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Technology can be complex at times and people does over-complicate you don’t like to over complicate your business.

  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Hashtags

    So, every time when you log into your social media account, you see the trending topics with a pound, the hashtag sign (#) at the end. You immediately post your selfie with a pout, upload it with hashtag or share news with a hashtag at the end and become the trend. No doubt, a hashtag

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  • Building a SEO-Friendly Mobile Website Designs with UIPL

    The most critical mission of today is go mobile and after April 21 you must join the bandwagon of mobile commerce Google is going to reward you based on your mobile presence. Now you can make your business get a slog over there. You need to play every ball of the match and score at

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  • Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips to Turn Brands into a ‘Socialite’

    Social media is the game changer for any business. Holidays are special to everyone, so retailers and brands take a dive in the festive pool to reach out to the potential customers via social media. It’s time to follow some tips to stir action and add WOW factors to your business.

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  • Searching for Happiness at Work – An Outlook by Team UIPL

    Work and enjoyment are the two opposite poles. For the people working at Unified Infotech Pvt. Ltd happiness in the workplace is a type of contentment of the position they hold, take a bite of their wisdom.

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  • Alibaba Wants a Bite from the Ecommerce Pie of India

    Alibaba is more likely invest in India and work with the upcoming as well as established entrepreneurs, technologists to improve the relationship between two nations and improve the life of human beings.

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  • Infographic: Social Media Guide for the Web Design and Development Company

    As a web design and development company, we have a broad spectrum of the specific niche of the social networks available to us. Social media do not end with likes or shares on Facebook or tweeting/re-tweeting on Twitter…in fact these two platforms are a tiny part of the big chunk within Social Media.

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  • Looking into the Basics of Local SEO

    We look upon Local Search as the online version of anything that you would look up in the phone book. It focuses on providing result that is relevant to a searcher-based on their current location.

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  • Is Indian e-Commerce Ready for Big Flash Sales This Festive Season ?

    Host of pop-ups & banner ads splashes right in front of you during dedicated hours of browsing with tempting sales message like above. And on your part, you cannot resist clicking, rather do a little window-shopping or add items to your online shopping carts (if you have accounts).
    With cash flow from recent fund-raising efforts made Indian e-commerce companies lineup with big flash sale, discounts, exclusive merchandise, and cash-back schemes for this festive season

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  • Over to Team Unified – How Our Web Development Team Gives ‘the Most’ & ‘the Best’ Technical Support

    This section is a new in our blog where our Team Unified is going to switch on their MIC contextually to tell how they get the most on development, design, issues, bug fixing, innovation and lots more.

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  • Hands on with Much-Hyped iWatch

    Much-hyped Apple Watch is out. A fashionable watch but not an analog nor digital rather it runs with Apple Intelligence. Let us take a quick look at the features of this sensational watch from Apple.

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  • Hands on with iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus

    On Tuesday, Apple introduced iPhone6, iPhone6 plus, long-awaited Apple Watch and a mobile payment system as a part of their marketing blitz.

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  • iPhone 6 and iWatch: One-Last Rumor Round-Up

    The big day is almost here, 8 hours left before the Grand launch of Apple iPhone 6 and iWatch at 10 A.M. (PDT). Prior to Tuesday’s event, we wanted to do the one-last rumor roundup of plausible Apple devices that make its way on September 9.

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  • #AmazonCart Services is now available at Amazon India

    In the month of May, Amazon introduced a new feature that allows Twitter users to add items to their AmazonCart simply including a hashtag within a tweet. After users connects their Twitter account to Amazon, they can easily extend their shopping experience by tweeting

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  • 10 Tips to Make Content Marketing More Engaging and Shareable

    Content Rule Of Thumb says that – we need to spend 50% on the idea and 50% on how you spread it. Quality alone is not going to give your content the real boost, when it comes to spreading contents you will need a robust social media strategy. Numerous ways are there to make brands

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  • Material Designs: A Developer’s View

    Google unveiled Developers Preview for Android on Google I/O, Day 1 and released a new visual language called “Material Design.”Soon the trend is going to roll out in most of the Google platform -Chrome OS and the Web to give a unified look to Google products.Material Design is the next generation visual language, a system

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  • Google I/O 2014 : Everything Important You Need to Know

    Google I/O: 2014 Google I/O 2014 kick started sharp at 9 AM PDT, packed with surprises and no shortage of announcements. Some were predictable news, some decidedly not. For those who missed I/O 2014, here is a quick recap on everything that the company announced.Google began the Keynote, the same way it does every year,

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  • 10 Top-Notch Ways to Freshen Up Your CSS

    Technology needs an upturn or an upgrade, but with that comes a peculiar feeling “anything that can be done has been done.”As soon as a technology loses its shine and popularity, our interest wanes off and the attention shifts towards the next big thing. Something similar happened with CSS; it was a revolution in its

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  • 5 Travel Apps for iOS and Android Users to Make Trips Thrilling

    Summer is here, and US have started to map their vacation plans. Traveling to unfamiliar places is a stressful experience. You might think of a getaway, but need to book reservations or prepare a tour plan. It is a cliche, but there is an app for everything. With technologies becoming crisper, we are here to

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