• Jan 05 2017

    How will Artificial Intelligence Shape The Ecommerce Website Development in 2017

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ecommerce

    Humans are the most intelligent species on earth, but even they make mistakes. On the contrary, machines cannot commit mistakes. They do, only when humans instruct them. ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is the difference between humans and machines. For an ecommerce website development company, there is a great opportunity. The way we do online shopping is all set to undergo a metamorphosis. Innovative buying will now reach new heights. The foray of machine learning tech

  • Dec 29 2016

    Ecommerce Website Development: 5 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Conversions In New Year

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ecommerce

    This year online ecommerce retailers witnessed a phenomenal growth. As per emarketer, the sales will reach to an approximate $27 trillion by 2020. The ever-expanding ecommerce market is a proof of people’s obsession for online shopping. Ecommerce website development is forming a significant part to improve website conversions. Many new entrepreneurs fail to realize that apart from web presence, conversions also matter. We are moving towards the digital era. A consum

  • Dec 21 2016

    Easy Ways To Secure Your Ecommerce Website This Christmas

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ecommerce

    Santa Claus arrives every year riding his sledge. The ringing bells give an indication for the celebrations to begin. With another year at the onset, it’s time to celebrate Christmas again with zest. Many online retailers choose ecommerce website development services at this time of the year. They do this to ensure the best management of their website. However, one critical area, which they ignore, is the security of their ecommerce website. It’s a critical area w

  • Nov 10 2016

    E-Commerce Web Development Design Trends For 2017

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ecommerce

    The year 2016 was all about Google’s ‘Material Design’ and ‘Responsive Design.’ Now, with only a month left for the New Year to arrive, curiosities are bound to arise on what’s next in store? On the other hand, a report released by Smart Insights suggests that 8.58% of tablet devices account for most of the e-commerce sales. With designing forming a formidable part in the creating an online store, the market of ecommerce web development in USA is rapidly e