Want to Create a Photo sharing App like Instagram? Here’s What you Need to Know

Dec 24,2018

Remember the good old days of the classic camera?

Your dad trying to fit you into the camera view. Your childhood memories filled with the impression of the shutter sound and a flash of light that blinded you for few seconds. And then came the wait.

The long wait for the pictures to develop so that you can see them and share with others.

Well technology took major steps since then. The image capture and sharing has come a long way through substantial reforms. Now you can click and share as many images as you want- within seconds!

The millennial population is inclined towards internet exposure. They love to share memories and experiences on social media platforms. Sharing images is a crucial part of this exercise. The current market has many social media and exclusive photo sharing platforms.


  • What are the major elements of a photo sharing app?
  • Where does the market stand in terms of social media platforms?
  • What it takes to create a photo sharing app?

If are looking for insight to create a photo sharing app, we can get you started right away!

Where Market Stands

Social media is the baseline for the photo sharing segment. Some of the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are hotspots for photo sharing. Let’s look at what the statistics say.

As per Statista, social media is the most popular way of recreation and connectivity for the generation now. Approximately, 64% of internet users access social media.There are whooping 1.6 billion social media network users worldwide. In North America, more than 50% of the internet users are social media users. In United States alone, there are 160 million social network users.

Instagram- A noteworthy Mention in Photo Sharing and Editing App Category

Instagram holds a special position as one of the renowned social media platforms. It is well known as a photo sharing app also. Statista states that there were around 1000 million monthly active Instagram users as of June 2018 in United States.

create a photo sharing app stats

More than 50% of the user base are in the age group of 18 to 29 years. It even outshines Twitter and Facebook in this segment.

Success Story of Instagram

Ever wondered why is Instagram is so popular?

Why it is that teenagers are so drawn to this photo sharing app?

We will tell you why!

When Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, it had only 30 million users back then, as per The New York Times.  It paid 1 billion dollars for the photo sharing app. At that time, it seemed as bit too much looking into the bite-size acquisition trend of the brand. But, Instagram was set to flourish.

The primary reasons of Instagram success is dictated by certain factors.

  • It is an image first app. Portrait photography garners maximum interest among its users.
  • Secondly, it works seamlessly on mobile making it user friendly.

Thus, Instagram is very popular among youngsters and teenagers of this generation.

Apart from Business to Consumer (B2C) segment, it is also favored among businesses. Instagram has evolved as one of the powerful influential marketing platform. This opens opportunities towards B2B segment. Therefore, popularity of Instagram is diverse and spread across segments.

Instagram Features that Turned Heads

There is no doubt that Instagram is well-admired among millennial. It user-friendly quotient is attributed to its popular and widely-accepted features.

create a photo sharing app screens
Source: Source:- https://play.google.com/

But what are these features that took it to the top?

Before getting to the segment of how to make a photo sharing app, let’s have a look at its features!

1. Live Filters for Extra Touch of Personalization

Images come to life with Instagram’s live filters. You can add live elements to your picture as you click it. This can be stickers, weather elements, effects and much more. There is another surprise to this feature also. The elements added can respond to real-time movements and elements of the actual image.

There is professional editing option as well. This adds another layer perfection and individuality to your photos.

2. Boomerang – Combine the Effect of video with pictures

With Instagram, you take your photo sharing experience to the next level The Boomerang function allows you to snap a series of ten pictures at once and converts it into a mini video. The images are taken within a short span of time.

The best part, there are no bumps in the middle. You can do all this at the touch of a button.The video loops back and forth automatically. Instagram helps you create your very own motion sceneries effortlessly.

The image video created is stored in your phone’s camera roll section. That means, you can share it across other social media platforms.

3. Go Live with Insta

Now you can share live video with Instagram. You just need to tap into the top left of the screen. Or, you can swipe right anywhere in the Feed section. It is that simple. You can also see the number of viewers for your video. You can opt to keep the “comment” function open or close as per requirement.

4. Story

Instagram “Stories” allow you to post images and videos that disappear from the profile after 24 hours. It does not appear in the Feed section or the profile grid, much like SnapChat. So, you can create and share some instant moments of your life with it.

5. Instagram Direct

This feature is not essentially related to photography and sharing. But it gives the feel of a private messaging app. You can chat with people privately through this feature. A great way of connecting with friends and family.

Instagram has evolved with time since its launch. It has been successfully implementing various features to keep up with the competition. Its continuous reforms keeping up with recent technology trends has added to its success path over the years.

What about the Scope for new Photo Sharing Apps?

Until now we talked about the market stats for photo sharing apps. We showed you that how Instagram made it to the top with its features.

But, does it mean that the market is saturated?

Is there room to create a photo sharing app?

Statistics reveal that the user count for Instagram has risen steadily risen in past couple of years. There are other photo sharing apps in the market other than Instagram as well. The USP for such apps is the new features. Such elements garner interests among users.

Let’s look into some the unique features showcased by other photo sharing apps.

1. Automatic Creation of Collages and Movies

Images come to life with this feature. You become a storyteller as the application creates a collage from your snaps. You can share the same on any social media platform with required privacy settings.

The images are grouped as per location or date. You can add special effects to the images. Even, there are advanced correction tools present to perfect your shots.

2. 360-degree Panorama

Panorama view images are popular nowadays. Getting a 360-degree view of a place in a single shot is a photographer’s dream come true. You can click the images in 3D or 2D view. Just tap a button and move the mobile camera from left to right at steady pace. The application combines all the frames into a single shot.

You can now have the panorama images with the geo-tagging as well.

3. Hyper-Lapse

Now you can create time-lapse videos which act as motion pictures. A latest addition to the photo sharing apps. This feature makes use of image stabilization algorithm. It makes the video steady and eliminates jitter. You add a cinematic touch to your image memories with this feature.

Features to explore in Photo Sharing Arena

By now, you might be thinking that photo sharing apps like Instagram already cover the popular features.

What is more to offer then?

Well, there is. Let’s show you.

  • One helpful addition could be direct wallpaper set up. The user can directly set an image as wallpaper for home or as a lock screen. It might sound as a minor element. But, you will be surprised at the augmented user satisfaction.
  • Image capturing is a frenzy for users. They click multiple shots for getting a perfect image. The auto backup and syncing of images can be useful to create a photo sharing app that stands out in the crowd.
  • This is an offshoot of the previous feature. Larger volume of images means larger storage capacity. And what could be better that unlimited storage space.
  • An advanced sorting feature through intelligent filter options is the need of the hour. Users can seamlessly view images without much hassle.
  • Privacy and security are major factors to consider if you want to create a photo sharing app. Images reflect the personal life of a user. You need to consider the parameters that secures the same.

These elements might seems inconsequential to you. But you will be surprised at the impact they will have on the users.

It is essential to understand that users are attracted to advanced photo editing and customization features. They are willing to pay for such features. Combine that with photo sharing apps, you get a new dimension of revenue generation through this segment.

Thus, it is evident that the market for photo sharing apps is not yet saturated. On the contrary, it is set to flourish in coming years depending on technology intensive features.

Photo Editing Feature as an Add-on to the Photo Sharing App

Apps like VSCO and Snapseed have swiftly climbed success ladder in recent years. These photo editing apps are mainly popular among teenagers and millennial. The driving factor for this popularity is sophisticated editing tools. People love capturing memories now and then.

What if you could perfect it as well?

With advanced editing tools you can create a photo sharing app that provides wholesome experience to the user. They do not need to toggle around for editing options. A win-win for both.

Popular Photo Sharing Apps


Flickr, a photo sharing app by Yahoo allows the user to upload, systematize, access and share images anytime, anywhere.

  • One of the most sought after feature of Flickr is its storage space. It allows backing up of images in the Flickr Camera roll section.
  • There is ease of image organization and sharing. The browsing option is easy and simple that allows the user to go through many images in a whiff.
  • The user can go on a creative streak with the help of a wide array of filters and edit options. It aids in adding a touch of uniqueness and individuality to the images. If you want to create a photo sharing app, this needs to be your key ingredient among others.
  • The user can explore and interact with other members of the Flickr community. There are numerous groups to look at that have billion of images to go through and take pleasure in.
  • The free version of the Flickr application is available. The premium version allows additional storage space and other benefits.


Photobucket is among various photo sharing apps that provide storage and organization. It is known to give an incredible media browse experience to its users. It is also known for providing an incorporated print experience.

  • One of the primary aspects of Photobucket is its storage and organization feature. The photos can be stored and organized at a single spot for easy access.
  • There is an effective backup feature that automatically syncs the images on cloud. The user can also choose the backup option to be manual or automatic as per requirement. Also, the images are stored in actual resolution without any compression so that they are print ready.
  • There is a quick share option which aids in sharing a group of images with different platforms.
  • There is a “Private Photo Vault” which can be used to keep the images private. Only the user has access to this virtual vault through a passcode system.
  • The most outstanding feature of this application is the photo printing feature. There is a built-in mobile printing option that allows printing images directly from the gallery.
  • There is option to generate premium prints, canvas, and framed prints as well as greeting cards. The photo products get delivered to designated address as per requirement.


Though designated as one of the most favored social media platforms, Facebook also doubles up as an excellent photo sharing application. It is currently one of the most popular social media platforms globally.

  • It is social engagement and sharing platform that allows the user to shares images and videos as well along with a host of other functionalities.
  • The user can also back up the images by storing them in albums. The view access of these albums can be set according to the user interest. They can be made “Public” for open view access, “Friends” only for only the people in the friend list to view or “Only Me” for the user access only. There is another functionality wherein the access can be customized for some people to view certain images or albums. One can also restrict the view of certain people.
  • The privacy settings allow the user to control access to the images and videos as per requirement. This is an essential element to create a photo sharing app.


Fotolog is an image sharing application that acts as a personal diary for a user. It can be considered as a photo blogging site that also doubles up as a social media platform. It was launched in the year 2002. It has both free and paid user subscriptions. While the free users can upload a single picture a day and can have 20 comments, paid users can upload 6 images per day with provision for 200 comments. There is a provision to upload one image daily. The user can create an album as well as follows posts from other members.

  • The images are sorted as per days and one can find other users across the globe.
  • There is an option for likes and comments.
  • The privacy of the user account can be set according to need.


With a user base of 15 million, this photo sharing application is a photographer’s paradise. If you want to create a photo sharing app, you can definitely take queue from it. One can share photos on this platform and gain worldwide exposure. There is a provision to get paid even. If someone has skills to create magic through the lens, 500px is the platform for them.

  • A collection of highly skilled photographs that are ranked as per feedback from the community members. Not only one has access to some world-class photography, but there are also many unique images as well which have a fresh perspective.
  • As an emerging photographer, the user can take up the challenge to move up to the leaderboard. One can also make it to the “Editor’s Choice” segment which has the best images.
  • One can also follow the work of favorite photographers. There is direct messaging functionality that one can use to get in touch with other community members.


Ipernity is an independent image sharing application. The platform is financed through membership dues exclusively. The intention of profit making is not there. The community known as Ipernity Members Association (IMA) maintains the website for this platform.

  • The digital content such as images, videos, blogs, and audio files are transferred through this platform based on secured and private exchange. Even the global publication of selected content also occurs on this platform.
  • The mutual inspiration and communication across geographies are done based on machine-aided translation. Since the platform has 100% ownership of the members, it remains unaffected by external interests such as investors.
  • The community itself maintains and manages the privacy and security of the user contents. The content which has been approved for publication is visible in the search results of engines. Analysis, sharing and selling of the content for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • At a time around 200 photos can be uploaded. One can post as well as view other member posts. The images can be resized for quicker upload.
  • The device remains available when the upload process is going on.


Fotki is a social media platform that provides image and video sharing facilities to its users. It is an emergent community for users to share photos and videos. It has over 1.5 million users worldwide.

  • It is a cost-effective platform to share pictures and videos. Fotki has landscape and portrait mode. The images can be uploaded in bulk without compromising on the resolution. It also includes the EXIF information of the images.
  • The tools of Fotki permit image and video tagging, comprehensive profile setup and saving and neat organization of links.
  • Fotki supports full-screen photo browsing. The interface of the application is simplified to support easy browsing through public albums. Even the viewing of videos is simple and convenient at the same time.
  • There is an option to earn through this platform. There is a provision to sell photos as well.
  • There is an appealing feature that one can order picture prints as well through this platform. You can consider this feature if you want to create a photo sharing app with a level up element.


Pinterest is one of the photo sharing apps like instagram that was launched in 2010. It has an active user base of 250 million. It can be considered a creative idea sharing and design platform.

  • The user can explore a lot of visual ideas on this platform. It can be related to home decor, travel, adventure outing, makeup and styling and much more. The user can upload such ideas in form of images as well for others to see.
  • One can find lifestyle inspirations or find out about new things that are trending. The user can also collaborate with a group of people for various activities or projects. It can be related to a trip, party and such like.
  • The user can take a picture through Pinterest Lens and gain information related to purchases or how to create such designs or projects.
  • The application offers a simple organization technique depending on the topic. The users can also save ideas according to the same.


SmugMug is subscription based image and video hosting and sharing application that was launched in 2002. This platform also assists in trading of digital and print media for photographers of every segment.

  • The application supports viewing of images and videos from the Smugmug galleries and there is no limit on the upload count. The galleries can be saved on the device to accessing the files offline.
  • Certain galleries can be marked as favorites. This allows the user to gain instant access to those folders swiftly.
  • It supports image and video sharing across various social media platforms as well that includes, Facebook, Twitter and much more. It also supports private sharing through SMS and email.
  • The application makes it effortless to follow other users in the community, It can be friends, family or any other person whose work the user prefers to view and explore.
  • The application showcases detailed information related to the images or videos. It can be the place, time, camera type and such like, This information depends on the setting of the device.


4shared is majorly known as file storage and sharing platform. In 2005, 4shared was launched. It provides 15 GB of free storage as part of the basic plan. The premium subscription allows additional storage space and certain other functionalities. The platform allows storage of images, videos, music, and books.

  • The application is simple and allows easy access to the files such as audio, documents, pictures and much more through the account.
  • The search and browsing functionality is comprehensive in nature. There are various filters which help in narrowing down the search process. The filter options include time of upload, file size, type and such as.
  • Editing of the file characteristics is also effortless. Moving of files along with renaming and deletion is quick and easy.
  • The sharing of files can be done through the application directly.
  • Its huge storage space makes it a favorable choice for backing up important files and memories.

We Heart It

We Heart It is a trendy social media platform that provides a fresher outlook towards image, video and article sharing. A different outlook towards “How to make a photo sharing app”. The user can explore various pictures and videos related to different subjects, be it, fashion, travel, wallpaper, photography and much more. The scope of ideas is infinite. The application was launched in 2008 and has a steady rising user base of 45 million.

  • The user can explore a wide array of images, videos, and content that can be related to various topics and segment for inspiration.
  • Easy upload feature that allows sharing of images and ideas in a convenient manner. The user can also create a collection in this application which can be shared among friends and family and can be stored for later as well.
  • This application can prove to be very effective towards gaining creative ideas in various segments and even learn new things.
  • It has an offering of follow icons and live widgets. It also offers a share button that can be used in websites or blogs.


Postimage can be considered as a message board application that is designed for simple and quick photo upload. It was launched in 2004 and is free of charge. There is no registration or login process for this application. It is a perfect platform for linking to other websites or blogs and even message boards.

  • It is an effective image hosting platform that is free. It also offers comprehensive customization of screenshots.
  • It can be effectively utilized for clicking images that can fit the entire screen or a certain portion of it. The size can be set as per the user convenience after taking the snapshot.
  • The saving and sharing of the images are simple. It is capable of sending the URL of a shared screenshot for saving it to the system clipboard.
  • There is a provision to upload a group of pictures at the same time. The screen capturing can be activated spontaneously through global hotkeys.

Google Plus

Coming from the house of the technology giant Google itself, Google Plus is a global social networking site. It also acts as any other photo sharing apps like Instagram.It was launched in 2011 and has approximately 1.2 million active users. It is a platform which allows its users to explore various topics that includes images, videos, content and much more. There are some important features of Google Plus.

  • The user profile is a public view section that has a profile picture section, followed by the basic profiling of the user. There is an option for uploading the cover image as well.
  • One of the most important features of Google Plus is Circles. It helps in the organization of people in various groups or lists for sharing across different Google platforms. It had a drag and drop interface initially that underwent redesigning in 2015. It has currently a basic checkbox interface.
  • The “Stream” section is the news feed segment of Google Plus. The updates from the people in the Circles of the user can be viewed in this section.
  • The privacy settings allow the user to customize the amount of information visible to others in the platform.
  • With “1+ button” the user gets a scope to recommend different sites and posts to various Circles.


Yogile is private photo storage and sharing platform. The trial version of the application is available for free for 7 days. It is a simple platform for sharing images within specific groups. The photos are stored in the form of albums. There is no compromise on the resolution of the images. There is support for different types of image formats including RAW, PSD and such like.

  • There is unlimited storage for the photos. The images can be organized into folders for easy access. There are many filter options available such as location, date and time for accessing the images hassle free.
  • The application also provides easy edit options for enhancing the images with different types of effects.
  • The images can be conveniently shared over various photo sharing apps and platforms. The application generates a specific link for an album which can be used for private sharing of a set of images among friends and family.
  • Password protection for albums can be enabled as per user interest.


Zenfolio is one of the very few photo sharing apps like Instagram that are targeted at advanced photographers to showcase and market their creations. It provides effective management of images as well. It is an all in one application that supports image uploading, gallery management, image view in offline mode, managing orders and downloads.

  • There is no limit on the count of the image and video uploads for the user accounts.
  • The user can create and manage galleries effortlessly. There is an option to create collections and groups as well. The complete gallery can be downloaded at one go for the offline view.
  • There is an easy sharing menu for the images. There is an option for individual sharing as well.
  • There is an edit option for titles and captions of photos along with keywords and categories.
  • The orders can be reviewed, approved or canceled as per requirement.
  • There is a Client Presentation mode. It allows showing a specific set of images to any individual.


Imagebam is a free image hosting platform that has been in the business for more than a decade. It allows photo sharing service as well to a host of different social media platforms, forums, and blogs. It has a number of comprehensive features to look out for.

  • The image size limit for uploading is 10MB.
  • There is no limit on the upload or download count for the images.
  • The images can be easily organized into galleries. The user can add titles and descriptions to the galleries as per requirement.
  • There are many photo management tools which aid in convenient managing and organizing of the images.
  • Registration is required for accessing additional functionalities on this platform. But it is free of charge.


DeviantArt is a social media platform that is targeted at artists and art enthusiasts. You can take queue of features from this app if you are looking into how to create a photo sharing app. It aids in the exhibition, promotion, and sharing of artwork which can be digital art, pixel art, anime, films, various artwork, and sculpture. The platform was launched in the year 2000 and has currently 44 million registered members worldwide. It has statistics of garnering 45 million unique visitors every month.

  • It has a wide array of tools and resources that support the sharing of any type of artwork.
  • This platform helps the artists to reach out larger audience base which helps them grow as artists.
  • There is a large community of people associated with this platform who provide appreciation and useful insights towards the work posted.
  • There is an option for advertisement as well and contests are also held from time to time.


Slickpic is an image hosting platform that is meant for photographers whether amateur or professional. This photo sharing app provides sharing and image enhancement functionalities as well to the users.

  • The photos can be uploaded into galleries that are stylish and showcases the photographer talent in the right way.
  • The images can be from any genre, be it fashion, family albums, travel and such like.
  • The feature availability of this application is based on subscriptions. The basic version is free that allows images of size 1600x1200px and the storage limit is up to 1000 photos. This is meant for personal use. There are other paid options available for both professional photographers and commercial usage which allows higher storage space and other functionalities.
  • The photos can be uploaded into albums and can be viewed in full resolution from any device. The images can be viewed in slideshows.
  • The application provides image enhancement tools that add a touch of creativity as well as perfection.
  • There is an option for image sharing across various social media platforms, emails, and blogs.
  • The user is in complete control of photo sharing. The view option can be set according to the user requirement.

Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the most versatile photo sharing apps. It can be considered as an alternate photo gallery that saves the storage space of a phone. There is automated backing up facility available with this application. The images can be organized and shared across different platforms seamlessly.

  • The photo and video storage option is practically unlimited with 16MP and 1080 HD. The images can be accessed and viewed from any device. There are two image qualities in which the photos can be stored, “High Quality” and “Original Quality”.
  • The search option is convenient. The photos can be searched according to location, date, timing and such like. There is no tagging required for this.
  • The application allows automatic creation for collages, panorama, animations and such like. It also provides the option for creating them on own.
  • There are many advanced editing tools available. Other than the major tools to adjust brightness, saturation and such like, it also provides 14 unique photo filters.
  • The images can be shared easily over social media, emails and to any specific contact. There is another option wherein the user can grant access to another person to some of the photo albums as per requirement.
  • The images can be viewed on TV with the help of Chromecast support.

This app provides useful insight to create a photo sharing app.


CryptoHeaven is a platform that allows secure transfer of electronic media within a safe environment. It is owned and managed by CryptoHeaven Corp. which is an internet security and privacy service provider. Its servers are based in Toronto, Canada.

  • The primary service of this platform is transferring encrypted main and secure storage and data backup.
  • The platform can store photos, business documents, audio, prints etc.
  • There is an option to store, archive, share and access any type of file conveniently.
  • The service is paid and it offers technical support to its users.
  • There are different services which the user has access to with the help of CryptoHeaven account. They are CryptoHeaven Web Edition, Web Forms, and Email Gateway


MyPhoto is a photo sharing platform that allows easy display and storage of images for its users. It has options for both free and paid services.

  • Under the free subscription, the user has the option for easy upload of the images and free of charge storage space of 50MB.
  • Under the paid services, the user gets a storage space of 1GB for the images. There is an option for private galleries as well which ensures protected access to photos. The user needs to register on this platform for availing these services.
  • There is an option to explore other user galleries as well. There is an advanced photo viewer and one can search certain images through the username. This can be useful element to create a photo sharing app. The user can mark his or her favorite images also.


The cluster is one of the photo sharing apps that support private sharing of images within a group of people. This application ensures secure image sharing like no other.

  • The user needs to create a group comprising of the people he or she wants to share the images with. Then the photos need to be uploaded for viewing. It is ideal for students, office colleagues, friends and family.
  • It is a safe platform to share images as only the people within a group get access to specific images.
  • It sends a notification to the user when new images are posted by any group member invited by the user.
  • The application uses the user location while posting the images. Also, the application provides contact suggestions who can be invited to the group. However, the contact information is not stored within the server.
  • There is an option to download images from other members of the user album.


Snapr is a photo sharing apps that allows capture and share of images on its own platform as well as other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare.

  • The user interface of the Snapr app is simple yet attractive. The navigation within the application is also very convenient. This can be important to create a photo sharing app.
  • The photos can be viewed in full screen and there is an option to add details as per user requirement.
  • This photo sharing apps captures the location of the image captured. There is a “Map” section within the application. It depicts the user activity at different places through the photos captured. There is another segment called “Cities” that displayed the best images captured of different locations.
  • There is an advanced search options present that allows finding images through location and tags.
  • Other users can Like the images and there is a convenient sorting system that arranges pictures as per popularity, date and time.
  • There is a range of 10 custom filters also present in the application.


EyeEm is a photo sharing apps that allows showcasing and retailing of the images by photographers. It is beneficial for photographers who are looking for a display place for their work that brings in appreciation and selling option. It has a community of more than 20 million users worldwide.

  • The application has EyeEm Selects which helps in identifying the best images to facilitate increased visibility.
  • The application showcases daily and weekly updates from the photographers. There are awards and exhibitions that display the best work of the photographers.
  • EyeEm Missions allows the users to submit their work for the media companies to use. It is a dependable way of earning from the photos.
  • The users can also get useful help tips and advice from other photographers that aids in improving the work.
  • EyeEm application ensures complete security by managing proper copyright control to the photographers.


Tumblr is a social media platform that allows sharing of various ideas and images conveniently. It can give you a different prospect to create a photo sharing app. The ideas can be related to any topic like from travel to fashion, philosophy and many more.

  • This application allows sharing of images, videos, content, GIFs and much more.
  • The user can create his or her very own GIF and customize it with stickers and captions.
  • The users have the option to choose the Tumblr app theme. There is a wide array of layouts and colors available to select from.
  • The users can follow the topics or genres they are interested in. There are numerous communities for various topics.
  • The application allows re-blogging of any content. The users can share also privately.


Trover is a photo sharing apps that are targeted mainly at travelers. It is a platform that allows sharing of images that are geotagged.

  • The users need to create a profile for sharing images. They can also showcase their logs of travel journeys. There is an option to connect with other travelers as well.
  • There is a choice to save a particular travel plan or travel wishes.
  • The application has a unique feature of displaying nearby interesting places to the user with respect to the current location.
  • All the images are geotagged for exact information about the place of visit. One can have useful tips and recommendations regarding a place to visit from other travelers.
  • There is a huge community wherein one can see beautiful pictures of location or gain insight about the travel.

It is a travel based image sharing that can depict on how to to create a photo sharing app.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the best photo sharing apps that combine the features of a photo editor and sharing platform. It has extensive photo editing and collage making tools that add definition to the images.

  • The photo editor tools help in perfecting the images at an advanced level. There is an option to resize and flip images along with sophisticated auto fixing preference.
  • The user can perform high-level corrections to the images in terms of blemish removal, clarity and contrast and much more.
  • A series of customization options are also present in terms of photo frames, watermarking and filters.
  • The images can be imported and edited in raw format and the output image is in JPEG format.
  • There is an advanced collage making tool within the app. There are various grid layouts to choose from along with extensive customization options.
  • The user can share images and collages across various social media platforms directly from the application.
  • The images and collages can be printed as well from the app.
  • There are certain features of this application which stand out in the crowd. They are noise reduction which removes the grains in night photos, defog which results in haze reduction and perspective correction.


ImageShack is an image hosting platform that works on a subscription basis. It was launched in the year 2003. It can be used for storage and sharing of photos securely.

  • The photos can be shared according to user preference. He or she can set the privacy measures as per requirements. One can share one photo or a complete album.
  • It offers corporate services that allow image hosting for businesses. It allows swift upload and access to any type.
  • The users can follow other photographers or family members and friends to look into their collection and images.
  • ImageShack also offers photo sharing apps for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Uploading and downloading of images is easy and secure. It has a photo library of itself and automatically syncs with camera roll. The photos are stored in the cloud for effective backup.
  • There is an option to edit the images with filters and cropping tool.


OneDrive is the file-sharing platform coming from the house of Microsoft. It can be accessed from any device be it desktop, tablet or a Smartphone. It can be used for storage and sharing of files, documents, videos, and photos.

  • It can act as an effective online storage platform for important documents and files, photos and videos. The users can also browse effectively through the files and share them on any platform or personally.
  • With the help of camera backup facility, the user can directly upload files and videos.
  • The iOS and Android apps for Onedrive can double up as photo sharing apps for secure and convenient sharing of images.
  • Folders can be created for storing files and effective organization.
  • There is a commercial service available known as OneDrive for Business that allows storage and access of office documentation.


TinyPic is an image and video sharing service that was introduced in 2004. PhotoBucket is the owner and operator of this platform. It functions in a similar way as per the URL shortening technique. The images are given a short URL when uploaded on Tinypic.

  • It is one of the photo sharing apps that reformulated the image sharing through messages. The photos shared through this application are maintained in quality without taking too much data.
  • The images are optimized according to the device. A group of photos can be shared speedily without much hassle.
  • The application’s image linkers offer a quick and easy workflow for the entire photo linking needs. The image linking functionality works smoothly for both the app and the keyboard.
  • The platform supports multiple image formats for user convenience. The photos higher than 1600 pixels are resized as per requirement, but the aspect ratio remains the same.
  • Video files less than 15MB and within 15 minutes length are permitted to be stored and shared by the platform.
  • There is no account or subscription required for using Tinypic.

If you want to create a photo sharing app, you can take queue from TinyPic.


Shutterfly is a comprehensive image platform that provides a host of services to its users. It has a free image storage facility and sharing option along with printing facility.

  • One of the prime services of Shutterfly is to print the photos into gifts, cards, various home décor, and photo books. There is an option for personalization of these items as per user needs.
  • There is an unlimited image storing facility with Shutterfly. The photos can be accessed conveniently from any devices be it Android or iOS. The users can like and comment on the pictures also.
  • The photo sharing apps of this platform are known as Shutterfly Share Sites. It can be used for image share, communication and calendar event sharing.
  • The users can create a member list and add members. There is an option to chat and communicate among the users.
  • This platform can be conveniently used among friends and family, teams, classrooms and travel groups.


Snapfish is a web-based platform for sharing and printing images. District Photo is the owner of this platform. It also has a photo sharing application with a host of different functionalities.

  • It is one of the few photo sharing apps that provide free of charge 100 photo prints of size 4×6. It only charges the shipping cost. The user can easily order prints as well as create photo gifts as per requirement.
  • The images can be uploaded conveniently and can be accessed from any device. There is an option to share the photos on various social media platforms.
  • The images can be easily accessed and viewed through the timeline or from the respective albums.
  • The platform offers different print sizes as per the user requirement. The photos can be printed in photo books or for desk accessories and many more.
  • The user can edit images in terms of sizes for better prints.

Canon Irista

Coming from the house of Canon, Irista is a cloud storage application along with photo management services. Its photo sharing apps are available on smartphone, tablet and web platform that shows important aspects on how to create a photo sharing app. It offers a number of facilities to the user.

  • The users get 15GB free storage space for the images. Additional Storage space of up to 100GB is available based on monthly subscription. There are other storage subscription plans as well.
  • It acts as effective backup storage for the images. The photos are stored in the original format without compromising on the quality.
  • The images stored are secured as they are kept private by default. The user can set the parameters of sharing as per requirement.
  • The application provides editing tools that can perfect a shot like no other.
  • The images can be organized into albums and tags. There are user-friendly filter options to get access to the desired images quickly.
  • It provides a desktop uploader function. It allows automated image import from selective folders on the user system. It is available for operating systems of Windows and Mac.


Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service that is capable of storing images and videos. It has mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms that double up as one of the photo sharing apps also. It is a good option for image backup for photographers.

  • The platform offers 2GB storage space plan free of charge. There are 2TB Pro plans available for USD 15 per month.
  • There is a collaborative editing tool present. It is known as Dropbox Paper which is similar to Google Docs. There is no such advanced editing option present for the images.
  • It provides offline access to the images. The backup and file recovery is done online.
  • The download option is simple and convenient.
  • The file sharing option is user-friendly. A link is provided to the user that can be sent through email, chat or text.


iCloud is a storage service from Apple having photo sharing services as well. It is a free service that is available for iPhone, Mac, iPad, and PC.

  • There is an option to create shared albums on this platform. The permitted users can view the images, comment on them and add new photos and videos. iCloud photo sharing follows encryption and the activities are shared only to the designated users. This ensures security and privacy to the users.
  • The platform provides 5GB free storage for images and videos. The photos can be tagged with locations and names. The images stored can be viewed in Apple Photos or as a webpage.
  • The user can edit the images in the Photos app. There is scope to enhance or crop the photos as per user preference. After editing, the images are updated across all platforms.

Photo Transfer App

Photo Transfer App is a comprehensive image sharing and storage platform. It is compatible across Android, iOS, and desktop.

  • There are two subscriptions for this application. The free plan offers a transfer of 5 images with medium resolution. The user needs to upgrade to the pro version for multiple file transfers. The images are transferred in full resolution in the pro subscription.
  • The images can be transferred between android devices and iOS ones. However, video transfer between iOS devices is yet not supported. Additionally, the application requires a WiFi connection for the transfers.
  • The uploaded images are stored in the ‘Photo Transfer’ album of the application.
  • It also provides effective backup of the photos without unnecessary cluttering of the phone memory.


Shoto is one of the photo sharing apps that can effectively designate itself as a top-notch image gallery application. It has conveniently usage pattern. Users can share images with a single tap hassle-free. It has unlimited backup storage.

  • The user receives notification regarding the images of him or her available on other phones. They can request those images via this application. It allows image sharing within the app and across various social media platforms.
  • Shoto has a unique feature that allows this photo sharing apps to recognize people in the images and share with them accordingly. It also has a tagging function for image share.
  • There are different editing tools present in this app which allows enhancement of images. Additionally, a wide range of filters, frames and stickers are also available.
  • It has an intelligent image matching function that correlates the user images with his or her friends in an album for easy sharing.
  • Real-time sharing is available with this app. This can be important to create a photo sharing app. Hence users can share and view images within a short time span. The user can click a picture and chat with friends through photo comment threads.


Vebbler is one of the photo sharing apps that provides a simplistic image share platform. Here people connect with each other through communities of shared interests. There are many categories of images available. Some of the popular ones are fashion, travel, food, and entertainment.

  • The user can create groups with respect to common interests. There is an opportunity to gain a following fan base who like the images shared.
  • The platform offers the sharing of pictures and videos related to various categories.
  • There is a convenient search options present. One can find new communities by tapping in the required categories in Discover page. Additionally, there is an option to like or comment on images. The users can even add stickers and GIFs.
  • There are filters and drawing tools present. This allows adding a personal touch to the images and creating visual stories.
  • The visual stories are active for 24 hours only. Hence it is safe and secure.


EyesUP is predominantly a social media application with a fresh outlook. It can also double up as one of the photo sharing apps.

  • One can log in into the application with a phone number and complete the convenient signup process.
  • The application allows customization of the content according to the user interests. The board tab allows the view of posts by friends and acquaintances. The users can like and comment on the posts.
  • This platform allows the users to discover content from across the globe, be it photos, videos or information. Additionally, there is an option to sort the content as per country and view what is popular among other users.
  • It facilitates network building through the phone’s contact list. It also has international calling facility.
  • There is an advanced photo and video sharing feature. As a result, one can share images from the phone’s gallery or directly from the camera click.


23snaps is among the well-known photo sharing apps. Hence, you can take hint to create a photo sharing app from this application.It is characterized by private photo album sharing and includes a host of different features.

  • It is known for its closed network system. Hence, only permitted users can view the images.
  • The users can follow the updates on images through emails. There is no need for an android phone.
  • The application allows seamless uploading of images, videos and stories along with other small information as per requirement.
  • It has advanced photo filters and provides different frames and vignettes. This allows personalization of the images.
  • One can organize the photos as per convenience. The images can be viewed as per timeline, calendar or gallery.
  • It is a secure platform for image sharing. Therefore, only the people invited can view the images and comment on the same.

Eversnap Private Photo Album

Eversnap is another app for private album sharing. There are more than 1 lakh groups in this application. Photos and videos can be shared seamlessly through private albums.

  • It is one of the photo sharing apps that is supportive of different platforms.
  • It has unlimited storage for images and videos. Additionally, there is no limit on the length of the video to be shared.
  • The users need to create an album and invite designated people through email or SMS invites. All images that are taken through Eversnap are saved in a private and secured album.
  • It has the real-time guest photo slideshow facility making it a photo booth app. Therefore, one can see the images live on screen during an event.
  • The images are tagged according to the timeline and location on a permission basis.

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