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  • E-commerce Web Design Trends for 2018-2019

    Discover the ecommerce web design trends, best practices, and strategies that will fuel your business’s growth in 2018-2019 — and beyond. When it comes to ecommerce web designs, regularly incorporating the trends and best practices will ensure that your business is able to acquire and convert new customers while retaining and building loyalty with existing ones. Just as

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  • Using Amazon Alexa Skills for Your Business

    Artificial intelligence is now a driving force in the enterprise. Current innovations show companies and businesses need a smarter way to work and Alexa programming could be it. As you all may consider Alexa isn’t just for smart home. Amazon’s Alexa software development is on a roll and initially making its way into the business

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  • Mobile App Security Checklist

    Mobile applications and smartphones are now an essential part of life: from playing games and socializing with friends to booking travel and ordering groceries, mobile apps are popular with smartphone users because they streamline tasks and render well on mobile devices (unlike certain websites). As worldwide smartphone adoption continues to grow, both the volume of mobile app

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  • Why Information Architecture is Critical for a Successful Project

    Although Information Architecture (IA) has been in the scenario for over twenty years, most people surprise how it can be used to help businesses to develop effective websites. Do you really need an information architect? As you already know that Information Architect doesn’t build your website, it’s the job of your digital agency or in-house

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  • Why Microservices Architecture Is Best Bet For Scalable Digital Solutions

    “An approach to developing a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms” – Martin Fowler There could be numerous possible approaches to build up an enterprise application. However, complexity somehow figures out how to sneak into the development procedure. Nobody other than the

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  • Push The Limits With Full Stack JavaScript Solutions

    JavaScript is all over the place. If you can read this article or browse through your Facebook news feed, it is generally because of this single technology. What is JavaScript? A standout amongst the most popular programming languages and an overwhelming web development technology, JavaScript has been around for more than 20 years now. Being

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  • Why Developers Trust Twilio to Boost Customer Experience

    You’ve just been following the development of Twilio of late, at that point, you’ll know it’s an energizing addition to the correspondences space. Twilio is a developer platform that forces communications for in excess of 40,000 worldwide organizations, including Netflix, Airbnb, and Lyft. Essentially, Twilio has risen as a straightforward way for organizations and programming

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  • How to Speed up Your Static Website Using Varnish

    Page speed is basic to your website’s prosperity, and page speed testing devices like GTMetrix, Pingdom, WebPageTest.org, and Google PageSpeed Insights are incredible at helping you accomplish it. These tools give profitable knowledge to enable you to recognize where your page speed is suffering, in any case, they are restricted in what they can do

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  • How to Secure a REST API Using JSON Web Token

    API security is very important and emerging as a concern than ever before. Here, learn how to implement user identity management and authorization with JSON Web Tokens. Have you ever noticed how authentication works? What is behind all the abstractions and complexity? It’s nothing special actually. Encrypting a value, it is a way, in turn,

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  • What is a Chatbot and How Can You Use It For Business?

    It has become necessary for businesses to solve the problems and queries of the customers to ensure customer loyalty along with the brand establishment. And like earlier days, man has looked to take help of machines to eliminate the constraints of human limitations. The customer service industry has been revolutionized and Chatbot is helping to

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