests. In fact, you can take the help of unit testing for developing the important parts of the application. Plenty of unit testing frameworks is available which one can make use of.

Handling Error Reports – Why?

Even before you sit down to resolve the issues, determine the kind of problems your users are experiencing. If you have an application, which runs on the trial version, then remember that users won’t get in touch with you. Use automated error and reporting techniques in order to make the process of testing easier. While preparing error reports, one should identify the problem, include log files and version numbers.

Employ Dedicated Testers – Why?

Quality assurance is an important thing in mobile app development in USA. You must have numerous testers particularly dedicated for a single project. Sometimes, applications are too complicated and require the competency of experienced testers. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to financially support testers. In such a situation, one develops can test each other’s code.

Use Virtual Machines – Why?

To make a robust application requires you to test it on numerous operating systems and various environments. Apart from testing the application, you will get a plenty of time to test it in various virtual machines. For various operating systems, it is good to make images of standard sizes, test them and then finally upload them on the server. Whenever you want to test, you can use the base images without even installing the OS.

A Good Debugger – Why?

Various web app development platforms such as Python, Ruby and PHP make it difficult to debug. So, an IDE like Visual Studio will give you the best strategy. With a good debugger, you can neutralize the risk of development. No need to identify or solve bugs, changing code parts and a few print statements will do that easily.

Wrap Up

Making a mobile application completely bug free is like shooting an arrow at an unidentified object. There will be some issues anywhere or the other. However, as a developer, one can always reduce the number of bugs to bring more stability in the mobile app development in USA.

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