• Jun 24 2016

    Python – One Of The Best Technology For Your Data Driven Business Solutions

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    The great wave of digital transformation is on the brink of transforming businesses today. Digitalization of business is followed with 3Vs – Variety, Velocity and Volume. A business that is mostly driven by data needs to transform itself to a capable digital leader who can optimize costs and increase productivity. In order to move on the wheels of the business, technology no doubt is the greatest weapon available to the businessman today and in order to grow in this

  • May 04 2016

    Top 8 Benefits of Ruby on Rails to Developers

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    Since the time the world is experiencing the era of digital transformation, web development has excelled rapidly and has opened the doors of infinite opportunities. Innovation and technology are taking a rapid leap in the 21st century and is entering into new realms. When it comes to web application development, a sea change has taken place in the last few years. These changes have given a new ways on developing a web application. Ruby on Rails has always been the fi