A Guide to Mobile App Marketing in 2014 – #Infographic

Jul 31,2014

What makes your mobile app different from the stronger one belonging to the same niche? – Design, usability, demand and effectiveness these four have distinct roles to play.
Did you know the fact – 90 percent of the people who downloads your app may use it just for six months. The number one constraint in mobile app marketing is retention. Many industry influencers agree with it, so if a business is thinking of mobile app marketing their #1 focus should be keeping the app relevant to users beyond that six-month limit.
Fact says that you app miss an effective marketing which is a potential tool to ensure commercial success of your mobile app. In addition to that, you need to put own efforts behind your app promotion. It is important to note that many app developers and marketers are yet not aware of the capabilities of mobile apps. Rather, how to use the apps and benefit their marketing campaigns, thus enhancing the success of their apps.
Therefore, to launch a mobile app successfully you need to chalk out some great strategies. Bluecaribu has developed a wonderful blueprint for mobile app marketing. The infographic shares a great scoop for idealistic mobile app marketing in 2014, prior to launch and after launch.
If you find something sound similar, then take a quick look at this visual content:

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