• May 18 2017

    How Web Design and Social Media Can Stimulate Conversion

    Posted by Unified infotech, Website Design

    People have a misconception as for how can a web design play a vital role for their business. Many people also think that web design is a tool that improves the look and feel of a website. However, your website should look like a digital brochure. Accordingly you can achieve different business objectives using web design as a tool. Small businesses can use or hire web design company as a method to increase the leads of the website. A high-quality website design can h

  • Feb 15 2017

    4 Things To keep in Mind While Designing Romantic Website Banners

    Posted by Unified infotech, Website Design

    Every year, people jostle at online stores to search gifts for the most special person in their lives. No doubt, a website comes as the ultimate solution for the net-savvy global audience. A website design company can create the right impression on the right audience. The demand for designing romantic websites grows this time. Retailers adopt the most creative ways to create a romantic theme on their website. It’s the design company, which can turn this dream into r

  • Jan 31 2017

    Simplifying Responsive Web Design With Media Queries

    Posted by Unified infotech, Website Design

    Optimizing user experience forms an integral part of front-end development. There are variety of devices which one uses today. They range from Smartphones to Tablets and iPads. Adjusting to the device’s layout is primary for a company. Especially when it comes to responsive web design services, there are a plenty of options. Web designers around the world now primarily focus on enhancing user experience. So, responsive design plays a pivotal role. Necessity of Re

  • Dec 27 2016

    Website Design Trends Which Will Fetch Great Results in 2017

    Posted by Unified infotech, Website Design

    Designers had a wonderful equation with technology since the last few years. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript engines played a pivotal role to facilitate a designer. Previously, a website design company never had so many options at their disposal. The combination of creativity and technology has opened many new avenues for designers. As the year is about to end, a new set of web design trends will emerge. On the eve of New Year, websites will surprise users with interactive de