Ecommerce Website Development: 5 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Conversions In New Year

This year online ecommerce retailers witnessed a phenomenal growth. As per emarketer, the sales will reach to an approximate $27 trillion by 2020. The ever-expanding ecommerce market is a proof of people’s obsession for online shopping. Ecommerce website development is forming a significant part to improve website conversions. Many new entrepreneurs fail to realize that apart from web presence, conversions also matter. We are moving towards the digital era. A consumer-based approach will bring us closer to the target audience.

Creating An Engaging Ecommerce Website

Without engagement, nothing succeeds in the ecommerce domain. Online shopping is an inherent part in everybody’s life. People rarely have the time to visit a brick and mortar store. This is the reason all online shopping websites are going mobile.  People are now looking for a more personalized experience. Instore shopping has replaced with online shopping. Many websites are already prevailing in the market. A website with unique looks, attracts more visitors. An ecommerce website development company can offer the perfect solution. It can help to create a successful brand name of a business. The only way to do that is through a perfect user interface.

There are multiple factors which appeals to a customer in an ecommerce website development. Personalization is one of them. Research suggests that customers like to have the same experience like a store. They also expect the same in-store shopping ambience. With better customer service, you can increase the customer experience. On the other hand, emotion plays a crucial role. For instance: creating wish lists is an interesting way to get the attention of the customers.  This helps them to get the exact products they are looking for. As a result, the marketer gets customers in the form of leads. Hence, emotional driven shopping is the primary thing.

Another factor is the presence in social media. Relying too much on social networks might not work every time. Retailers need to understand one thing. There is a difference between impulse buying and social media platforms. Mere presence on social media doesn’t guarantee success. Promotional content and increasing followers won’t materialize. If there are no conversions, all the effort goes in vain. Hence, an ecommerce website development company should focus more on creating the ultimate experience. Devote ample time and resources, if you want to generate more revenue through customers.

5 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Conversions

As the New Year descends, it is time to focus more on the functionality of the website. We suggest five fascinating ways to improve your ecommerce conversions in 2017.

Proper Brand Messaging

To connect customers at an emotional level, it is important to convey a proper brand message. Always put the core value on the home page. It must assure the visitors that they have arrived at the right place. Free shipping is another important feature. Your website visitors must know about the shipping costs. Seek the feedback of the customers. Ask them what issues do they face while checking out. For instance: you can show your customers the actual color of the product.

Evaluate Site Performance

There are two important factors to consider here – mobile aesthetics and mobile performance. The users of your website should not struggle with the web page when it comes to mobile. All the content should align vertically and ensure the best browser experience. Speed of a web page also matters a lot. It should not take too long for the web page to open in mobile. Information must not miss in desktop or mobile. 73.9% leave the website if the site is slow. As an ecommerce website development company, one must keep this in mind.

Seamless Website Navigation

Don’t make users struggle with navigation. Make it as smooth as possible. You can either opt for mega menus or for breadcrumbs. Mega menus enable users to locate the products with categories and sub categories. On the other hand, breadcrumbs prevent the user from going to the back menu. Users don’t have to return back to the user multiple times to go back to his or her previous search. It facilitates the user interface of a website. At the same time, it makes the visitor stay long on the website.

Optimized Product Page

This is one of the most important part of your website. It’s the product page through which your customers get to know the products. The page must answer the questions of your customers. Use high quality photograph to help your users get an actual view of the product. The best thing is to include product videos. This will give your users a live demonstration of the product he or she is about to purchase. Videos are quite helpful in making the right purchasing decision.

Smooth Checkout Process

This is one of the most fundamental parts in ecommerce. The moment the customers arrive at the ‘Add to cart’ page, they should get a full view of the purchased items. Suggest visual cues to the customers to let them know the navigation path. Make the whole checkout process simple. Prevent your customers from leaving the website through a detailed checkout process. Remember, that emailers can be an interesting way to get back customers to the website.

Conversions always play an important role in an ecommerce website. In 2017, the competition will get more tough. There are plenty of ecommerce players already existing in the market. These five important tips will help you to get the best leads. You will stay ahead of the competitors and give a fresh new start to your business.

As an ecommerce website development company, we offer an all round solution to your business. You can trust us if you want your ecommerce website to develop. Send us an email to and we will get back to you.


Website Design Trends Which Will Fetch Great Results in 2017

Designers had a wonderful equation with technology since the last few years. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript engines played a pivotal role to facilitate a designer. Previously, a website design company never had so many options at their disposal. The combination of creativity and technology has opened many new avenues for designers. As the year is about to end, a new set of web design trends will emerge. On the eve of New Year, websites will surprise users with interactive designs. In fact, there are a number of other interesting things, which will come up.

Web Design and User Interaction

Leaving an impression on the mind of users through interactive design is the key. In the 21st century, a user interface with an interactive layout works best. The digital transformation era is undergoing through a creative makeover. Designing here plays a pivotal role. A website design company brings the latest designing trends to the table. It makes your website look even more appealing. Impressing the visitors is no more a tough task these days. With user- oriented designs, one can catch the attention of the user easily. Navigation tools, interactive elements constitute the major part of web designing. Every business has the innate desire to create an attractive design. This is possible only with web design.

Potential customers usually come back to your website by looking at the overall appearance. Staying on top of the technological evolution is a vital thing for business. Making a mark in the global tech platform is not an easy task. A good web design can help you to get a good web presence. The only way to retain customers is through an impressive design. It leads to more traffic and increased conversions. To make a good design, the design, the layout has to be simple. Pages, which load faster, ensure that the user stays on the web page for long. Four elements constitute the design interface. They are input controls, navigational components, containers and informational components.

Visual consistency forms an important part in user interface. The lack of consistency can drive away visitors. Users stay on a website due to its visual appeal. Any website design company therefore focuses on creating a beautiful interface. An appealing interface leads to increased usability, evokes an emotional response in user’s mind. At the same time, it makes communication easier and flawless. Therefore, it removes the gap between the end user and the marketer.

Web Design Trends To Dominate In New Year

In the digital marketing space, a plenty of innovations are in progress. In 2017, design will occupy a formidable position in a company’s growth. The more user friendly the design, the more will be the time spent by a visitor. So, which are the trends, which will finally make to the designing industry in 2017? Time to take a look at them.

Responsive Web Design To Take Centrestage

Responsive Design is more than a requirement in today’s digital age. Most of the users today access internet through mobile phones. As a retailer, you are completely unaware of the user’s device. It is therefore, an intelligent decision is to go for responsive design. Starting from a web application to a mobile app, users mostly use mobile as a device to access internet. To give a seamless viewing experience, responsive web design is an instant solution. A website design company thrives on it for engaging more users.

Rise Of The Semi Flat Design 

In 2017, the urge to show the elements on a single interface will rise. This will unite the transitions. For a viewer, it will bring more clarity in terms of the website’s appearance. Semi flat designs make it easier for visitors to get a clear idea of the website. It guides them effectively through the structure of the website. It brings clarity in understanding the navigational path in a web page. However, execution is a difficult process, but a flat design simplifies the task.

Minimum Micro Interactions 

To enhance the mobile experience of the end user, it is necessary to convince the user. It offers direct control and guidance to give the ultimate experience. With minimum designs, the web pages remain clutterless. They constantly follow the primary reasons responsible for less visitors’ interactions. The digital transformation era in the coming time will experience more advance interactions. The primary focus on user oriented designs. With too much content, on one page, users might get frustrated.

Parallax Scrolling To Come To Focus 

Scrolling through various parts of a website is not something, which is new. It has been in use since the beginning of the dotcom era. A website design company, which uses it intelligently, knows the benefits. One touch scrolling engages more users. They also take content through a progressive control. To enhance the user experience, the evolution of a brand is necessary. It will offer the same experience to the user of various devices.

Bolder Use Of Typography

2017 will see much bolder use of typography. Fonts will find their use in a much engaging manner. The latest trend is to blend all the fonts together within a page. The benefit is that such kinds of fonts are compatible. One important thing to keep in mind is that they must match the brand value to reach to the right target audience. For instance: a single graphic element uses short description for every service.

In a website, two things matter the most are conversions and the right call-to-action. While call-to-action is an easier thing to deliver. Conversions, on the other hand constitute good design. In 2017, these design trends will dominate the industry for better web development. If you target the right users following the right trends, you will definitely stay ahead of the competitors next year.

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Easy Ways To Secure Your Ecommerce Website This Christmas

Santa Claus arrives every year riding his sledge. The ringing bells give an indication for the celebrations to begin. With another year at the onset, it’s time to celebrate Christmas again with zest. Many online retailers choose ecommerce website development services at this time of the year. They do this to ensure the best management of their website. However, one critical area, which they ignore, is the security of their ecommerce website. It’s a critical area where a business man should focus especially on the eve of Christmas.

The Necessity Of Security For A Website

Unlike the human brain, which needs occasional intervals, the internet works without a break. It works 24 hours and 365 days a year. Companies need to realize that there is an urgent need to prevent a website them from cyber attacks. Having a website seems to be a great thing from outside. However, one must take sufficient steps to ensure its security. Migrating a brick and store to an online venture involves plenty of risks. Every day the IT world falls victims to cyber threats with the breach in their web security. Christmas and Holidays are the time when retailers must increase their security.

Web servers of big companies have complex codes in them. Ecommerce website development companies help to eliminate security loopholes. These are still the concern of big data organizations. Many programming data on the website depends on the SQL commands and scripts. It depends on the execution strategies of the web server. Web security is an increasing cause of concern today. For information technology companies, data forms an important part. Hence, implementing the right strategies is the key. One must not compromise with websites when it comes to maintaining them. All the data stored here are fragile. They might fall prey to risk anytime.

Website owners must keep in mind that systems with so many open ports always have risks. With various scripting languages and many services, this is bound to arise. However, with the correct machines configuration, the risks mitigate. With many frequent updates, it secures a web page more. Coding is another problem. With so many codes from various programmers, one is not sure of the effectiveness. A proper SSL certification ensures faith and confidence in your customers. Hence, when it comes to payment gateways many online retailers take its help. Running an ecommerce website is not an easy concern. Unless you ensure proper regulations, customers won’t come to your website.

Our Tips To Keep Your Website Secure During Christmas

One should not neglect the security of a website especially during Christmas. With orders pouring in from everywhere, the shopping carts are full with surplus items. This is the time, when retailers need to be extra cautious. There might be a case of security breach if one is not careful. Here are our tips to ensure safety to your website. An ecommerce website development company, must apply these strategies.

Security Tip 1: Avoid Any Unsuspicious Email

Keep a close eye on the kind of emails you receive. Avoid those that ask you to include your name in any campaign. These are the ways to get vital business information regarding you and your business. Make your staff aware about such emails. Educate and aware them about any unsolicited emails.

Security Tip 2: Go For The Strongest Password

A stronger password is not the one, which is long, but the one, which is more complicated. Don’t use letters, use symbols. Letters are easier to predict. They are easy to predict, so keep them difficult to imagine. Recommend customers to use strong passwords. If your website, stores vital information such as order and invoice.

Security Tip 3: Store Customer’s Data Safely

A payment gateway like Paypal, stores all the necessary information of customers. It includes credit card details, mailing address etc. It is your responsibility to make sure that your customer’s data is in safe hands. Keep a database of all customers with their relevant details. On the other hand, take care that you have a reliable web-hosting server.

Security Tip 4: Create System Alerts

Same person might place multiple orders using different cards. There are many shopping carts, which have default settings in them. They can monitor many things such as track the person using the different card to purchase items. If you sell anything online, then know exactly about the way your shopping cart operates. As an ecommerce website development company, you must suggest the best practices.

Security Tip 5: Keep A Constant Eye On Website

It is not possible to keep a continuous eye on your website. Analytics and automated tools can do this hassling task for you. They are like CCTV cameras for your website, which regularly monitors the traffic. A perfect overview of the website helps you to find out any irregular traffic coming to your website.

Security Tip 6: Have A Disaster Recovery Plan

While entering in an agreement with the hosting service provider, choose a disaster recovery plan. You must have a backup plan. Prevent your website from falling prey to an unauthorized access. Opt for the best recovery plan to get faith from customers. Security is a part of ecommerce website development service.

Wrap Up

Both Holiday and Christmas season are important festivals celebrated around the world. They play a crucial role for an online retailer. The only way to earn maximum profit is by getting the trust and faith of customers. Security is a primary area, which forms a part of ecommerce website development service. Once you are confident of your website’s security, even customers will find it useful.

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UIPL family wishes you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Mobile Application Development: How To Make Your Mobile App Ready For The Upcoming Christmas

The coming week will be full of excitement and holidays. People are already busy making the last minute preparations for Christmas. The festive air is all set to become more vibrant. Even businessman are gearing up for this grand day. For a mobile application development company, this is the best time. The ‘Christmas Week’ is a lucrative opportunity for them to maximize sales. As an entrepreneur, you must adapt a user-friendly approach to develop such an application. It should not only be Christmas themed, rather it should be interactive at the same time

Celebrating The Christmas Spirit With A Mobile App

It is time to get into the Christmas mood. Sing a carol, decorate everywhere with ballons and play with the Santa. These are some of the most common activities which one usually days on a Christmas eve. But why do all this when you have an application that prevents you from all the hassles? A mobile app can be the ultimate solution in today’s digital world. One tap and you can witness everything right on your mobile screen. The digital eruption in the 21st century has made life more digital. There is never a single moment when users look away from their mobile phones. As a mobile application development company, one must use the opportunity.

According to a report of Adobe on the usage retail app, 60% of customers buy online with a mobile app.  This is one important reason why most of the retail players are coming up with apps. It doesn’t matter whether they have a website or not. Money saving offers, the ease of purchase through app influences a shopper to use the app. Ability to locate stores of mobile apps is another factor. Tablet shoppers mostly depend on their friends’ feedback before installing it. E-mailers and newsletters on the other hand is a driving factor.

Browsing a website is a hectic task. A mobile app gives an instant solution and provides the user with plenty of options. Retailers can’t miss this wonderful chance to tap on the untapped customers. They need to draw clear distinctions between mobile app and mobile website. While a mobile website just gives access to a customer online. On the other hand, a mobile app gives a far richer customer experience. Push notifications engage more. They keep a shopper fully updated about the latest festive deals and offers. Reward programs and mobile payments facilitates the app development on a single platform.

Is Your Mobile App Christmas Ready?

Christmas provides ample chance to a mobile application development company to get maximum customers. With the rise of mobile phone population around the world, it is mandatory to make a Christmas theme app. But how will you do it?

Don’t Wait Till The Date: Stop waiting till 25th December. Festive shopping normally starts with the beginning of the holiday season. Everyone looks for interesting offers, early bird discounts much earlier. As a mobile application development company, you must deliver the app before Christmas week. Remember, it will take some time for the client to launch the app. There should also be ample time for marketing the app. Keep in mind that various app store takes over a week’s time to give approval. So, planning well in advance is the key here. Developers must be well accustomed with the planning process.

Get On With The Holiday Spirit: Using Santa Claus hats in the visuals is a very cliché thing. Go for something different this time. Carry the Christmas vibe throughout the app. It’s not only about the visuals. Rather, it is the style of communication, which is important to convey to the target customer. Keep a customized Christmas message with a suitable call-to-action word. Once you are ready with the app, prepare to optimize it after the upload. App store optimization by using Christmas based keywords will fetch good results. So, include those keywords to get the maximum downloads. Among the plenty of Christmas apps, you app must appear in the beginning.

Include New Features: A smart mobile app creates more interest among customers. As the new year, is about to approach, it is natural for people to expect new features. One of the important areas where you can focus is mobile payments. For instance: Google Wallet and Apple Pay are the latest payment features. Add them in your app to get the maximum likes from your customers. Mobile payments will revolutionize in the years to come. As a mobile application development company, your customers must find the app engaging. Latest features always inspire a person to get closer to an app.

An App For Android and iOS: Millions of people run app on their mobile. As a mobile application development company you are not aware of the OS on which they run. Most of the companies work with Xcode. On the other hand, even android uses improved SDKs to make a powerful app. Remember that at the end of the day all that matters is how much sales you are able to do. Test your app multiple times before releasing it on the store. Upload it only when you are sure of it.

Christmas is a time to indulge in celebrations and happiness. With the rise in the mobile app industry, the demand of interactive applications is also on the rise.  If your mobile application is interactive, then it will definitely drive more users. People always look for more unique mobile apps especially when it is Christmas themed.

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Content Marketing Plan in 2017 For Best Website Development Service

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

This quote by well-known author Alan Lakein is very true. If you are unable to plan, then it’s your own failure. A well-defined plan with a great strategy is the ultimate way to be successful. The same principle applies across companies, which offer website development service. There is an urgent need to organize tasks today and content marketing is the best way to do it. Content marketing plan constitutes a greater part in making a business, a powerful brand. Knowing the current trends will help you to work with greater ease and efficiency.

How Budget Influences Content Marketing?

Planning matters a lot while it comes to content marketing. As discussed in the beginning it plays a pivotal role in transforming your business to a brand. Online retailers and entrepreneurs specially focus on it to spread the name of their business in every nook and corner of the world. This helps them to get prospective customers who can transform to real customers in the near future. However, budgeting forms an important part here. This is one area where every business whether big or small would love to invest. The returns on investment are fruitful and are long term.

As per a research report, about 29% of the total marketing budget forms a part of content marketing. In the last few years, the rise of digital marketing gave birth to content marketing. It constitutes a vital part in website development service. Till a certain time, it was due to lack of awareness for which content marketing didn’t come to the fore. Now businessman are utilizing it quite effectively to reap profits and witness a growth in their sales graph. Once you stop promoting content around your business, the awareness comes to a halt. This is not something, which gives results within a month. It takes some time for the results to show positive outcome.

The concept of traditional advertising is diminishing with the passage of time. People are now concerned about a brand’s online awareness. In other words, digital transformation has even gripped branding within its shackles. Businessmen now go a step further to establish their strong foothold, online. Be it social media or any other platform, a business deems to cease without significance online presence. An online content is shareable. It is customizable for a niche audience and is readily available throughout the year.  Moreover, it’s a business asset for any organization. Hence, setting apart a portion of budget is a good investment for a business.

CMS Trends To Follow For The Best Website Development Service

To make a successful content marketing plan, you need to know the trends, which will influence it in 2017. Being a leading provider of website development service, we bring you the CMS trends. You must follow them to stay ahead of the competitors next year. They are applicable both for B2C and B2B customers.

Rise Of Live Streaming

The concept streaming live will grow in popularity in the coming year. Facebook already has this feature. The rest of the social media sites like YouTube and Snapchat are all set to adopt it. They are not only easy to host, but the most robust platforms. Live product launches, tutorials and product briefings will start trending. They will increase the customer engagement ten times more than the normal engagement. Hence, you must not forget to put live streaming as a part of your content marketing strategy.

Virtual Reality Will Be The Hero

If you want to offer the best website development service, then don’t ignore virtual reality. Major companies have already begun using virtual reality to display their products. Small and medium will initially find it a bit difficult to adopt it. However, with the passage of time, they will certainly start adopting it. After capturing the gaming industry, for long, it is now time for VR to slowly proliferate through the consumer category products. For instance: NorthPole, the clothing manufacturer is effectively utilizing the benefits of VR.

Prominence Of Email Newsletters

Email newsletters will again prominence in the coming year. If you are targeting B2B customers, then nothing works better than a newsletter. People evaluate a company after going through the factual data of newsletter. Hence, there is nothing better other than this document. Though, five years ago, email newsletters were not as famous as it is now, but recently it is showing great results. The engagement level has gone a notch higher. Hence, in 2017, there will be an increasing need to communicate with the top-level management in a clear manner.

Push Advertising To Diminish

Native advertising will replace push advertising. Customers don’t find pop ups, paid ads and banners too impressive any more. Rather, it becomes less relevant for people who love to surf online. Native advertising is now a part of the marketing strategy to garner the attention of the customers. So, if you are an agency offering website development service, you must not forget to take advantage of native advertising. Remember, advertising is an essential part of marketing, so it will not diminish completely.

Storytelling Will Rise

Telling a brand story is all about engaging more and more customers. People become bore to see the same description repeatedly. Interesting and engaging content has the ability to divert the attention of new customers. For instance: a blog with interesting updates about the industry with a bit of storytelling will bring more customers. At the end of the day if you want to deliver the website development service to your target customers, then storytelling is the only way to do it.

Wrap up!

Content Marketing is here to stay and will not diminish in the long run. It is here to stay and will provide companies a great source of strength. To evolve as a global brand, you must take its help. As a website design company, we deliver every possible design solutions to make your website look appealing. Send us an email at to get more information.

How Does Learning AngularJS Development Directly Benefits A Developer?

AngularJS is the only framework in the world, which doesn’t use MVC. Like any other development tools, that use a bunch of existing tools, Angular comes as stronger option to most of the developers. The recent development in the web development industry shows that there is no doubt in making this as the ultimate tool. Angularjs development comes across as the most formidable solution for solving the most complicated problems. Developers and large business enterprises like YouTube, Netflix, The Guardian, Paypal and many more depend on this framework to get the best results for their business.

Why Companies Look Forward To AngularJS?

The emergence of single page app is due to the increasing demand of offering the most sophisticated user experience. This modern framework allows single page applications to function properly in mobiles and desktops. Without a proper framework, there will be no fluid user experience. Now, users will get livelier buttons as well as hyperlinks on websites. AngularJS development will also have a significant impact on design. The evolution of this framework was due to the need of adding an UI element with logic. Even, Google’s Material Design is one of the examples of utilizing AngularJS as a form of user interface.

To develop robust browser based applications that behave like native apps, this single page framework is the best option. Due to the immense popularity of the app, developers depend mostly on this framework. Whether it is for payroll, airline or video streaming, it is completely dependable as a native web application. Another reason why companies look forward to Angularjs is that it makes testing easier. As a tester, one can find bugs very easily. It is easy to understand user behavior with the help of automated tasks. All the user has to do is to click the buttons.

This is the most dependable framework, which is properly licensed and at the sametime it is also free from any kind of legal complications. From a developer’s point of view, there is full independence to write code. Moreover, if the organization for which a developer works, uses Express, Symphony and Backbone, then a licensed software is already in use. AngularJS does the right thing by developing framework which are not only legal to use rather it equips the developer with plenty of helpful resources and libraries. So, if you are a developer, then it will be extremely beneficial for you, once you master AngularJS.

Direct Benefits Of Learning AngularJS To A Developer

In the world of web application development, there is a need of versatility when it comes to choosing a strong developer. Learning AngularJS development will not only help you earn laurels, in fact you can be the master in the app development world. Reason? That’s because most of the leading organizations around the world depend on this framework to make sophisticated projects.

Perfect MVC Management

You can learn to manage MVC in the perfect manner. While in other frameworks, the components need to split the app into various components. No such things are necessary while you are doing angularjs development. You can manage the components and at the same time can work in the pipeline, which connects them with each other. It acts as a mediator and even developers will not need to write codes separately to fit then in the web application. Hence, you perfectly master the development process while working at the same time.

Use It As A Declarative Language

HTML is the main and the primary element used in AngularJS. Apart from being more intuitive, it also defines the interface of HTML in a perfect manner. More than one developer can work easily when one writes the code in HTML itself. There is a declarative approach, which simplifies the process of app development. The program flow is an important task. It takes care of the dependencies itself. So, a developer can focus more on other phases of development. As a developer, you will always be on the brighter side as you learn a separate language and learn to work with it.

Directives Combined With Behavior

Directives add more functionality to HTML. We do not have to change the DOM to stimulate them. An application needs to understand the attributes of the elements to get the functionality in the box. One has to invent the HTML elements of their own. One must put the DOM manipulation code in the directives first. During angularjs development, one should update the view with the latest directives. Always keep in mind that directives should manipulate DOMs.

Manipulate DOMs

The DOM manipulates itself while adding the behavior. With the help of AngularJS, all codes come within directives, but not in the view itself. As a framework, it comes in the form of an HTML page. This encourages user interface designs. A developer can abstract all the DOM manipulations along with the jQuery calls. Without any distractions, one applies on the MVC app. One doesn’t have to worry about changing the DOM at all. Presenting the business data in the views make it easier even for the user as a web developer. With AngularJS, the web app development process only speeds up the process.

Easier Unit Testing

Is your unit testing ready? Well, most of the frameworks remain connected with each other with Dependency Injection. To manage the scopes and controllers all the dependency injection passes the information. The unit testing process of AngularJS, HTTP provider introduces fake responses in controllers. There are many components used in web development domain for writing compulsory programming.  One can choose generic web apps to make a viable framework and build along with it.

As a developer, there are various challenges, which one has to face whether it comes to developing a web or a mobile application. Knowing Angularjs opens many paths of development and removes all impediments, which fall along the path of developing an app.

With our expertise in angularjs development, we have developed many web-based sophisticated apps. It has earned us many laurels from our clients with our good work. If you want to make an app, then kindly send us an email at We’re also offering a discount of 20% off on all mobile and web applications on the grand occasion of Christmas. Contact us today to know more.

Mobile Application Development Trends To Follow This Holiday Season For More Sales

Whatever is your need, mobile apps are the talk of the town every time. No hassles of standing in long queues, no issues of giving changes, just a tap on the app can do the task. As mobile application development continues to climb the ladder of technological advancement, everyone is relying on it. Even businessmen are taking its advantage to get the most returns. Holiday season is one such time when a mobile app can fetch good results for businessmen.

Mobile Influencing Christmas Sales

This year, mobile phone drove about 70% of the traffic on the eve of Thanksgiving Day as per Adobe Digital Insights. Moreover, it has earned a record making revenue of $449 million sales. This is reminiscent to the fact that mobile acts as a catalyst while it comes to shopping. People all over the world spent most of the time in mobile and hence there stands a wonderful opportunity. Mobile applications are no longer in use as a weapon to create brand value; rather they simplify the sales process. With two weeks left for Christmas, retailers are about to complete the last minute preparations for the big day.

It’s normally in the winter months when customers are at their peak mood, when it comes to online shopping. Brands always look for interesting outlets to engage more customers. Most of the ecommerce traffic today comes through mobile. Brands are evolving more by utilizing customer loyalty. Various factors influence buying behavior of a customer. Price comparison and quality are the two most important criterions, which they rely on before making the final purchasing decision. Retailers need to understand this consumer psyche and then devise the sales strategy accordingly. Going mobile responsive is the only way to earn the maximum revenue.

One of the best features of this year’s holiday sales was that there were no effects of Brexit. People continued to shop for their favorite items regardless of the economic situation. By 2020, Smartphone sales will supersede tablet sales. Hence, the growing demand meets with the urge to shop during Christmas. Mobile application development companies are getting opportunities to deliver mobile applications, which are mainly ecommerce oriented. To make the maximum sales, this Christmas it is necessary to known about the latest mobile app trends. In this blog, you will get to know about the latest trends in mobile application.

Best Mobile Application Development Trends For The Holiday Season

Christmas forms a major part of the holiday celebrations. Be it shopaholics or the normal person, everyone eagerly wait for this one day. On the flip side, it’s the business persons who have an equal chance to increase their sales. Following the major mobile app development trends can help them a lot.

So, let’s take a look at the most popular trends which you must follow in 2016 on the eve of Christmas.

Trend 1: Make A Loyalty Program Based App

Reward or Loyalty programs are something, which appeals more to customers. Especially, if it is during Christmas or the holidays, people will just bump in your website. Do a research about your existing customers from the current database. Know about their interests and preferences. Now you can offer early bird discount and offers to them. A loyalty program will encourage customers, as they will keep on returning to your website for more points and rewards. Hence, a mobile app with loyalty program is the best way to keep your customers busy.

Trend 2: Develop The App With Push Notifications

An app that sends push notifications to the customers keeps them updated about the latest offerings. For instance: a mobile coupon with a call-to-action word for the latest discount will surely divert the attention of the customers. You might wonder about email marketing, but that in that case, very rarely a customer opens the link. Push notifications aim to create an instant response in a customer. Moreover, a push notification is just the proper way to keep the brand name at the back of mind.

Trend 3: Use The App As A Marketing Tool

Having an app of your ecommerce website will add value to your business. Once customers have a good experience with you, they will definitely share it across various social media platforms. This will help you to make your business go global from local. It will evolve more as a brand among customers. As a marketer, this is a non-paid marketing and a great promotional exercise. A mobile application development company, therefore, must focus on creating a bug free application.

Trend 4: Make Payments Easier With App

People face most of the issues while in the check out process, so why not make a customized app for them? 85% of the customers prefer to pay through a mobile app rather than visiting a third party website. The process is fast and convenient. Asking credit card or debit card information each time is much better than storing the details once at a time. A customer can simply open your app and pay instantly. Just a few taps on the app and the payment is done.

Trend 5: Mobile App Oriented Customers

There is an increasing need for mobile app as most of the people take the help of an app to do their everyday tasks, be it online shopping or an ecommerce website. Being mobile obsessed is a great opportunity for you as a marketer to get the maximum results for your business. You can manage your business the best way only with an app. A mobile application development is the best way to manage it.

These five trends will help you to follow the latest happenings in the mobile app development industry. If you want your business to be on the competitive edge and go ahead of your rivals, then it you must follow these trends.

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Tips To Master Xcode For The Perfect iPhone Apps Development

The integrated development environment creates the perfect situation for developing an iOS-based application. It is primarily based on source code with basic programming languages like Objective-C , Python and C++ along with many other programming models. It includes basic iPhone apps development functionalities. It has facilitated the app development process along with various versions. The latest one is  Xcode 8.

Why Xcode Is The Best IDE?

Xcode takes coding experience to a new level. Run time issues are easier to find. The latest editor extensions, allow you to be completely in charge of the coding experience. The memory debugger takes into account all object graphs. It includes consistent API naming. With the accelerated interface builder, you can customize UI for different classes. While switching between interfaces, you can edit them and get the fastest interface builder. In editor extensions, there are number of things which you can develop. With new templates, there are additional extensions.

One of the most common issues faced by the developer is the runtime issue. This latest feature allows developer to find bugs and  fix issues easily. The new thread sanitizer, allows a developer to plot changes in data conditioning. For visual accuracy, Memory Debugger is the best option. The signup process facilitates the updated error messages. It logs in the navigator. Developing the app is similar to an app. It’s the best way to get an impressive iPhone application. In iPhone apps development, there is always a constant innovation to deliver the best product to customers.

The strength of Xcode lies in its ingredients with which it contains. It uses advanced languages like C, Objective – C, Python, AppleScript, Swift along with many kinds of programming models. Even there is third party support like Java, Cocoa, and Carbon. They allow the developers to easily adapt themselves to the language and facilitate in iPhone apps development process. Even the latest Xcode 8 comes loaded with an interface builder. Its engineering process makes the software work faster with greater control. As a user, you can switch between devices and adjust all the user interface for the users.

Mastering Xcode With Development Tips

Xcode, as a new language might come as the latest thing to those iOS developers who have previously worked with Objective C. However, as an iPhone apps development company, we recommend you to focus on the most important elements while working with the Xcode. Take a look at some of the most innovative and useful tips from us, which will help you to master Xcode within few days.

Manage Behaviors With Xcode

Do you know that using behaviors help to automatically perform all the actions seamlessly? If you accidentally make an error or a breakpoint, Xcode opens the debugger windows automatically. It navigates through code in error and throws the editor while synchronizing. Once you move towards preferences, it can even play a sound, show separate navigators and do many things. It depends on your app development process and your capacity to work with behaviors.

Work With Simulators

The device list appearing in the Xcode is easily manageable. Wondering how that’s done? Well, you can access database to verify the tables. Just open the drop down menu. Now, take a look at simulators. You can easily know about all the simulators and the connected devices as well. For adding more simulators, click on ‘+’ button. However, the best practice is to restore all simulators. Another thing to keep in mind here are the app containers. Normally, you access data through the simulator directories. You forget to access them through device.  To access the device, just download the container from tmp directories.

Make Readability Easier

You can take advantage of the best plugins to ensure better readability. There are even customized themes. They reflect default presentation. There are many options available when it comes to implementing best code for better readability. Some of them are SCXcodeMinimap, VVDocumenter – Xcode, Lin, and RealmPlugin. You can get various themes within these and apply them according to your requirement during iPhone apps development process. This is  the best way to ease  code readability process.

Organize The Files

If you want to navigate to a source file, then it’s possible with drop down menu. Click the drop down and many details appears. Moreover, you can open files quickly. Go to the view section first, select Editor, followed by Assistant Editor. Add more flexibility to the website by clicking the file twice. There is no way to use the window for successful implementation.

Make Code Snippets

Mostly, time code snippets remains the same again and again. Take  help of smaller snippets  to fill a new collection class. They help to make singleton, GDC calls, and type alias. To make a snippet, open the panel. Now select snippet form and then choose placeholder name. Now, drag code in the snippet area. The debugging process  becomes easier. Use completion shortcut to start the process.

All the Xcode tips mentioned above are effective in mastering Xcode. You can manage them in an effective and efficient manner. Our suggestions will help you to overcome obstructions in iPhone app development process and work with the language easily.

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Want to Increase Sales This Christmas? Use Our Exclusive Website Design Tips

Now that December has arrived, the zest to celebrate the arrival of Santa is at its peak in every corner of the world. The only time of the year, when everything else can take a backseat is on the eve of Christmas. Just as common people, even a businessperson makes special arrangement for maximizing revenue, even if it means taking help from a website design company. According to PwC report, shoppers will increase their holiday spending by 10%. Compared to all other months of the year, this is the only time to make great sales.

Celebrating the Christmas Spirit With Website Design

There is never a better time than to start early. With less than four weeks left for Christmas, online retailers around the world are gearing up for the day. The sooner you start preparing, the better results you will achieve on 25th December. As Santa comes knocking all the way, kids, youngsters and adults prepare to make the best out of every deal. The zest of happiness around it is something that falls beyond words. A website is like a salesman who acts as a bridge between the customer and the businessman. Just as a salesman’s appearance matters while making sales, in the same way even the way a website looks matters greatly to any customer searching for a particular product online.

As an online retailer, it is extremely important to be cautious about your online presence, be it in terms of the website or in any kind of social media platforms. With thousands of competitors already blazing ahead of you, you must adopt strategies to make even your business shine through the Christmas sales. For this, the first thing, which you need to keep in mind, is the overall look and appearance of your website. When it comes to the festive season, there must be some elements on your website to make it look the most appealing to a visitor whenever he or she comes to your website looking for a particular product or gift. In other words, a Christmas based website design is the key to getting more customers.

There is always a constant demand to get the best products deals and offers especially during the Christmas sale. Today, there are thousands of custom website designs already available on the internet for instant use. But, even you can impress a visitor with your unique designing elements. Through this blog, you will come to know about the various ways to design a website even before you start to hire a website design company.

Exclusive Website Design Tips For Christmas

Create a Christmas Vibe

Nobody wants to look the same Santa Claus year after year. Is there something else you can do? Like post pictures of your happy customers and their testimonials on the Christmas shopping experience or make a small animation with a gift box revealing the discount offer? These things immediately catch the attention of the users. They ensure that the customers will not at least navigate away from the website. Among other things, you can also create banners, send e-mailers, and give discount offers with Christmas theme.

Go For a Custom Design

Since it is Christmas, go for a special design based on the same theme. Remove all your earlier designs. This one month, just focus on giving a new look to your website, even if it means hiring a website design company. Make sure that you use the navigation just the perfect way. Design the call-to-action buttons in such a way that it establishes a communication with the target customers. Always remember that design is the key to getting the maximum visits from the customers. You can enhance the market exposure with this as a website design company.

Use Festive And Clear Fonts

It’s not only about the images but also the fonts that matter a lot. Today, more than 80% people access the internet through mobile devices. You do not know who is going to use which device. Therefore, you must keep spaces in accordance with the requirement.  Do a preliminary research about the kind of fonts, which top websites are using. Remember that do not use more than one variety of fonts on the website or else it looks very unorganized.

Fast Buying Process

Probably Christmas shopping is a process, where buyers want to complete the shopping as fast as possible. Hence, the design of the website would be such that it can guide a visitor through the most important parts of the website seamlessly. Can the visitors find the products which they want to purchase easily? Or is the checkout process smoother? Then you are on the right track. The easier it will be for the customers, the better will be their experience and the more frequently they will come back to your website.

Have Clear Product Images

Remember that in a website, the most part is the images of products. The only way to connect with the customers is through the products. In a website, customers have very less chance of physically inspecting the products, hence, the only way to do that is by putting high-quality images and with proper product descriptions. It is one of the finest ways to make the customer aware of the kind of product, which he is going to buy.

All the exclusive website design tips mentioned above, will not only help you to increase your sales revenue, in fact, they will help you to get long-term customers as well. As a web design company, it is extremely important that you follow just the perfect tips to keep your business going in the middle of competitive business, which is existing around the world.

As a web design company, you can trust on us for creating the most unique and creative website this Christmas. Our UX designers are aware of the design trends and are well accustomed to the elements that increase user engagement.

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