• Jul 11 2017

    Google I/O 2017 Highlights – All The Announcements That Matter

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    Google I/O is a developer-centric conference. We have seen that most of the innovative announcements made at the event. The news directly affects or improve the experience of Google’s customers. This year was also no exception. Google I/O has kicked off with some interesting product announcements and updates. Many of the new techs revealed at the event affect us in our day to day life. It will turn the future of the upcoming iOS & Android app development. It mea

  • Sep 30 2016

    Will Android App Development Process Enhance With Studio 2.2?

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    After the release of Android Studio in 2013, developers found a strong support. A support for developing an app. This IDE (Integrated Development Environment) from Google provides the perfect platform for native android app development. Equipped with the most prolific features along with advanced characteristics it has offered a boost to the development environment. Cloud computing support with cloud messaging integration gives strength to an android app. Android Stu

  • Sep 07 2016

    Android App Development: Is Fragmentation A Good Or A Bad Thing?

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    Mobile app manufacturers around the world are focusing more on enhancing the customer experience when it comes to offering them a complete app solution. This characteristic is unique irrespective of any mobile operating system for which an app is developed. To keep up in pace with the global demand, even the process of android app development is constantly under constant modification so that it is able to keep up with any latest updates coming in the devices and can s

  • Jul 07 2016

    Android Studio 2: Adding Power To A Developer’s SDK

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    As per a report, on the first quarter of 2016, 17.2 billion apps were downloaded. Out of those, 11.1 billion were Android apps. Though most of these downloads mostly comprised of games, but the figures prove the growing popularity of such android apps all over the world today. Developers are looking for more advanced tools to create even more inspiring and engaging apps, which would be of use not only to the masses but to the businessmen as well and benefit the human