• Mar 01 2017

    Mobile App Development Company: 5 Proven Reasons Why Customers Are Not Using Your App

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    A mobile app has become an integral part of our lives. From finding social feeds to scheduling appointments, everything comes in an app. Starting from a small business to a multinational company, everybody needs an app. A mobile app development company leverages technology with mobile. It offers the perfect solution for a common person’s need. Once you have launched the app, it is necessary to determine its usability. Mobile Application Market Insight As per a N

  • Nov 22 2016

    Mobile App Development in USA: Overcoming Challenges In Automation Testing

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    The mobile application testing environment in today’s digital world has occupied a pivotal position especially in a situation where iOS, android, and windows have covered the mobile app development in USA. In such as scenario, QA or the role of Quality Analyst is one area where companies are spending maximum money for delivering a robustly tested mobile application to the client. Automation Testing serves as an instant solution to test the functionality of the app.

  • Nov 15 2016

    Mobile App Development: Engage More With 5 Push Notification Strategies

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    Instant notification on your mobile phone or in technical terms ‘push notification’ has made the lives of mobile users convenient. The hassle of opening an app to get access to a message or get updates has become obsolete now. Mobile app development in USA has successfully seen a growth in the last few years. Push notification has played a pivotal role in creating an engaging application as it boosts the engagement level by 88% as per a report by Localytics Data T

  • Sep 16 2016

    8 Mobile App Development Tools Developers Can’t Live Without

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    To make a sustainable business and make it user-oriented, it is imperative to have a mobile app. From entrepreneurs to small business shop owners, it’s a faster way to communicate with their target customers. The process of mobile app development is evolving at a rapid pace today than it was five years ago. Commercialization and monetization are two vital aspects that matter the most these days.  In fact, it all depends on the choice of the platform. Now-a-days, a