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  • What is a Chatbot and How Can You Use It For Business?

    It has become necessary for businesses to solve the problems and queries of the customers to ensure customer loyalty along with the brand establishment. And like earlier days, man has looked to take help of machines to eliminate the constraints of human limitations. The customer service industry has been revolutionized and Chatbot is helping to

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  • How Secure is Drupal? Learn To Protect Your Site From Hackers

    We would like to inform in any circumstances your Drupal site gets compromised, please report with details to the security team at security@drupal.org. Though the security team is unable to help individual sites for now, but does like to keep track of compromised sites to look after the pattern. How Secure is Drupal? Developers of

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  • How Can You Build a REST API for Your Mobile Apps Using Node.js

    Sometimes you need a backend solution that gives more than a typical Backend As A Service (BaaS) can offer. You might also want something to test against quickly even if it isn’t intended to be your production server. One of the most widespread use-cases for Node.js is to write RESTful APIs using it. As a

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  • Does your Business Need Progressive Web Apps?

    Mobile web or mobile app? The topic is raged for years. You will be pleased to know that there is an emerging solution. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) take advantage of the strengths of both to create a better experience. Let’s find out what Progressive Web Apps can do for the users and for your business.

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  • 5 Enterprise Mobility Trends in 2018 To Influence Your Business

    Enterprise mobility is a trending idea in recent years. It has taken new incarnation to upset the business world with the enhanced and upgraded capability and has a proven record of transforming businesses. The worldwide enterprise mobility market is expected to get $140 billion every year by 2020. Its effect on different areas is essential

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  • E-Commerce UI/UX Mistakes You Should Avoid While Developing Websites

    When it comes to E-Commerce applications, it’s vital to understand the different UI/UX mistakes that enterprises are making. When you find out about the mistakes, you can take in more about what you ought to do to settle them. Companies can execute a set of UX design tips and techniques can so you have a

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  • 8 Stunning Ways to Increase your Valentine's Day E-Commerce Sales

    Can you feel the love in the air? If not, you must be feeling sales opportunities are floating around you in this seasonal love. A normal of £980 million was spent on Valentine’s day in the UK in 2017 (worldwide data) and as indicated to some, Valentine’s Day is viewed as the second-busiest holiday purchasing

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  • Migrating Your Business to Mobile with the Best Mobile CRM Software

    Managing customers and prospects is the key to success for any sales manager. Many organizations have implemented and invested a customer management solution to achieve its business goals and ensure higher customer satisfaction. The recent evolution of technology in mobile devices especially tablets has given an upper hand to the business. They should consider taking

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  • What is B2C E-Commerce? The Online Retail Secrets Revealed Here

    Most Internet users know about the B2C E-Commerce model. Buyers value the convenience of online shopping where they now can buy garments, gadgets, media memberships and services via internet. In the recent years, the aggregate online income in Europe has been worth around 500 billion euros. Also, as the reports indicate, the further development of

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  • Follow Latest Mobile App Design Trends in 2018

    2017 was all about mobile app technology and the invasion of the most recent patterns in the mobile app sector. The mobile app design has encountered a huge change and as yet moving towards all the more impacting progressions. The most recent mobile app design trends are only enhancing the UI with more creative and

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