• Oct 16 2017

    Why is Ruby on Rails essential for Startup Coders? A Detailed Study

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ruby on Rails

    There are a few stumbling points regularly experienced by startuppers. One of them is choosing what programming language or innovation ought to be utilized for the web development venture. There are such a significant number of alternatives, so it can turn into an intense require a business visionary. Also, this stage is fundamental for any startup, since the superfluous decision can cost them excessively, in the event that crafted by the site or application is unstea

  • May 04 2016

    Top 8 Benefits of Ruby on Rails to Developers

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ruby on Rails

    Since the time the world is experiencing the era of digital transformation, web development has excelled rapidly and has opened the doors of infinite opportunities. Innovation and technology are taking a rapid leap in the 21st century and is entering into new realms. When it comes to web application development, a sea change has taken place in the last few years. These changes have given a new ways on developing a web application. Ruby on Rails has always been the fi

  • Sep 11 2015

    Ruby on Rails for Your Website – Good or Bad? – Listen from Team Unified

    Posted by Unified infotech, Ruby on Rails

    The Ruby on Rails adventure in Unified Infotech broke a few months back. Well, to be precise it took off a year ago. We had the sales team ready and a great business model, but we were missing the developers. Therefore, to launch the technology side of things we started our interview session and collected some of the best Ruby developers in the market. However, what actually is Ruby on Rails? And why our website development company is venturing for the same like othe