• Sep 21 2017

    We have always been to a website that takes forever to load. Most of us don’t have much time to wait. In web design and technology world, faster is better! Unfortunately, nothing turns off a potential customer faster than a slow website. The website development world is always refining and come up with new techniques and tools to improve load times and now there is a new design tool that promises to do just that. What is AMP? AMP is a Google-funded project that

  • Sep 14 2017

    PWAs or Progressive Web Apps offer quick, frictionless, "application like" encounters driving more activity, higher conversions, and quicker page stack times for Magento merchants. Magento Commerce, the overall pioneer in digital commerce cloud advancement and E-commerce mobile app development, is reconsidering mobile shopping encounters through the development of all-new progressive web apps (PWAs) for Magento vendors. PWAs offer quick, frictionless encounters that

  • Sep 06 2017

    Increased Reality (AR) makes the real-life environment around us into a digital interface by putting virtual objects progressively. Augmented Reality utilizes the current condition and overlays new data. On the highest point of it, not at all like virtual reality, which makes an absolutely artificial environment. Enlarged Reality can be seen through an assortment of encounters. This is very much evident in E-Commerce app development also. Late improvements have made t

  • Aug 31 2017

    Organizations often shun building local applications, figuring hybrid solutions will be simpler and more financially savvy to build. They wind up pushing a not responsive web application into some sort of local web outline, which at last prompts horrendous client encounter. Many organizations pick to have two separate local groups for iOS and Android rather, however that technique can be costly and frequently accompanies its own particular difficulties. React Native,