7 Exceptional Features for New Age Photo Sharing Apps

Dec 24,2018

Opening Note

Connectivity is the new age technology mantra for the global population. Information sharing, online shopping, browsing for products and services, bill payments and much more is done at the touch of a button. Affordable Smartphones and faster internet connectivity have contributed significantly to this trend. With this, there has also been a tremendous rise in popularity for social media platforms. People love to stay in touch with each other and get a taste of the outside world through these platforms. Combined with this behavioral trend is sharing pictures and videos. Making memories of the new places visited, certain occasions or simply a good mood forms the subject matter for pictures and sharing them. Keeping up with this aspect, the global market is bestowed with many photo sharing apps. These not only provide unique photo editing features but also aid in sharing them over own and other multiple platforms.

The global market currently has some of the popular photo sharing apps such as Instagram, Flickr, Cluster and many more. However, people want more than just photo sharing in the platforms. The user requirement has now shifted from only photos app to editing and sharing functionalities. Advanced editing tools along with convenient sharing ability are the new age requirement for photo sharing platforms. There are some of the effects and tools that are popular right now in the market.

While innovation is happening at a rapid pace, there are many modern features which these photo sharing applications have. Some of the distinctive features of these applications are as follows.

Photo Sharing App Features

While innovation is happening at a rapid pace, there are many modern features which these photo sharing applications have. Some of the distinctive features of these applications are as follows.

Automatic Creation of Collages and Movies

The photos come to life with this feature and allow the user to become a storyteller. A readymade collage is created by the application which can be shared on any platform or to individuals privately. The pictures in the collage are grouped according to a location and date in which they have been taken. There are certain applications which provide special effects and other editing suggestions for the images as well. It aids in creating a truly personalized album for certain moods and memories. In short, this feature gives the user a lot of options and room to play around in terms of image edits and shared albums. This feature reduces user effort in editing and sharing a complete album. With the suggestion inputs and seamless sharing abilities, this setup is a new definition of user convenience. It can also be instrumental towards the creation of photo books as well. Currently, Google Photos is one of the prominent photo sharing applications that host this feature.

Live Filters and Effects

Clicking selfies is a new fashion trend. It is currently the lifestyle trait for modern age global population. This trait has been all the way enhanced with live filters. This feature gives the ultimate photo experience for the users. Live filters allow users to add live elements to the picture while snapping it. It can be various stickers, certain weather elements, effects and much more. The best part is that these elements respond to the real-time movements and elements of the actual picture. It also comes in with professional editing options as well. It is one of the best ways to add a touch of individuality to the personal photos. Currently, best photo sharing app Instagram and Sweet Snap showcase this feature in an elaborate manner.


Boomerang by Instagram takes the photo editing and sharing to the next level. It rapidly takes a collection of ten photos within a short span of time and converts it into a mini video. by joining them together and smoothing out any bumps in the middle. At the tap of a button, this application does it all. The video loops back and forth. The user can share the mini video to different platforms from the application itself. It can also be directly saved into the mobile’s camera roll section. This feature works for both front and rear camera. There is an option to create defining selfie videos or mesmerizing motion sceneries with an element of fun and personalization.

360-degree Panorama

Panoramic views are a rage in recent times. Taking a snapshot that captures the 360-degree view of the entire spot enhances the photo capture activity. Now the panoramas can be created just at the touch of a button. The user just needs to tap the capture button and move the camera left to right at a steady pace. The application then combines the frames into a single snapshot. The images can later be viewed in 3D format or as flat images. There is an option for direct share into popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. One can also benefit from the auto geotagging facility that comes in with this application.

In Facebook, there is an option called “360 Photo” which allows the user to take a 360-degree panorama. This image can be effectively shared on the timeline with a caption.

Image Compression

Usually, it has been seen that while sending or sharing a photo through various platforms, the image quality gets compromised. The compressed images do not have the same quality as the original ones. Now the advanced technology offers custom photo and video export resolution that compresses the images without losing on the quality. Hence the compression is done keeping the picture quality at par when a user uploads photo.


This feature allows the creation of hyper-lapse cinematographic effect. It allows time-lapse photography which can be used for motion pictures. This feature is used to create time-lapse videos. The feature uses image stabilization algorithm that makes the appearance of video steady and eliminates jitter. This was released by Instagram as a standalone application.

Hyper-Lapse is an app for iPhone and Android both. The unique stabilization mechanism of Instagram is used in this application for creating smooth time lapse videos. This gives a cinematic touch to the photography. There is an option to speed up the hyper-lapse up to 12 times. The videos thus created can be shared on Instagram or can be stored within the camera roll for sharing later. One can start filming with a basic design that does not come in the way of creativity. The best part is the user does not need to sign up for this application to use it.

Private Sharing

This feature is supported by Moments from Facebook. This helps in sharing private photos within friends and family. In this, multiple images can be shared at a time without the need for any text or emails. The images can also be viewed in full resolution. It is one of the best ways for sharing personal photos as well as family photos.

A Few Add-On…

The unique features mentioned above make a photo sharing app stand out. There are certain other features that can enhance these applications even more. One of the primary features is storage space. People take a lot of pictures nowadays and sort through them for the best click. Hence a larger storage area is helpful. Another helpful addition could be direct wallpaper set up. The image that is captured through the application can be directly set as wallpaper for the mobile screen or as a lock screen from the same. Lastly, an advanced sorting feature through intelligent filter options can useful. Users can seamlessly view images without much hassle.

• One of the primary features is unlimited storage space. People take a lot of pictures nowadays and sort through them for the best click. Hence a larger storage area is helpful.

• Another helpful addition could be direct wallpaper set up. The image that is captured through the application can be directly set as wallpaper for the mobile screen or as a lock screen from the same.

• The auto backing up facility can be advantageous in this regard. The automatic syncing facility can be helpful in backing up the images into the desktop without additional effort.

• An advanced sorting feature through intelligent filter options can be useful. Users can seamlessly view images without much hassle.

• Another important additional feature which is highly acclaimed is privacy options. The ability to choose the people with whom the user wants to share certain images can be very helpful.

Popular Photo Sharing Apps


Instagram is a true essence photo sharing application. It has a user base of more than 1 billion. The user can follow other accounts to see moments of other users and their world through their eyes. There are a host of features to play around in this application.

• Photo and video sharing have never been better. Instagram adds a level of personal touch with a number of filter options and other tools to get creative. It also allows combining of multiple clips to make a complete video.

• There is option to share user story that remains active for 24 hours and does not stick to the profile feed. The story can also be enhanced through various creative tools and effects.

• Users can go “Live” which enables sharing the live feeds of an event or occasion to enhance connectivity and sharing the ability.

• In the feed section, the user can view the images and stories shared by the connections. One can discover images and videos and follow accounts to get a visual treat of places and moments.

• In addition to “Likes” and commenting, there is a private messaging option through Instagram Direct. The posts, images, and videos shared through this do not appear in the feed and disappear after 24 hours.


Flickr, a photo sharing app by Yahoo allows the user to upload, systematize, access and share images anytime, anywhere.

• One of the most sought after feature of Flickr is its storage space. It allows backing up of images in the Flickr Camera roll section.

• There is ease of image organization and sharing. The browsing option is easy and simple that allows the user to go through many images in a whiff.

• The user can go on a creative streak with the help of a wide array of filters and edit options. It aids in adding a touch of uniqueness and individuality to the images.

• The user can explore and interact with other members of the Flickr community. There are numerous groups to look at that have billion of images to go through and take pleasure in.

• The free version of the Flickr application is available. The premium version allows additional storage space and other benefits.


Photobucket is photo storage, organization and sharing application. It is known to give an incredible media browse experience to its users. It is also known for providing an incorporated print experience.

• One of the primary aspects of Photobucket is its storage and organization feature. The photos can be stored and organized at a single spot for easy access.

• There is an effective backup feature that automatically syncs the images on cloud. The user can also choose the backup option to be manual or automatic as per requirement. Also, the images are stored in actual resolution without any compression so that they are print ready.

• There is a quick share option which aids in sharing a group of images with different platforms.

• There is a “Private Photo Vault” which can be used to keep the images private. Only the user has access to this virtual vault through a passcode system.

• The most outstanding feature of this application is the photo printing feature. There is a built-in mobile printing option that allows printing images directly from the gallery.

• There is option to generate premium prints, canvas, and framed prints as well as greeting cards. The photo products get delivered to designated address as per requirement.


Though designated as one of the most favored social media platforms, Facebook also doubles up as an excellent photo sharing application. It is currently one of the most popular social media platforms globally.

• It is social engagement and sharing platform that allows the user to shares images and videos as well along with a host of other functionalities.

• The user can also back up the images by storing them in albums. The view access of these albums can be set according to the user interest. They can be made “Public” for open view access, “Friends” only for only the people in the friend list to view or “Only Me” for the user access only. There is another functionality wherein the access can be customized for some people to view certain images or albums. One can also restrict the view of certain people.

• The privacy settings allow the user to control access to the images and videos as per requirement.


Fotolog is an image sharing application that acts as a personal diary for a user. It can be considered as a photo blogging site that also doubles up as a social media platform. It was launched in the year 2002. It has both free and paid user subscriptions. While the free users can upload a single picture a day and can have 20 comments, paid users can upload 6 images per day with provision for 200 comments. There is a provision to upload one image daily. The user can create an album as well as follows posts from other members.

• The images are sorted as per days and one can find other users across the globe.

• There is an option for likes and comments.

• The privacy of the user account can be set according to need.


With a user base of 15 million, this photo sharing application is a photographer’s paradise. One can share photos on this platform and gain worldwide exposure. There is a provision to get paid even. If someone has skills to create magic through the lens, 500px is the platform for them.

• A collection of highly skilled photographs that are ranked as per feedback from the community members. Not only one has access to some world-class photography, but there are also many unique images as well which have a fresh perspective.

• As an emerging photographer, the user can take up the challenge to move up to the leader board. One can also make it to the “Editor’s Choice” segment which has the best images.

• One can also follow the work of favorite photographers. There is direct messaging functionality that one can use to get in touch with other community members.


Ipernity is an independent image sharing application. The platform is financed through membership dues exclusively. The intention of profit making is not there. The community known as Ipernity Members Association (IMA) maintains the website for this platform.

• The digital content such as images, videos, blogs, and audio files are transferred through this platform based on secured and private exchange. Even the global publication of selected content also occurs on this platform.

• The mutual inspiration and communication across geographies are done based on machine-aided translation. Since the platform has 100% ownership of the members, it remains unaffected by external interests such as investors.

• The community itself maintains and manages the privacy and security of the user contents. The content which has been approved for publication is visible in the search results of engines. Analysis, sharing and selling of the content for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

• At a time around 200 photos can be uploaded. One can post as well as view other member posts. The images can be resized for quicker upload.

• The device remains available when the upload process is going on.


Fotki is a social media platform that provides image and video sharing facilities to its users. It is an emergent community for users to share photos and videos. It has over 1.5 million users worldwide.

• It is a cost-effective platform to share pictures and videos. Fotki has landscape and portrait mode. The images can be uploaded in bulk without compromising on the resolution. It also includes the EXIF information of the images.

• The tools of Fotki permit image and video tagging, comprehensive profile setup and saving and neat organization of links.

• Fotki supports full-screen photo browsing. The interface of the application is simplified to support easy browsing through public albums. Even the viewing of videos is simple and convenient at the same time.

• There is an option to earn through this platform. There is a provision to sell photos as well.

• There is an appealing feature that one can order picture prints as well through this platform.


Pinterest is a popular image sharing social media application that was launched in 2010. It has an active user base of 250 million. It can be considered a creative idea sharing and design platform.

• The user can explore a lot of visual ideas on this platform. It can be related to home decor, travel, adventure outing, makeup and styling and much more. The user can upload such ideas in form of images as well for others to see.

• One can find lifestyle inspirations or find out about new things that are trending. The user can also collaborate with a group of people for various activities or projects. It can be related to a trip, party and such like.

• The user can take a picture through Pinterest Lens and gain information related to purchases or how to create such designs or projects.

• The application offers a simple organization technique depending on the topic. The users can also save ideas according to the same.


SmugMug is subscription based image and video hosting and sharing application that was launched in 2002. This platform also assists in trading of digital and print media for photographers of every segment.

• The application supports viewing of images and videos from the Smugmug galleries and there is no limit on the upload count. The galleries can be saved on the device to accessing the files offline.

• Certain galleries can be marked as favorites. This allows the user to gain instant access to those folders swiftly.

• It supports image and video sharing across various social media platforms as well that includes, Facebook, Twitter and much more. It also supports private sharing through SMS and email.

• The application makes it effortless to follow other users in the community, It can be friends, family or any other person whose work the user prefers to view and explore.

• The application showcases detailed information related to the images or videos. It can be the place, time, camera type and such like, This information depends on the setting of the device.

A Final Word…

Building advanced photo sharing apps is expected to flourish as a profitable business segment for mobile app development companies. As the social media trend becomes steady, the success of photo sharing apps becomes inevitable. Monetization of these applications is set to produce significant revenues for the app development companies. However, the popularity of these apps depends on the level of feature richness they have. As innovation is rapidly taking on the technology segment, the companies need to keep up with every changing trend. Hence new features need to be updated into the photo-sharing apps from time to time. Keeping up with this trend is web and mobile application development company Unified Infotech. It has been associated with mobile application development for clients across various industry segments for nearly a decade. It specializes in building applications that cater to client requirements. These applications help in achieving sales targets and building brand recognition. Photo sharing application segment is no different.

We understand the current trends and developments of the industry and build applications that take you forward in the competition. We are the “app developers NYC” who can help your business gain the right edge in the online space. Want to know more about our services? Write to us at [email protected] to know more.

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