The Future Of Ecommerce Website Development Beyond 2017 With Technological Evolution

As per a report by Boston Consulting Group, ecommerce sales will reach $50-55 billion by 2021. It also predicts that the digital influence on consumers will also increase. There are two reasons for the rise in demand. The drop in Smartphone prices and lower data charges. But what’s in store beyond 2017? Will ecommerce move to an advanced level or will it perish with time? Ecommerce website development companies need to be aware about any such changes. They need to update themselves to adopt with any technological disruption.

Beyond The Click And Go Model

The concept of online shopping started with the concept of one-click. Companies like Amazon and eBay started it. One can connect, choose and buy an item. A new form of innovation took over from the traditional brick and mortar store. It facilitated shopping and made it more hassle free. One could overcome the problem of standing in a queue at the stores. Technology has made inroads in online shopping. It has made shopping more convenient for shopaholics. With location tracking and storing preferences, online shopping is a pleasure now. Quick delivery with quality has made it more popular. Today, a consumer tends to login, rather than stepping inside a store. Ecommerce website development company utilizes this opportunity and offers customized services.

Today, we live in one common world – ecommerce. It has blurred the lines of conventional shopping. New avenues have opened up with interesting options. The millennials drive this industry as it caters to all their needs. It is equal to an ecosystem where virtual world drives everything. Innovation plays an important role here. To make the concept of shopping more personalized, technology has many solutions. E commerce is one of these solutions. There are more blessings of technology. It utilizes social media to spread the message across on a global scale. More and more people thus connect with each other on a common platform.

An ecommerce website development company leverages technology. It tracks the behavior of the customer and analyzes their buying pattern. Even customers use a wide range of resources. It starts from price tolls to comparison websites. These help them to test which is the right product. We are now moving towards an advanced era. But where will it go in future? In the coming years, technology will take a giant leap. It will ease the ecommerce websites to get better results.

Ecommerce Beyond 2017

As we enter into the era of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, let us see what beholds.

Product Delivery By Drones

To reduce the time in product delivery, drones will take the centre stage. Companies are now overcoming airspace regulations to put it in place. The work of delivery agents will become easier with drones. The concept of same day delivery will reduce to few hours. Technology will amalgamate with ecommerce to offer the best product delivery experience. Hence, online shopping will garner more attention of the global audience.

Droids To Ease Ground Delivery

To reduce vehicle emissions and pollutions, droids will emerge. They are the best thing to bring evolution in transport system. Many major retail companies will enjoy this. They can save 30% transport costs. An ecommerce website development company suggests such measures. For instance: pizza delivery will become faster than ever before.

Augmented Reality To Drive Visitors

Shopping will become more interactive with augmented reality. With VR seats, customers will enjoy a real time experience with the product. One can have a lively experience while shopping. This will help the retailers to improve conversion rates. So, one can also give better customer experience. With this innovation, one can create an enthralling experience for the users.

Beyond 2017, ecommerce will change its face by helping shoppers to a great extent. 

The Technological Revolution In Ecommerce

Technology is gripping the ecommerce market. Consumers can now access to many tools with the help of social media. One can keep a track of the purchases. Social media has become a medium to give feedback about the purchases.

Technology influences ecommerce in many ways. Let us see how that’s done.

Apps Change Consumer-Retailer Relationship

Mobile apps have changed the way we look at online shopping. The concept of visiting a brick and mortar store is traditional now. Brands are taking the advantage of mobile apps. The presence of an app in the customer’s mind is a reminder of the app. Hence, retailers can keep sending push notifications to their customers. One can get instant update about any new services.

Growth Of Personalized Shopping

Great customer shopping experience is nothing new. Consumers want something more now. Technology comes as an instant solution. With personal mobile assistants automated services are going out. Creating a connection within brands is necessary. Ecommerce websites have to use robust platform for a stronger customer base. For instance: Facebook and Instagram connect users with the brand. This gives a more personalized experience.

Fast Delivery With Low Prices

Technology will drive ecommerce to give long-term benefit. Product delivery is one of the primary concerns for most of the companies. To overcome it, they will use droids that can offer faster delivery of products. It will help them to get competitive advantage over others. Ecommerce website development companies can devise this strategy. Offering robust solutions is the primary thing in ecommerce.

Small Businesses Will Takeover

Startups are showing promise as they can take over innovation. With the help of social media and Smartphones, consumers are getting an opportunity. They can now test a product before the final sale. There is a growth of startups in the market currently. An ecommerce website development service can benefit small business to a large extent. All the tech features are a pavement towards a brighter future.

Wrap Up!

With rapid technological disruptions ecommerce will flourish. The emergence of new technologies will ease ecommerce websites. Online retailers will enjoy from them. Our ecommerce website development services will ensure that you get best results. Send an email to to let us work on your next project.

An Instant Guide To Programming Languages For Website Development

Writing an extensible source code is the backbone behind creating a great website. It is necessary to choose the best programming language. It acts as a catalyst to develop a web-based application. Starting from PHP to ASP and Python, there are plenty of them today available in the market. Since the advent of internet, website development service has come a long way. Programmers face challenges when it comes to developing complex web apps. They need strong language support for better execution.

Using The Right Programming Language

As a programmer, one must know to use the language at the right place. New languages arise every now and then. One might not be aware about using it in the proper way. JavaScript, Python, C++, Ruby on Rails are some popular languages. Coding is the result of implementing the languages. If you want to master the art of coding, then a grasp over language is necessary. To deliver a great website development service, programming is fundamental. It creates robust web apps with greater functionalities. In this digital transformation world, it is necessary to know these languages. They can solve complex problems. Coding is the ultimate secret to create a great web app.

The presence of many languages has made it easier for a developer to work. Java is the core language when it comes to improving the functionalities of a web app. It runs across various platforms irrespective of the server. Python is another language, which most developers use. It uses a straightforward syntax that simplifies the task of writing codes. It became popular after the search engine giant Google used it. Even companies like Instagram and Pinterest are using this language. If we talk about learning the language, then Ruby captures the mind of the developers. It makes their task much easier. Languages thus form an integral part of website development service.

One confusion, which arises in the mind of developers, is about Swift. The popularity of the language is more. Even Objective – C  is not as popular as Swift. Still most of the iOS developers recommend it. It is the starting point for developing iPhone-based apps. Whenever you are offering website development service, know the client’s need. You can then decide which is the best language to use? With the rapid emergence of coding, it is mandatory to master the art of coding. In the later paragraphs, you will come to know about which is the best language to use.

Your Guide To Programming Languages

To deliver the best web application, you need a language that gives great results. We will help you to understand the best language. You need to have a good idea about HTML. It will serve as the basis for determining the language for your next web app.

You need to answer few questions to get an idea about the programming languages.

Is Your Platform Right?

Common operating systems like Linux and macOS are the most popular ones.  Moreover, Chromebooks are the new thing in technology. They allow development in basic languages like HTML. To execute intense programming, it is necessary to boot Linux.  It offers a high-level of customization, like the UNIX OS. With the help of Xcode, you can use compilers for Objective-C, C++ and Swift. One can also use the virtual machine, as visual studio and Core.NET as they are quite powerful. For instance: if you are using C, run the compilers on both Windows and Linux.

Front end or Back end?

First decide whether you want to use front end or back end? When you have the answer, focus on JavaScript. Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon use AngularJS in the frontend. When it comes to backend, Python and Java find their importance. One can also use Node.js at the backend. It is important that you have an idea about the correct language. Client and server side languages are necessary to execute a web project. Full stack developers use both front end and back end. It is necessary to have an idea of both.

The Purpose Of Your Programming

You have to decide what is the purpose of your programming? If you want to deliver website development service, then use it. Most of the languages are open source, so it will not be a problem for you at all. You can seek suggestions and advice from communities around the world. If you are ready to create the ultimate web application, then learn the best language. Always keep in mind about the primary goal of your programming.

Which Is the Best Web Language?

One must use the best web language for creating a wonderful web application. We present to you a list of programming languages, which you can always use.

JavaScript:  It’s a very easy to install language. It is present in many modern browsers. It has overcome Java and PHP’s popularity. As a result, one can use JavaScript as the backbone for development.

C#: A general programming language that finds its usage in the web applications. Most of the ASP.NET based web apps use C# as the core language in programming. They are either written in visual basic or in any of the .NET languages.

While working with web languages, one learns versatile languages using basic syntax. It’s a  connected world today. A terrific programming language is the primary thing. It helps to stay ahead of the competition. Take for instance PHP. It’s a stable language with many open source options. Moreover, the Ruby on Rails framework is quite easy to use and has many features.

There is no best language as in particular. It all depends on the kind of project one undertakes.

Wrap Up!

To get the best website development service it is necessary to deliver the best. So, master the programming languages. They open up new avenues in developing a web application. We have developed many new and innovative web apps for our clients. If you want to develop a robust web app, then this is the right place. All you have to do is send an email to with all your project details. We assure you of great results.

Automation Testing Techniques For The Perfect Mobile Application Development

Automation testing takes up mobile application testing one notch higher. Unit tests target at removing the blocks in app design. But automatic testing ensures proper integration. It is a proper way to conduct app testing without any fallacy. A mobile application development company makes automation testing a fundamental step. It helps them to run through the key stages of mobile application. There is no doubt that it saves a lot of time and is the most cost-effective process for a company.

Necessity Of Automated Testing In the App World

At the development stage, manual tests help a lot. They enable a developer to change the source code in various environments. It is useful for changing hardware configurations. Automated Testing offers more advance functionality. It is possible to playback all the pre recorded actions and pre define them. These tests can repeat to extend the tasks already performed. You don’t even need to test it to execute the task. Hence, automated testing is the best alternative. A mobile application development company implements it to get the best results. Many engineers around the whole world depend on this essential component. It makes the impossible task possible.

Many software engineers around the world have taken the help of manual testing. It makes the task possible for them to develop an application. You might be wondering that how automation facilitates the testing process?  First of all, it improves the accuracy of testing. It is a well-known fact that even the most meticulous tester will have a fault. They perform the same steps like the original testing process. Testers can get rid from repetitive tests and have time to make new automated software tests. As a result, one can solve complicated problems. It helps to solve it in the best possible manner. A mobile application development company creates automated software tests for solving complex features.

Where manual testing stops, automatic testing begins. It can activate thousands of virtual users while interacting within a network. These tests helps developers to point out their problems even it goes to the QA team. The source code changes only when the team notifies the developer. If one executes the same task with automated software testing, then it becomes easier. It boosts the morale of developers as well as testers. Choosing automation testing also increases the possibility of covering robust testing. Today, one can execute various cases every time one goes for a test run. Doing a test run is impossible without automation.

Great Automation Testing Techniques For Perfect App Development

Automation Testing plays a pivotal role when it comes to developing a robust mobile app. To make it easier for the testers, we are sharing with you these amazing testing tips.

Inject the Dependencies

One must ensure that the app dependencies take place in the best possible manner. Most of the apps depend on high-level interaction. This is only possible if you are testing for a limited time. As a tester, you must test the application instead of the server. All you have to do is test the code. If you work with iOS, then use XCUI tests. One can create automated tests applying the core logic of an app. Mobile application development company uses these dependencies to create robust apps.

Use Native Tools

As a developer, you must test your code. The primary purpose of the code is to ease the process of development. One must run the code with a single click. Expert developers must run all the IDE. Choosing tools play an important role here. Automated Testing divides into two categories – native automation and cross platform wrapper. They are faster than the ones used in wrapper framework.

Improved Frameworks

There are two frameworks that iOS and Android use – Calabash and Appium. For a mobile application development company, these are the benchmarks. Several platforms are custom made for web application. One can use the UI between various platforms as well. Use continuous integration server to catch the best tools. As a developer, one must write interactive codes to get the positive results. To set up a comprehensive suite of activities you need to work with the best tools.

Take A Strong Decision

If you want to set up an exclusive automation suite, there are many options. Every testing tool has its own pros and cons. Automation testing brings a great platform to the developers. It gives them a wide landscape where one can choose from a variety of options. Activate the IDE and many layers will form. So, it is important to take an informed decision.  Using wrapper frameworks add abstraction layers for easy communication.

Wrap Up!

To deliver a seamless testing experience, automation is the only way out. It depicts and finds out most number of errors. Thus, a tester facilitates the process in a much faster manner. As a mobile application development company, we strive to provide the best. Send an email to with details about your project.

4 Things To keep in Mind While Designing Romantic Website Banners

Every year, people jostle at online stores to search gifts for the most special person in their lives. No doubt, a website comes as the ultimate solution for the net-savvy global audience. A website design company can create the right impression on the right audience. The demand for designing romantic websites grows this time. Retailers adopt the most creative ways to create a romantic theme on their website. It’s the design company, which can turn this dream into reality. As a businessman, you must invest to get the best return. Taking an intelligent decision to design a website can give many benefits.

Modern Web Design Elements

In the modern day world, a web design is more than putting flashy elements at one place. It is more about giving an artistic look keeping the user experience in mind. This takes place in various ways. Using large typography helps the customer identify your brand from others. The more unique the font style, the easier it will be to identify. Using a large typography, you solve two purposes as a website design company. You create a unique identity and have a functional website. Make sure that while choosing a web font, you must use common browsers and systems. Typography gives the perfect hint to the target customer about your values.

Semi flat design is another important trend, which is ruling the design industry. It is much easier for the users to associate. Websites with such designs can also load faster on websites. You can use subtle shadows and edit the dimensions. For instance: if you go through the website of Uber, you will notice an important thing. The shadow over homepage disappears thus relieving the image. It helps the user to understand the content. Besides this, it also ensures that visitors get a design cue. It makes their navigation much easier. Hence, you can understand the behaviour of the customers and their preferences.

Hamburger menus are another thing, which are in trend. All modern day websites have this menu setting as a part of their designing process. Though they take a lot of the screen space, but it takes the user to the appropriate places. Today, even Google Chrome has this feature. Using short videos are a great way to let your users know about you product. They can get an idea about the product they will buy. For a website design company, introducing videos are a great way to bring customers. Research suggests that 92% of the customers watch a video before buying a product. Hence, it forms an important component of web design.

How To Make Your Website Look Romantic?

This is one of the vital questions, which arise in one’s mind. Since, February means the month of love, retailers will be busy to give the romantic look to the website. As a website design company, we will share with you five important things to make a romantic website. Take a look below.

Use The Right Typeface

Every website needs a typeface. Here, the purpose is to make it look romantic. Avoid using bold font. Neither should you use masculine fonts. Cursive fonts bring a lovely feel. You can splash out the shape by giving it a bit different look. This will make the home page extravagant. Or else, you can also put a cupid and play it with the alphabets. A web design company can also use flowery script to give it a more beautiful appeal.

Creative Use Of Flowers

Using red roses are such a cliché. Look for some creative solutions. For instance: you can go for various colors of roses. Take the shoot from a different angle and use it in the background. Make this as the primary theme of your website. Use the most vibrant colors of rose to give a lovely look to the website. You can also play with the rose bud. This will give something fresh to the visitors from usual bored stuff.

Choose The Best Color Scheme

Red is the primary color, it is a well-known fact. Use the red color set in various ways. Use the color according to the color of your products. The items on your online store should be in harmony with red. They should not get lost between colors rather complement each other. Keep in mind about the color schemes of text as well. Everything must be in perfect balance with each other.

Decorate With Teddies and Hearts

It’s all about creating the right atmosphere of love.  As a website design company, you must create the right look for your visitors. Keep the Valentine theme alive with the help of animated hearts or cute teddy bears. As a web designer, you must invoke the feelings of love. Teddies bring back our childhood memories, hence, use them in the design too. Either use red or pink color in the most intimate manner.

Wrap Up

For a website design company, it is crucial to understand the philosophy of an online store. Unless it understands the business goal, successful execution is not possible. Not only Valentine’s Day, but February is a great time to showcase your website. Create the right impression on the minds of the visitors with compelling web designs. It has the potential to drive more users. Using the right strategies in web designing will fetch you with more customers.

To make your website look the best among others, it is necessary to have the best designing team. Our strong team of designers applies the latest designing trends. They can give your website an all new look. Send us an email to with your project details. We assure you of positive results.

On Valentine’s Day Increase Your ECommerce Website Sales With These Engaging Strategies

According to Search Engine Journal, people spent about $19.7 billion last year on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Moreover, 28% people purchased gifts for their loved ones, online. Many online shopping stores can use this special day to churn out maximum revenue. An ecommerce website development company can help an online retailer in many ways to do that. It can help to generate revenues with maximum return on investment. With the right engaging strategies, one can stay ahead of its competitors.

Economic Impact Of Valentine’s Day On Business

Is there any economic impact on business on the eve of Valentine’s? If we go by the figures, then we will come to know about the actual scenario. Department stores account for about 34.5% shopping, where as online stores account for 27.9%. Florists and nurseries witness an increase in sales figure during this time of the year.  Apart from that, chocolate and jewellery also witness the maximum sales. It has a direct impact on sales scenario as well. Celebrations reach crescendo as the love in the air blooms. This one special occasion sums up the celebration mood. From a business perspective, it’s a great sales opportunity. One can increase business branding as well.

Candy, greetings card, flowers and jewellery account for most of the purchases. With the rise of mobile shopping, device based shopping is increasing. It is the smartphone and tablets, which accounts for sales on Valentine’s Day. Choosing an ecommerce website development comes as a great approach. Online retailers can manage a website with an expert besides them. There are various factors, which also influence traffic on a website. Understanding consumer behavior is another important factor to consider. Once the retailer, understands the perfect behavior of the customer, there won’t be any problem at all. Getting to know the customer insights is the best strategy to know about your target market.

Hence, Valentine’s Day influences the economy of a business in many ways. As a marketer, there are many ways to create the ultimate ambience of a romantic website. For instance: one can go for a redesign with new templates for websites. Romantic themes with slight animation can be an interesting option. Some of the websites also opt for chocolate-based themes. They come with a completely new concept of innovation. An ecommerce website development company can use best resources for increasing sales.

Engaging Strategies Which Will Bring More Sales

So, here are some engaging strategies which will increase your ecommerce sales.

Increase Short Term Email List

Keep on sending emails throughout the year. Even if you didn’t send much mails, then relax. Your primary focus should be to collect more leads through emails. Remember, once you get good subscribers, half of the work is over. But, your target must be to get subscribers in the short term. Don’t show up to people as soon as they enter the website. Wait for few seconds. You can then start the interaction with the chat pop up. A/B Testing can be a better way to test the impact of your emails.

Make A Last Minute Package

Some late birds never realize that good deals are around the corner. A last minute package is a wonderful strategy. Send them an email few days before Valentine’s Day. Create the last minute rush to increase the possibilities of getting orders. If you are sending out last minute emails, remember that the delivery should be on time. Apply the similar strategy, even when you are applying for an early bird discount offer. Ecommerce website development company recommend such strategies often for an online retailer.

Run A Flash Sale

Leverage the power of flash sales for instant orders. Announce about limited stock availability. This will create urgency among customers. For instance: a Valentine’s Day midnight sale is a great idea. It will ensure that people start purchasing more in quantity. Use promo codes and give huge discounts on the items. This is the best chance to get rid of unwanted stocks, so use it in the best possible manner. It’s an opportunity to get more revenue from your email list. Don’t forget about existing customers. You can also send an email to them.

Create A Valentine Mobile App

If you are willing to tap a large market, then develop a mobile app. Be sure that you have the adequate financial resource with yourself. Send love theme cards to your customers or a voucher. You can also ask for a subscription to your newsletters. With this, you solve dual purpose. You are making your customers happy and end up selling more. A mobile app is more viable when it comes to spreading the word about your online store.

Go For Gender Based Showcase

Apart from making a romantic theme based website, there is another factor. Searching products can be a complicated thing. The solution is to differentiate between genders. For instance: you can include the sections ‘Gifts for him’ and ‘Gifts for her’. This will make the buying process easier. Customer can arrive at the purchasing decision without taking much time. Apart from that, you can also keep other sections such as ‘For baby’ or ‘For parents.’

Wrap Up!

To drive sales, there are various strategies, which are existing. It’s an ecommerce website development company, which can give you more suggestions. Opt for their valuable advice, if you want to stay ahead of the competitors this Valentine’s Day. Looking for an expert player in ecommerce website development? Trust on us to get the best ecommerce services. We assure you of delivering the best services. Send us an email at . Let us know about your project requirements. We work on various CMS platforms such as Magento, WordPress and Drupal.

How Is Node.js Changing The Process Of App Development For Enterprises

There’s an interesting story behind the birth of Node.js. Ryan Dahl, the inventor understood that execution engine has a better usage. Thus, the concept of server side JavaScript came into use. It gave birth to Node.js. The tech savvy global population is on a rise. Node.js development is the thing, which companies rely on, these days. The global IT market rests on this wonderful technology. Whether it’s the acquisition of StrongLoop by IBM or FeedHenry by Red Hat, there are plenty of them.

What Drives Enterprises For Node.js?

Every company expects greatest return on its revenue. Companies like Paypal and Walmart rely on Node.js for better performance. It is a great solution for enterprise-based applications. Unlike traditional development methods, it makes apps, which are small modules. They remain connected together. It serves as a strong weapon for making single page web apps. Hence, instead of developing one big application, developers can only change the functionality. Not only this, a developer can also change the entire database. Every application has its own dependencies. They prevent any potential conflicts, which might arise in the development process. For perfect node.js development, expect high performance transactions at less cost.

Simplified maintenance and modification are the two primary areas. Node.js offers its primary benefits here. One can write applications even with small modules, which comes together. One can make changes in the core functionality and change the code later. To get scalable web application, there is a need to develop an application. It takes place in the most intimate manner. One of the enterprises, which benefits from using it is Uber. Most of the development work took place with Node 0.8. Technologists believe that one benefits to almost 15 billion dollars with Node.js. But, geospatial database and replication is not written in Node.

Maintaining framework with Node.js development is easy as many opportunities arise. Companies with web facing infrastructures need innovation, especially at the backend. Often, they have to deal with the dual challenge of developing software and building an IT team. To address the demand for developing apps, one has to use RESTful APIs in the most flexible manner. The focus rests on large data volume for large-scale software systems. It is one of the most efficient ways to take advantage of large-scale softwares. A developer can reduce app development time with Node.js.

How Will Node.js Influence App Development Process

The ever-changing commercial landscapes have given birth to many node communities. They can use some of them in a simplified manner. Now let us see how it will change the development process in the time to come.

Rise Of Modular Design

Often companies use the parallel development process. On one hand, a team uses Node.js while the other uses Java. Working with two softwares, results in doubling up the website traffic. With the help of java application development framework, one can make large applications. Service oriented architectures act as the solution for giving instant remedy. This includes complex web service apps. Each module has separate functionality. One can share that with various teams of developers.

Greater Ecosystem

The great ecosystem of Node.js makes the perfect place to develop an application. It combines all the low-level system programmers along with front-end JavaScript development. There are various dependencies in the ecosystem. They help to make the process of developing an app easier. There are more than 3,00,000 packages which adds ecosystem in the best possible manner. It is three times greater than any kind of ecosystems.

Increased Collaboration

A deep alliance forms with Object Oriented Programming. It makes the functional components easier to work with. When a developer shares the code in Java, it forms part of the libraries. It is possible to make the applications smaller. They have fixed functionality with more focused components. Use universal JavaScript, there is an opportunity to create front end development. It is more efficient in handling all the efforts.

Support From Node Community

There is a huge community support, which you will get from the Node.js community. Those who are using Node.js for the first time will get plenty of help from here. There are many benefits. One can apply application code, improved sight productivity and do live instrumentation. If you want to develop large-scale business applications, install the right strategy.

Market It Well

Operational teams and developers must come together for better project execution. You only need few lines of code and a good modular design to contribute towards the accelerated time. The dynamic nature of Node.js applications allow you to use small modules and use it. One can develop and deploy the web services at the same time.

Adjust The Operating Costs

Node.js development has an important role to play in reducing the costs. Companies, which use Node.js, leave a smaller impression and have less power. For instance: if you have a server of 64GB RAM, then a developer can run up to 32 instances of Node.js. Modern cloud environments and operating teams have one thing in common. They have a one to one relationship with each other. You can use them to cut down the cost structure of your organization.

Websites That Use Node.js 

Take a look at some of the websites which makes Node.js development a part of their process.

Wrap Up!

Node.js development is a technology we need to thank. Its ability to develop web applications with plenty of viable options is its USP. This helps companies to bring the new age development into use. Our developers have diverse knowledge of complete Node.js development. Our execution strategies are better than anybody. We assure you to deliver the project with full client satisfaction. Just send us an email at

Planning To Hire Android Apps Developers? Look For These Skills To Choose The Best

The global mobile economy of the world has improved vis-à-vis the economy. The demand for mobile developers will increase by 32% by 2020.  This is what the Bureau of Labour Statistics suggests. The rise of mobile devices has changed the communication mode. Companies will hire android apps developers with qualitative skills to develop good apps. The rise of mobile platforms is another factor for the rising demand of developers. Android, iOS, Symbian or Windows, ease the development process. A mobile application is more than a necessity today. Developers have a pivotal role to play in developing them.

An Outlook Of The App Developer Market

Mobiles, Tabs, Smartphones and Notepads, the metamorphosis in devices, is the current trend. They meet the demand of the common people and solve their problem. Today, every single need has a solution in the form of an app. In other terms, we are moving towards an app-centric society. This sudden rise in the mobile movement is quite rational. With improved functionalities, an app has an instant solution for you. But, behind the curtains, there are certain persons who are responsible. They are the app developers. Android being the most common mobile app is in great demand. Companies now hire android apps developers to develop robust applications.

Skilled android developers are in great demand across industry verticals. Marketing firms, video game studios and advertising agencies hire such developers. An android app developer can write a program in Java, C# and C++. The diversity in writing codes is their core strength. The task of transforming innovative concepts into apps is a developer’s job. To come closer with its target audience, companies are making apps. Apps, which can offer solutions. Interactivity, is the primary feature in an app. Presenting the functionality with high-level technology is the primary task of a developer. The better the skills, the better are the results.

Choosing the right candidate is an important factor. Companies must hire android apps developers with extra ordinary skills. To test a candidate, it is necessary to hire the best. Knowledge of object oriented programming, XML parsine and activity life cycle. These three are the must-to-know things for a developer. Apart from that json parsine and payment integration are another important things. So, while hiring an android app developer, one must check on technical basis. To embrace technology, we must develop most powerful mobile application. To hire android apps developers, you must test him or her in the basis of skills.

Skills To Look For While Hiring An Android Developer

To make a market centric android app, it is necessary to hire someone who has a thorough knowledge. Along with it, it is also necessary to have a brief outlook of the OS. As a recruiter, you must choose the right person. So, here are some skills which you must look for while hiring the right person.

Look For The Eligible Person

While hiring an android developer, the primary thing to consider is his experience. Did he develop any application? If yes, what was his role? Ask him about the main components of android and their behavior. Knowledge about activity lifecycle, payment integration and social media are necessary. Designing capabilities and app functionalities are two primary areas to focus. You can also check the app’s review either on iTunes or Play store. Once you are confident, only then hire the person.

Open Source Platform Knowledge

Android is an open source platform. It gives full independence to the developers to design an app. As a developer, one must have a great knowledge of open source. Someone who is familiar with the open source libraries will be able to work. They always give a developer the flexibility to make changes. Not only this, one can also change the code while developing an application. Hence, hire android apps developers with open source knowledge.

Look For Innovative Developers

Hiring an android app developer doesn’t solve the purpose. Apart from having technical knowledge, look for something more. Does he have something different from other developers? If you find an innovative approach in the candidate, then hire him. You must make sure that he has a thorough knowledge about business needs. These days, it is important to understand client’s requirements. So, an innovative developer will develop something unique for the client.

Enquire About Tasks Post Development

Remember, an app developer’s task doesn’t end after developing an app. There are plenty of post app development work which is important to know. If you are planning to hire android apps developers, then ask them whether they are aware of such tasks. They must be aware of App submission guidelines, bug fixing. If you choose the right developer, you will reap the benefits forever.

Know About The Team

Are you hiring a team of developers on freelancing basis? then have a complete knowledge about the team. Try to get information about prior clients for whom they have worked. Connect with the team member. Know in full details about their project requirements and their responsibilities. You will have a clear idea about the developer whom you are hiring. If you are not sure about their performance, it is better to say a NO.

You must have a great knowledge of your user base before you hire android apps developers. A strong knowledge about the audience will help you choose the developer. Always hire the right person who is eligible to develop an android app.

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iOS or Android – Which Operating System Will Bring More Business Revenue In 2017?

A hybrid or a native application is the first thing that comes in the mind of developer. Once decided, the next question, which looms in mind is the operating system. Android or iOS?  From a business perspective, even the entrepreneur adopts a profit-oriented approach. At the end of the day, all that matters is business revenue. A mobile application development company finds strategies to deliver the best possible solution. Yet, when it comes to giving business solutions, then they are a bit skeptical. The later paragraphs will help you to choose the right platform. It will help you to develop an app in the best manner.

A Strategic Approach to iOS and Android Development

There is a line when it comes to developing for iOS and Android. Apple relies upon Xcode IDE for most of its app development work. Swift is the programming language which most of the developers depend on. It offers plenty of opportunities to the developer to create a robust application. It works with Cocoa Touch, an API that is helpful for creating the UI elements of iOS. So, Android comes as a great solution as it is a Java based OS. With Android Studio, developers can do more things. Thus, either Android Studio or an Xcode is the ultimate choice.   A mobile application development company can use them for better results.

Coming to design guidelines, both the OS are moving towards new designs. Flatter designs are the main things which both of them have adopted. Material design is something, which Android has adopted pretty well. Large images and transitions are the main elements in iOS design. User interface is the primary element that decides about app designs. Moreover, when it comes to navigation, there are differences in both the mobile OS. While Android consists of back button but an iOS has no such things. For a mobile application development company, it is important to design them. Following clear design guidelines will always fetch the best results.

Today, the mobile app market is worth $77 billion. With the increasing penetration of mobile device, it will expand further. Businessmen spot an opportunity here. To develop user-oriented mobile apps, an interactive app is the only solution. It all depends on the need and the operating system for which you are developing the app. Moreover, you need to keep in mind about the target audience too. Once you understand the customer base, you can start developing a mobile application. Yet, you need to know which operating system is suitable. We will discuss it in the later paragraphs.

Android or iOS – Which Will Bring More Revenue?

Once you have finalized on native or hybrid, it is necessary to determine the platform. In other words, the operating system is an important consideration. One might be skeptical while starting out about the operating system. Yet, we will present a clear picture in front of you. This will help you to determine how a business can enjoy from iOS and Android.

A mobile application development company needs to take many protocols. You need to find the answers of five basic questions. They will definitely help you to find the correct answer.

What Is The User Base?

Android control about 80% of the global app markets. But, iOS users spend more on the in app purchases. So, as a businessman you have to decide the target market. Either focus on mobile user base or those who spend money on an app. The global smartphone market is expanding in sync with the iOS. But, you must focus on your target audience first.

Is Your App Paid or Free?

Or do you have any plans in future to make it a paid app? You need to know about upfront monetization and in app monetization. The two of them work for iOS and android, respectively. Most of the mobile apps generate revenue through in app advertisements. If you are confident that your app can do well, then go for ads driven app to get good results.

What Is The Lead Time?

Do you know that Android apps take much longer time than iOS? Yet, it might vary according to the functionalities and features. Have a discussion with the developers, once they start on the development process. Know which platform your audience is more active. Once you know about the process, it will become easier for you to fix the lead-time.

Are The Publishing Policies Correct?

You need to know about the publishing policies for both the platforms. In case of Android, the platform is much robust. It allows the user to update the app many times. Google Play enables you to update many times. Moreover, with the alpha and beta versions, developers can publish their app. From the business prospective, it is beneficial.

So, once you find the answers to the questions, you will definitely be on the competitive edge. Revenue generation is the primary thing for a mobile application development company. In both the platforms, the publishing policies are stringent. Deliver the best mobile app development service by following the rules.

The Bottom Line

Both the operating systems- Android and iOS have their strengths. Despite the tedious task of developing in iOS, it leads the race of app development. While one might argue that android provides better development framework. But the truth is that iOS remains the first choice. Developers use it to develop a mobile application. So, it depends upon your need to launch with in iOS or Android.

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