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The golden rule for Businesses of any size be it Enterprises, SME’s or Start-Ups is to ensure their customers are happy and by retaining them. Given the advent of technology, it is imperative to have a professional CRM solution that will automate this entire process, while also ensuring customer satisfaction. Also, with all collated information about each specific customer at your fingertips through a cloud-based solution, a CRM makes it much easier for businesses to track and improve the efficiency of this critical business component through a user-friendly digital solution.

With the ever-evolving technology landscape, modern-day CRM solutions also offer businesses with added benefits of tracking, reporting and monitoring of Sales, Finances, Inventory, and other specifics of a business under one single roof which ensures better business efficiency.

With over 10 years of experience in this domain, Unified Infotech specializes in transforming Enterprises, SME’s and Start-Up’s towards better efficiency through custom made CRM solutions, tailored as per their exact business requirements. We also offer implementation, customization, and integration of leading 3rd Party CRM solutions like SalesForce, VTiger etc. as well. With complete scalable solutions, Unified ensures that your business is future-proof and seamlessly adapt to changes as per the business needs.

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CRM Solution

Discover how CRM Helps you to sell in a Better & Smarter Way!

CRM is a robust system which helps to organize your company’s leads, opportunities, appointments, sales, and support, keeping the customer as a center of the procedure. Our CRM software helps you shorten your lead cycle, which helps in more sales, satisfying support, and keep a happy customer.

We work with a wide range of CRM products, including VtigerCRM and SuiteCRM. Our facilities run across the system development lifecycle from development, implementation, sales force integration, customization, and maintenance to testing, upgrades, and managed services.


An open source CRM software that used by small and medium sized business to maintain inventory management activities and more.


An award-winning enterprise-class application helps to integrate your sales force ensuring your requirements and need are fully met.

Online Relationship Management

Exclusive Integrated CRM & ERP Solutions at UIPL

Do you know CRM and ERP integration helps organizations to gain maximum ROI? It manages business, vendor, and product resourcing along with customers and sales pipeline which leads to improved corporate performance. CRM and ERP Integration platforms offer total supply chain visibility, company inventory levels, customer account status, order history and logistic data.

We offer integrated CRM & ERP solutions that address explicit challenges in financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail and other industries.

  • Developing Device Friendly Websites for All

    We optimize your websites in a manner that they are device-friendly, and help to convert more visitors on your website. Whenever a customer lands on your web page and start learning about your business, either by browsing or by filling out an online form, these pages would tailor solutions for device they are working on.

  • Use of Best Industry Practices like RUP and Agile Methodology

    You might be looking for a “light-weight” approach for your web project and cost affordability. We have a practical approach and expand it for complex development of the project. We do prefer to stick to a stringent quality and verification process when it comes to applied process model for different projects.

  • Delivering Right Solutions for Specific Situations

    Before implementation or integration of various tools, we opt for a thorough analysis of business requirements. This detailed analysis allow us to follow a definite approach, design a consistent architecture and pair some right tools and latest technologies to meet specific needs and lay foundation for future scopes.

  • Confirming the Best Quality Assurance

    You get to work with a reliable and responsible quality monitoring and testing at all stage of website development and ensure that your final product is of high quality. Verification stage includes - GUI testing and HTML standards compliance, error-free coding, functionality-to-requirements conformity, stability and performance testing.