• Oct 24 2016

    E-Commerce Web Development: How To Drive Website Visitors On Halloween

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    The spookiest time of the year is here again. It’s time to bring that eerie feel to your website and spruce it up in a way as if it’s wrapped in a cadaver. Getting drenched in Halloween celebration is something, enjoyed worldwide with all pomp and grandeur. Even e –retailers pull up their socks in this particular part of the year and manage their e-commerce web development process in a way that it brings in more visitors. Understanding The Halloween Buyer Psy

  • Oct 05 2016

    5 Ecommerce Web Development Festive Tips To Bring More Visitors

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    The festive season is back again! Excitement has filled the air with the arrival of October. It’s time to fill up your wardrobe with the latest collections and flaunt the latest trend in town. Be it an online or a brick and mortar store, businessmen, have geared up for doubling their sales. Getting the maximum footfalls and visits is right now the primary objective for any ecommerce web development company, which takes care of an ecommerce website. But are you all p

  • Aug 29 2016

    E-Commerce Web Development: Your Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Payment Gateway

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    “Don’t optimize for conversions, optimize for revenue,” this quote by Neil Patel perfectly sums up the purpose of all e-commerce websites around the world, which is to generate revenue at the end of the day. In any e-commerce website, check out is one of the most important features. It is the sole factor in e-commerce web development that decides whether a customer is going to visit a website, next time or not. Repeat customers are important criteria that decide

  • Mar 22 2016

    The Science of Colors and Website Conversions

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    Colors have a beautiful way of uplifting our moods. They lift up our spirits, relaxes the mind, make us feel happy and spiritual at the same time. They bridge the gap between human mind and emotion. The relationship with colors with us is such that we celebrate its love and warmth with the ‘Festival of Colors.’ Well, since the advent of the technological era, the use of colors has graduated. It has made inroads in all the websites. Whether it is in advertising or