• Nov 07 2016

    Web App Development: 5 HTML5 Mistakes Along With Solutions

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    The principle reason behind creating HTML5 was to synchronize all mobile applications in various platforms. You might get some similarity of this Hyper Text Markup Language with Adobe Flash as both these applications enable you to play both audio and video. The only difference between the two lies in the usage of components such as JavaScript and CSS3. The evolution of the language in web app development in USA started from 2012 when the World Wide Web Consortium star

  • Oct 18 2016

    Must To Know Web App Development Programming Trends for DevOps

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    Do you know that about 30% of the time spent by the developers goes in surfing the source code? The cost of fixing bugs is almost 10 times and 100 times higher in the construction and designing phase respectively. Considering all these web app development factors, changes have come from time to time to facilitate the process of development. In other words, trends have come to the fore that helped developers to adapt themselves to the latest trends. Through this blog,

  • Oct 06 2016

    Want The Best Web App Development? Use These 5 JavaScript Frameworks

    Posted by Unified infotech, General

    Single page web applications are something, which has no existence without JavaScript. On the other side of the coin, developing interactive web applications using JavaScript is a cliché in the world of fast web app development. Hence, the solution is to use JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks act as steroids and powers up HTML and JavaScript. They help developers to focus on the interactive elements, which creates a great user interface. Use of Frameworks In Mo

  • Sep 01 2016

    Next Generation Web App Development With HTML5 And CSS3

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    Since the advent of what is known as the ‘internet,’ HTML is a synonymous name that has been doing the rounds everywhere. Over the years, it has progressed largely and has undergone an immense change. It has created ripples in the world of web app development with its interactive application and stunning designs. As far as functionality and syntax improvement is concerned, HTML 5 has provided the boost when it comes to developing a web page. When combined with CSS