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Technology can be complex at times and people does over-complicate you don’t like to over complicate your business.

  • B2B Vs B2C Mobile Apps – Where Should You Invest

    The world is gradually shifting from laptop and desktop to tablets and smartphones. This impending shift in technology leads to potential money-making opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Investing in mobile application development helps in extending your reach to your customers and improving sales. However, if you are looking to develop a successful mobile app, intensive research

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  • Automation Testing Techniques For The Perfect Mobile Application Development

    Automation testing takes up mobile application testing one notch higher. Unit tests target at removing the blocks in app design. But automatic testing ensures proper integration. It is a proper way to conduct app testing without any fallacy. A mobile application development company makes automation testing a fundamental step. It helps them to run through

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  • Mobile Application Development: Three Options Developers Must Explore For Prototyping

    Prototype is the answer to find an alternate solution to a problem. One uses the same infrastructure and creates a different product. It is a system development method, which helps to develop a more upgraded product. Prototyping works in the best development scenario. The work continues unless the product derives completely from the original one.

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  • Mobile Application Development: How To Make Your Mobile App Ready For The Upcoming Christmas

    The coming week will be full of excitement and holidays. People are already busy making the last minute preparations for Christmas. The festive air is all set to become more vibrant. Even businessman are gearing up for this grand day. For a mobile application development company, this is the best time. The ‘Christmas Week’ is

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  • Mobile Application Development Trends To Follow This Holiday Season For More Sales

    Whatever is your need, mobile apps are the talk of the town every time. No hassles of standing in long queues, no issues of giving changes, just a tap on the app can do the task. As mobile application development continues to climb the ladder of technological advancement, everyone is relying on it. Even businessmen

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  • Mobile App Development: Choosing The Right Tool For Your Dream App

    In one of its reports, Forbes found out that it was the inability of the companies to take a firm decision in mobile app development and the costs incurred in hiring a developer, that were responsible for the escalation in the cost of developing a mobile application. While one might think that the availability of numerous

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  • A Layman’s Guide to Cross Platform Mobile App Development

    In the corporate world, there is a growing trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Employees are advised to bring their own devices to access company’s applications and data. In order to overcome this impediment, many companies are now taking the help of a multi-platform mobile app or what we call in technicals terms, a

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  • Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, it’s Christmas Apps all the way!

    Yes, this Christmas there are a thousand reasons to ring those bells as Santa comes knocking your doorbell with wonderful apps for your iPhone and Android that will make your Christmas more special. With the holiday season setting in and the Christmas fever going up, it’s time to decorate your devices with vibrant apps that

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