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10 Tips to Make Content Marketing More Engaging and Shareable

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Content Rule Of Thumb says that – we need to spend 50% on the idea and 50% on how you spread it. Quality alone is not going to give your content the real boost, when it comes to spreading contents you will need a robust social media strategy.

Numerous ways are there to make brands more shareable on social platforms. The witty brands have realized the importance of storytelling and felt reader’s hunger for a good story to share. If your brand focuses on providing branded content on social media that can entertain, engage or educate – it is surely going to get more shares from your audience.

You might have come across many such businesses who have realized the importance of branded content creation. If you think that you are missing the vibe – incorporate these ten tips in your social media marketing strategy and make your brand story become the Viva Voce!

It’s All About Your Customers – Share Success Stories & Testimonials

‘Emotional Intelligence,’ hope you know about it, while creating shareable social media contents it’s needed. Sharing customer stories, testimonials or crazy fan photos of those followers who genuinely care for the brand ensures success in social media marketing. Focus on a conversation and not on advertising your services. Note, two things strengthens your customer-business bonds –

    • Listening to your customer
    • Paying attention to what your customers have to say

It is the time to prove your customer that there is a living person behind the brand. Audience may be professional, but they are human, present your brand more like a friend for them. Make sure that the content is full of life.
Look at the video by ExactTarget sharing their Customer Success Story from Chick-fil-A’s:

What’s Behind Your Company? – Share Your Company Culture

There are no robots behind companies rather humans who breathe in life. Employee’s hard work helps brands to provide stellar customer service. So how can we forget them? Share employee events, party-pics, engagements, success stories or ideas on social media and show the world what helps to make your brand near to perfect.

Here is a video from Coca-Cola where100 of Coke employees came together to share their innovative start-up ideas:

Show What Your Brand Have – Sharing the Brand Personality

Brand Personality best defined as “Your brand image that crafts our success pillars.”
When you think about Procter & Gamble, it attributes motherly love, pamper and care. In January 2014, P & G shared a video during the Sochi Olympics 2014, showing how small steps and great falls in our life found only one person to support – that’s “Your Mom.” The video got 19,271,841 views. Have a look –

Stand Up for Causes – Share Your Noble Actions

Successful Public Relations – that’s what brands boast about – however, how many does it? How many of you step ahead to raise awareness against carbon footprints, global warming, deforestation, child abuse or pet care. It is essential for a company to associate with good social causes. It is important from a branding standpoint to make sure that these social causes align well with the attributes of your brand.
Unilever’s Tweets their initiative to Donate Old Blankets to Animal Shelter, this perfectly aligns with their brand image

Before you throw your old blanket out, upcycle it for your furry friends! #100SummerDays
— UnileverUSA (@unileverusa) June 18, 2014

Fast Reactions- Share on Time

Hope you remember the Oreo Ad during Super Bowl blackout; it got a loud buzz from a simple on-the-fly Facebook post. Tagline of the Ad said, “You can still dunk in the dark” – the post made it big with incredible timing sense & subtlety. Oreo reacted to an unexpected event and created the most powerful and expensive advertising days of the year, and it was absolutely free. People feel it more authentic and genuine when you share post/events/ news in real-time. Here goes the best ever Tweet on-the-fly post from Oreo –

Power out? No problem. — Oreo Cookie (@Oreo) February 4, 2013

Acting as the Instructor-Sharing Educative Contents

Educative contents tips, ideas, advices, something that aligns with your brand and people will like to read won’t take you as a bore. Just check out how Lowe’s produces a 6-second DIY video showing how to recycle the household dumps into creative ideas. The vine video shows a simple cupcake pan that can turn into a flowerpot easily

Tickle the Humor Bone – Share Funny Contents

When you go out and have a laugh and share gags with your friends, you simply do not remember them. However, you remember that you laughed. Get down those memories in content. You do not have to fix the value level of your content rather it must elicit your sweet memory. It is not mandatory that your post will make audience ROFL, but humor is important.

Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back? #GRAMMYs — Arby’s (@Arbys) January 27, 2014

Speak Up – Share Behind the Scenes in Contents

What is behind those curtains? Your audience will love to know about you from grass roots, so its time to share what makes your brand. OliverWinery has shown in this Instagram photo about the origin of their products with snapshots taken at various time during their manufacturing process. Making the perfect collage on how its wine goes into bottles and make sure that their brand enjoys more customer loyalty.

Sponsored Events – Share Content on Your Brand Engagements in Fest/Events

As we said, timing is essential when you share your contents on social media. With the commencement of FIFA 2014, Coca-Cola gives an ultimate call to be present at the FIFA arena and invites young men and women from the forgotten cities of Ramallah, Palestine, Eastern Europe, desolated Amazon and Tsunami affected areas in Japan to witness the live FIFA actions. We salute their humanistic approach and crave for unifying people under the same banner. Grab this video to view how a brand engages with an event.

Reader’s Choice – Share Content’s

Profiles on social networks express who you are, consequently people shares their content to show their identities. Well, we may sound a little harsh, but people may or may not like your brand. It’s all about what your product enables them to or what it allows them to express themselves. Tap insights and tailor your social contents to speak to the unique personalities of your customers. It will let you create a vibrant community of people with common interests.

Browse the Pinterest boards of Anthropologie that shows an all season fashion tips on colors to wear, occasion, materials, fests, gifts, giveaways –

So, how is your brand’s content marketing effort? Are you able to produce branded content worthy of generating a conversational spark? If you are not able to share your content on the right platform, then you are missing the true value of social media community. Share what you feel…

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