Simplifying Responsive Web Design With Media Queries

Optimizing user experience forms an integral part of front-end development. There are variety of devices which one uses today. They range from Smartphones to Tablets and iPads. Adjusting to the device’s layout is primary for a company. Especially when it comes to responsive web design services, there are a plenty of options. Web designers around the world now primarily focus on enhancing user experience. So, responsive design plays a pivotal role.

Necessity of Responsive Web Design

It is not due to the growing popularity of mobile devices. There are factors that make responsive design popular. Infact, there are many things which are responsible. Google recommends it to improve the mobile configuration. Not all websites with responsive design have the same URL and HTML. Irrespective of the device, Google can crawl many website versions. There is yet another reason. It becomes easier for Google to share content with the same URL. For instance: anybody sharing something via mobile will have more visibility. On the other hand, the same thing shared on desktop might not be so popular. Companies offering responsive web design services focus on mobile devices now.

There is yet another reason for the evolution of responsive design. It’s the viewing experience. Anybody viewing a website in various devices must have uniform experience. You might access a website via mobile while on work. Arriving at home when you access the same web page via desktop, it must be the same. Deviations in user experience in various devices make the user irritated. He or she can abandon the website at anytime. As a marketer, you have to be careful that your website gives the best user experience. Create a positive user experience. It must be the primary focus of the marketers in the digital transformation era.

Managing a website becomes much easier while one opts for responsive design. One can run independent campaigns for website and mobile. There are separate keywords for both the platforms. One can optimize the website according to the search results. This will make the task of the marketer easy. He or she can connect with the customer easily. A key part of responsive web design services include the right strategy. It is applicable for both mobile and website. 67% of users claim that they benefit from a mobile friendly website. Hence, most of the companies now focus on responsive website.

The Real Secret To Use Media Queries In Responsive Design

It was way back in 2004, when media queries came in to use. They came with CSS2.1 and HTML4. At that time,it was possible to make separate styles. It was available for computer display and printout format. The most important benefit with CSS3 is that you can use it to define styles. When the page width matches with the device size, it is possible to make layouts.

So, what are the real secrets of media queries that help you to define responsive design. It is time to take a look at them.

Make Smart Zoom Possible

All the mobile browsers work one smart feature – smart zoom. The purpose is to enable the mobile users offer a great reading experience. It reduces the proportionate size of the page. As a developer, you can do it in two ways. Opt for user-initiated zoom. You can also display the zoom in version of the previous page while the page loads. To do this, set the initial scale at 1. This will allow you to control the level of zoom easily. But, you can also disable zoom with scalable false.

Adjust Page Widths

Often there are confusions when it comes to responsive web design. Should you design for the desktops, smartphones or tablets? If you design for all of them, then what should be the page dimensions? There are no set standards for these devices. However, you can use 320px, 480px 1024px, 1200px as dimensions. The main benefit is that you can target most of the devices with such measurements. The most commonly used dimensions are 320px, 768px, and 1200px. They will be sufficient for laptops, desktops and smartphones.

Use Psuedo Elements

Showing hidden information is possible with media queries. Use CSS to make it possible. If you are doing it for the first time, then hide few elements. This will reduce the number of on screen elements especially in a smartphone layout. If you want to get creative, it is possible with CSS psuedo elements. One can use it in the specific elements of HTML. It can define all the styles within the links. As a developer, you can create various layouts with one single button. It is possible to use a single icon both in smartphone and tablet.

Calling Styles With Media Queries

One important reason why most of the developers use media queries is to call styles. They help to adjust with the user dimensions of the device. They depend on the viewpoint and the container. It’s an effective way to display various content in devices. As a developer, one can adjust the width and height of the devices. All that matters is the effective implementation of the calling styles.

It is even possible to call the external style sheets. Follow the mobile UI patterns and check the physical attributes of the viewport. One can call the CSS declarations to adjust the device width and height. They are not so modular. But, elemental queries serve as the solution for responsive web design services.

Wrap Up

Responsive is the future of the digital transformation era. It will lead the industry to a new level. The functionality of a website will increase. Mobile users will view content in an all new manner with greater innovations. Responsive web design services will focus on enhancing the user experience. It will form the basis for an increasing user interaction.

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Using Artificial Intelligence In Website Development To Enhance User Experience

Recently, LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking website underwent a designing makeover. With improved user interface, the website now aims to target mobile users. Research suggests that more than 50% of the users access the website through mobile. Website development service now aims to enhance user experience like LinkedIn. Other tech giants like Google and Facebook often use it to enhance their user experience. The voice recognition and deepface recognition are the examples.

Artificial Intelligence – The Driving Force

The Artificial Intelligence market will reach $153 billion in the years to come. That’s what a recent study by Merrill Lynch suggests. It’s an age where virtual robots are overtaking technology. This digital revolution is all set to tremble the industry. There is a perfect blend between technology and the humans today. This huge revolution has brought a formidable change. It has changed the way humans interact with machines. Marketers and online retailers are taking advantage of artificial intelligence. They are implementing it to be part of their branding strategy. No doubt, it eases the promotional and marketing strategies of a product.

Integrating website development service with ecommerce has produced some wonderful results. For instance: customers can come closer to the product. They can study a product’s feature before making the purchasing decision. Google’s voice design or Microsoft’s Cortana. Each one aims to increase the interaction level with artificial intelligence. Even when it comes to customer data, there is an increasing dependence on this platform. With instant response to customer’s query, businesses aim to increase their assistance. It’s all about super fast machines with intelligent response. They pave the way for great progress in the tech domain. This move towards the digital space comes with positive results.

In 2017, more and more industries are opening up to transitions. They are using APIs across various industries to make user experience a great one. It’s all about combining personal usage with individual customers. Use right APIs to direct the right user to the perfect place. Moreover, it also enables brand to predict about user experience. A website development service provider must use it in a proper way to get fruitful results. Health care providers and ecommerce players are making efforts to use artificial intelligence. Ecommerce is one such industry, which is rapidly gaining from technology. It has spread its wings across the globe in various digital avenues. Let us see what it has in store for the ecommerce industry.

Implementing AI In Website Development

Imagine you are sitting in front of your computer. Suddenly, you want to purchase your favorite product. The computer understands your need and orders it for you. This is what artificial intelligence can do for you. Implementing the right technology to become a major player in website development service.

Now, let us study how AI is going to benefit directly while developing a website.

Better Reply Predictions

Chat bots have made it possible to predict reactions from customers. They ease the communication process making it more natural. Machines might fail to understand human emotions. But, it is possible with the help of artificial intelligence. It can effectively communicate the emotions. The next generation internet users will find it easier to interact with a website. It will remove all the communication barriers and bring better results.

Better Customer Experience

With the help of AI one can adapt better to the user’s need. It can evaluate the mood of the customers and understand his or her preference. Do this with the help of cognitive analysis and situations. The statistical analysis in a way predicts the best user experience. Marketers can minimize the errors on their part from a customer’s perspective. Even when it comes to processing large amount of information, execute it easily.

Rise Of Voice Based Search

Whether it’s Cortona or Deep Voice Search, voice-based search is necessary. People no longer search for information. They are eager to find information faster and easily. To enable seamless voice conversation, many business organizations are adopting artificial intelligence. It is becoming a popular option among the next generation youths. Every virtual shopping assistant now takes its advantage. It’s an integral part of website development service.

A Unique Store Experience

Sitting at the comfort of your home, you can be in charge of a great web experience. User interaction and engagement level will rise to a completely new level. The in store experience will become more personalized.  It will give them the perfect shopping environment. It will supersede all the expectations of the customers. They can associate easily with the products.

What The Future Holds?

As per Gartner, artificial intelligence will influence 85% of customer interaction by 2020. Moreover, chatbots will play a significant role in fulfilling customer’s retail needs. Online shopping is the fastest growing industry today. In other words, we can say, website development is a demanding sector. Artificial Intelligence will form part of the future developments in technology. The global demand for website development service will integrate with this tech evolution.

Wrap Up

It is necessary to nurture a plant to get sweet fruits from it. In the same way, business organizations must adopt artificial intelligence. It’s only then, they will reap its fruits. With deeper customer interactions, the brand value will increase by many levels. Hence, there will be a rise in the user activity within a website.

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How To Optimize Your Online Store For Better Ecommerce Website Development

As per a research by eMarketer, ecommerce sales figure will touch $27 trillion by 2020. Retail ecommerce is something, which has grown by leaps and bounds since the last few years. People are moving more towards personalizing their shopping experience. Something which is available only in online shopping. An ecommerce website development company’s task is to optimize a website. It brings better results by giving the perfect return on investment to a person. Increasing the conversion rate should be the primary agenda.

Store Optimization – Its Necessity In Ecommerce Industry

About 12% of users look for new apps daily according to Google Play. App Store Optimization is a necessity in today’s digitally evolving world. Making an app is not the only thing for an app developer. In fact, discovering it amidst millions of other apps is the primary objective. Today, there are various ways to discover an app. Either you will browse in an app store, read a blog post about it or find it on a social network. However, instead of going through these options, you can go for one simple process. Here, comes the role of app store optimization. It’s the best way to get all the traffic to your ecommerce app.

There are many direct benefits, which store optimization offers to the ecommerce website. The first one is the increased traffic. Use relevant keywords and meta descriptions. Make the website appear more prominently in the search engine. With optimized tags and descriptions, the traffic also increases. Ecommerce store optimization is a cost effective technique. You can generate more than 61% leads with ecommerce optimization. It’s a good marketing strategy to reduce costs. An ecommerce website development company look for such strategies. In addition to this, proper optimization increases brand awareness. It will increase your possibility of getting more business.

However, there are some myths related to optimization. Most of the time, retailers think that with more links, the visibility will increase. Yet, this is a wrong conception. It all depends on the quality descriptions of your products on the website. Another misconception, which people generally have is about raking. They believe better ranking leads to great business. All that matters is a great user interface and a good user experience. With quality content on your website, you can convert visitors into leads. In ecommerce website development, optimizing the website leads to better results.

Bring More Customers With These Optimization Tips

Optimizing a website is necessary for more conversion rates. Use our optimization tips to bring in more traffic to your website. It will improve the overall experience of your users and bring more revenue.

Manage Your Homepage The Ultimate Way

If you have plans for a paid campaign, then think again? Have a well-planned strategy for your website. Design the navigation structure of website in the best possible manner. Work on enhancing the features of the website. If you are unable to optimize the website, then you will never get the best return on your investment. So, take sufficient steps. Make sure that you convert the visitors into customers. As an ecommerce website development company, this is the first principle to keep in mind.

Test Your Website For Better Results

Put yourself in the shoes of customers. Now access the website. Do you face any problem? Be truthful to yourself. Now there are two questions, which you need to answer. Can you presume the products you want to purchase? Can you use the debit or credit cards smoothly? If your results are positive, then you are on the right track. Rectify the shortcomings in your website. Work towards improving them in case of negative results.

Focus On the Weak Points Of The Website

Look out for weak points of your website. For instance: most of the firms look for better return policies. Think from the customer’s perspective. Determine if there are any weak points. The easiest way to so this is to make a demo purchase from your website. If you come across any problem, then have an instant solution to the problem. Evaluate the website from the designing perspective. If you are happy with the design, then it’s fine. On the other hand, if you aren’t happy, then take steps to make good designs.

Use Easy Call-To-Action Words

If you want to enhance the overall experience of the user, then it is necessary to keep the visitors busy. To increase the conversion rates, use call-to-action words. It is necessary that you include them in all the important pages. An impressive design plays a vital role to keep the users engaged to a web page. A great call-to-action line clarifies the communication between you and the customer.

Display Clear Prices

Don’t deceive the customers when it comes to pricing. Display any important thing related to price in a clear and concise manner. Customers often confuse when it comes to pricing. Make sure that there is maximum transparency in communication. Don’t leave your customers in a skeptical state of mind. As an ecommerce website development company, manage the website in a clever manner. Price guarantee and free shipping policies should appear on your homepage clearly.

Wrap Up

Ecommerce is the most demanding thing across the universe today. It meets every need of humans with just a click of the mouse. Optimize your online store and stay ahead of the other players in the industry.

As an ecommerce website development company, we have worked across various domains. We’re proud to offer the best services with positive results. You can take our assistance to develop the most robust website development. All you need to do is just send us an email at

Mobile Application Development: Three Options Developers Must Explore For Prototyping

Prototype is the answer to find an alternate solution to a problem. One uses the same infrastructure and creates a different product. It is a system development method, which helps to develop a more upgraded product. Prototyping works in the best development scenario. The work continues unless the product derives completely from the original one. A mobile application development company depends upon prototyping based on various factors. Designing stage and project timings are the two of them.

Do You Need A Mobile Prototype?

Well, this is the first question whose answer you must have. Sometimes it helps to test the wire framing of an app. There are some basic criterions on which prototyping depends. Availability of collaboration, creating wireframes and usability testing. The ability to create responsive designs and cloud based access also matters a lot. Mock ups play an important role here. If you already have a mock up already available with you, then use third party softwares to create one. Always keep in mind about the type of operating system for which you are using. If you are using free tools, then implement them based on the designing stage.

A mobile application development company sometimes goes for the Do It Yourself (DIY) route. In case you are starting from the scratch, there are varieties of tools available. However, it all depends on your experience level. As a developer, one must be flexible to write codes in Java and any other languages. Combining visual components and animations help to create a flexible coding environment. From conception to the final stage execution, it forms an inherent part. Prototyping helps to create a consistent workflow in the app development process. In other words, Prototype is a simpler alternative. It helps to evolve an application in advance form using practical approach.

The last and the most important factor is evaluating your financial requirements. Project management involves plenty of planning and strategies. Before making a prototype, be sure that it is financially viable. Prototyping involves a lot of cost especially for a mobile application development company. It depends on the type of features, which are available, and the kind of access you have with them. It is also important to determine the stage of your project. Once you are confident, you can start implementing the project.

3 Options You Must Explore As A Developer While Prototyping

Go For The DIY Route

This is one economical way of prototyping. It depends on the kind of experience you have. A variety of tools is available to help you start the task. Framer JS is a great option to start writing the code. However, it is necessary to know JavaScript. The language gives confidence to a developer when it comes to prototyping. Currently, efforts are in progress to include animations and visual components.

Utilize The Maximum Time

As a mobile application development company, learn to utilize your time in the best way. Prototyping is an easy way to save both time and money. Unlike final designs, you don’t need any perfect UX here. All you have to do is sketch your idea, develop the wireframe and put it in the digital tool of your choice. Don’t forget to put your prototype in front of your users and ask for their feedback. With the right feedback, you can make proper changes.

Make Your Own Team

Select the best members of your team before you start prototyping. It might be a bit problematic for you in the beginning. However, it will surely fetch good results. The benefit of working in a team is that you will get to know about various perspectives. Another benefit is the team gets a perfect control over the full development process.

Once the team is aware about the development process, it can habituate with the project. Prototyping brings various tools which makes it easier for the developers to work with.

Technical Factors To Keep In Mind

The viability of a prototype project also depends upon the technicality. While making prototype models, keep in mind about some important factors.

Interactive Fidelity

There are various depths to an interaction level. When you are prototyping, find out what is the degree of interaction you want. The interaction can be either static or critical. In a static page, the clickable areas are minimum. On the other hand, with hyperlinks there will be multi step interactions. There are various mock up prototypes which supports less interactions. A developer can use third party mockups for more deep-rooted interactions.

Support With Gestures 

It primarily involves designing the inputs. It all depends upon the project requirements. All the major UX tools support it. Many times, built in features like multi-finger inputs and gesture formulations are useful. They stand as a support to swipe. If your prototype tool has the dampening effect to it, then it is necessary to leverage the tool with many APIs. You can go for Framer or Pixate, they support multi finger gestures as well.

Interactive Animation

First understand whether you need animation or not in the prototype. Many robust tools are available online for perfect execution. There are some tools, which come with built in animations. Xcode and BluePrint are few of them to mention. Sometimes, you might require properties like friction and velocity. In that case, you can choose Framer.

For a mobile application development company, prototyping is a daunting task. However, keep the technical factors in mind to deliver the best projects. In addition to this, a developer must go with the DIY route and utilize the maximum time. Prototyping makes complicated mobile application simpler. You can execute projects without wasting much time.

As a leading mobile application development company, we have a strong portfolio of prototypes. Our developers follow the best methodologies. They ensure successful completion of projects with positive outcomes. Get the best mobile prototype from us. Send an email to and let us know about your project requirements. We assure of guaranteed positive results.

Offer The Best Website Development Service In 2017 With These Programming Languages

The evolution of programming is responsible for the rise of machines. We’re living in an age where computers regulate our lives. The analog age is over. Digital transformation is now overtaking human capabilities. Website development service is something companies around the world are opting for. It paves the way for the development world to get an entry in the digital world. For companies following the scrum app development process, faster project execution is the key. In 2017, quick strategies and best programming languages will bring best results for you.

Programming In The Digital Age 

Programming has come a long way since it’s evolution. Starting from a simple HTML web page to a complicated one, programming simplifies everything. Libraries are one of the fundamental requirements in the web app development world today. To make data centric applications, it is mandatory to use programming. Over the years, developers have gone the extra mile when it comes to delivering projects. Knowledge has played an important role here. Programming language is the ultimate weapon to master the skill of web development. Starting from an ecommerce to real estate, each website is dependent on programming. In other words, we can say, this is one thing, which drives the IT industry today. Firms offering website development service make programming as a compulsory service.

Coding forms a vital part in programming. Be it Fortran or the latest Ruby on Rails, one cannot deny the immense blessings of coding.  Its metamorphosis is due to the demand to solve complex web applications. Today, we live in a digital era. Technology solves everything with a click on the computer or a tap on the touch screen. People expect everything in digital format today. Starting from radio to television and shopping, everything should be on their fingertips. To meet their demand, the IT industry makes special use of programming. The result is the rise of interactive mobile apps. Engaging apps that offer solution to the problems.

Programming strongly integrates in website development service. To make a successful website or to make a robust app, programming forms the backbone. It is the fundamental requirement to develop a software. The rapid emergence of enterprise-based applications fuel the need to learn programme-based languages. For those who want to develop robust application, programming is the only way to get the best results. As we sail through 2017, there is a need to integrate technology in modern applications. As a developer, you must master few programming languages to deliver an agile application.

Programming Languages You Must Master

The tech industry moves towards a more advanced age in 2017. Some programming languages can fetch the best results. If you want to grow up the ladder in web development service, you must use them.


Last year, new libraries and frameworks were the new offerings from JavaScript. This year, three new frameworks will garner the attention of developers. They are Vue.js, Svelte and Conditioner.js. Vue.js helps to regulate the views of the data. It doesn’t stuff the framework. Svelte helps to write a clean JavaScript code if you don’t use a framework. Conditioner.js helps to define conditions from the framework.


There is a competition between Perl and Python. Both the languages have many similarities. That’s the reason which brings them on the same platform. Perl’s strength lies in its community. On the other hand, Python focuses more on the data structure designing. Its ability to work with object-oriented programming makes it popular among developers. To write easily readable app, Python is just the perfect choice for a developer. If you compare it with Java, it reduces the compiling time easily. For perfect website development service, choose this language.


It was once a language for mathematicians as well as scientists. Its emergence rose due to the increasing demand of statistics and mathematics. To solve the complexity of an application, Matlab is the ultimate solution. It gives a more analytical approach to a problem. Developers looking for a sound and accurate solution can trust on the language.  It has a basic data element known as matrix. All the mathematical operations work on an array with a built in mathematical environment.


In 2016, PHP 7.1 came up with improved functionalities. The new return type and multi-catch exception handling were the primary features. In 2017, one can expect the language to come up with robust frameworks. From a developer’s perspective, this language is the ultimate one. It comes as an instant solution to solve high scalable business applications. Laravel based frameworks with upgraded versions will come up. There are many applications, which are PHP based and give good benefits to developers.


Since the time of its revolution, Swift emerged like anything. Objective-C has taken a backseat. Swift is one of the best programming languages for iOS. Developers love it as this is the least prone to error language. It ensures quality control with effective output. Being an open source language, a developer also gets multiple solutions to backend problems. It has the ability even to interact with RESTful APIs without any error. Another benefit is that it finds it usage across numerous platforms.

In the digital age of extreme programming and coding there is no alternative. A productive and robust coding forms an inherent part of the technological industry. To emerge as a leader, you need the help of an expert. Include these languages in your website development service to get more clients. 2017 is going to be a year of innovations and technological disruptions. A developer need to master the languages to get the best clients and stay ahead of the competitors.

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Solutions To The Most Common Custom Website Development Problems

Over the years, the concept of custom website development has grown up. It is true that template based websites are ruling the industry. However, there are certain businesses that need personalized themes. In other words, customized web design is the need of the hour. It has improved to a considerable extent. It depends largely on the kind of business which one does. A custom website development company can therefore provide you with the ultimate solution. Template based designs are something which is now in vogue and will arise in the near future. The key to an engaging website is to design the website as per the need of the company.

Custom Web Development – A Necessity In the Real World

The world where we live in today is very different. 10 years ago things were completely different. Everything today runs on technology. Every 1 out of 3 people have a website today. It is mostly popular among the businessmen. The remarkable achievement in the digital world is the result of great discoveries. Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence now make lives of humans much easier. A custom website development company, offers the ultimate solution to a website. With a professional approach to development, business can achieve remarkable results today. Understanding the need of the customers gives amicable solution to a common problem.

Every company has a core business philosophy. As a custom website development company one needs to understand this. They need to communicate this with the target audience. The moment they are successful in communicating it, the work of the marketer is over. The task of a designer is to prepare the layout in such a way that it eliminates the possibility of errors. So, prepare a custom website to make it easier for the marketer to target the audience more easily. They know the tastes and preferences of the customer. So, there hardly remains any issue. Custom web design is the key to long-term customer acquisition.

Mastering the skill of custom web development is not something, which one needs to learn. However, there are still some of the existing barriers, which prevents from perfect execution. The benefit of going for custom web solutions is that you get the exact results. Just the way you want it to be. There is a rapid emergence of website  development, there is an instant need to engage the users. In this blog, we present to you the solutions to the common problems. These problems often arise in custom web development.

Our Solutions To Custom Website Development Problems

Problem: Less Clarity On Requirements

Solution: Be clear about the client’s requirements while working on custom website development project. If you are not clear about the requirements, it will pose to be a problem. You must be extremely specific about the requirements, which the client needs. Even the overall costing requirements can change depending upon the project requirements. The existing platform can often end up as the bad platform. Without an estimation about the existing project, the outcome can be detrimental.

Problem: Business Reasons Might Change

Solution: In custom website development, business requirements can take place anytime. You must understand that there is no source data. The developer can change the requirement at any time. A designer has to work in accordance with the business objective and purpose. With the change in the business scenario, one must make custom changes in the website. It all depends on the negotiation ability.

Problem: More Time For New Website

Solution: An instant backup must be available for developers. If the website stops working, one must devote more time to repair it.  In such a situation, the client might not be aware of the situation. Adopt the latest website development techniques to get the ultimate solution. A developer can give instant solutions to the existing web development problems. A new website is like a new born child, one must nurture it properly.

Problem: Work Post Launching The Website

Solution: Your work doesn’t stop by launching the website. There are many other works. Use important tools like Google Analytics. It will help you to measure the impact of custom development on the website. You can measure the impact of your website and change the strategy accordingly. Remember, that working post the website launch always gives good results.

Problem: Manage Content Properly

Solution: It is important to have a proper content management system. You cannot have a great website unless the content is rich and helpful. There are other aspects as well. Payment gateway is another thing to consider. Programs, which run on computer, must have a proper content platform. With an easy checkout, process customers will not switch to other websites. Engage more users with your user oriented designs.

Problem: Broken Site After Update

Solution: If you still find bugs in the website, then break it into various parts. Now resolve them one by one. Have a rigorous control on your website. Keep an eye on the overall management of the web page. If your customers still face problems, then solve their questions through an interactive chat. With the great content, your website will get a good rank.

In the years to come, there will be a rapid evolution of technology. Custom website development will evolve further. It will be in demand both for small and large organizations. With our solutions to these common problems in custom development, you will benefit largely.

We have a varied experience in giving new shape to projects. We work with advanced technology and implement then in all our projects. Hence, we transform a complicated project into a simple and dynamic one. Till date, we have dealt with projects across various industries. Want to discuss any web development project with us? send us an email at We assure you of providing a dynamic web app solution.

How will Artificial Intelligence Shape The Ecommerce Website Development in 2017

Humans are the most intelligent species on earth, but even they make mistakes. On the contrary, machines cannot commit mistakes. They do, only when humans instruct them. ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is the difference between humans and machines. For an ecommerce website development company, there is a great opportunity. The way we do online shopping is all set to undergo a metamorphosis. Innovative buying will now reach new heights. The foray of machine learning technology will now change online shopping. Gartner estimates that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will happen digitally. Hence, there is a strong indication of the technology overtaking ecommerce.

Artificial Intelligence – The Changing Face Of Ecommerce

The revolutionary change came in shopping with the introduction of online shopping. The introduction of apps further revolutionized the process. Cognitive technologies played an important part here. They came with robust content management platforms. Personalization became the primary focus of an ecommerce website development company. Consumer behavior plays a primary role in market research. Marketers use it to know about the buying preference of their target customers. They collect data from Smartphones and desktops via algorithms. The disruption in the technology with artificial intelligence has facilitated the ecommerce industry. Predictive analysis and personal assistance influence ecommerce industry. Artificial intelligence will change the way we shop online.

There are two factors, which will help ecommerce evolve with artificial intelligence. Machine learning and personalization. When it comes to machine learning there are many areas which can still improve. Some of them are logistics, pricing and recommendations. With perfect data analysis tools, the marketer can get vital market information. The algorithms generate insights as well as predictions. For instance: uploading pictures in social media with proper identification is about machine learning. It’s the algorithm, which does that. As a result, product recommendation will improve. Using consumer behavior, one can present more accurate recommendations, which customers want to purchase. On the other hand, personalization will enable marketers to focus more on customer’s needs.

Brands are utilizing the power of physical in store interaction to change customer experience. An ecommerce website development company needs to utilize APIs in proper manner. It can make the perfect integration between technology and online shopping. To improve the buying experience, many retail application powered with AI will come. With AI personal assistants, you will have a great shopping experience. In other words, artificial intelligence will slowly integrate with the robot technology. Human interactions will evolve in a much advanced version by amalgamating with artificial intelligence. Explore the various benefits of artificial intelligence on the ecommerce industry through this blog.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Influence Ecommerce?

Artificial intelligence will influence the ecommerce industry in many innovative ways. So, let us start exploring.

Improved Visual Search and Image Recognition

The New Year will amaze the online shopaholics. Artificial intelligence makes a foray in the ecommerce domains. Users now no longer have to search items. Just click the picture of your favourite product. Now search it on the ecommerce website. It will present to the user the best results. You can choose the best product based on your preference. Therefore, artificial intelligence will take the online shopping experience one notch higher.

Better Product Recommendation

An ecommerce website development company frequently uses these strategies to get more sales. Recommendation algorithms help customers to find just the perfect product. Tracking takes place based on the previous searches of the customer. They just find the perfect search results for you. Algorithms come here with improved characteristics. For instance: products with similar characteristics have algorithms working in a completely different way.

Voice Based Search To Gain Prominence

Voice recognition came in the mobile industry with Siri. In 2017, it will evolve further. Searching for products will optimize itself. Artificial Intelligence is going to take advantage of the seamless voice conversation. Virtual shopping will now enter in a new age development. Though the technology is still at its nascent stage, but one cab implement it to get better results. Your ultimate shopping assistant will come in the form of machine-based technology.

Assortment Tool For Better Products

In this age of fierce business competition, to know a competitors strategies helps you to win. For multi-channel retailers, it is imperative to keep a track of their competitor. With an assortment tool, you will get the perfect insight about competitor’s product. Retaining customers will become easier with it. They can now adjust their product mix with the accuracy. They will get a 24 hours update about the competitors’ latest products and services. Ecommerce website development company must recommend this amazing tool to retail marketers.

Use Of Intelligent Agent To Have Better Control

This is another intelligent tool. It is the perfect combination of AI and Agent Technology. Automated agent primarily performs three functions. Facilitate transactions, create an infrastructure, knowing the needs of buyers and sellers. All the agents automate fully and have their control in the internal stage. Moreover, they are capable of taking initiatives to achieve the targets.

What’s In Store For Future?

Artificial Intelligence has spread ripples across the tech industry. It is the next most happening thing. Every large company is taking its help to progress. For instance: Google is conducting a project called ‘Thought Vectors.’ The purpose is to make more advance machine capabilities. On the other hand, Apple and Facebook are simultaneously working on many AI projects. Ecommerce and artificial intelligence when combined with each other will produce best results. Its implementation will depend on the company.

Can artificial intelligence contribute to ecommerce in other ways? then please share your reviews.

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How To Be a Successful Mobile Application Development Company In 2017

2017 is here. Finally, we have taken another leap in the technological era. Augmented Reality now walks hand-in-hand with Artificial Intelligence. Automation now leverages Big Data. The rise in digital interactions rests largely on a mobile application development company. In the digital landscape, IoT have paved the way for greater discoveries. Even tech giants like Google and Amazon are taking its help. Humans and technology will come far closer this year. So, to be a successful mobile app player in 2017, leveraging technology is the key.

Technology in 2017

Technology is more than a word today. Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence has brought it closer to human lives. From banking to shopping, mobile application is the ultimate companion. The digital disruption has lead to a progress in the tech industry. The first thing, which will influence is the Big Data. Information spread across geographies will accumulate at one place. A mobile application development company will continue to improve with big data improvements. Storing information in the cloud will become more efficient. Data entry will influence technology. It will pave the way for the maximum app development players in the industry.

With the entry of Internet of Things, humans will come closer to technology. The Intelligent systems will grow at a rapid pace. Smart linked home devices will dominate. Starting from appliances to devices, everything will synchronize with humans. It will be possible to start a new age mobile app development. From electronic goods to lights, one can operate everything with a remote control. Wearable device is another important thing, which will come to the fore. This will primarily facilitate healthcare and big data sector. Revenue generation in an intimate manner is the key. Mobile application is the backbone for creating a successful technology.

Last year, virtual reality took centre stage with Pokemon Go. In 2017, it will rise further. It will form an important part of futuristic technology. Many services will create and transform to a more personalized form. It will bring product and services closer to the customer. Hence, it will remove the gap between marketer and consumer. Technology comes first when it comes to delivering the best mobile workforce. Mobile players around the world focus on user centric approach to business. Follow the latest trends in the industry to get the maximum customers for your business. Virtual Reality plays an essential role here.

iOS Trends To Follow To Be A Successful Mobile App Player

Increased Swift Usage

An extremely useful language for Apple developers, Swift uses a range of frameworks. Its advanced coding techniques allow developers to write reliable codes. With Swift 3.1, developing apps for tvOS and watchOS  will be easier. In the future, it will easily replace Objective-C as a language.

AR And GPS Based Apps

Both small and medium-based enterprises will depend on augmented reality and GPS. These two will be the primary mediums to communicate. GPS will track the location of the handsets, where as AR will ensure good user experience. Security will however remain the primary concern here.

IoT Based Apps

In 2016, developers for IoT apps rose by 34%. It will create value addition this year too. As a mobile app development company, you must make the most of this opportunity. All the sensors in the IoT device will exchange information. One can seamlessly transfer data from one device to another.

Enterprise Apps To Evolve

Two factors determine enterprise based mobile apps – dynamic data and customer interactions. Most of the time, such apps are primarily based on the CRM of the company. It primarily involves the combination IoT and big data.

More Security

Privacy and security are two major concerns in iOS. In the New Year, it will continue to evolve more. App Transport Security or ATS will be a compulsory thing for iOS based apps. Any mobile application development company, which makes iOS apps need to install it.

Android Trends To Follow To Be A Successful Mobile App Player

4k Will Rule

Since virtual reality will become a thing in the market, so 4K will rule. This year it will go mainstream with most of the services relying on it. The density of the megapixel makes a difference in the way it executes the structure of a mobile phone. As a mobile application development company, you must keep this in mind.

Emergence of Desktop OS

Android will primarily evolve from a mobile-based app to a desktop OS. The Andromeda project of Google will see new age development. It’s an extension of android app for Chrome. This was never done before. But, it will take some time for the Android players to adopt with the new system. It is a clear sign that Android is now ready to compete with some of the big players in the industry. It is an exciting prospect for most of the mobile app players.

Smartwatches Will Amaze

In 2017, Google will release two of its watches. Last year, Apple failed to get attention with their Apple Watch. This year it’s Google, which is going to launch its wearable. For a mobile application development company, there stands a greater opportunity. Google branded watches are something, which will greatly impress people. The company is still making some designing changes to give it the final look.

Artificial Intelligence Everywhere

Artificial Intelligence is going to make its strong presence in the tech industry. Pixel, Smartphone and many mobile companies are working on their UX. To adopt with the artificial intelligence, many companies are gearing up. There are three options, which work best. Running on flagship devices, doing own thing or neglecting the AI development. The immense popularity of artificial intelligence is evident. It has become one of the buzzwords in the technological industry.

Wrap Up

There is an ocean of opportunities in the tech industry in 2017. Following the latest trends in iOS and Android, a mobile application development company will get the best results.

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