Clear Doc

ClearDoc was born out of the need for an easier way to find the right healthcare information. There’s nothing quite like hearing from the doctor themselves. For that reason, ClearDoc brings you Local Doctors answering thousands of your health questions through videos. Through a patent approved technology, these videos are remotely shot through mobile phones, yet with professional accuracy and HD quality. At the same time, Cleardoc acts as a PR tool for Doctors and helps them grow their popularity and engage with more people.

What We Did

  • 01Technology Consulting
  • 02UX & UI Design
  • 03Custom CRM development
  • 04Front End Development


  • 01Node.JS
  • 02Laravel
  • 03AngularJS
  • 04AWS

Additional Information

Cleardoc contracted Unified Infotech to design and build them a complete custom made CRM and automate their entire business process in a seamless manner. The current system is being used by more than 500 doctors, andCleardoc is running a full professional business out of Manhattan using Unified’s solution

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