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4 Things To keep in Mind While Designing Romantic Website Banners

Feb 15, 2017 | By: Pratip Biswas

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What's Inside

Every year, people jostle at online stores to search gifts for the most special person in their lives. No doubt, a website comes as the ultimate solution for the net-savvy global audience. A website design company can create the right impression on the right audience. The demand for designing romantic websites grows this time. Retailers adopt the most creative ways to create a romantic theme on their website. It’s the design company, which can turn this dream into reality. As a businessman, you must invest to get the best return. Taking an intelligent decision to design a website can give many benefits.

Modern Web Design Elements

In the modern day world, a web design is more than putting flashy elements at one place. It is more about giving an artistic look keeping the user experience in mind. This takes place in various ways. Using large typography helps the customer identify your brand from others. The more unique the font style, the easier it will be to identify. Using a large typography, you solve two purposes as a website design company. You create a unique identity and have a functional website. Make sure that while choosing a web font, you must use common browsers and systems. Typography gives the perfect hint to the target customer about your values.

Semi flat design is another important trend, which is ruling the design industry. It is much easier for the users to associate. Websites with such designs can also load faster on websites. You can use subtle shadows and edit the dimensions. For instance: if you go through the website of Uber, you will notice an important thing. The shadow over homepage disappears thus relieving the image. It helps the user to understand the content. Besides this, it also ensures that visitors get a design cue. It makes their navigation much easier. Hence, you can understand the behaviour of the customers and their preferences.

Hamburger menus are another thing, which are in trend. All modern day websites have this menu setting as a part of their designing process. Though they take a lot of the screen space, but it takes the user to the appropriate places. Today, even Google Chrome has this feature. Using short videos are a great way to let your users know about you product. They can get an idea about the product they will buy. For a website design company, introducing videos are a great way to bring customers. Research suggests that 92% of the customers watch a video before buying a product. Hence, it forms an important component of web design.

How To Make Your Website Look Romantic?

This is one of the vital questions, which arise in one’s mind. Since, February means the month of love, retailers will be busy to give the romantic look to the website. As a website design company, we will share with you five important things to make a romantic website. Take a look below.

Use The Right Typeface

Every website needs a typeface. Here, the purpose is to make it look romantic. Avoid using bold font. Neither should you use masculine fonts. Cursive fonts bring a lovely feel. You can splash out the shape by giving it a bit different look. This will make the home page extravagant. Or else, you can also put a cupid and play it with the alphabets. A web design company can also use flowery script to give it a more beautiful appeal.

Creative Use Of Flowers

Using red roses are such a cliché. Look for some creative solutions. For instance: you can go for various colors of roses. Take the shoot from a different angle and use it in the background. Make this as the primary theme of your website. Use the most vibrant colors of rose to give a lovely look to the website. You can also play with the rose bud. This will give something fresh to the visitors from usual bored stuff.

Choose The Best Color Scheme

Red is the primary color, it is a well-known fact. Use the red color set in various ways. Use the color according to the color of your products. The items on your online store should be in harmony with red. They should not get lost between colors rather complement each other. Keep in mind about the color schemes of text as well. Everything must be in perfect balance with each other.

Decorate With Teddies and Hearts

It’s all about creating the right atmosphere of love.  As a website design company, you must create the right look for your visitors. Keep the Valentine theme alive with the help of animated hearts or cute teddy bears. As a web designer, you must invoke the feelings of love. Teddies bring back our childhood memories, hence, use them in the design too. Either use red or pink color in the most intimate manner.

Wrap Up

For a website design company, it is crucial to understand the philosophy of an online store. Unless it understands the business goal, successful execution is not possible. Not only Valentine’s Day, but February is a great time to showcase your website. Create the right impression on the minds of the visitors with compelling web designs. It has the potential to drive more users. Using the right strategies in web designing will fetch you with more customers.

To make your website look the best among others, it is necessary to have the best designing team. Our strong team of designers applies the latest designing trends. They can give your website an all new look. Send us an email to [email protected] with your project details. We assure you of positive results.

Pratip Biswas

Pratip Biswas

Founder, Unified Infotech

I am an Entrepreneur and a Tech Geek with more than 1500 successful projects launched. I share my experience through my love for writing and help other entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

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