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Technology can be complex at times and people does over-complicate you don’t like to over complicate your business.

  • Augmented Reality in Android with Google’s Face API

    Augmented Reality (AR) is about draping pieces of a virtual world over the real world. It is in contrast to Virtual Reality (VR) which is about replacing the real world with a virtual one. This is very helpful in Android mobile app development. This Augmented Reality on mobile devices is this simply means enhancing what

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  • Google I/O 2017 Highlights – All The Announcements That Matter

    Google I/O is a developer-centric conference. We have seen that most of the innovative announcements made at the event. The news directly affects or improve the experience of Google’s customers. This year was also no exception. Google I/O has kicked off with some interesting product announcements and updates. Many of the new techs revealed at

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  • 6 Key Factors to Consider While Developing Android App

    With such a variety of Android applications taking off high in the market, it may very well appear a piece of cake to the layman as to an Android application development. Making uncontrollably prevalent applications, the Flappy Bird, for example, is not a simple task. There is a tremendous measure of things to remember while

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  • Planning To Hire Android Apps Developers? Look For These Skills To Choose The Best

    The global mobile economy of the world has improved vis-à-vis the economy. The demand for mobile developers will increase by 32% by 2020.  This is what the Bureau of Labour Statistics suggests. The rise of mobile devices has changed the communication mode. Companies will hire android apps developers with qualitative skills to develop good apps.

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  • Will Android App Development Process Enhance With Studio 2.2?

    After the release of Android Studio in 2013, developers found a strong support. A support for developing an app. This IDE (Integrated Development Environment) from Google provides the perfect platform for native android app development. Equipped with the most prolific features along with advanced characteristics it has offered a boost to the development environment. Cloud

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  • Android App Development: Is Fragmentation A Good Or A Bad Thing?

    Mobile app manufacturers around the world are focusing more on enhancing the customer experience when it comes to offering them a complete app solution. This characteristic is unique irrespective of any mobile operating system for which an app is developed. To keep up in pace with the global demand, even the process of android app

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  • Android Studio 2: Adding Power To A Developer's SDK

    As per a report, on the first quarter of 2016, 17.2 billion apps were downloaded. Out of those, 11.1 billion were Android apps. Though most of these downloads mostly comprised of games, but the figures prove the growing popularity of such android apps all over the world today. Developers are looking for more advanced tools

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  • A Visual Representation of the 7 Step Process for Rapid Mobile App Development

    Everyday thousands of mobile applications are developed. Starting from a social media-sharing app to a photo-editing app, the world is today loaded with many interesting apps. But did you ever wonder how does a proper mobile app development process take place? Developing an app just from an idea to its implementation does not happen overnight,

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  • Get Cupid Struck This Valentine With These Lovely Dating Apps

    “Love goes by hap; Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps” William Shakespeare This famous line from the comic play, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ by the legendary English poet holds true as it all depends on luck and the clever cupid captures the true love with his or her magnetic charm. The digital era

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  • Want Your Android Device To Stand Out? Here Are Some Tips For You

    In today’s world of rapid digital transformation, it doesn’t matter which brand of mobile phone do you own, what matters is how interactive is the user interface of your mobile. When it comes to an android device, designing a standard user interface takes the user experience a long way. A great user interface is key

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  • Google Has a Brand New Logo

    Google launched their brand new logo on 1st September 2015, a colorful logo with a custom typeface to complement it, they call it Product Sans. Just month after the restructuring of the company, Google updated their image also. Though, Google Logo is still a wordmark, but now they are using the geometric sans-serif typeface to

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  • Android Marshmallow: A Developer’s Preview

    The hot served from the pre-heated oven roasted to a golden brown tinge, molten in the center, and fluffy outside, Yes, I am saying about those delicious marshmallows. Yummy, isn’t it! But, someone in this nerd technological world to take up such delicacies, and give technology the right tweak is definitely Android. The latest version

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  • Android A to Android M – The Greenbot’s Journey of Desserts

    Android era officially took a kickstart on September 2008, when the T-Mobile G1 launched in the United States. Android is the operating system of Google that powers more than billions of Smartphones and tablets. And it’s Google after all, so how can you keep away their sense of humor. As the Smartphones sweeten up the

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