• Feb 02 2017

    iOS or Android – Which Operating System Will Bring More Business Revenue In 2017?

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    A hybrid or a native application is the first thing that comes in the mind of developer. Once decided, the next question, which looms in mind is the operating system. Android or iOS?  From a business perspective, even the entrepreneur adopts a profit-oriented approach. At the end of the day, all that matters is business revenue. A mobile application development company finds strategies to deliver the best possible solution. Yet, when it comes to giving business solut

  • Dec 05 2016

    Tips To Master Xcode For The Perfect iPhone Apps Development

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    The integrated development environment creates the perfect situation for developing an iOS-based application. It is primarily based on source code with basic programming languages like Objective-C , Python and C++ along with many other programming models. It includes basic iPhone apps development functionalities. It has facilitated the app development process along with various versions. The latest one is  Xcode 8. Why Xcode Is The Best IDE? Xcode takes coding

  • May 24 2016

    6 Updates That Make Magento 2 A Great Tool For E-Commerce Web Development

    Posted by Unified infotech, Blog

    Magento has always been on the forefront when it comes to providing an innovative platform for setting up the infrastructure for an e-commerce website. It is a tool, which empowers merchants to capitalize the power of the digital platform and leverage shopping with the power of the internet. With more than, 50$ billion transactions taking every year, all most all the well-known business of the world rely on Magento. Over the years, owing to it’s immense popularity

  • Feb 18 2016

    Everything You Wanted To Know About Hashtags

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    So, every time when you log into your social media account, you see the trending topics with a pound, the hashtag sign (#) at the end. You immediately post your selfie with a pout, upload it with hashtag or share news with a hashtag at the end and become the trend. No doubt, a hashtag helps an individual or an organization to increase their reach, but did you ever wonder, how all this works, when or by whom was it used for the first time and how can it help you to go