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Technology can be complex at times and people does over-complicate you don’t like to over complicate your business.

  • Will Android App Development Process Enhance With Studio 2.2?

    After the release of Android Studio in 2013, developers found a strong support. A support for developing an app. This IDE (Integrated Development Environment) from Google provides the perfect platform for native android app development. Equipped with the most prolific features along with advanced characteristics it has offered a boost to the development environment. Cloud

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  • Android App Development: Is Fragmentation A Good Or A Bad Thing?

    Mobile app manufacturers around the world are focusing more on enhancing the customer experience when it comes to offering them a complete app solution. This characteristic is unique irrespective of any mobile operating system for which an app is developed. To keep up in pace with the global demand, even the process of android app

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  • 3 Features of Android that Can Freshen Up iOS

    “iOS is stale compared to Android! It needs fresh ideas!” (Says Wired) Last year we heard such comments repeatedly in popular tech or app blogs. That’s surely a much-debated topic, but open minded will recommend Apple and Google to swap a few ideas to enrich their OS, as none of the brand can get an upper-hand

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