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Technology can be complex at times and people does over-complicate you don’t like to over complicate your business.

  • 10 Must Have Security Measures For Mobile Apps

    Mobile applications and Smartphones are an essential part of our life. We can play games, socialize, book a flight, and buy groceries with mobile apps. Mobile app also enters into financial and banking sector, where confidential details are exchanged. A minor security breach can lead to data theft, unauthorized access, IP theft, and fraud. If

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  • Why Microservices Architecture Is Best Bet For Scalable Digital Solutions

    “An approach to developing a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms” – Martin Fowler There could be numerous possible approaches to build up an enterprise application. However, complexity somehow figures out how to sneak into the development procedure. Nobody other than the

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  • How To Ensure A Complete Bug-Free Mobile App Development

    So, if you have been thinking that in your next project you are surely going to impress the client by delivering a bug-free mobile application, then you are wrong probably. It’s a myth that exists in mobile app development in USA. There can never be a single application, which runs without any bugs. Small security

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  • How Cordova Simplifies The Process of Mobile App Development

    For mobile developers who are looking to extend the functionality of an application in more than one platform without changing the tool set and language of the platform, Apache Cordova comes as an instant solution to them. With the growing demand of mobile application around the world and the rapid advancement of mobile app development (where

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  • Pokémon Go – Lessons To Learn By A Mobile App Development Company

    You probably know whom to blame if you have been glued to your mobile phone since the last one month. The addiction has reached to such a level that it has superseded Facebook as far as user engagement is concerned. Within a month of this augmented reality game, Pokémon is really riding high with more

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  • Mobile Technology In the Coming Years: A Futuristic Outlook

    From a basic communication device to using it as a virtual reality device, there are merely any functions left behind by mobile technology. By introducing extended capabilities, it has helped mankind to witness the technological upsurge in a rapid phase, but what lies next? Is there something more in store? Will mobile technology amaze us

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  • What, When And How – A Collective Guide To A Mobile App Startup

    The mobile application industry is driven today by the need for big data, business intelligence, and analytics, as per a report by Forbes. The more tactical and strategic the app will be, the more will be its demand in the market. With rapid advancements made every day, it is quite evident that there will be

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  • How Native Cloud Improves Your App Architecture

    The term ‘communication heavy internet services’ might sound alien to you, but not too big IT giants like Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft. In fact, the term can be termed as a source of revenue generation for them. The gradual shift from display-based information through programs to browser-based information has a huge role to play in

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  • A Visual Representation of the 7 Step Process for Rapid Mobile App Development

    Everyday thousands of mobile applications are developed. Starting from a social media-sharing app to a photo-editing app, the world is today loaded with many interesting apps. But did you ever wonder how does a proper mobile app development process take place? Developing an app just from an idea to its implementation does not happen overnight,

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