• Oct 21 2016

    Can the iPhone App Development Scenario Change With Swift 3?

    Posted by Unified infotech, iPhone

    Programming language constitutes an essential part in any mobile operating system. It forms the backbone behind a mobile application. Every mobile player in the world gives special focus on it while creating a unique application, which would suit the purpose of its target audience. Even, the mobile giant player, Apple, makes sure that it offers a world-class experience to all its users and that’s why when it comes to iPhone app development, it leaves no stone unturn

  • Sep 21 2016

    iPhone App Development: A Stagewise Process of Developing A Mobile App

    Posted by Unified infotech, iPhone

    We are all aware of terms like ‘mobile app development,’ ‘mobile app developer’ and ‘apps,’ but how many of us know the process, which an app goes through before it, is finally installed in a user’s phone? Well, as the end user of an app, you might say that it might not be any of our business to know this. But, there is a very interesting process that an app undergoes before it goes live on any play store. Whether it is for android or iPhone app developm

  • Aug 22 2016

    iPhone App Development: Latest Trends That Will Add To A Developer’s Knowledge

    Posted by Unified infotech, App Development

    A report published by Statista suggests that till June 2016 about 130 billion iOS apps have been downloaded from the Apple store. The engagement level of an iOS app is such that it becomes a rage every time an app hits the iTunes store, it witnesses uncountable downloads. Games like Clash of the Clans and Temple Run were a rage the moment they were released. For developers or any other associated with iPhone app development, it is imperative for them to accustom thems

  • May 27 2016

    6 UI/UX Design Tips For IOS App Development

    Posted by Unified infotech, iPhone

    Apple has always taken the concept of design to another level higher, each time it has come out either with an upgraded operating system or a new device. Creating unique user experiences by offering them appealing designs has always been one of the key goals of this American multinational technology company. It’s the high quality design of the product that makes Apple a favourite gadget among people. Companies that have been involved in iOS app development have to