• May 15 2017

    The Future of Logistics Technology in E-Commerce Web Development 2017

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ecommerce

    The logistic industry is immensely going through a time of rapid transformation. The future of logistics technology for your E-Commerce web development is craved with innovation and expertise. Moreover, 3D printing, drone technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality are no longer a thing of science fiction. Today’s industries are cautious in adopting these latest technologies to provide cheaper, faster, sustainable and more reliable delivery. Both manu

  • Mar 08 2017

    How To Leverage Social Media With Ecommerce Website Development?

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ecommerce

    71% people who had a great experience on social media recommend a brand to others. This is as per a research done by Ambassador. One cannot deny the significant contribution of social media in the digital world. Even in ecommerce website development, it plays a key role. It enhances the brand’s status in various platforms. Today, you can reach to your target customer with plenty of social channels. This helps your brand to evolve further. Infact, it also increases t

  • Feb 27 2017

    The Future Of Ecommerce Website Development Beyond 2017 With Technological Evolution

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ecommerce

    As per a report by Boston Consulting Group, ecommerce sales will reach $50-55 billion by 2021. It also predicts that the digital influence on consumers will also increase. There are two reasons for the rise in demand. The drop in Smartphone prices and lower data charges. But what’s in store beyond 2017? Will ecommerce move to an advanced level or will it perish with time? Ecommerce website development companies need to be aware about any such changes. They need to u

  • Feb 13 2017

    On Valentine’s Day Increase Your ECommerce Website Sales With These Engaging Strategies

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ecommerce

    According to Search Engine Journal, people spent about $19.7 billion last year on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Moreover, 28% people purchased gifts for their loved ones, online. Many online shopping stores can use this special day to churn out maximum revenue. An ecommerce website development company can help an online retailer in many ways to do that. It can help to generate revenues with maximum return on investment. With the right engaging strategies, one can stay