• Dec 27 2016

    Website Design Trends Which Will Fetch Great Results in 2017

    Posted by Unified infotech, Website Design

    Designers had a wonderful equation with technology since the last few years. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript engines played a pivotal role to facilitate a designer. Previously, a website design company never had so many options at their disposal. The combination of creativity and technology has opened many new avenues for designers. As the year is about to end, a new set of web design trends will emerge. On the eve of New Year, websites will surprise users with interactive de

  • Dec 01 2016

    Want to Increase Sales This Christmas? Use Our Exclusive Website Design Tips

    Posted by Unified infotech, Website Design

    Now that December has arrived, the zest to celebrate the arrival of Santa is at its peak in every corner of the world. The only time of the year, when everything else can take a backseat is on the eve of Christmas. Just as common people, even a businessperson makes special arrangement for maximizing revenue, even if it means taking help from a website design company. According to PwC report, shoppers will increase their holiday spending by 10%. Compared to all other m

  • Nov 24 2016

    Web Design Company In USA: 5 Secrets To UX Design For Maximum User Interaction

    Posted by Unified infotech, Website Design

    A good design intoxicates a visitor. It evokes the senses in any person who has abandoned five or six websites just because it didn’t appeal him the right way. There is a sense of emotion that triggers him the moment he comes across a great design. Any web design company in USA focuses more to establish an emotional connection with the visitor apart from considering the aesthetics of a website. A humanistic design is what matters the most to somebody who is visiting

  • Nov 17 2016

    Six Sureshot Ways To Boost Traffic Through Website Redesign in USA

    Posted by Unified infotech, Website Design

    As per Hubspot, the bounce rate of a website increases due to two factors – users are unable to find the right information they look for and the web page was very complicated when it came to using it. The market of website redesign in USA is changing today. A well-designed website rests on a number of factors like research about the customers, rebranding and implementing the research insight in the website for successful implementation. Website Redesign – The N