• Feb 15 2018

    E-Commerce UI/UX Mistakes You Should Avoid While Developing Websites

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ecommerce

    When it comes to E-Commerce applications, it's vital to understand the different UI/UX mistakes that enterprises are making. When you find out about the mistakes, you can take in more about what you ought to do to settle them. Companies can execute a set of UX design tips and techniques can so you have a superior application to offer to your target customer. It will help with the sales funnel and at last motivating clients to stay engaged. Distinguishing the pain poi

  • Feb 07 2018

    8 Stunning Ways to Increase your Valentine’s Day E-Commerce Sales

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ecommerce

    Can you feel the love in the air? If not, you must be feeling sales opportunities are floating around you in this seasonal love. A normal of £980 million was spent on Valentine's day in the UK in 2017 (worldwide data) and as indicated to some, Valentine's Day is viewed as the second-busiest holiday purchasing season of the year. One of the general holiday marketing rules instructs us to never, ever ignore a holiday. It would be a huge mistake ignoring Valentine's d

  • Jan 25 2018

    What is B2C E-Commerce? The Online Retail Secrets Revealed Here

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ecommerce

    Most Internet users know about the B2C E-Commerce model. Buyers value the convenience of online shopping where they now can buy garments, gadgets, media memberships and services via internet. In the recent years, the aggregate online income in Europe has been worth around 500 billion euros. Also, as the reports indicate, the further development of industry is predicting; E-Commerce market's maximum capacity has not yet been reached. E-Commerce Web Development Company

  • Jan 03 2018

    Influencing Web Application Development Trends in 2018

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ecommerce

    One of the lessons of every one of these times of progress and new trends is that to succeed, you frequently need to ride the wave of progress as opposed to simply giving up. You can do this by exploring tomorrow's patterns and trying to coordinate those that may apply to you before every other person does. Here are influencing web application development trends that are relied upon to have a noteworthy global impact on E-Commerce development services in NYC. Help