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Technology can be complex at times and people does over-complicate you don’t like to over complicate your business.

  • Does your Business Need Progressive Web Apps?

    Mobile web or mobile app? The topic is raged for years. You will be pleased to know that there is an emerging solution. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) take advantage of the strengths of both to create a better experience. Let’s find out what Progressive Web Apps can do for the users and for your business.

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  • Influencing Web Application Development Trends in 2018

    One of the lessons of every one of these times of progress and new trends is that to succeed, you frequently need to ride the wave of progress as opposed to simply giving up. You can do this by exploring tomorrow’s patterns and trying to coordinate those that may apply to you before every other

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  • How Does Learning AngularJS Development Directly Benefits A Developer?

    AngularJS is the only framework in the world, which doesn’t use MVC. Like any other development tools, that use a bunch of existing tools, Angular comes as stronger option to most of the developers. The recent development in the web development industry shows that there is no doubt in making this as the ultimate tool.

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  • Web App Development: 5 HTML5 Mistakes Along With Solutions

    The principle reason behind creating HTML5 was to synchronize all mobile applications in various platforms. You might get some similarity of this Hyper Text Markup Language with Adobe Flash as both these applications enable you to play both audio and video. The only difference between the two lies in the usage of components such as

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  • Must To Know Web App Development Programming Trends for DevOps

    Do you know that about 30% of the time spent by the developers goes in surfing the source code? The cost of fixing bugs is almost 10 times and 100 times higher in the construction and designing phase respectively. Considering all these web app development factors, changes have come from time to time to facilitate

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  • Web App Development: How AngularJS2 Boosts Up Your Website’s Performance

    Google has finally developed an optimized framework to increase the size and performance of a web application. Now deploying applications faster across all kinds of platforms starting from mobile to desktops and tablets will become easier. With AngularJS2 – the upgraded version of AngularJS, this JavaScript framework has now gone a step ahead with improved

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  • Web App Development: Can CoffeeScript Replace JavaScript?

    There was a time in the computing world when developers used to rely heavily on JavaScript for its usage across the web world for various purposes starting from servers, tablets, computers, HTML and smartphone. The object-oriented programming language used in bilateral qualities in the web browsers. In the subsequent time, the need for more sophisticated web

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  • Next Generation Web App Development With HTML5 And CSS3

    Since the advent of what is known as the ‘internet,’ HTML is a synonymous name that has been doing the rounds everywhere. Over the years, it has progressed largely and has undergone an immense change. It has created ripples in the world of web app development with its interactive application and stunning designs. As far

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  • Rapid Web App Development: Build Dynamic Websites With Laravel

    Gone are the days when developing a web application meant spending endless hours behind writing complicated codes. The new age coding is full of fun and is more expressive. It is something that is creating more interest among the web developers. Programming has been through several changes since it’s beginning, when it was merely used

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  • PHP AND IoT: The Gateway To Successful Web App Development Services

    You are tired and comfortably sitting on your couch at your home. You want to have a steamed coffee but there is nobody in the house to make you one. You don’t feel the urge to get up and make a coffee all by yourself. Instead, what you do is switch on the internet and

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  • AngularJS2, NetBeans & Typescript – A Fantastic Combination

    The release of the second version of AngularJS has brought along with it some interesting features that give a boost to the web development process. The introduction of Controllers and Directives, the change detection algorithm and a smooth server side rendering has put this framework on the winner’s side when it comes to providing scalable

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  • How SaaS Can Be a Great Web Application Tool For Your Business?

    What is one of the most common things between Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, SAP and Cisco? It’s SaaS. The growing rate of Software as a Service (SaaS) is slowly overtaking the traditional software packages and as per a report published by IDC (International Data Corporation), it is expected that by the year 2020, software as a

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  • How Can Modern Web Applications Help Developers?

    In a layman’s language, a web application is something that help a website visitor to get access to all the data that are present in the website. It has helped many online businessmen to sell their products or services smoothly. Whenever you visit a website, a number of options come across like ‘Login,’ ‘Inquiry,’ ‘Shopping

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