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Technology can be complex at times and people does over-complicate you don’t like to over complicate your business.

  • How and Why You Should Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

    Want to incorporate Instagram stories into your digital marketing plan? You must wonder how other businesses are using stories? Instagram has fabricated its prosperity around being a platform that conveys a smart, polished story with a scope of channels to make photographs as alluring as could be expected under the circumstances. Instagram app marketing is

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  • A Graphical Tour of Social Media by UIPL

    Do you know the number of characters you use in your post can increase or decrease the engagement of your users? YouTube links on LinkedIn can fetch you more shares? We have designed an info-graphic that takes you through a tour of interesting stuff on social media.

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  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Hashtags

    So, every time when you log into your social media account, you see the trending topics with a pound, the hashtag sign (#) at the end. You immediately post your selfie with a pout, upload it with hashtag or share news with a hashtag at the end and become the trend. No doubt, a hashtag

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