• Oct 18 2016

    Must To Know Web App Development Programming Trends for DevOps

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    Do you know that about 30% of the time spent by the developers goes in surfing the source code? The cost of fixing bugs is almost 10 times and 100 times higher in the construction and designing phase respectively. Considering all these web app development factors, changes have come from time to time to facilitate the process of development. In other words, trends have come to the fore that helped developers to adapt themselves to the latest trends. Through this blog,

  • Oct 06 2016

    Want The Best Web App Development? Use These 5 JavaScript Frameworks

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    Single page web applications are something, which has no existence without JavaScript. On the other side of the coin, developing interactive web applications using JavaScript is a cliché in the world of fast web app development. Hence, the solution is to use JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks act as steroids and powers up HTML and JavaScript. They help developers to focus on the interactive elements, which creates a great user interface. Use of Frameworks In Mo

  • Sep 23 2016

    Web App Development: How AngularJS2 Boosts Up Your Website’s Performance

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    Google has finally developed an optimized framework to increase the size and performance of a web application. Now deploying applications faster across all kinds of platforms starting from mobile to desktops and tablets will become easier. With AngularJS2 - the upgraded version of AngularJS, this JavaScript framework has now gone a step ahead with improved features, which is specially suited for web app development. Simplifying a developer’s task  A developer can

  • Sep 09 2016

    Web App Development: Can CoffeeScript Replace JavaScript?

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    There was a time in the computing world when developers used to rely heavily on JavaScript for its usage across the web world for various purposes starting from servers, tablets, computers, HTML and smartphone. The object-oriented programming language used in bilateral qualities in the web browsers. In the subsequent time, the need for more sophisticated web app development software gave birth to advanced programming languages. One of them being CoffeeScript. As an a